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How To Withdraw Money From IQ Option? Best Methods And Tips You Should Know

IQ Option: Top Binary Opitons Broker

It’s one of the nightmares of traders: being unable to withdraw money. You may have come across refused or stalled withdrawals. There could be two reasons for this: the broker you’ve been dealing with may not be a legitimate entity or, if it is a genuine broker, it’s been enforcing strict withdrawal procedures to make sure money is transferred to the right person. The former is unfortunate, and the latter is understandable and works to your advantage because of all the instances of fraud involving both brokers and traders.

If you’ve struggled before with withdrawing your earnings from a broker, you’ll find IQ Option a great improvement. This platform has fast and hassle-free withdrawals. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the withdrawal process, options, and limitations using this broker. We’ll also throw in some pointers on how to invest your earnings properly.

The great thing with IQ Option is that it offers a free demo trading account that you can test drive if it’s your first time to come across the company. You get virtual funds that you can use for simulated trading or, if you want, for real trading. You can try the product first-hand to learn more about its trading tools and features at no cost thanks to the IQ Options free trial.

Things you should know before withdrawing money from IQ Option

  1. Should You Withdraw Money Right Away?
  2. IQ Option Withdrawals: Quick Summary
  3. Withdrawal Options
  4. Recommended E-Wallet Providers
  5. Withdrawal Limitations
  6. Withdrawal Steps
  7. Continuing Your Investments and Winning Strategy

There are many advantages to using IQ Option. You’ll be dealing with a known legal entity that is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It has one of the easiest trading apps around. From it, you can expect world-class customer support and safe and fast money withdrawals using several methods, as you’ll learn in this article.

Even if you find in your research that IQ Option is the real deal, it is still important that you read in detail its terms and conditions. While the steps in withdrawing may be the same for most brokerage companies – select amount, choose withdrawal procedure, confirm your decision, and wait – there may also be crucial differences.

These include the allowable amount that can be withdrawn and the length of time before money is transferred to your bank. Of course, the broker may require other things from you, such as proof of identification or other supporting documents. With IQ Option, you’ll find the process more streamlined than most, which makes it a popular platform for both long-time and new traders.

Should You Withdraw Money Right Away?

Chances are that, like most traders who make their first successful trades, your first impulse is to get a hold of your gains by quickly withdrawing your funds. But more successful binary options traders eschew this approach because of higher long term gains. IQ Option posted these practical tips on its website:

  1. If you only trade to have some fun, go ahead and withdraw your money. In this case, you should ask yourself why you invest real money at all. You could have the same fun completely risk-free with the IQ Option demo.
  2. If you trade seriously, yo u should wait before you withdraw as you probably have a trading plan.

The broker’s advice aside, let’s answer our question: How to withdraw money from IQ Option?

IQ Option Withdrawals: Quick Summary

Withdrawing through IQ Option is just as fast and easy as earning money using the app. It’s one of the simplest in the binary options trading niche, as cited in various binary options brokers reviews . You can use credit cards, e-wallet providers, and wire transfer to withdraw money.

You could enjoy the immense benefits of credit card and e-wallet withdrawals absolutely for free. You only need to factor fees when you choose the wire transfer withdrawal option, the rate depending on your provider.

Where other brokers take two days to process your withdrawal and charge you $30 to $50 for it, IQ Option does the same job quicker–within 24 hours and for free.

Such policies matter. IQ Option stands as the best choice for traders to make the most of their withdrawals.

The IQ Option trading platform.

Withdrawing Money from IQ Option: Best Methods and Tips

IQ Option processes all withdrawals within one business day free of charge, but how soon the money gets in your hands and how much else you pay after IQ Option depends on whether you are withdrawing through credit or debit card, wire transfer, or e-wallet. Check out the different withdrawal methods below.

Withdrawal Options

1. Credit Card/Debit Card Withdrawal

Withdrawing through a credit card or debit card is the preferred choice of withdrawal at IQ Option. Currently, IQ Option accepts withdrawal from following bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard.

In case you are having reservations about conducting funds withdrawal through your bank card, you may rest assured in the fact that IQ Option boasts the first highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, merchant level.

