Review Is Skipsfloat Scam or Legit Online Store

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SCAM PowClick Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Earn Money by Shortening your URLs.
is a Free URL Shortener that Pays you for Shortening URLs.

Payout Rates
4.80$ – 1.70$ per 1000 Views.

Advertising Types

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Earn Money by Shortening your URLs.
is a Free URL Shortener that Pays you for Shortening URLs.

Payout Rates
4.80$ – 1.70$ per 1000 Views.

Advertising Types


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I just got paid to paypal around $8

however, the transaction only shows a name, it doesn’t say anything about ‘powclick’ so uploading a screenshot would be useless.

you can take my word for it, however :)




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Earn Money by Shortening your URLs.
is a Free URL Shortener that Pays you for Shortening URLs.

Payout Rates
4.80$ – 1.70$ per 1000 Views.

Advertising Types

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
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Najir Macarao

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Earn Money by Shortening your URLs.
is a Free URL Shortener that Pays you for Shortening URLs.

Payout Rates
4.80$ – 1.70$ per 1000 Views.

Advertising Types


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Got paid several times, forgot to post screenshot, sorry :)


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Got paid several times, forgot to post screenshot, sorry :)


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@Mr. B , I think it should be marked as legit. I got 12 payments from them and from their sister site, always within 48 hours. Here is my last one.


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Message from Powclick :

Starting from 7 April 2020 PowClick won’t be available to use!

Please, transfer all your traffic to PeShort and stop using PowClick

Everything is fine, We will processed all payments without any problem

Thanks for understanding


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Here are the Top Online Scams You Need to Avoid Today [Updated 2020]

And how cybercriminals use them to trick you

We truly want to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can’t fall for all types of online scams, but it’s always a good reminder to do a “reality check”. We, humans, can become an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal our most valuable personal data.

Criminal minds can reach these days further than before, into our private lives, our homes and work offices. And there is little we can do about it. Attack tactics and tools vary from traditional attack vectors, which use malicious software and vulnerabilities present in almost all the programs and apps (even in the popular Windows operating systems), to ingenious phishing scams deployed from unexpected regions of the world, where justice can’t easily reach out to catch the eventual perpetrators.

According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), millennials are particularly more vulnerable to online scams than seniors, as shocking as it may seem. The research finds that “40 percent of adults age 20-29 who have reported fraud ended up losing money in a fraud case”.

For this reason, we need to know what are the most popular techniques malicious actors are using to get unauthorized access to our private information and financial data.

We must not forget their final target is always our money and there is nothing they won’t do to accomplish their mission.

Use the links below to quickly navigate the list of online scams you need to stay away from right now.

1. Phishing email scams

More than one third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees, according to a new report from F-Secure.

Phishing scams continue to evolve and be a significant online threat for both users and organizations that could see their valuable data in the hands of malicious actors.

The effects of phishing attacks can be daunting, so it is essential to stay safe and learn how to detect and prevent these attacks.

Phishing scams are based on communication made via email or on social networks. In many cases, cyber criminals will send users messages/emails by trying to trick them into providing them valuable and sensitive data ( login credentials – from bank account, social network, work account, cloud storage) that can prove to be valuable for them.

Moreover, these emails will seem to come from an official source (like bank institutions or any other financial authority, legitime companies or social networks representatives for users.)

This way, they’ll use social engineering techniques by convincing you to click on a specific (and) malicious link and access a website that looks legit, but it’s actually controlled by them. You will be redirect to a fake login access page that resembles the real website. If you’re not paying attention, you might end up giving your login credentials and other personal information.

We’ve seen many spam email campaigns in which phishing were the main attack vector for malicious criminals used to spread financial and data stealing malware.

In order for their success rate to grow, scammers create a sense of urgency. They’ll tell you a frightening story of how your bank account is under threat and how you really need to access as soon as possible a site where you must insert your credentials in order to confirm your identity or your account.

After you fill in your online banking credentials, cyber criminals use them to breach your real bank account or to sell them on the dark web to other interested parties.

Here’s an example of a sophisticated email scam making the rounds that you should be very careful.

Use this complete guide on how to detect and prevent phishing attacks (filled with screenshots and actionable tips) to better fight these attacks.

2. The Nigerian scam

Probably one of the oldest and most popular Internet scams used mostly by a member of a Nigerian family with wealth to trick different people. It is also known as “Nigerian 419”, and named after the section of Nigeria’s Criminal Code which banned the practice.

A typical Nigerian scam involves an emotional email, letter, text message or social networking message coming from a scammer (which can be an official government member, a businessman or a member of a very wealthy family member – usually a woman) who asks you to give help in retrieving a large sum of money from a bank, paying initially small fees for papers and legal matters. In exchange for your help, they promise you a very large sum of money.

They will be persistent and ask you to pay more and more money for additional services, such as transactions or transfer costs. You’ll even receive papers that are supposed to make you believe that it’s all for real. In the end, you are left broke and without any of the promised money.

Here’s how a Nigerian scam could look like:

3. Greeting card scams

Whether it’s Christmas or Easter, we all get all kind of holiday greeting cards in our email inbox that seem to be coming from a friend or someone we care.

Greeting card scams are another old Internet scams used by malicious actors to inject malware and harvest users’ most valuable data.

If you open such an email and click on the card, you usually end up with malicious software that is being downloaded and installed on your operating system. The malware may be an annoying program that will launch pop-ups with ads, unexpected windows all over the screen.

If your system becomes infected with such dangerous malware, you will become one of the bots which are part of a larger network of affected computers. If this happens, your computer will start sending private data and financial information to a fraudulent server controlled by IT criminals.

To keep yourself safe from identity theft and data breach, we recommend using a specialized security program against this type of online threats.

To find out more information about financial malware, read this article. And here’s how you can tell if your computer was infected with malware.

4. Bank loan or credit card scam

People can be easily scammed by “too good to be true” bank offers that might guarantee large amounts of money and have already been pre-approved by the bank. If such an incredible pre-approved loan is offered to you, ask yourself:

“How is it possible for a bank to offer you such a large sum of money without even checking and analyzing your financial situation?”

Though it may seem unlikely for people to get trapped by this scam, there’s still a big number of people who lost money by paying the “mandatory” processing fees required by the scammers.

Here are 9 warning signs and sneaky tactics to watch out and avoid becoming a business loan scam.

