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Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction 2020 | 2025 | 2030 – Future Forecast For BNB Price

Binance exchange took the market by storm. So did its native digital asset called Binance coin or BNB. In this article, we will cover our own and market’s opinion on BNB future while discussing BNB price forecast for 2020 and beyond.

Please bear in mind that you should take this and any other prediction with a grain of salt since predicting anything is a thankless task, let alone predicting the future of a novel, highly volatile financial asset like BNB.

Now, let’s head into it.

Before we delve deep into the BNB price prediction and answer questions if Binance Coin is a good investment or not, why will BNB succeed or fail or why will BNB price rise or drop, let’s quickly throw a glance at what is Binance Coin and its to date history.

Binance Coin Intro

Before we delve deep into the Binance coin price prediction, let’s quickly throw a glance at what is BNB and its to date history.

Binance exchange was launched much later than it competitors but the team behind charismatic CEO CZ, swept the market and its competitors and won the hears to millions of traders, making it one of the largest and most trusted crypto exchanges today.

The exchange’s revenue model is primarily driven by trading fees with the maximum fee being 0.1% per trade. A variety of discounts are available to the standard 0.1% fee from periodic promotions, volume based discounts, and most notably use of the Binance token (BNB) to pay fees.

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Currently, users that pay trading fees with BNB receive a 25% discount, with that number halving each year until it is phased out in 2021. To complement fixed fee trading Binance has been exploring maker-taker trading as another potential option for order execution.
Binance pre-mined a total of 200 million BNB tokens prior to its public launch on July 14, 2020 and they intend to buyback and burn 50% (100 million BNB) of the pre-mine token supply over time resulting in a long-term fixed supply of 100 million tokens once the buyback is complete. Buybacks are scheduled to take place quarterly funded by 20% of Binance’s profits.

Our BNB Price Prediction for 2020

Bitcoin is the focal point of the crypto market in many ways, and with BTC trading pairs on every exchange, the gravity of Bitcoin is hard to evade.

With the latest development in the world and the impending worldwide economic crash, bitcoin failed to decouple itself from traditional markets and lost 40% in one day.

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The rest of the market slumped in an even harsher fashion, losing 50%+ in one day. Since this is a black swan event, an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences, there is no one who can legitimately claim that he or his algorithm can predict short-term price developments for anything, let alone cryptocurrencies.

Many experts agree that it will get worse before it gets better, both in terms of human health and economic situation.

We can only speak in very general terms and make a forecast that cryptocurrencies will probably drop below even the 2020 lows (many of the altcoins will most probably dip to unprecedented depths and record new all time lows).

Once this tough situation passes, a crazy bull run is what we all hope for and probability for such development is pretty high.

Binance Coin – Long-Term Price Prediction

The majority of projects will fail — some startups are created just to gather funds and disappear, some would not handle the competition, but most are just ideas that look good on paper, but in reality, are useless for the market.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum said:

“There are some good ideas, there are a lot of very bad ideas, and there are a lot of very, very bad ideas, and quite a few scams as well”

As a result, over 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail and their investors will lose money. The other 5% of projects will become the new Apple, Google or Alibaba in the cryptoindustry. Will BNB be among those 5%?

Considering their parent company is Binance exchange’s rapid expansion and growth, BNB token is almost a safe bet when it comes to surviving.

The token itself is borderline security and this regulation incertitude could be the biggest threat for the otherwise bright future of BNB token.

Considering the well thought and designed token economy with ever decreasing total supply, BNB has a lot of room for price growth. It is one of the rare coins that is actually recording new highs despite the prolonged bear market in cryptocurrency world.
Binance states that they are going to use BNB for other projects that could generate value. You could use it to participate in new ICOs on Binance Launchpad.

No new BNBs are going to be issued (or at least, not for now). There is no verifiable information on who bought BNBs in the ICO or who currently holds it, but if Binance continues growing at the current rate, people always have the economic incentive to buy BNB to save in fees in the first years.
As the number of Binance users grows, so will the number of BNB token holders – which would lead to increased demand and subsequently to price rise. Binance already reports to have around 2.5 million users per month which is a solid base for their token stability.

Barring any huge incidents like hacks or regulation clamp down on Binance exchange, BNB token is one of the rare coins that looks like a good investment right now, even though it already recorded a huge jump in prices this year. Considering that the hype of Binance mainnet and DEX launch is still in its initial phase and BNB token playing a central role in the whole story, BNB token definitely has a lot of room to go up, perhaps even entering top 4 coins, right behind the untouchables: BTC, ETH and XRP.

So what price can we expect for BNB in 2020?

It appears that BNB can’t decouple itself from the rest of the market and it is stuck in its current price range which is most likely to be the price we will see for BNB while entering in the new year. So $25-$30 per token is the most likely price for BNB in 2020.