2. Wire Transfer Withdrawal

There are several reasons why you may want to use wire transfer only as a last option to withdraw funds from IQ Option. As with e-wallets and bank cards, IQ Option will process wire transfer withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Once such withdrawal requests leave IQ Options, however, they usually take a longer time to complete processing by the banks in which you hold an account.

Wire transfers generally require payment. The rate depends on the locations involved and the practices of your bank. Most traders can avoid such fees, but if you cannot, it would be wise to consider the cost of payment involved. With credit card withdrawals, you do not have to consider such fees.

While it can be said that withdrawing through wire transfer is best reserved as a last-resort option, there are also special reasons why this payment method is still necessary. One outstanding reason is the existence of the so-called anti-money-laundering law, which is reflected in a provision, which only allows you to withdraw through your credit card as much money as you deposited using it. If instead, you deposited money via wire transfer, that leaves you no option but to stick to wire transfer for all withdrawals, having opted out of credit card transactions.

It might also happen that you have eventually used up all your bank card credit: when you have withdrawn as much money as you have deposited. If this happens, withdrawing through wire transfer might be the only option left for you.

3. E-Wallets

One of the better methods to withdraw your winnings is via an e-wallet. It is usually provided by a third-party provider or payment gateway. E-wallets are not without issues, though. But if you stick to the popular ones, you’re less likely to encounter problems. Below, we list the most common e-wallet channels used for IQ Option.

The IQ Option withdrawal page.

How to withdraw money from IQ Option using e-wallets? Here are the different providers with a few tips, one that will allow you to use this channel to get your earnings.

1. Skrill

Skrill is based in London, United Kingdom. During registration, it asks for your email address to be used as your account login. You have a chance to activate two-factor authentication for additional security. You can link your bank account or credit card, but expect the verification process to take some time.

Make sure that your preferred currency is from one of the 40 countries accepted by Skrill. Skrill does not operate in Latvia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Myanmar, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. It is also unavailable in Iraq, Eritrea, and Libya. Note that Skrill sets a maximum limit to your transactions.

Detailed Skrill Review

2. Neteller

Headquartered at Douglas, Isle of Man, Neteller requires you to verify your account first before you could retrieve your funds. To do this, you have to submit a bank statement issued not later than three months ago.

For account login, you will use your email address, which it asks for during the registration process. It also offers what it calls Net+ Prepaid Card, which you can conveniently use for direct money transfers.

Neteller sets both minimum and maximum transaction amounts, the latter depending on your choice of currency.

It supports 26 national currencies, which you can verify on its website indicated above.

Neteller does not work in Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, and Libya. It offers limited services in the following countries and territories: France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Macao, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UAE, and the United Kingdom. In most Arab countries, banks do not work with Neteller. Clients from these countries may want to use WebMoney or Skrill instead.

3. WebMoney

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, WebMoney has won several awards in 2020. No bank account or credit card is required to open or operate a WebMoney account, making it accessible to many people. It supports 8 different currencies and assets, which can be verified on its website through the link above.

WebMoney does not provide its services in the following states and territories: American Samoa, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Guam, Guyana, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Northern Mariana Islands, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda.

4. Boleto

Boleto is a payment method in Brazil, where it is officially known as Boleto Bancário. It is regulated by FEBRABAN, short for the Brazilian Federation of Banks. A boleto can be paid at ATMs, branch facilities, and internet banking of any bank, post office, lottery agent, and some supermarkets until its due date. After the due date, it can only be paid at the issuer bank facilities.

Boleto can only be collected by an authorized collector agent in the Brazilian territory.

5. FasaPay

An Indonesian electronic payment system based in Orchard Road, Singapore, FasaPay allows a maximum withdrawal of $75,000.00 and a minimum of just $1 per transaction. You can do multiple transactions each day at fees ranging from free to 5%.

You must be a verified account holder to make transactions at FasaPay. To be a verified account holder, PasaFay requires the submission of bank documents. Aside from the standard account password, FasaPay provides 4 other ways to secure your account.

FasaPay currently supports US dollar and Indonesian rupiah (IDR) currencies.

Withdrawal Limitations

As a security measure, IQ Option requires that you withdraw using the same bank card or e-wallet you have used to make a deposit. If you don’t, the system will cancel the withdrawal request. Thus, if you have initially deposited through Neteller, then you need to make the withdrawal back through Neteller.