As regards to credit card scams, a recent report from the Identity Theft Resources Center said that the number of credit and debit card breaches have been on the rise last year. To better safeguard your data and prevent thieves from getting access to your payment card details, consider:

  • Watching your accounts closely and monitor your online transactions;
  • Taking advantage of free consumer protection services;
  • Signing up for free credit monitoring.

5. Lottery scam

This is another classic Internet scam which doesn’t seem to get old. A lottery scam comes as an email message informing you that you won a huge amount of money and, in order to claim your prize or winnings, you need to pay some small fees.

Lucky you, right?! It doesn’t even matter that you don’t recall ever purchasing lottery tickets.

Since it addresses some of our wildest fantasies, such as quitting our jobs and living off the fortune for the rest of our lives, without ever having to work again, our imagination falls prey easily to amazing scenarios someone can only dream of.

But the dream ends as soon as you realize you have been just another scam victim. DO NOT fall for this online scam and have a look at this checklist to see if you are getting scammed.

6. Hitman scam

One of the most frequent Internet scams you can meet online is the “hitman” extortion attempt. Cybercriminals will send you an email threatening to extort money from you. This type of online scam may come in various forms, such as the one threatening that they will kidnap a family member unless a ransom is paid in a time frame provided by the scammers.

To create the appearance of real danger, the message is filled with details from the victim’s life, collected from an online account, a personal blog or from a social network account.

That’s why it’s not safe to provide any sensitive or personal information about you on social media channels. It might seem like a safe and private place, where you’re only surrounded by friends, but in reality, you can never know for sure who’s watching you.

Also, it’s better to be a little bit paranoid and protect all your digital assets like everyone is watching. Here’s how a Hitman scam looks like:

7. Online dating (romance) scams

As the Internet plays an important role in our social lives, with apps like Facebook or Instagram we access every day, it’s inevitable to use apps to look for love as well.

Online dating apps are very popular these days and they are a great way to meet your future life partners. I have actually an example with a friend of mine who was lucky enough to find her future husband on a dating site.

But not all scenarios have a “happy end” like this one, and you need to be very careful because you never know who can you meet.

A romance scam usually takes place on social dating networks, like Facebook, or by sending a simple email to the potential target, and affect thousands of victims from all over the world.

The male scammers are often located in West Africa, while the female scammers are mostly from the eastern parts of Europe.

Cybercriminals have abused this scamming method for years by using online dating services. They improved their approach just by testing the potential victims’ reactions.

According to research published in the British Journal of Criminology last month, the techniques (and psychological methods) used by scammers in online romance scams are similar to those used in the domestic violence cases.

To avoid becoming a victim of these Internet scams, you need to learn how to better protect yourself.

Knowing that hundreds of women and men from all over the globe are victims of this online scams, we recommend using these security tips for defensive online dating, including warning signs that could help you from becoming an easy target.

I would also recommend reading these real stories and learn from them, so you don’t fall for these online scams:

8. Fake antivirus software

We all saw at least once this message on our screens: “You have been infected! Download antivirus X right now to protect your computer!

Many of these pop-ups were very well created to look like legitimate messages that you might get from Windows or any other security product.

If you are lucky, there is nothing more than an innocent hoax that will bother you by displaying unwanted pop-ups on your screen while you browse online. In this case, to get rid of the annoying pop-ups, we recommend scanning your system using a good antivirus product.

If you are not so lucky, your system can end up getting infected with malware, such as a Trojan or a keylogger. This kind of message could also come from one of the most dangerous ransomware threats around, such as CryptoLocker, which is capable of blocking and encrypting your operating system and requesting you a sum of money in exchange for the decryption key.

To avoid this situation, we recommend enhancing your online protection with a specialized security product against financial malware and complement your traditional antivirus program.

Also, make sure you do not click on pop-up windows that annoyingly warn you’ve been infected with a virus. Remember to always apply the existing updates for your software products, and install only legitimate software programs from verified websites.

9. Facebook impersonation scam (hijacked profile scam)

Facebook. Everyone is talking about it these days and the scandal about Cambridge Analytica firm harvesting personal data taken from millions of this social media channel without users’ consent.

It’s still the most popular social media network where everyone is active and uses it on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, it has become also the perfect place for online scammers to find their victims.

Just imagine your account being hacked by a cybercriminal and gaining access to your close friends and family. Nobody wants that!

Since it is so important for your privacy and online security, you should be very careful in protecting your personal online accounts just the way you protect your banking or email account.

Facebook security wise, these tips might help you stay away from these online scams:

  • Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know
  • Do not share your password with others
  • When logging in, use two-factor authentication
  • Avoid connecting to public and free Wi-Fi networks
  • Keep your browser and apps updated
  • Add an additional layer of security and use proactive cybersecurity software.

To enhance your online privacy, I recommend reading our full guide on Facebook security and privacy.

10. Make money fast scams (Economic scams)

Cybercriminals will lure you into believing you can make money easy and fast on the internet. They’ll promise you non-existent jobs, including plans and methods of getting rich quickly.

It is a quite simple and effective approach, because it addresses a basic need for money, especially when someone is in a difficult financial situation.

This scamming method is similar to the romance scam mentioned above, where the cyber attackers address the emotional side of victims. The fraudulent posting of non-existent jobs for a variety of positions is part of the online criminals’ arsenal.

Using various job types, such as work-at-home scams, the victim is lured into giving away personal information and financial data with the promise of a well-paid job that will bring lots of money in a very short period of time.

Read and apply these ten tips that can help you avoid some of the most common financial scams.

11. Travel scams

These scams are commonly used during hot summer months or before the short winter vacations, for Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Here’s how it happens: you receive an email containing an amazing offer for an exceptional and hard to refuse destination (usually an exotic place) that expires in a short period of time which you can’t miss. If it sounds too good to be true, it might look like a travel scam, so don’t fall for it!

The problem is that some of these offers actually hide some necessary costs until you pay for the initial offer. Others just take your money without sending you anywhere.

In such cases, we suggest that you study carefully the travel offer and look for hidden costs, such as: airport taxes, tickets that you need to pay to access a local attraction, check if the meals are included or not, other local transportation fees between your airport and the hotel or between the hotel and the main attractions mentioned in the initial offer, etc.

As a general rule, we suggest that you go with the trustworthy, well-known travel agencies. You can also check if by paying individually for plane tickets and for accommodation you receive the same results as in the received offer.

