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Earnings in the Internet

– Cashback – Refunds for purchases
– Pay Per Leads / Registrations
– Pay Per Visits / Clicks
– Payment for Reading eMail
– Participation in Surveys
– Install Applications and Games
– Partner program
– Referral program
– Additional earnings for Secretaries, Referents, Assistant Managers
– Earn in Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, VK
– Virtual money

Earnings on the Internet

Earnings on the Internet are interesting to many and is really real. If you do not have experience in earning money on the Internet, then consider our project as a way of getting a little extra income.

Extra income on the Internet is available to everyone. You need access to the Internet and a few hours of free time. Most users are interested in additional income that does not require investment. It is about simple ways of earning without investment and will be discussed.

You can earn on the Internet in many ways. There is an opportunity to earn small money without making any special effort to earn money. Go to earnings on the Internet in a complex way and then you can earn very good money. Here you can find different ways of earning and small recommendations for working in UniqWork.

Why do I need to earn on the Internet? Earnings on the Internet allows you to stay at home and at the same time earn. Such earnings do not tie you in time and to a workplace, you can work at any convenient time and in any place where there is access to the Internet. Earnings on the Internet for many becomes a good extra earnings. Here you can find different ways to earn money in the UniqWork project.

How much can you earn on the Internet? Precisely, no one will say how much you can earn on the Internet. It can be a different amount from 1 cents to several hundred dollars a day and even more. The only question is, what are you willing to do to make money on the Internet?

How you can make money on – What we pay for since 2002


Cashback, a term used in Internet commerce, banking and gambling as a designation for a variety of bonus programs to attract customers and increase their loyalty (denoting a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase).

In our case, this is a very simple and proven way for years to save money when buying online stores.

Cashback from UniqWork is .. When you go shopping with our website and make real purchases, we get a commission from sales and transfer most of it to you.

What are the risks? No, and never .. Secret information with modern shopping is the data of your payment card. We never ask to send them to us, tk. the whole process of purchases is carried out personally by you on the site of the sellers you have checked.

Where is the commission? We provide you with special links to the online store. Only if you go to the store after clicking on this link, we earn a commission.

Earnings in Registration / Leads

This is really a unique way of earning (‘Unique Work’ – Unique work / Unique Job). You are paid for registration on various developing websites of a variety of topics. You are given some assignment, which after execution brings you money. The cost of assignments varies from 5 cents to $ 10 per task.

Registrations / Leads are the most profitable type of earning on the Internet, but also the most time consuming. The registration process is no different from the usual: they went through the proposed link, filled out the registration form, activated the account, received money to the account.

Usually registration on the site of the advertiser is either “Subscribe to news” or “Open a free account (personal cabinet).” Advertisers need this to get new users of its service. To receive a reward for this action, it is advisable to open an account for further active use.

Earnings on Visits / Clicks

Earnings on clicks, or as it is called, surfing sites, one and the most simple methods of earning on the Internet. The essence will be to view these sites for money. This is one of the easiest types of earnings. You do not need to buy or register.

We constantly update the number of available sites for visits. Reward for the quality visit to our advertisers from $ 0.001 to $ 0.25 per visit.

Types of visits:
– simple during a certain time;
– obligatory visit to several pages;
– Compulsory comparison of several products on the advertiser’s site.

It is possible that after visiting the sites you will become their participants.

Earnings on Reading Mail

This earnings is similar to the above types of earnings, but differs in that the task you receive on the mail. In most cases, this is either a visit or registration in the program.

This type of earnings requires quality email (for example: gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

Payment for surveys

Marketing surveys are a great way for an advertiser to get feedback and suggestions on new products, services or functions.

Polls for money are also one of the simplest and most accessible ways to make money both in real life and on the Internet. Many firms constantly use information about the opinions of their customers. These opinions they learn through mass surveys for money. If earlier surveys were conducted only on the street or on record, then with the development of the Internet a new method appeared – online paid marketing surveys. The number of companies engaged in online surveys is growing every year.

The main condition for receiving remuneration is the qualitative passage of the marketing questionnaire. The passage time is 10-30 minutes, but the cost is much higher than for visits. It is possible that the advertiser can reward you with some kind of promotional gift.

Money for installing mobile applications and games

Every modern person is inextricably linked with the modern ways of civilization, which, in turn, give new opportunities, both in the working and entertainment spheres. In addition to the interesting use of many different applications for phones and tablets, you can also earn for it.