For bank cards, you must withdraw within 90 calendar days from the last deposit. Another security measure applies: how much you withdraw must not exceed the amount you deposited. This limitation does not apply to e-wallets.

Finally, if you choose to withdraw through both your bank card and e-wallet, IQ Option prioritizes withdrawals through bank cards than other types of withdrawals.

IQ Option has recently implemented instant bank card withdrawal processing , which eliminates the previous 3 working days waiting period for your withdrawal application to be processed. Nevertheless, bear in mind that once the application is approved, it can take your bank up to 9 working days to credit the funds to your account. It pays to remember this and not get alerted when you see the status indicates it has been completed, yet you still don’t see funds on your card.

  1. Example 1: You initially deposited $500 to your card. Within 90 days, you accumulate $600 on your balance. To withdraw, you need to proceed with two withdrawals: $500 to your bank card and $100 to your e-wallet of choice (Neteller, Skrill, etc.). Or you can use wire transfer, though this will leave you with $50 less as processing fee. Not a good way to withdraw, unless you have large enough funds to offset the cost of processing.
  2. Example 2: You deposited $500 and have the same amount that you now want to withdraw after 100 days—well past the 90-day window that allows you to withdraw through your bank card. Bank card withdrawal option out, but e-wallet or wire transfer options still possible. Most likely, you will choose e-wallet to avoid the $50 processing fee.
  3. Example 3: You have deposited $500 through your bank card and $100 through your e-wallet. You want to leave your bank card funds intact but withdraw from your e-wallet. IQ Option does not allow that: you need to withdraw $500 through the bank card first before you can withdraw from the e-wallet. This is the withdrawal hierarchy at IQ Option, requiring clients to make withdrawals against bank cards first before e-wallets or cash transfer. If you have carefully read through the previous discussions, you should be ready to make your first IQ Option withdrawal.

Steps to Withdraw Money from IQ Option

IQ Option applies an identical algorithm for fund withdrawal regardless of the mode of payment you choose. To proceed with withdrawing funds from IQ options, do the following:

  1. Go to iqoption.com
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on the user pick in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Select “Withdraw Funds” from the list of available options
  5. Click on the preferred payment system
  6. Follow the specific instructions indicated

Continuing Your Investments and Winning Strategy

Withdrawing your money from IQ Option means one thing – you’ve accumulated enough from your winnings and are out to enjoy the fruits of your wise trading strategy. You’ve seen how easy the process is to get your cash from your partner broker. You’re a serious money trader and want to plow in back your winnings or even just a part of it. You feel you have a full grasp of the numbers trend and how commodities, currencies, and stocks move in the world market. No worries.

Depositing your money to IQ Option is as simple as withdrawing it. You just go to your account, click the deposit button, select your payment method (credit or debit card, wire transfer), enter your credit card information, and then press “pay” to see your money deposited in your account. To get the full details on how it all works, you can head over to our article How To Deposit Money To IQ Option? Best Methods and Tips To Fund Your Account.

IQ Option can be your investment gateway to the world of binary options trading. It is a multi-awarded online trading company that boasts of 25 million registered users worldwide and a monthly trading volume of $380 million. In 2020, it introduced instant withdrawals and one-day processing, and currently peaks at over $10 million in total withdrawals per month. It also has one of the most advanced online as well as mobile trading apps. If you want to, you can start trading at once – just sign up for IQ Option free demo account.

eToro Review


eToro is a veteran Forex broker that was founded in 2007 under the name RetailFX in Israel. This brokerage is one of the pioneers of social trading, and in 2020 the company announced that over 8,000,000 accounts had been opened at eToro. eToro has attracted over $162 million in funding and has thrived by offering cryptocurrency trading options that most other Forex brokers don’t offer. eToro released its cryptocurrency wallet in 2020 and followed through with the acquisitions of Dutch blockchain company Firmo and Belgian crypto portfolio tracker app developer Delta in 2020. It claims to operate in 140 countries and has over 11,000,000 active users to date, which makes it the largest social trading platform and Forex brokerage in the market.

Unfortunately, we had no way to verify those claims during this eToro review. In 2020, eToro was valued at $800 million. Technology fulfills a critical role at this multi-asset brokerage, and it remains an interesting one to monitor.