If you love to travel, you can easily fall prey to airline scams by simply looking for free airline tickets. Airline scams are some of the most popular travel scams, and we recommend applying these valuable tips.

12. Bitcoin scams

If you (want to) invest in Bitcoin technology, we advise you to be aware of online scams. Digital wallets can be open to hacking and scammers take advantage of this new technology to steal sensitive data.

Bitcoin transactions should be safe, but these five examples of Bitcoin scams show how they happen and how you can lose your money.

The most common online scams to watch out for:

  • Fake Bitcoin exchanges
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Everyday scam attempts
  • Malware

Here’s how you can spot a Bitcoin scam and how to stay safe online.

13. Fake news scam

The spread of fake news on the Internet is a danger to all of us because it has an impact on the way we filter all the information we found and read on social media. It’s a serious problem that should concern our society, mostly for the misleading resources and content found online, making it impossible for people to distinguish between what’s real and what is not.

We recommend accessing/reading only reliable sources of information coming from friends or people you know read regular feeds from trusted sources: bloggers, industry experts, in order to avoid fake news.

This type of scam could come in the form of a trustworthy website you know and often visit, but being a fake one created by scammers with the main purpose to rip you off. It could be a spoofing attack which is also involved in fake news and refers to fake websites that might link you to a buy page for a specific product, where you can place an order using your credit card.

To avoid becoming a victim of online scams, you can use tech tools such as Fact Check from Google or Facebook’s tool aimed at detecting whether a site is legitimate or not, analyzing its reputation and data.

Cybersecurity experts believe that these Internet scams represent a threat for both organizations and employees, exposing and infecting their computers with potential malware.

14. Fake shopping websites

We all love shopping and it’s easier and more convenient to do it on the Internet with a few clicks. But for your online safety, be cautious about the sites you visit. There are thousands of websites out there that provide false information and might redirect you to malicious links, giving hackers access to your most valuable data.

If you spot a great online offer which is “too good to be true”, you might be tempted to say “yes” instantly, but you need to learn how to spot a fake shopping site so you don’t get scammed.

We strongly recommend reading these online shopping security tips to keep yourself safe from data breaches, phishing attacks or other online threats.

15. Loyalty points phishing scam

Many websites have a loyalty program to reward their customers for making different purchases, by offering points or coupons. This is subject to another online scam because cybercriminals can target them and steal your sensitive data. If you think anyone wouldn’t want to access them, think again.

The most common attack is a phishing scam that looks like a real email coming from your loyalty program, but it’s not. Malicious hackers are everywhere, and it takes only one click for malware to be installed on your PC and for hackers to have access to your data.

As it might be difficult to detect these phishing scams, you may find useful this example of a current phishing campaign targets holders of Payback couponing cards, as well as some useful tips and tricks to avoid being phished.

16. Job offer scams

Sadly, there are scammers everywhere – even when you are looking for a job – posing as recruiters or employers. They use fake and “attractive” job opportunities to trick people.

It starts with a phone call (or a direct message on LinkedIn) from someone claiming to be a recruiter from a well-known company who saw your CV and saying they are interested in hiring you. Whether you’ve applied or not, the offer might be very appealing, but don’t fall into this trap.

To protect yourself from job offer scams, it’s very important to:

  • Do thorough research about the company and see what information you can find about it;
  • Check the person who’s been contacted you on social media channels;
  • Ask for many details and references and check them out;
  • Ask your friends or trustworthy people if they know or interacted with the potential employer.

To avoid these types of online job scams, check this article.

17. SMS Scaming (Smshing)

Smartphones. You can’t live without them in the era of the Internet. They’ve become essential for communication, online shopping, banking or any other online activity.

Needless to say the amount of data we store on our personal devices which make them vulnerable to cybercriminals, always prepared to steal our online identities or empty our bank accounts.

Smishing (using SMS text messages) is a similar technique to phishing, but, instead of sending emails, malicious hackers send text messages to their potential victims.

How does this happen? You receive an urgent text message on your smartphone with a link attached saying that it’s from your bank and you need to access it in order to update your bank information or other online banking information.

Be careful about these SMS you receive and don’t click on suspicious links that could redirect to malicious sites trying to steal your valuable data. These useful tips can help you easily spot these types of online scams.

18. Overpayment Online Scam

If you are considering selling different items on specialized online sites, we strongly recommend watching out for overpayment scam.

A typically overpayment online scam like this works by getting the potential victim “to refund” the scammer an extra amount of money because he/she send too much money. The offer will often be quite generous and bigger than the agreed price. The overpay (extra money) is to cover the costs of shipping or certain custom fees.

One such story can unfold right now and can happen to each of you. This happened to one of our Heimdal Security team members. After smiling a bit and seeing the method, we did realize that’s a common online scam and we had to share it with you. Also, we included a few security tips and actionable advice to prevent falling prey to overpayment online scam.

Our colleague posted a sofa for sale on a Danish site called which is a sort of a flea market online. After a few days, he received a message from a person claiming to be interested in the item and willing to pay more than the price offered, via PayPal account.

Here’s how a scam email looks like in which the malicious person asks for personal information to transfer the money.

Also, here’s the confirmation email coming from the scammer which shows that he paid an extra amount for the sofa, including extra shipping fees and MoneyGram charges the extra fee for transportation.

After that, he also got another email saying that he needs to refund the extra amount of money, including the shipping and transportation charges to a certain shipping agent via MoneyGram transfer.

Here’s how the phishing email looks like that you should be very careful and don’t fall for it:

Follow these security tips to protect yourself from overpayment online scam:

  • If you notice a suspicious email coming from an untrusted source or something out of ordinary, you should report it as soon as possible.
  • If you receive a similar email like the one our colleague got, do not transfer extra money to someone you don’t know, especially if he/she wants to overpay. A legitimate buyer won’t do that.
  • Also, do not transfer money to a fake shipping company or some private shipping agent, because it’s part of a scam and you need to be very careful.
  • Do not provide personal information to people who don’t show a genuine interest in buying your item.
  • Do not send the product to the buyer until the payment was completed and received in your bank account.

19. Tech Support Online Scams

Here’s another online scam that is common and you need to be extra careful. The next time your smartphone rings and you don’t know the number, think twice before answering. Maybe it’s not your friend on the other end of the phone, maybe it’s the scammer!