Market prediction for Binance Coin BNB Price 2020

With the market being completely unpredictable, forecasting the cryptocurrency price is really more of a gamble and luck rather than a data driven guesstimate.

Let’s throw a glance at the eminent publications and personalities, and their predictions regarding the BNB price, which will give us another point of view to consider:

Wallet Investor

Walletinvestor is a popular website that does technical analysis-based price predictions of various cryptocurrencies. According to them, BNB is expected to go up almost two time to $28.18 in one year.

Trading Beasts BNB Price Prediction

TradingBeasts algorithm is traditionally much more optimistic in its forecasts but not when it comes to Binance coin – it sees BNB going slightly up to $21.53 by December 2020 which means it will do an almost 2x drop from its current price.


Cryptoground predicts that BNB might fall to $5.80 by the end of 2020. They even added their version of BNB price prediction 2024, where they stated that BNB might reach $28.8 by 2024.


Digitalcoinprice gave a slightly positive prediction saying that by 2020 end, BNB might be just a shred more valuable than now – $29.23 per coin.

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction 2020

Table of Contents

Binance Coin (BNB) was once established by means of the Chinese cryptocurrency alternate referred to as Binance. The alternate introduced the asset on July 08, 2020 with the intention to supply a to hand coin for the buying and selling platform and its loyalty program. Binance Coin is an ERC 20-based token issued by means of the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The large buying and selling quantity of the alternate brought about a large number of sure BNB value predictions which have been confirmed proper in a while after its release.

Binance has the very best buying and selling quantity amongst the entire cryptocurrency exchanges
in keeping with

BNB Coin Value

The Binance Coin entitles customers to sure privileges inside the buying and selling platform of the alternate. Users may have reductions of as much as 50% for the alternate’s charges and a capability to take part within the Binance’s referral program.

The Binance Coin predictions are most commonly sure in particular because of the truth that the coin combines each buying and selling benefits of stablecoins and a possibility to supply a speculative benefit.

Similarly to stablecoins, Binance Coin price making an investment in because of the collection of buying and selling pairs that come with the coin. Many firms and crypto exchanges additionally settle for the coin as an average of cost, making it very to hand for buyers. On the opposite hand, not like stablecoins, the Binance Coin value chart isn’t mounted. The coin can display vital enlargement �� and supply its buyers with a benefit.

More details about the coin on

Benefits for Exchange Clients

��One can use Binance Coin to pay for any charges at the platform, together with however no longer restricted to: Exchange charges, Listing charges, and some other charges. When customers observe BNB to pay for charges, they obtain a vital cut price, relying at the time spent the use of BNB to hide the charges.

For example, the Binance customers may have a 50% cut price on buying and selling charges right through the primary 12 months since they began buying and selling at the alternate. The pattern ends up in a 25% cut price within the following 12 months, 12.5 % within the 3rd 12 months, 6.75 % within the fourth 12 months. The cut price ends at the 5th 12 months.

�� The token was once established with a complete provide of 200 million and isn’t mineable. All the issued cash have been both allotted or burned after the release of the asset. The Binance Coin whitepaper says that the alternate platform plans to make use of 20% of the earnings every quarter to buyback and burn BNB till handiest 50% of the full BNB provide is in movement

Binance DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Testnet Is Live

Binance only in the near past introduced its Decentralized Exchange Testnet and the brand new blockchain referred to as Binance Chain to energy the platform.

The BNB coin shall be one of the vital key asset of the Binance DEX. After a checking out duration, the coin shall be transferred from the Etherum blockchain to the newly evolved community with a purpose to change into its inherent crypto.

The chain is working in its beta shape offering handiest part of the alternate’s purposes. However, Binance Decentralized Exchange will definitely be rapid to catch up after its older brother as its preliminary opinions are truly sure taking into account many of the different makes an attempt to determine a functioning DEX.

The construction workforce of the alternate stated multiple times that the speculation of decentralized alternate is one of the simplest ways to make sure the liberty of cash. It could also be an excessively interesting thought for the cryptocurrency neighborhood, a large a part of which considers this freedom to be a key price.

While this can be a dangerous project, the decentralization of the foremost cryptocurrency buying and selling platform may give an out of this world benefit each for the Binance workforce and its token holders.

Binance Coin Price Analysis

Binance Coin is an excessively a hit cryptocurrency. The coin’s value took handiest round Five months to develop from round 1 greenback in line with coin on the finish of July to 23,45 USD on January 12, 2020 ��. Similarly to many of the different cryptos available on the market, the coin skilled a downtrend in a while after its wintry weather value height.