Regulation and Security

eToro’s main headquarters is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This brokerage operates from regulated entities out of Cyprus, the UK, Australia, and the US. eToro Europe operates under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) jurisdiction under license number 109/10. As a result, it is exposed to the Financial Instruments Directive 2020/65/EU or MiFID II and the EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive. Per EU Directive 2020/49/EU, traders are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF) with maximum coverage of €20,000.

eToro UK is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license 583263. Traders enjoy the protective scheme of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £85,000. eToro AUS Capital is authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services License 491139. eToro USA is registered with FinCEN.

Client accounts are segregated from company funds, as stipulated by regulatory requirements. While eToro remains fully compliant with all its regulators, it was fined €50,000 by CySEC due to structural operational weaknesses in 2020. Quebec blacklisted this broker in 2020 as an unauthorized foreign company because eToro marketed binary options trading through its platform to Canadian citizens. Despite a few regulatory missteps, traders may trust this brokerage. All required documents are published on its website, and transparency is taken seriously.

CySEC is the primary regulator for eToro, covering the majority of its traders.

eToro remains regulated by CySEC, the FCA, and ASIC.

Spreads (no commissions are charged) on over 2,000 assets comprise the majority of trading fees at eToro. The spread for the EUR/USD is listed as 3.0 pips, but the AUD/USD is listed as low as 1.0 pips. These fees are considered high for the industry but considering that eToro offers social trading services not offered by other brokers, the cost may be justified, if not at least understandable. The fee structure increases for equity CFD trading, which we found unnecessary and frankly, surprising during this review. The spread is fixed at 0.09% of the price, but financing costs make this asset class less than ideal for trading at eToro.

eToro is considered a market maker. Swap rates on leveraged overnight positions add a solid revenue stream to this broker. The precise fees for each asset may be obtained from the trading platform. Corporate actions like dividends and mergers will be credited or debited from eToro accounts, depending on the direction of the impacted positions. A $25 withdrawal fee applies which is often waived by other brokers.

eToro also levies a $10 inactivity fee per month on dormant accounts.

What Can I Trade

eToro over 2,000 assets, a very impressive range that is not found at most other Forex brokers. eToro covers the Forex market, ventured into the cryptocurrency markets, and allows diversification through commodities. It additionally provides traders a broad choice of equity CFDs, enhanced by index CFDs, and completed by ETF CFDs. The overall asset selection is comprehensive, allowing traders to diversify portfolios properly. Spreads on currency pairs remain on the high side but not overly unreasonable compared to the value of the social offering. Commodities and cryptocurrencies offer more competitive advantages in terms of fees.

Equity CFDs are commission-free, but financing costs do exist.

ETF CFDs are priced a bit on the high side.

Cryptocurrency CFDs are where eToro shines, with a great selection and costs which are competitive.

Account Types

eToro presents the same CFD account to all retail traders, but the most significant difference is the regulatory environment. This broker operates under CySEC, FCA, and ASIC jurisdictions, and each provides a different protective scheme. A professional account is available for traders who qualify. Traders may request an Islamic account, but a minimum deposit of $1,000 applies. The Islamic account comes with reduced overall trading costs and allows traders to access all assets.
The minimum deposit is listed as $50.
The identical CFD trading account is provided to all retail traders. Qualified traders may request a professional upgrade to an account with better trading conditions.

Trading Platforms

eToro is extremely proud of the proprietary webtrader platform that it offers traders. The trading platform fully supports eToro’s CopyTrader, and CopyPortfolios, social trading opportunities that are the main focus of eToro’s offerings. The platform is enhanced through TipRanks, granting traders insights from over 15,000 analysts covering equities. ProCharts enables manual traders to conduct technical analysis. Basic trading features are similar to those at other platforms, and we were delighted to see during this eToro review that the broker’s proprietary platform offers a cleaner interface as compared to MT4.

A serious downside of the eToro platform is a lack of support for autotrading systems. Social trading, however, is executed thoroughly at eToro, which can provide a solid alternative to autotrading, though it should be understood that each of these trading styles has advantages and disadvantages and that they aren’t necessarily interchangeable. eToro is one of the only Forex brokers we’ve reviewed that has shunned the MT4 platform entirely, and sidestepped all of the benefits that this popular platform offers. That being said, new traders may not notice this omission since the eToro platform is so comfortable to use.