According to a recent report “nearly half of all cellphone calls next year will come from scammers”, so we need to learn how to better detect and prevent such malicious actions coming from skilled persons.

Tech support scams are very common and widespread these days. Scammers use various social engineering techniques to trick potential victims into giving their sensitive information. Even worst, they try to convince potential victims to pay for unnecessary technical support services.

These tech “experts” pretend to know everything about your computer, how it got hacked and many other details that help them gain your trust and convince victims to fall prey for their scams.

A scenario like this can happen as we write this, and one of our Heimdal Security team members recently got a phone scam call. While we got amused by the conversation he had with the person pretending to work for an Indian tech support company, we realized it can happen to anyone which can become an easy target.

The person, pretending to be the representative of a software company and experienced one, is informing our colleague that his computer got hacked by cybercriminals, and offers to guide him and solve this urgent problem.

With poor English skills, he gives details about the serial number of the computer, and provide guidance to access the unique computer ID, trying to misrepresent a normal system as having serious issues. After a few minutes, the call is transferred to another tech representative who informs our colleague that they detected unusual activity going through his computer. He’s been told that multiple attempts have been seen on the PC in which hackers tried to get unauthorized access to his computer.

Our colleague detected this as being a scam and didn’t go along with it, but for someone without technical knowledge, it may not be so easy to spot.

You can listen to this call here:

If someone else would have fallen prey for this online scam, things would have gone even further. The so-called tech scammers could persuade the potential victim to give them remote access to the system. To “help” the victim, scammers mention about additional software that is required to be installed and victims need to pay for these software victims, hence, provide credit card details. You can find out more info here

How to avoid getting scammed by tech support “specialists”

To avoid becoming an easy target of these sneaky tech support scammers, we strongly recommend following these basic rules:

  • Do not trust phone calls coming from people pretending to come from tech “experts”, especially if they are requesting for personal or financial information;
  • DO NOT PROVIDE sensitive data to them or purchase any software services scammers may suggest you as a solution to fix your tech problem.
  • DO NOT allow strangers to remotely access your computer and potentially install malicious software;
  • Make sure you download software apps and services only from official vendor sites;
  • Don’t take it for granted when a stranger calls you out of the blue, pretending to have a technical solution for your issues. Make sure you ask for proof of their identity and do a quick research about the company they are calling you from;
  • Always have an antivirus program installed on your computer, and for more protection, consider adding multiple layers of security with a proactive security solution like Thor Premium Home, which will stop any type of online threats.
  • Have a security-first mindset and be suspicious about everything around you. Also, consider investing in education and learn as much as possible about cybersecurity. Here’s how you can reduce spam phone calls.


Since some scams are so well organized and really convincing, and people behind them so difficult to catch, we need to always keep our guard up. Stay informed about the latest scamming strategies.

Have you met some of the above scams while browsing or in your email inbox? What were the most convincing ones?

*This article was initially published by Andra Zaharia in January 2020.”

Is Swagbucks a Scam or Legit? (2020 Review + Full Guide)

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names when it comes to survey sites and GPT sites (get-paid-to). But being a big company is not always a sign of quality.

So is Swagbucks a scam or is it really a legit opportunity to make money online?

In this 2020 Swagbucks review, I will give you all the details about what the site has to offer, what you can expect, and what to be aware of, so you have all the information you need to decide whether it is a site you want to join or not.

I will also show you how to get a $15 joining bonus if you decide to join.

Disclosure: Some articles on this website contain affiliate/sponsored links. Click for more info.

What is Swagbucks and what does the site offer?

Swagbucks is owned by Prodege, that is a provider of digital services, including reward portals like Swagbucks.

It now has more than 20 million registered users, so it is definitely one of the biggest and most popular rewards sites out there. Swagbucks has paid out cash and prizes for over $400,000,000.

So let me right away make it clear that Swagbucks is a legit site, that does pay out – I have been paid many times by Swagbucks myself.

It has a lot of opportunities and ways to earn, so let’s look into exactly what it offers, so you can see if it is for you or not as it is important to do it with the right expectations. I will go over them below, so you can get a good overview:

Option 1 – Swagbucks paid surveys:

I personally think paid surveys are a great way to make some extra money and have your opinion heard at the same time, and Swagbucks offers a good amount of these.

Usually, there will be many daily opportunities. Because Swagbucks has so many members, it is also a popular platform for the companies that need to have surveys done to go to, and that will lead to a good amount of survey opportunities.

You can find quite a lot of paid surveys on Swagbucks.

When you log in to the site, it might not be clear right away where to find the surveys. Contrary to most of the sites that offer paid surveys, Swagbucks does not have a section that is called “surveys”. The section where you find the surveys is instead called “Answer”.

In this section, you can also find the daily poll. It is a short question that will only take a few seconds to answer, and you will get paid to participate.

Like with most other survey sites, you just have to be aware that you will not be able to qualify for every survey that is offered. That is just how it is with survey sites, but it can be good to be reminded about once in a while, not to give up after having tried a couple of surveys that we do not qualify for.

There will definitely be many you qualify for, and after a while, you will figure out what type you most often qualify for, and then you just focus on trying out those.

And Swagbucks offers a very good number of paid surveys and it is a section on the site that is definitely worth checking out.

You can right away also see the reward you will get for each survey and the estimated time (see image above) it will take to complete which makes it easy to plan your time the best possible way.

Be aware that you can also at times find what is called “Swag Ups” in the side menu. These are bonuses you can activate that will give you a certain percentage of bonuses for the surveys you take for a certain period of time.

These are great to keep an eye on as it can really boost your earnings.

Option 2 – Get cash back when shopping:

Swagbucks has a cooperation with a long list of companies, where you will earn Swagbucks rewards (called SB = Swag Bucks) when you shop online. This applies to thousands of online stores, and include brands like Gap, Nike, Amazon, Walmart, and there is also cash back for services and different local activities depending on where you live.

The cash back you will get are between 1%-50%. Luckily most companies give more than 1%, and you can make some good deals this way.

So if you like to do some of your shopping online anyway, doing it through Swagbucks shopping portal can be a great and fast way to earn rewards, and that way make some good online deals.

Be aware that the pictures below are just a few examples, and the offers are updated all the time, so the exact deals shown on the picture might not be available when you go to the website, but then there will be plenty other.