However, not like the opposite cryptocurrencies, its downtrend wasn’t as harmful. As a trading-focused coin, Binance coin has various use circumstances which undoubtedly impact its value. In addition, the coin grows in value each right through the days of marketplace downfalls and right through its enlargement.

For instance, when a definite coin’s value begins falling, the Binance alternate buyers definitely need to do away with it. The case is, maximum cash (once we aren’t speaking about the preferred ones) are handiest traded in pairs with Tether/Bitcoin or BNB. As a consequence, BNB token value rises when different marketplace contributors are falling.

Still, the Binance Coin value predictions aren’t handiest sure right through the darkish instances of the cryptocurrency marketplace. As the marketplace grows and more than a few cash are changing into extra treasured, increasingly buyers are coming again to their craft. Traders are purchasing Binance Coin as a buying and selling device with prime liquidity to make sure their talent to replace it for different cash with promising value tendencies.

BNB’s Performance In 2020

The value of Binance Coin displays distinguished steadiness, taking into account the present cryptocurrency marketplace scenario. For instance, check out the Ethereum value graph for a similar time frame.

Ethereum value chart for the duration from Jan 2020 to Feb 2020 on

It is obvious that there was once a explanation why at the back of such a lot of Binance Coin value predictions being so sure. The BNB value doable may be very spectacular. The coin comes in handy each as a speculative device itself and as a pathway to the opposite property available on the market.

Still, the marketplace downtrend strongly affected the coin. It looks as if the Binance Coin value historical past has already were given thru its height however the coin controlled to turn some vital will increase in value after its present document. Anyway, the cost of Binance Coin is in stagnation on the time of writing this newsletter, in a similar fashion to the entire cryptocurrency marketplace.

Binance Coin Price Prediction 2020

Most of the Binance Coin value predictions are very bullish. For instance, the U.Today does no longer even believe the coin’s value drop as an opportunity. The portal’s Binance Coin value research discusses the coin’s value upward thrust to the mark of 1,354.66$ in line with BNB (��!) within the following 12 months as essentially the most sure choice.

Indeed, if the coin no less than manages to stay its marketplace percentage, it’s going to definitely change into the distinguished gainer from the marketplace enlargement. The fact is, there’s no explanation why for the cost of Binance Coin to fall rather than the marketplace recession. Binance Coin is a extremely liquid asset, some of the helpful cash within the trade. Still, even the value of over 100 USD turns out not going.

The precise BNB value predictions will have to be a lot more reasonable. The maximum possible consequence for Binance token value is a mark of round 20 USD in line with coin or 35 in an excessively favorable marketplace local weather. Our prediction isn’t very bold however it’s nonetheless greater than two times its present value.

However, and a lot more vital, Binance Coin has a possibility to turn quicker charges of enlargement than the opposite marketplace contributors. Its ratio to Bitcoin is recently the very best in its historical past, appearing that the Bitcoin value is much less powerful than the Binance token value.

You can alternate Binance Coin can at the most efficient imaginable price on Changelly

Disclaimer: This article will have to no longer be regarded as as providing buying and selling suggestions. The cryptocurrency marketplace suffers from prime volatility and low arbitrary actions. While value research is an invaluable device, it will have to no longer be regarded as predictive for the longer term efficiency of any funding automobile.

Any investor will have to analysis a couple of viewpoints and be aware of all native rules earlier than committing to an funding. Website workforce and the creator of this newsletter could have holdings within the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has added the Binance Coin/Ether (BNB/ETH) trading pair to its decentralized exchange (DEX).

Binance Coin Analysis & Opinion

Bitcoin and the overall crypto market started the week on a.

Today’s Bitcoin market share plunged in the vicinity of.

It’s been a while since I took a look at.

On August 7, 2020, the Binance Coin price reached a.

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Crash or Rise – Binance Coin Price Prediction 2020

Are you thinking to invest in Binance Coin? Let’s take a glance of Binance Coin (BNB) price prediction and it’s complete journey since it established. Also, Let’s find where the Binance Coin Price is heading this year.

Let’s walk through the BNB Coin Price Prediction and Forecast for 2020!!

Binance Coin Today’s Price:

With the Market Cap of $ 2.33 B and trades at $ 14.97. Binance is in the 9th place in the rating of world cryptocurrencies. It is available on multiple exchange platforms. Thus, you can easily purchase some coins. The circulating supply is 155,536,713 BNB and total supply is 187,536,713 BNB.

Fundamental Analysis

If you’re a newbie to crypto market or Investing first time in binance coin, first and foremost thing is a question arises what actually is binance coin, who is the person behind it?

Well, this overview will provide you the initial guide.

Binance Coin (BNB) is the crypto coin of the Binance exchange platform. It was launched in the 2020 by CEO Changpeng Zhao with co-founder & CTO Roger Wang. The name Binance is a combination of binary and finance. In the year 2020, many businesses accept BNB as a payment.