Unique Features

CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios are features deployed by eToro to attract new retail traders to eToro’s unique trading environment. CopyTrader allows users to allocate a portion of their capital to copy others. Each trader maintains full control and may exit positions at their discretion. CopyPortfolios provides similar services but allows traders to copy portfolios which are similar to mutual funds or other bundles of assets. eToro claims that copied portfolios are professionally managed by its investment committee.

Another unique feature provided by eToro is the Popular Investor Program which offers an additional revenue stream to social traders who attract a solid base of followers and have ample assets being traded. Simply put, Popular Investors can make money by generating volume from their followers, as well as enjoying profits from their own trades.

Social traders who expand assets under management will benefit from the Popular Investor Program.

Research and Education

In-depth research is not provided in-house by this brokerage for regular traders, but equity ratings are available via a partnership with TipRanks. A “Daily Market Review” is published, featuring a quick overview of assets with a sentiment analysis based on eToro portfolios.

eToro’s “The Complete Guide to FinTech” provides basic educational content for new retail traders. eToro also manages a blog, covering topics related to trading and company-related topics. Broadly speaking, the outsourced research offers traders the best feature at eToro. That being said, perhaps education isn’t a focus for eToro since most traders are there to copy others, not to learn about the markets on their own.

Customer Support

While customer support is a feature most traders will never require, a good brokerage will make it is easy for traders to connect. At eToro, the bulk of the support is attempted through its Help Center. It includes an FAQ section and an option to submit a help ticket. Clients may also call eToro directly or engage via live chat, which is available 24/5, as is industry standard. According to a blog post published by this broker in 2020, the most convenient form to get support is via OpenBook, where the response time is noted as a few hours.

Bonuses and Promotions

The eToro Club grants special features to traders and has five tiers. Membership for each tier is dependent on the equity value of the portfolio. The Silver tier is granted for deposits from $5,000, Gold from $10,000, Platinum from $25,000, Platinum Plus from $50,000, and Diamond from $250,000. In-house research is available from the Platinum tier. While each account type is the same democratized account, higher deposits are required to be properly served by this Forex broker. A refer a friend program is listed, but no monetary compensation provided.

Opening an Account

Per the standard operating procedure across the brokerage industry, new applications are processed through an online form. At eToro, this process should take less than one minute to complete. The first step will take new clients to the back-office where accounts need to be verified, per regulatory requirements. A copy of the trader’s ID and one proof of residency document will satisfy KYC and AML requirements. Due to the sound regulatory environment, traders may fully trust this broker with their personal information as well as deposits.

Deposits and Withdrawals

eToro traders have a broad range of deposit and withdrawal methods. They include wire transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Yandex, Rapid Transfer, Klarna/Sofort Banking, and China UnionPay. Not all methods are available to all traders (options seem to vary depending where the trader lives) processing times range from instant to seven business days, and fees vary. Available currencies, as well as maximum deposits, are dependent on the payment processor. Unverified accounts may deposit up to $2,250.

Withdrawals are charged at $25 each. Per regulatory requirements, the name of the payment processor must match the name of the eToro account holder. Overall, the payment options at eToro are great, as expected from an established Forex broker.

General Information

Company Information

  • Broker’s Name : eToro
  • Headquarter : Cyprus
  • Regulation : CySEC, FCA, ASIC

Account Information

  • Type of Broker : Market Maker
  • U.S. Clients Allowed :
  • Minimum Deposit : $50
  • Maximum Leverage : 1:400
  • Commissions / Spreads : Spreads
  • Account 1 : CFD
  • Account 2 : Professional
  • Demo Account :
  • Islamic Account :
  • Segregated Account :
  • Managed Accounts :
  • Institutional Accounts :
  • Deposit Options :
  • Withdrawal Options :

Instruments Traded

  • ETFs :
  • CFDs :
  • Commodities :
  • Metals :
  • Stocks :
  • Oil :
  • Gold :
  • Binary Options :
  • Indices :