Examples of cash back from Swagbucks’ shopping portal

If you are interested in the Swagbucks cashback option, make sure to also check out the part about the Swagbutton (Swagbucks Chrome extension) later in this review. This is very useful for keeping up-to-date on the online saving you can get.

Overall, if you ever shop online, it can be worth joining Swagbucks just for this option as you will then earn while spending money you are going to spend anyway.

Option 3 – Searching the web:

Swagbucks has a section where you can go an search online. They also offer it as an extension for Chrome browsers. If you are using this, you will get a chance to win rewards every time you do a search.

You can earn by using Swagbucks’ search option.

If you win, you will see it immediately on the screen. You can win between 1-1000 SB, and the winners are picked randomly. It does not say anything about how big the chances are of winning, but Swagbucks is making it clear that they will not use any search information to sell your information or collect personal information.

So if you are searching the web anyways (as we probably all are) it might be worth giving it a try.

Option 4 – Watch videos:

You can earn some rewards by watching videos on Swagbucks.

Let me say right away that it is not a lot you can make from this but there are different options to watch videos – You can, for example, earn a certain amount of points for watching a playlist within a category.

The video option is not the fastest way to earn but it can be entertaining.

As you can see in the image above, you can see the topic, the total length of the playlist, and the reward you will get. For example, the video playlist of “The Boss” (Bruce Springsteen) has 12 short videos and will take a total of 11 minutes to watch. You will get 2 SB for this.

So you should not use this feature only for the money, but only if you find the videos interesting anyway. And there is a pretty good chance to find interesting videos. You can, for example, find videos in categories like sports, entertainment, health, food, politics, fashion, technology, pest, and more.

So if you find videos you will like to watch anyway, then why not get paid a little to do it?

Option 5 – Earn by playing games:

There are a couple of ways to earn rewards by playing games. One is to play one of Swagbucks own free games, and the other is to play a game on an external site.

Swagbucks has a few games you can play on their site, and win up to 10 SB by playing. It is, for example, a memory game or similar nice little games.

You can earn by playing free games on Swagbucks.

The games on external sites are also games you can mostly play for free or you can choose to play real cash games. It is, for example, games like playing slots, poker, wheel of fortune, Angry Birds, and more. You will however only earn SB if you do in-game purchases while playing. So it is more of a cash back option you get here.

But if you like playing these games anyway, it can be a great way to get some cash back for purchases you would have made anyway.

Option 6 – Deals/offers:

Swagbucks has a lot of offers/deals you can get access to. You can find them in the section they call “Discover”.

It is offers where you will get points for taking a certain action. It can be to sign up for a certain website or service, visit a website, download an app, sign up for a free product sample, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

Compared to other GPT sites that have offer sections, Swagbucks has a really good selection in my opinion.

Usually, you will mostly find what is called offer walls that are offered on many different sites. You can definitely find some good offers here, but Swagbucks has even more opportunities.

It offers many deals that are more or less only offered through Swagbucks. And if you keep an eye on them, you can find some amazing deals and make some really easy money. Let me give you a couple of examples of the kind of deals you can find there.

Example of one of the great offers I found on Swagbucks.

The image above shows a service you can sign up for. By signing up and depositing $5, you will get another $5 into the investment app you will sign up for. In addition to this, you will get 1000 SB as a bonus for signing up. That is equivalent to $10.

So by investing $5, you will get $10 to invest for in the app + $10 into your Swagbucks account.

Another great offer I found was this charity you can donate to.

Another great offer – here you get $25 by donating $20 to a charity.

Here you will get $25 into your Swagbucks account as a bonus if you donate $20 to the charity. So you basically earn $5 by making a positive difference and donating to a charity. That is, in my opinion, a great deal.

Also, you can find in-store deals and get access to coupons on Swagbucks which is something I have not seen on many GPT sites.

This means that you can get coupons you can use in-store in a lot of different stores.

You can also find in-store deals on Swagbucks.

When you use these to buy certain items, you will get cashback into your Swagbucks account.

Be aware that new offers come and go all the time. So the above are just a few examples I found. The exact offers might be different for you, but as you can see, there are some really good opportunities and easy ways to make money by using the offers.

Option 7 – Invite friends:

You can invite your friends to join Swagbucks and that way make a bit extra. If you invite somebody that joins, you will get a 10% commission of everything they earn.

This 10 % will not be taken from your friends’ rewards, but be paid by Swagbucks as thanks for inviting somebody else to join.

Option 8 – Micro-tasks:

You can take small online tasks through a platform called Figure Eight on Swagbucks.

You can do micro-tasks on Swagbucks. The higher level you get, the higher rewards you will get.

It is not an option that is super easy to find, as it is a bit hidden. You have to go to the “Answer” section. Here you can in the side menu then see an option called “tasks”. If you click this, you will get to the task option.

The tasks do not pay very much in the beginning. But the more tasks you take and complete accurately, the higher level you will get. This will give you access to higher paying tasks.

Option 9 – Daily goal bonus:

By having a certain activity on Swagbucks, you can earn an extra bonus. Once you are logged in, you can see what the daily goal of earnings is to fulfill the daily goal that day.

The daily goal bonus can be a great way to earn a bit extra.

If you do this several days in a row, you will get a bonus depending on how long a streak you will have. 7 days will give you 25 SB, 14 days 100 SB, 21 days 200 SB, and 31 days 300 SB. So that can be a nice little extra bonus to go for if you are using Swagbucks every day.

Option 10 – Daily to-do list bonus:

You can not only get a daily bonus by getting the goal bonus. Swagbucks also shows you a daily to-do list. If you make complete this, you will get an extra bonus that day.

You can also earn a bonus by completing the daily to-do list.

There are 8 items on the list, as you can see in the image above. If you complete 6 of these items, you will get a 4 SB bonus. If you complete all 8 items, you will get an even higher bonus.

Option 11 – Get free points with the Swagcode option:

Quite often there are codes or special offers posted on the Swagbucks’ Facebook page or other social media channels.

You can regularly find Swag codes that will give you free points.

These codes will get you free SB, so it can be a good idea to keep an eye on the social media channels for some free rewards.

The codes will not give huge rewards but it will also only take a few seconds to do, so it can still be worth using this option.

Option 12 – Get free SB on your birthday:

On your birthday you will receive 55 SB for free through an email. This amount will be given as a rebate if you redeem a reward within 30 days after your birthday.