A prerequisite for receiving a reward is the installation and active use of the mobile application. Especially it concerns mobile games. The advertiser is interested, first of all, in a new and active participant.

Active participant – registration / installation of the application, access to the account, use of the application or game, etc.

To start earning money for the above actions, it is NECESSARY:

2. Study the principles and rules of the work carefully.

3. Earn and receive money.

Additional ways to earn money with

UniqWork partner program – unlimited earnings

If you do not want to make purchases or register, you can earn the same reward if you advertise our advertisers on the Internet.

After registration in our program, affiliate links for advertisers will be available to you.

Ways of advertising: Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, VK, OK ..), Forums, Contextual advertising and others.

Referral program – 1 $ for each other

A referral is a member who registered with UniqWork after clicking on your special referral link (or who entered your ref-ID when you registered in the “You are invited” field)

After registration in our program you will have a unique referral link and RefCode available for you. Advertise your special referral link and recruit referrals.

Ways of advertising: Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, VK, OK ..), Forums, Contextual advertising and others. SPAM is banned!

You earn:
– a bonus of $ 1 for each active referral (who will earn at least $ 10).
– 10% of the referral earnings.

How to make money in OK, Facebook, Twitter, VK

If you have groups of friends on the social networks Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Contact, then place a short description about Uniqwork, indicating your referral link or your referral code.

Additional earnings for Secretaries, Referees, Assistant Managers

If you constantly book air tickets for your manager, train tickets, car rental, business tours, buy presents and gifts, then you can always earn extra money. Register, carefully study the rules of the Affiliate Program and get an excellent reward for the purchases for your boss.

For example, for booking a hotel room on one of the tourist sites represented on UniqWork, you can earn up to 4% of the cost of booking.

How to receive the earned money? Virtual money

The issue of earning money on the Internet is very popular these days. More and more people are working successfully and earn well thanks to the worldwide network. If you earn on the Internet, then you should be interested in one question: how to get the earned money?

All the money earned for your unique work can be obtained in several ways:

– virtual electronic money of electronic payment systems PayPal, WebMoneyTransfer, Skrill, PerfectMoney and others. What is it and how can they be cashed – READ HERE >>

– replenishment of your mobile phone account

– transfer to a bank card (account) upon agreement with us.

We guarantee that you will always receive the earned money for your unique work.

Payment Proof of $531 With Bank Withdrawl + Zagl Unlimited Earning Trick is a new link shortener website by shortening and sharing the link online if any person clicks on that link you will get some amount.

Why you should use

50% of referral earnings for life!

Minimum cashout limit is only $2

Good customer support

Easy sign up account

Decent CPM rates


Network type ; CPC,CPM

Ad format ; Intestrial ads

Minimum payout ; 2$

Payout option ; Bitcoin,paypal

Payment time ; Any time


Do not sign up multiple times with

Do not advertise any PTC sites

Don’t click on your own links

Dont create redirect loop

Dont place any illegel content website Refferal Program

Zagl offers very high refferal commission to all its publisherts to reffer other publishers online, currently zagl provides 50% refferal commission, which is too high to all other url shorteners.

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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

You’re probably here because you found me in Google, and you want to learn how to make money online without paying anything. Good news, In this blog post I’ll be talking about exactly that!

Make Money Online Without Investment

I have some good news and some bad news:

  • The Good News: YES, you really CAN make money online, and potential to earn a lot of it too.
  • The Bad News: There are scammers out there who just want to part you from your hard earned money. I’ll tell you about both the good and the bad, below.

I’ll go into both below, but FIRST – here’s what and who you should AVOID at all costs!

Top 3 “Work From Home” Scams to Avoid

Listen, I know you’re here because you’ve been burned before.

You probably found a great “online job” that promised $100, $500, or even $1,000 per day by doing simple things like sending emails, or stuffing envelopes, or filling out surveys.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I was once fooled by that stuff too, but I rose above that

Did you know that THREE of the biggest online ‘work from home scams‘ actually require you to PAY before you can start “working” for them?

1.) Stuffing Envelopes for Cash Scam

The victim sees a flyer advertising a job stuffing envelopes, with “up to 1,000 envelopes a week that you can stuff… with postage and address already affixed!”, offering a payment of sometimes as as high as $25 per envelope.