Trading Platforms

  • Type of Platform : Proprietary platform
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Arabic
    • Italian
    • French
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Malay
    • Thai
    • Swedish
    • Polish
      • Mac
      • Windows
      • Linux
      • Mobile
      • Web
      • iPhone
      • iPad
  • Trading Signals :
  • Trading Signals :
  • Charting Package :
  • Market Analysis :
  • Chart Trading :
  • Automated Trading :
  • Scalping :
  • Hedging :
  • Mobile Alerts :
  • E-mail Alerts :
  • Trailing Stops :
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss :
  • Guaranteed Limit Orders :
  • Guaranteed Execution :
  • One-click Execution :
  • OCO Orders :
  • Interest on Margin :
  • Web-based Trading :
  • Mobile Trading :
  • Customer Support

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Arabic
    • Italian
    • French
    • Turkish
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Malay
    • Thai
    • Swedish
    • Polish
    • Other
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
  • Support Hours : 24/5
  • E-mail Support :
  • SMS Support :
  • Chat :
  • Pros and Cons

    • Extensive Social Trading Features
    • Practice Account
    • Highly Regulated
    • High Spread

    Can you make money with eToro?

    It is certainly possible to make money with eToro. At the time of updating this review, eToro reported according to regulatory requirements that 25% of their retail investor accounts were making money when trading CFDs.

    How Secure is eToro? Is eToro regulated?

    eToro is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It is additionally registered with FinCEN in the US.

    How do I withdraw money from eToro?

    You can withdraw money from eToro by clicking on “Withdraw Funds” in the left-hand tab and then following the instructions given to execute a withdrawal of your funds.

    Where is eToro based?

    eToro is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, but traders are served from regulated entities in Cyprus, the UK, Australia, and the US.

    How does eToro make money?

    Excessive spreads and financing costs on over 2,000 assets represent the biggest revenue stream for eToro. Unreasonable withdrawal charges add to the profitability, while this broker profits directly from clients’ losses due to its market maker model.

    How can I deposit into an eToro account?

    eToro supports wire transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Yandex, Rapid Transfer, Klarna/Sofort Banking, and China UnionPay.

    What is the minimum lot size at eToro?

    The minimum transaction size for currencies, commodities, and indices is $1,000. Cryptocurrencies can be traded from $25, equities from $50, and ETFs from $500. Those amounts are listed at eToro for traders who use no leverage.

    When does a margin-call take place at eToro?

    When the equity margin level drops to 50%, a margin call is issued.

    What is the maximum leverage offered by eToro?

    The maximum leverage is 1:30 for retail clients, but each asset has its requirement. Professional traders may receive up to 1:400.

    How do I open an account with eToro?

    eToro has an online application form, which is the standard operating procedure.

    What trading platforms does eToro offer?

    eToro merely provides its proprietary webtrader, tailored for social trading but unfit for automated trading solutions.


    eToro is home to over 11,000,000 traders and has established itself as a leader in social trading since its inception in 2007. Two acquisitions in 2020 in this sector express the desire to become a leader in this emerging market. On the surface, this brokerage seems exceptional, with operational statistics supporting a well-managed company. The cross-asset selection is good with over 2,000 assets across six categories. The area where eToro provides its biggest advantages is in the cryptocurrency market, where eToro really offers unparalleled offerings.

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    One downside of eToro is the lack of MT4 availability, but the broker’s proprietary platform offers a user-friendly interface that is great for new traders. eToro is proud of its social trading platform and claims that as of June 1st 2020, 73% of 124 million copied trades have been profitable, though we could not verify this claim during our eToro review.

    Traders who wish to use social trading at eToro need to provide a minimum deposit of $200, Islamic accounts are available from $1,000. Overall, eToro is a solid broker that is ideal for two main types of traders; new traders looking to copy others and replicate their success, and experienced traders looking to leverage their knowledge as a Popular Investors to earn extra money. If you fall into either of those categories, you should definitely give eToro a try.

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    This looks interesting, i think i will give it a try. thanks


    I am interested in speaking with anyone hat has made money following other traders. Not someone that has actually made money trading themselves, but has actually made money consistently by following and copying other traders.

    Is there someone out there, because I would love for you to come forward if so.


    Recently filed complaint with CySEC due to etoro asking for security code information by email. Had sent copies of documents for payout, they confirmed receipt, then asked for all my cvv code info and security info from back of my card even though they said it wasn’t necessary. They refuse to pay me my money now including my deposits and profits. Will keep informed. Trading was fine, made money, just their platform doesn’t work all the time ( example the news feed) So I want to trade elsewhere. Please just pay me.