So to get this birthday gift, you have to click the link you get sent by email, and then make sure to redeem a reward within 30 days.

Option 13 – Free contests and Swagstakes:

Swagbucks regularly runs contests. Some of them are announced on their blog and others you can find after you log in to the site. Most of these are free to participate in.

You can however also find contests on Swagbucks that you have to use your SB to participate in – these are called Swagstakes. It can, for example, be a contest for $250 where you have to pay 2 cents. There are also contests like this to win things like coffee machines, AirPods, PayPal cash, and more.

So if you feel lucky, these contests can be a chance to win some great rewards.

Option 14 – Get $15 joining bonus:

Usually, you do not get a cash joining bonus on Swagbucks.

But because I have this website, I have been able to get an invitation link that will give you a $5 joining bonus, by using the link below. You will get the bonus once you have earned your first 2500 points.

Not only that, but you will also get an extra $10 into your Swagbucks account if you join through the link below if you decide to use Swagbucks shopping portal. The first time you purchase something through the shopping portal, you will get the $10 into your account.

This is a great way to get some free cash from the beginning.

Like any other legit survey site, Swagbucks is free to join and use.

Below I have created a tutorial and walkthrough of Swagbucks, so you can get an inside look and see how to use it:

Swagbutton – Swagbucks Chrome Extension

An extra thing Swagbucks offers is the Swagbutton, which is Swagbucks’ Chrome extension. It can be very useful if you would like to get some good savings when shopping online and get access to coupon codes that can save you a lot of money.

Once you have installed the Swagbutton, you will automatically get an alert in your Chrome browser, when there is a new coupon code and cash back offer available on Swagbucks.

The Swagbutton makes it easy to earn extra and get savings while surfing.

The Swagbutton also makes it possible for you to easily see if the site you are on has any coupons or deals.

When you make your first purchase and get a cash back through the Swagbutton, you will get a $10 bonus. So if you like shopping online, it can definitely be a great way to get some savings to have this Chrome extension installed.

You can also watch movie trailers, small video clips, and more through the Chrome extension, and it can thereby help you to earn extra Swagbucks while surfing the web.

You also get exclusive Swag Codes with free points, when you are using the Swagbutton.

It is very easy to install and use the Swagbutton. Once you have registered for Swagbucks on the website (see link at the bottom of this review), you can just go to the Chrome store and search for the Swagbucks extension. It is free to install, and once you have installed it, all you need to do it to activate the Swagbutton in your browser, and you will be able to start using it.

Swagbucks membership levels

As something fairly new, Swagbucks has introduced membership levels. You will level up just by being active on the platform.

You have to apply once you are logged in and you can apply once you have earned 250 SB or more. They call it their membership recognition program and it is a way to reward you if you are a long-term active member.

There are 10 levels of membership starting at Pearl and all the way up to Diamond.

Which each level you get certain benefits, like free points, more rewards for surveys, rebates on rewards, and more. Once you get to the highest level, you can get some really great benefits.

The benefits of the highest membership level.

At this level, you, for example, get a one-time bonus of $250 and double rewards for the next 3 surveys + some additional benefits as ye in the image above.

To get to this level you, however, have to earn a total of 2,000,000 SB so it will take some time to get there. But the first few levels are quite easy to reach and with continuous effort, you can also get to the highest level and it does not take extra effort in addition to just using Swagbucks so it is a great extra reward to get for your loyalty, in my opinion.

Just be aware that this Membership Recognition Program is currently only available in the US, Canada, England, and Australia even though Swagbucks itself is available in more countries (more about the available countries later).

Can you use Swagbucks on a mobile?

Once you have signed up for Swagbucks, you can download the Swagbucks app, if you like using the platform on the go. It is available for Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad/tablets. It, in general, runs best on newer devices, but usually, it can be used, if the device is less than 2-3 years old.

The Swagbucks app makes it easy to earn on the go.

Using a survey and GPT site that has an app makes it a lot easier to earn, as you can do it on the go. I often do it when I am waiting in line, waiting for a friend, or when I have a few minutes to spare, etc. Therefore it is great to use sites that are available on the phone and that has an app.

Using the Swagbucks app also has the advantage that you will be able to see offers in your local area and thereby in some cases earn when you eat or shop locally.

How do you get paid?

You get paid in SB (Swag Bucks) every time you do an activity. These SB can then be exchanged into a big variety of gift cards, cash through PayPal, or sweepstakes.

You can get paid in cash or choose between many different gift cards.

In general, 100 SB is worth $1. Sometimes there are however gift cards with discounts, so you for example only have to spend 1900 SB to get a gift card worth $25.

If you want to get paid through PayPal, the payout threshold can vary from country to country but in general, it is only around $5/$5/€5 depending on the country you live in so it is a nice low threshold.

But you can redeem your rewards even earlier for many other rewards, and you can find gift cards you can get as soon as you have earned 100 SB in some countries.

Compared to many other survey sites, Swagbucks has a really good selection of gift cards. You can, for example, get gift cards for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, iTunes, hotels, airlines, and much more. So it should not be difficult to find a way to redeem the rewards on something that suits you.

The sweepstakes (which are called Swagstakes) is another way you can spend your SB. Here you can for a small amount of points buy entries into different sweepstakes, and that way have a chance to win a bigger price.

Some of them are time-restricted and others have a very limited number of entries, so if you keep an eye on the sweepstake section, there can be some good chances to win some extra rewards.

How much money can you make?

As with any other survey site or online rewards site, this is the big question. But unfortunately, also one that is impossible to give a specific answer to. It depends on so many different things.

How much time are you willing to spend, how many of the opportunities are you interested in using, where do you live, and many more factors.

A general thing that can, however, be said about survey sites and sites like Swagbucks is that they will not make you rich. So you should not join with that as the goal.

Swagbucks does, however, give very good opportunities to make some nice extra cash or get some extra rewards depending on your preferences.

Personally, I like the survey part of it, as I, in general, think surveys are a great way to make a bit extra and have my opinion heard. But Swagbucks offers many other great ways to earn, and as you have shown earlier in this review, some of the methods can be a very easy way to earn and it has great bonuses and offers that can really boost your earnings.