To apply for the job, the victim is required to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for information and a small processing fee. In return, the victim is sent a template for the flyer they had originally seen; the envelopes they stuff are from other people who answer the flyer, and the payment is the processing fee.

Basically, YOU’LL be posting flyers now, telling people how they can stuff envelopes for cash, then your victims pay YOU $25.00 and you mail them the same template.

2.) Email Processing Jobs Scam

This is the same as above, you pay $25.00 (or more) so you can set up online ads to charge OTHERS $25.00 for the same thing.

You’re NOT going to be sitting around processing emails for large companies, they have automated systems & employees for that. You pay your $25.00, the person you pay now “processes” your email and tells you how to do what they just did and rip OTHERS off for $25.00 a head.

3.) Paid Surveys Scam

If you have to pay to find out how to do this, it’s a scam! There are claims of $100 and $500 paid surveys, but the truth is – you can only make $2.00 – $3.00 per HOUR at the most with this stuff, AND they make you pay $45 or more to learn how to do this!

So far NONE of these have been worth much of anything , and half of them were (legitimately) flat out scams just out to steal your money.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the ‘stuffing envelopes for cash’ scam originated during the depression in the 1920s? Yep, and the ’email processing jobs’ scam from today is just a variation of that!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re not going to sit back in your underwear or bathrobe on your couch earning $500 to $1000 per day passively.

If these opportunities were REAL, Corporate America as we know it would not exist , as everybody would simply work from home doing this stuff.

BUT – don’t worry – not all hope is lost! ��

​Sick of the B.S.?

Want to know what REALLY works online?

The Good News (This Stuff Works!)

There are actually SEVERAL legit ways to make money online , and while you may need to pay later on for some training (on things like Search Engine Optimization, or FaceBook Ads), I’ll give you a list of various legit ways of making money online without investment.

Now, just a heads up – some of these may require some technical skills, but don’t worry – I’ve got you non techies covered too! ��

1. Make Money Online Blogging

Now here’s the thing, you’re NOT going to get PAID for simply blogging.

You won’t get magical internet money for simply throwing up a blog post – BUT you can use your blog traffic to sell advertising, or even to drive sales to different products that pay you a commission for sending them the sale (this is what I do with my websites).

Before you get too excited and throw up the first blog you can think of, you need to learn what to make your blog about, and what specific topics people are SEARCHING FOR that you should be blogging about.

Check out these 2 detailed posts on my site for more info on those topics:

  1. How to find the perfect niche for your blog – finding a profitable niche is important so you can understand what topics to focus your content on.
  2. How to perform Keyword Research – Keyword Research is important so you can understand WHAT to write about on your blog. After all, if nobody is searching for what you’re presending, it’s an excercise in futility.

Seriously, Study both of those links above (they’ll take you to two different posts on my site that explain each of those topics).

I’d suggest launching your blog/website with at LEAST 5 articles targeting various long tailed phrases.

(If you don’t feel like doing the writing yourself, I suggest outsourcing your writing HERE – make sure each post is a minimum of 1,000 words, and use 4 star or higher writers.

If I were doing a blog on dating tips for men, I might do the following posts (for example):

  1. How do I get a girlfriend?
  2. How to get my Girlfriend back
  3. Get a girlfriend online
  4. Why Can’t I get a girlfriend
  5. Tips to get a girlfriend

Once you have the 5 posts up, try to add at least one post per Week or so based on a long tailed keyword you find using the Google Keyword Planner.

Make sure you link INTERNALLY between relevant words in the blog posts, as that will help your site rank better over all as well.

I have some great niche ideas here, for those that have no idea where to start.

Read More: I’ve got a very detailed blog post on ‘how to make money blogging‘, that you should spend some time reading.

(Seriously, read it – it goes into MUCH more detail on how you can make money blogging).

Last but not least, check out my EPIC Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online.

2. Make Money Online with YouTube Videos

I already covered this topic in another blog post as well, click here to read that post!

Essentially though, Check out my crash course on Youtube Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps:

1) If you want to make money, then it’s important to provide vValue first and ask for the sale later:

This is not a single step – it’s the attitude that you must have right from the beginning if you want to do well on Youtube and affiliate marketing in general.

Think about this:

Successful businessmen, speakers, mentors, coaches spend several hours delivering life-changing seminars.

At the end, they spend five minutes talking about a paid program or course.

This is not that they are not interested in selling – they definitely care about making sales, although they are never desperate.