    Ahmed Malmah

    I think this etoro review makes everything seem so straight forward and rosy. It’s never so good. There are always things that can go wrong with trading and the etoro review is just too good to be true.


    I just reread the etoro review and was quite impressed with all the features. I’ve been trading forex for a long time and found the etoro review very informative. Thanks, guys.


    Listen you guys, no broker is perfect and etoro forex is one of the better companies out there. Trust me, I’ve tried 5.


    I tried using the etoro webtrader and it really didn’t help me very much. In fact, it was really confusing and I wouldn’t use it again.


    I love reading all these comments. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. People like to criticize all the time and say bad things. If you have bad things to say about something, just don’t say it.

    Danny Grannet

    Yah, but it really does cover we need to know about etoro forex. What do you expect from a review–it always seems to make things sound great but etoro forex really is pretty good.

    Bobby Carny

    I’ve been using etoro for several years and I do think it’s better than other online brokers. It has never steered me wrong and I like it a lot.

    Taylor Barnes

    I don’t think etoro is any better than other brokers. There’s really nothing great about it. It’s ok and sometimes it works but not always.

    I found etoro USA to be very efficient. It is also convenient to have etoro USA as my local broker because I don’t have to go out of the country to do my trading.

    Caroline Jones

    etoro’s webtrader is great for new traders. If I didn’t have etoro’s webtrader to help me, I don’t know what I would have done.


    Etoro’s openbook is the best trading platform I have ever used. It has got to be the greatest social trading platforms ever created. Through etoro’s openbook I can see what other traders are doing and copy them. I just hope they know what they are doing.


    No you can’t. You can’t turn off etoro openbook. It has to stay open to everyone. I’m sure of that.


    You’re so stupid. If you don’t want everyone to see you trading on etoro’s openbook, you can shut off your screen. I know this is possible.


    I’m not so happy with the etoro openbook platform. Why do I want to know what other traders are doing? And I don’t want them knowing what I am trading. Maybe I am doing the wrong moves and then they will see and copy me. I like etoro or trading, though. It’s not a bad company


    Yes, Etoro sucks !!
    There are lots of issues with it !!
    There webtrader is too slow and un resonsive :@@
    Even when you want executed your trade .It will not execute fast as you will want


    Come on stop spams. We all know that eToro is the Best but of course if we do not trade properly then we lose and we have to blame some one!
    come on be honest people!No company give the support eToro gives!if you cannot withdraw money then simply send your documents because eToro does not accept scammers!
    if you lost money then shut up!
    ifyour account manager did not help yoo then ask to change it but the new one will notTrade for you it is your skills that will help you!
    If you do not have skills then copy the besty traders because 15 000 people Copying Nmarijus or waleed0987 or Moksel cannot be Wrong!
    Just do not sit there and play it clever because eToro Rocks!


    Maya, I’ve never heard of anyone getting charged for a demo account. You shouldn’t have to give in your information to open one, so how/why would they charge you?!


    Will I be charged already if I use the demo account?


    You guys are all full of crap. I’ve been trading with eToro for 3 years, never had a single problem – you’re probably just pissed because you lost or because you can’t figure out how to use a Forex brokerage. I read a ton of eToro reviews before signing up, and found most of them to be accurate – and most people do have positive experiences with eToro. Just get your account manager to help, and practice before you invest, and you’ll be much better off.


    Last week and this week was a bad week for traders and just like most traders i made wrong trades and i took risk with 50% of my account. but i was ready to deposit more money if the market goes against me. so euro and australian dollar drop 400-500 pips, so my account was left with 10% of my balance, so i try to deposit more money, but when i try to pay with my visa card, i get message that talk to support.
    i get support and they say i have to send my passport copy and utility bill and they review it and then i can deposit money, but the first time i deposit money without any documents, they only ask for registering online and pay with visa, no document nothing.
    so i asked the support person first time i had no problem depositing money and now that my account is wiping out , etoro is asking for document and by the time etoro review my document and allow me to deposit money my $2000 account will be zero. they say this is company policy.
    so when they get a chance to destroy you they will, i will never trade with them again and i thought i should share this with fellow traders.


    very bad broker, and scam artists, not let me withdraw my money. they say problems with my paper work and this broker never ask for paper in the start. no other broker do this. everyone ask for paper in the start. but this broker dont want to pay anyone and believe that no one can withdraw money. so they ask for documents when you ask for withdraw. and i want my money and i send them document. they say i can not get my money back . and no problem with my paper. 4750 Euros. if you have 200 Euros and up look some where else.