Swagbucks, in general, has good earning potentials compared to many similar sites, and it is one of the biggest and most popular sites in the world, because of the many opportunities it gives. And if you like to do shopping online, Swagbucks can give you some huge savings, if you do your shopping here, and it also has a great daily activity bonus.

Can your points expire?

Yes, your points can expire at Swagbucks. If you have not logged in to your account and made any points or redeemed any rewards for 6 months, then your account will become inactive. The points (SB) you earn will expire after 2 years from the day you earn them.

I assume that most people would want to get their rewards out sooner anyway, but if you like collecting as many points as possible before cashing out, just be aware that they can expire, if you wait too long.

Who can participate?

S wagbucks is unfortunately not available worldwide.

So you have to live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Spain, or France to join the site. On the website, it is said that they hope to expand to other countries in the future, so maybe one day it will be possible for other countries to join as well.

In theory, you can also join from India, but I have heard from many members there that it is not that great there. So it is only really relevant if you live in one of the 8 countries mentioned above.

You can join Swagbucks from you are 13 years old.

Some similar sites have it as a restriction that more members of the same household (with the same IP address) cannot join. This is not the case for Swagbucks.

As long as you make an individual account for each, more members of the same household can join, which I think is great. Of course, you are not allowed to make several accounts for yourself using a fake name, as this will be considered cheating, and you will be banned if they detect it (and they probably will).

I sometimes get the question how it is possible to use Swagbucks in any country, as many people from other countries are interested in joining it because of the many opportunities it has.

The thing is that you cannot join it from other countries, and in my opinion, it does not pay to try to trick Swagbucks by hiding your location. They will very likely detect it. If you do not live in one of the countries where Swagbucks is available, you should instead check out the best sites in your country.

And maybe one day, Swagbucks will then also open in more countries, but at the moment it is only available in the countries mentioned above.

Are there any complaints about Swagbucks?

So far Swagbucks looks like a pretty good way to make a bit of extra money right?

But I decided to also include other opinions about the site, to give you are broader perspective, and I have therefore researched further and been in contact with other members to hear other peoples’ experiences as well.

In general, people are pretty positive about Swagbucks, and it has been able to get this many members for a reason. With any survey site or GPT site, there will always be some complaints. A general complaint about survey sites is that people sometimes can be frustrated about not qualifying for enough surveys, which I have also heard about Swagbucks.

But you should not expect to qualify for all surveys on any site that offers paid surveys, and after a little while, you will figure out what type of surveys you are most likely to qualify for, and then you will just focus on these.

I have also heard a couple of complaints that the videos you can watch give a very low reward. I can only agree on this, but do not really think this can be a valid complaint. You can always see before you start watching how much you will make. I would also never choose to watch these videos just for the money alone as that is not worth it, but only if I really wanted to watch it anyway.

But overall Swagbucks is getting really good feedback and people have many good experiences with the page, and most people are talking about Swagbucks in a very positive way.

Can you get support?

Being able to get in contact with support is important for any GPT site or survey site. Hopefully, you will never need to, but it is good to know the option is there if you should ever need help.

I have been in contact with Swagbucks myself several times, and I have received very good service, and the support has been very fast at getting back to me. So in my experience, it offers excellent support.

You can either submit a support ticket on the website or send a message on the Facebook page.

Final Verdict – scam or legit?

From the above review, it is clear that Swagbucks is not a scam.

It has been around for many years and has millions of members that are earning rewards and get paid every day.

But let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview, before deciding if it is the right site for you or not:


  • Reliable and experienced company behind it
  • Great joining bonus
  • Pays out through PayPal and has many other great prizes
  • Many different opportunities
  • Has great app that makes it easy to earn on the go
  • Chrome extension makes it easy to earn while surfing the web


  • Not available in all countries
  • Sometimes it can take patience to find the surveys you qualify for

As you can see, my overall impression of Swagbucks is very positive. It has many earning opportunities, and it has a very good selection of rewards to choose from. Because of the many opportunities, it can, in the beginning, take a bit of time to find your way around the platform, but it is not too difficult.

The downside is that it is not available worldwide, so you might not be able to join.

But if you live in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, or France, it is a great site to join and one that I would highly recommend joining.

If you do not live in one of these countries, you can instead check out the best survey sites in your country that are available more or less worldwide.

How to sign up for Swagbucks and get $15 joining bonus?

It is easy and only takes a minute to sign up for Swagbucks. You just click the button below, and you will go to Swagbucks’ sign up page, where you can register with your email or your Facebook account.

By using the link below, you will also get a $15 joining bonus (terms explained earlier), when you sign up.

Sweatcoin Review: Is Sweatcoin Legit or a Scam? How Much Did I Make?

Money Done Right does not run display ads or accept sponsorships to promote particular products or services. However, we may receive a commission if you purchase or sign up through links on this page. Here’s more information about how we make money.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical that I could actually make money walking with the Sweatcoin app.Surely it must be a scam, right?

Something that pays you to do something as simple as walking can’t be legit, can it?

Table of Contents

Is Sweatcoin a Scam?

Well, good news: Sweatcoin is not a scam.

You will get paid to walk, but you should not have unreasonable expectations.

You will make some money, but it’s not like you will be making hundreds of dollars a day simply by walking.

How Much Have I Made With Sweatcoin?

How much you can make with Sweatcoin depends on how active you are.

Now, I don’t know how active you are. I don’t know if you’re a marathon runner or someone who barely gets off the couch.

So I can’t tell you how much you’ll make with Sweatcoin, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure that out after you see how I break down how much I’ve made with Sweatcoin.

In 3 Months, I Made About 600 Sweatcoins.

One of my resolutions this year was to walk at least 5,000 steps a day.

This is when I downloaded Sweatcoin to inspire me to reach this goal.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve actually averaged about 7,500 steps a day.

So as of the time of writing at the end of March, I’ve made 602.66 Sweatcoins and averaging about 7,500 steps a day.

This Is Worth Either $30 or $8, Depending On When I Cash Out.

So how much are my 602.66 Sweatcoins worth?

Well, let’s do some quick math.

There are two ways to convert Sweatcoin into PayPal cash, and each of these ways yields a different value for Sweatcoin.

If I Cash Out Early, Then I’ve Made $8.

So if I wanted to cash my Sweatcoins out relatively quickly, I wait until I have 3,650 sweatcoins saved up, when I could exchange them for $50 cash via PayPal.