They invest a lot of time gaining the trust of their audience. People like what they are saying and become pre-sold. They are very receptive to the sales pitch because the speaker had taken steps to establish value beforehand.

With Youtube too, you cannot just blatantly tell people to buy your product. You first have to provide valuable content – your videos must be entertaining and informative. Also, they have to be unique. You cannot keep repeating the things that other people are already saying – you have to better than them.

Always look to provide value; this way, people will latch on to anything that you have to recommend.

2) Quality of videos:

I am not going to go over the obvious bits in this article. I trust you to sign up for a Youtube account and think of a catchy username. However, I do feel the need to talk about other basics that can make or break the quality of your videos.

Make sure that you record in good lighting and please invest in a good microphone. (Personally, I SWEAR BY my Blue Yeti Microphone, and have been using it for many years)

I see many videos shot against a super bright background or in shabby settings. They are off-putting from the very beginning. You don’t have to rent a studio or anything – a quiet room with a neutral background is good enough (depending upon your niche).

A public park or garden also works very well – as long as the surroundings are relatively peaceful.

You don’t need to buy an expensive camera or drone. You can produce top notch quality videos using just your smartphone. One thing that you do need to work on though, is the editing. Get very good at editing or pay somebody to do it for you. It would be great if you took the trouble to learn to edit well. it’s a useful skill that will pay off very well in the long term. Psst. it’s not that hard – really!

Want to know a secret?

You DON’T even have to show your face! (Unless you want to)

​3) Traffic:

A successful Youtube affiliate marketer must attract the right kind of traffic and preferably, lots of it. You have to collaborate with other Youtubers with a lot of subscribers. Remember that people with a lot of subscribers are picky about whom they choose to associate with. So you need to offer a compelling proposition.

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For example: Say that you have a cooking channel and they have a fitness channel.

You can create a series titled Easy 5-minute Recipes for Fitness Freaks. This way, you can get lots of subs within a matter of days. You get the idea.

4) Learn how to get the click:

Your titles and thumbnails will decide whether or not people click on your videos.

So optimize them and make them irresistible. (Bonus points, create a custom Youtube thumbnail using, or any of the other free graphics tools out there)

5) Post consistently:

Some of the fastest growing channels post very often.

You should seriously consider posting at least 3 videos a week during the initial phase.

Sure, you may already have a job and other commitments. Just record a lot of material on weekends and spend some time each day editing and uploading content. Many new people make the mistake of uploading just one or two videos to test the waters.

The problem is that if people like your content and want to watch more, you have none of it available. So upload at least 5 videos initially.

If you fail to upload on a fairly consistent basis, your subs and views will drop and the competition will eat into your portion of the pie.

Share your experiences with the product or service that you are promoting. Don’t forget to tell people about the links in the description.

Also, try to get a special discount voucher or promo code – it piques peoples’ interest and gives them an incentive to try out whatever you’re recommending.

Being a Youtuber can be a very rewarding profession.

I already covered this topic MUCH more thoroughly in another blog post as well, click here to read that post!

3. Make Money Online By Writing Content

How to make money writing online is another topic I’ve covered extensively. But i’ll try to sum it up below:

1. Be A Content Writer

Being a content writer means that you write for people who are asking for a specific content. This also means that you are limited in your choice of topics. The upside is the pay is stable and immediate.

One of the best way to start as being a content writer is to register to a website or service that brings together writers and people who are looking for content.

Examples of such websites are:

The above two will be the easiest, but you can also try freelance websites like:

For iWriter and Textbroker kind of sites, all you have to do is register and fill-out the personal details, including the mode of receiving payments. The process is fast and easy. Once all that is done, you can visit a page within the website that has a listing of available writing jobs. You can then choose which ones you would like to write.

Once you accept a writing gig, you can then proceed to writing the article, submit it and wait for approval. Once its approved, payment will then be deposited to your account.

For freelance types of websites, like Freelancer and oDesk, you may have to “bid” your work and pay rate. If you are chosen, you will be then in contact with the requester and discuss essential details like the topics of the content, work schedule and how to receive payments.

2. Sell Your Writing

If you are a good writer, then it’s possible to sell your writing online. There are a lot of options on how you can achieve this. For example, you can setup an

Kindle shop and start selling your ebooks. If you are more of an article writer than an ebook writer, then you can try websites like Yahoo Voices. You can even try online classifieds, like Craigslists, for selling your articles.