Basically, the BNB token let’s you earn discounts on the services of the Binance exchange platform, which later becomes a decentralized exchange of blockchain assets. BNB also offers users with access to advanced features to be used on the new decentralized exchange.

Technical Analysis

Did you notice? The BNB price took around 5 months to rise from around 1 dollar/coin. Yes, it’s true.

Further, in the month of January 2020 the winter price peaked to $23.25 , which is the highest price the coin reached till date. Well, this was most amazing phase for binance investors.

Unfortunately, the tables turned and the graph stepped downwards.

In Feb 2020, most of the crypto coins experienced a downtrend. Binance Coin was no exception. The price declined beneath to $6.12 in early February 2020.

So, Did you suffer from this major breakdown?

Many Crypto influencers posted on social media regarding this breakdown.

People are saying that Binance is back up. Can anyone prove this with hard evidence that they have successfully traded anything on Binance in the past 11 hours? I am unable to do so.

However, this decline didn’t stay for long. Since February 6, 2020; BNB coin price has increased up to 200%. If this trajectory would have sustained, the price projection would be $20. Binance coin price continued to shine in late June 2020 with $16.71. Later, experiencing major roller coaster ride the price dropped to $4.34 in Dec 2020.

In comparison to other altcoins, BNB coin is certainly a huge outperformer. The price related highest since September 2020, which was known area of supply.

Binance continued to storm ahead breaking up above the $10 mark and retesting the 2020 highs. For those who suffered in 2020 breakdown, 2020 year seemed to be a golden opportunity.

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has noted the progress in price of his native token. Tweeting a graph of the recent growth, “‘CZ’ is clearly proud of the growth of the token, which correlates to the growth of his own cryptocurrency empire”.

Experts claimed that that the token could recover to the value of $23 in the best-case scenario.

However, the crypto dropped gradually from Jun 2020 and then it has not yet risen till date.

Well, at present we can notice that the price is experiencing an downtrend.

Let’s check out the Binance coin price ride of 2020!

BNB Price Prediction 2020

Looking at the current market scenario at the end of 2021, Binance coin will reach to $35 from its current price of $15.52. The year 2020 is considered to be more gracious for cryptocurrency market in oppose to how 2020 turned out to be, so it is predicted that this would be the year when Binance gets close to its record price.

Binance Coin Price Prediction 5 years

Few analysts are forecasting that Binance Coin, might touch $50 with around 500% of gains in the course of a single year with the increased interest in trading cryptocurrencies on Binance.

Anyways, Predicting the price of any coin is quite difficult. It mostly depends on the market value.

So, what’s your prediction for 2025 if the market is stable?

Expert Prediction

Experts predict showing that the coin might reach the top price of $35-$40 as the record price of BNB. Let’s check some experts prediction in 2020.

  • According to WalletInvestor website, BNB is expected to rise 85% in 2020. The price will reach $24.1 by the end of this year.
  • TradingBeasts believes BNB will have a slow growth. The price will reach only upto $19.
  • CryptoGround, however, believes that BNB will decrease down to $6.4202.

Well, $40 is quite high! No doubt it might reach $40 if the coin doesn’t step it’s toes into red day.

Latest Updates

Binance expands its service in South Korea

Binance is launching a new crypto-to-crypto exchange in South Korea next week.

Announcing the news on March 31, 2020, Binance said the new exchange, Binance KR, would open for registration and deposits on April 2. Trading would open on April 4, while withdrawals on April 9.

Binance Launched A Crypto Lending Platform

Recently, Binance exchange launched a crypto lending platform to let its users choose to lend out their binance coins and be interested in them. This lending platform will support Binance Coin and its controversial stablecoin, Tether(USDT). In addition, The users can lend a maximum of 500 BNB and 1 Million USDT.

Binance Coin Joins The Freewallet Platform

Binance Coin is now available on the digital currency wallet, Freewallet. This wallet has expanded its list of available cryptocurrencies. In addition, Binance coin will now be available on Android and web, with iOS to be available in the near future.

Our Prediction

Binance Coin has an opportunity to show faster rates of growth than the other market participants. It was a matter of time, as other markets are either too fragile to move upwards or simply experience much resistance to make any big jumps occur.

Moreover, Binance coin is doing its own thing in this regard, although that won’t automatically lead to a high time in the coming days. There will be plenty of resistance along the way.

What is your Binance Coin Price Prediction for the upcoming years? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Binance Coin FAQ’s

In 2020, the rate will grow up to $19.55. The slow price increase will result in $27.45 rate in 2022.

As Binance platform is evolving, Holding some BNB coins offers a lot of perks.

Experts predictions shows that BNB coin will definitely rise in the near future.

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