If you divide $50 by 3,650 Sweatcoins, this means that each Sweatcoin is worth about $0.0137 each.

If I multiply my 602.66 Sweatcoins by $0.0137, I get $8.26.

So if I’m planing on cashing out my Sweatcoins in the next year, you could say that I made $8.26 from Sweatcoin in a few months.

If I Wait to Cash Out, Then I’ve Made $30.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Good things come to those who wait”?

Well, it’s certainly true when it comes to Sweatcoins, because you can over triple the value of your Sweatcoins if you are willing to wait to cash out.

See, in addition to the 3,650 Sweatcoins for $50 option, there is also the option to exchange 20,000 Sweatcoins for $1,000.

If you divide $1,000 by 20,000 Sweatcoins, this means that each Sweatcoin is worth about $0.05 each.

If I multiply my 602.66 Sweatcoins by $0.05, I get $30.13.

So if I’m planing on waiting a few years to cash out my Sweatcoins — or just become a lot more active than I am today — you could say that I made $30.13 from Sweatcoin in a few months.

So Is Sweatcoin Worth It?

Yes, for me, Sweatcoin is certainly worth it.

I am getting paid to do something — walking — that I would do anyway.

You Really Do Make Money for Walking.

Believe it or not, you do get paid for walking with Sweatcoin.

In my opinion, this makes the Sweatcoin app definitely worth it!

You Also Become Healthier!

I know that Sweatcoin has helped me become healthier.

See, I’m really into personal finance. Money’s kind of my thing. I like making money, I like saving money, and I like investing money for passive income.

And my financial goals sometimes get in the way of my health goals. Lots of the time I would rather spend my time working on this blog or on other ways of making money than on my health by exercising.

But Sweatcoin has helped to inspire me to exercise more because I know that when I’m out walking or running, I am also in some small way making more money.

Logan is a practicing CPA, Certified Student Loan Professional, and founder of Money Done Right, which he launched in July 2020. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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If you walk 7500 steps per day, can’t you find at least 1 nickel during your walk? Turn the app off and start picking up the lost coins. Bending over one time per day is probably good for you, too, and no one will track you. You can spend your nickel on anything you want – today or in one year. You don’t have to go through paypal with your nickel and no one keeps a commission on your nickel. Your smart phone already tracks your steps if you’re curious. Just use one of the free apps to view your steps.

So you do or don’t get $1000 when you reach 20,000 steps?? Asking for a friend

It’s 20,000 Sweatcoins. One Sweatcoin is 1000 steps, so you’ll get paid $1000 for walking 20 million steps.

How cool they adquire your name and phone and sell you info to 3rd party specially the way you interact. Think about it… you owe to the bank or irs some money… with the phone number they buy the ingo and know where you are ��

The app sucks you can only buy certain things I have over 3,000 dollars in Sweatcoins and that’s not counting the money they have taken away most of the items ask for card info to charge you and some of the other items you would have to add people just to receive it to me it’s a scam

There’s a new thing out. It’s called punctuation. Try it some time. Oh, and it’s not a scam.

This app wastes my phone battery more than it’s worth for a few cents a day to walk.

How many steps equals a sweat coin?

Hi Esther. To earn one Sweatcoin you must take 1,000 steps.

Just signed up through your link, and to email newsletter.. shaun

They try to get you to buy stuff in their marketplace but it’s just really you trial testing somethong and paying with sweat coins when you could have had a free trial, they even charge you for shipping and fees so unless you do 20000 sweat coins and are a member for 24 months you get nothing if you think u can get the 1000 dollars via PayPal. Basic members are capped a earning just 5 sweat coins a day

Because you people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THE APP THATS WHY SERIOUSLY MY DAUGHTER ALREADY CASHED OUT 100.00 yes 100.00 CASH at times you can get money ect like PAYPAL PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE RESEAECH THE WHOLE APP EVERY DETAIL I MEAN EVERY TINY LITTLE DETAIL jeeze put it on 1.000 and you can cash out at 1,000 but it depends what subscriber you are . Quit complaining Free stuff and Money seriously

how did she cash it out

The woman who referred me cashed out $100 too

How do you cash out


From my understanding there is no way to cash out using the Sweatcoin app. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and have about 200 Sweatcoins, but they don’t have a way to convert to actual money yet. According to the creators that is actually their long time goal, but it is not yet possible. They only have online offers you can exchange your Sweatcoins for.

This is how I see it. Everyone is complaining about how it’s a waste of time, and how it drains your battery but listen to the reality. I downloaded sweatcoin back in February I believe, because a girl I know was telling me about it. I’ve made about 500 sweatcoins and it’s July. So about 4 months. Your phone is always on you or your watch. You don’t have to think about it just use it. It’s free money and it’s accumulating your outdoor steps even when you don’t know it. When you’re walking your dog or when you’re just taking the trash out , all these outdoor steps are being added into your money. If you don’t have a newer phone then put on battery power mode and it will help with the battery from draining. And if you have a smart watch you don’t have to worry about your battery because it’s active on your watch and not your phone. And one last idea if you’re worried about the battery dying so much or it not calculating all your steps, just download a step tracker so that it’s calculating all your outdoor steps and sending it over to sweatcoin. I have an iPhone 8 and have the series 3 watch so when I turned my phone on I already had an activity tracker so i’m not sure if it’s different. I don’t mean any harm just trying to spread a little help. Wish everyone the best

Hey help me out here ? I recently downloaded the app and tried it today.. I did a long walk and did open the ap before i started my journey.. I tried tracking my steps while walking and it was working.. However when i close my phone the app stops counting the steps .. Do we have to like on the phone throughout ?? Please tell me how does it works ?

I did 16.485 steps in a day and I did 9.04 Sweatcoins, if you divide 16.485 over 9.04 that give you 1823.45, that means that 1823.45 is the worth of every single Sweatcoin, that’s the way it is, greetings from Virginia/USA.

I know it only records outdoors, but why would it vary from morning to night? I go out with my doggy in the morning (daylight) and earn about 2,000 steps. We go out at night when it is cooler and traversing the same route I only get about 800. Does being in the dark or moving a bit slower matter?

The real question is what are they doing with all of the data they are collecting from each person that they are “paying to walk”. You are giving them access to you gps all the time. Who are they then selling that info too. So they can pay you .001 for every mile. I’ll keep my privacy and peace of mind then getting paid $8-30.

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