This can be very lucrative, especially if you focus on Amazon and your book hits on the best-seller lists.
The downside of this option is that pay may not be as stable and immediate compared to being an online writer as you are selling your content rather than writing content that is already needed by someone.

3. Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews

Doing affiliate marketing reviews can be very lucrative as it can lead to a good stream of passive income. The main idea of an affiliate writer is to make mostly reviews of different products. Visitors would read the reviews and may proceed to buy the product. For every product that is referred from you (through affiliate codes), you get a commission.

You can start by being an affiliate writer by registering to websites that bring together affiliates and online entrepreneurs, like (check out Clickbank University 2.0 for CB training), and Registration is typically free and you can get the necessary codes and essential resources from the site.

The downside of this route is that it will take time to develop your website or blog. Also, getting readers may take time. However, when you do succeed, it’s more lucrative that the last two examples above.


Thanks to the information age, it is now possible to make money by writing online. If you are interested in the idea, then you can start by being a content writer, selling your writing or be an affiliate writer. The best way to get started is by checking out the sites above, then just do it!

Anyways, nothing to sell here – just providing value! ��

4. Make Money Online with Fiverr

Believe it or not, when I was first starting out with my ‘making money online’ adventure, I used to do small jobs on fiver for $5.00 a pop.

It’s grown well past that now, and you’re able to offer your services for $5.00, $50, $500 or even $1,000 as long as there are buyers for what you’re offering.

Fiverr offers a user-friendly platform for creating and publishing gigs in an approachable format.

However, before you start the overall gig creation process, it is wise to overlook the various categories to choose from, in order to asses which field will be the most profitable and suitable for you.

Fiverr offers over 120 categories to choose from, so users are able to easily find a category that is relevant to their services.

Fiverr offers many common categories such as writing and business services, as well as a section labeled as, “Fun & Bizarre” where sellers can offer quirky and unique services.

Whatever area you excel in, you are sure to find a category that corresponds to the service you choose to offer.

I’ve got a much more thorough blog post on that topic here – how to make money on Fiverr – you should definitely check it out!

5. Make Money Online with Micro Job Websites

While you’re not going to get rich doing this, it’s a great way to make beer money or a little extra spending cash for that weekend or night out you’ve been planning.

Essentially, micro jobs are online tasks that can generally be completed in a few minutes. They might include things like:

  • Read and Comment on a Blog
  • Watch a YouTube Video and Leave a comment
  • Like and Share Something on FaceBook or Twitter
  • Search for a particular phrase in Google, and click onto a specific website
  • Create an email account for somebody (Google and Yahoo, generally)
  • Rate an Iphone or Android App
  • Leave a Kindle Book Review
  • etc

I use these as an employer myself because I’m able to get the above tasks completed very quickly. (Basically, i’m the guy paying you to complete certain tasks for me) ��

Let’s say I just published a new blog post, and I want to add some REAL comments to get conversation going.

I simply make a job on one of the Micro Job Websites, and it’s generally approved within 24 hours. The pay can be around $0.20 or $0.30 for a few minutes of work.

The Best MicroJob websites are:

  1. Microworkers (my personal favorite)
  2. RapidWorkers
  3. There are more out there, but these two are enough to get you started.

Again, you’re NOT going to make a lot of money with Microjob Websites, just a few dollars per day at best.


Earning 200-500 UDS per month online by blogging is not a big thing. Even it will be the reason of laugh for successful bloggers who are earning 200-500 USD on daily basis instead of in month without any investment. But there is also some people who are struggling very hard to earn even 100 USD a month. This post is for all kind of people who want to earn money online without investment because It includes earning ways which are personally used by me to earn real money using my blog. This post will also very useful for new bloggers who are struggling to earn their first 50 USD from blogging.

Points which I’m going to clear in this post till end are :-

  • How I’m earning 200-500 USD per month?
  • How People can earn money online?
  • How new bloggers can make some money online from their blogs?
  • How I reach on this Milestone?

I have never invested in my blogging carries except purchasing on domain. After publishing my blog, I was just giving focus on delivering quality articles to readers of my blog. I had written many great contents on Earn money by uploading videos on Youtube , Earn money with Android, earn money with blogging and many more! So bit by bit my blog was liked by readers which makes it more popular worldwide. Then I focus to rank it in Google also , I did some little efforts and get sitelinks in google search. As the time passed, I started receiving may requests for guest post, you can check there are lot of guest post on my blog from companies like Cashkaro, Couponzguru, Software developers and many more.
Then I started I started accepting sponsored post on my blog, which started earn money for me. This was my first success of earning income from blog.

What are Sponsored post?

Sponsored post are the simple posts but related with some promotional material and products by offeree to be published on blog by blog owners

For example,
If you are the owner of any company which are offering SEO services to their clients with some charge. Now after visiting my blog, you feel that my blog would be suitable to advertise your product and it helps you in getting potential customers. Now this can be done in two day by adding ad banner on blog or second option is by writing sponsored post. Sponsored post had also a good point that It will give customers for long term because It becomes the part of blog. So after posting sponsored post relating with your product, it will look like a normal post.
But I’m not going to do for free, I will definitely charge some amount from you. Because here am working as publisher for your product.
I am getting 4-5 sponsored post every month, which generates 40-50 USD per month.

But this can be happened only if your blog has good ranking and popularity. So If you have a blog then firstly spend some more time to develop and making more popular. Once your blog is ranked higher then you will automatically start receiving emails from companies with different type of Offers.

#2. By Providing Services to Clients

My second source of Income from blogging is by providing services to my clients. I’m providing additional training to my clients regarding blog design and SEO. After reading articles some clients ask me to design their blogs and do SEO for blog and they pay me some amount for this.
So It makes me to earn $100 approximately per month.

#3. By Selling my Ebook Online through blog
I’m also selling my ebook written on ‘How to earn money with facebook $50 a Day’ online. It costs $9. I post some banners to advertise that book on my blog. You can check buy page of that e-Book by clicking Here .

If some user buy that book online payment automatically transferred in my Paypal account and book immediately deliver to buyer. All the things are automatic.

#4. By Writing a Review of Pokeram
11 months ago I participated in a online program named ‘ POKERAM ‘ and invested 1000 USD, which was the one of my great source of income. It was paying me 200$ per month but now its 400 USD, let me tell you How??
As pokeram is paying some affiliate commissions also who are working as publisher for them for advertising and referring their plan to others. Then what I did, simply i created a sponsored post for myself for Pokeram and post on my blog, and I got unbelievable results from that post 6 users also joined Pokeram and I started earning more commissions of $30 per month. Then after the experience of 11 months, I had written a Review on Pokeram few days ago, company also liked that review alot and post that review on their site. You should also check Pokeram review here . After that review I start getting daily new referrals and commissions, which are increasing day by day. At present it is giving me approx of 300 USD, which becomes like 200+100, 200 USD on my initial investment and 100 USD as commissions, which am receiving almost by doing nothing. I has simply posted a post and review only. Here one more thing Depositing 1000 USD is not compulsory even they are offering minimum amount to invest is 30 USD. But I had invested because I need some more profits from that site, and I had covered my initial amount just within 5 Months 15 days.

Note: I have mentioned here about Investment of $1000, but It was not a part of this post. It is just for showing my past Income with Pokeram that was only with my investment, but how I grow that small Income from Pokeram with this Blog for Free just by writing a Review.

#5. Earnings from Adsense and Other Affiliates:
I’m not getting large earnings from adsense, It has become only 75 USD in my adsense account till now. Because my CPC is very high which may give huge earnings in future. The main reason behind this is lower CTR rate. I can improve CTR is no time, but actually am not taking good interest in adsense. I had also started Chitika but I left it few months ago because CPC is low and also I don’t want to cover my blog with lot of advertisements. My future planning is to sell my services, ebooks, sponsored posts, banner advertising and digital promotion by using my blog.

#6. Other Sources of Earnings using my blog:
In this part I have not lot of things to mention because I already told you about all the things used by me to earn money. But I would like to mention here for people who want to earn some free recharges and bucks can visit How to earn using Android App

Conclusion: After reading post, I’m sure you are guided for some ways and ideas to start earning money. Guys trust me Just start thinking of first 5 points mentioned above to earn money online, no matter from which country you are, it will work definitely for all country people. I would also like to hear about experiences of my readers after reading this post. Also please give your positive as well as negative comments in comment box. Thanks :)

Message: I hope that you have enjoyed ‘How I’m Earning 200-500 USD Monthly Without Investment By Online Blogging?‘ article. However, if you want me to deliver more articles then please share my post. You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!.

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Binary Options Trading For Beginners
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