    Their stoploss is fixed. This is the worse this that a trader can experience. You would loose everything when you wake up on the following morning.


    The platform is nice and easy to use, and the advanced chart option is good as well. But there are also a few problems with etoro which made me look for a better and more reliable broker: 1. their system can lag quite badly when there is heavy movement in the markets. Have tried several times to execute a trade, and then it moves 10 pips before it is actually traded, which can ruin the potential profit from the trade. Sometimes I have also had problems closing a trade, and had to wait for several minutes for the system to work. 2. their support is really bad! When you complain about the lags, they tell you that the are not the market makers, as if I am stupid or something, and at best, they apologize but there is nothing they can do. 3. sometimes their charts and data stop updating, without telling you so. Then when it updates again, it can move significantly one way or another. 4. you cannot have advanced graphs and trades in the same window. 5. I also often get kicked out of the system without being able to log right in again. At first I thought all the connectivity issues could be my internet connection, but I´m using a 20Mbps dedicated line, and all other pages I have tried while etoro.com is lagging, works just fine.


    I have used etoro for a short time with their practice account and I had the worst online customer service session possible with some Natalie character who acted like questioning some of their methods made me stupid. I just tried to ask a few simple questions such as having more than 1 practice account to try different trading methods, can I reset my practice account, can I close my account . and the answer was NO to everything and the tone of the answers was very arrogant. I tried to get another person on live support and kept getting the same Natalie who right away made some smart-ass remark when I said I wanted to talk to someone with someone else . just terrible!


    I have used etoro for about 7 months now, made some early losses but now made trading history is 98.6% in profit, so its not bad, i do have some glitches to report that people might not quite understand as I don’t always explain them well, but they are a little annoying at times. 1. their servers can be slow to respond, in a fast market when things are moving quickly you want to open or close quickly, it seems the busier the movement in currency pairs the slower their servers respond and you can miss optimum open and closes 2. they take FIVE, yep 5 pips on a gpb/usd trade, most are 3, I have asked them for an improvement in this, I am a VIP member with them and 5 pips is taking the michael! 3. you have to open trades in defined brackets, i.e. you can open a trade with $100, $200, $400, $5k, $10k etc, trouble is, if i have say $8,970 I have to settle for a $5 trade rather than one of my chosing. this is real annoying, the other money just has to sit there not earning its keep 4. its the same with take profit and stop loss, its pre-defined, you can alter it once the trade is open, but, i use a lot of automated trades and when setting up an automated trade you dont have much control over this, which is just crazy, so for instance i place an x10 order of 10k at 1.6000, in the night it hits this 1.6000 and opens, now i quite often like small short trades and happy with take profit of $200, but, with the platform you can only take profit of 25% of your open position, which on an x10 10k trade is never likely to happen, if i could set the take profit to what i want chances are the trade opens and closes in the night and i wake up to money, this i love ;-) so, there weekend hold over fees are quite expensive as well, not sure if there are any that do it for free, unlikely but I am looking. They also offer a mobile platform now that i have wokring on my android phone, its good, not quite as good as desktop app but not bad, it does force close quite a bit. they aint bad, but, they have silly userability issues that annoy me, i am trying to work with them on these :-)

    The etoro is pathetic in terms accepting error at their end. Their reason is always – Its technical issue and we can’t help. Like I lost my all amount put on one trade because it was closed as stop loss was wrongly executed by etoro. On providing screenshot that the stop loss rate never reached their reply – “We can’t be always accurate in Stop loss. Its technical issue and can’t help”. There are other issue with copy trade feature. If trader close in loss position, your trade will not always close and may subsequently lead to loss if untracked because you thought its copy of other trader. I think, all features are sort of gimmicks and etoro is pathetic broker for retail users.


    Nice post! eToro offers different payment options including PayPal , Neteller, which is very convenient to deposit into his/her account and make fast withdrawals.

    etoro, is a newbe trader. the STOPLOSS IS FIXED. THAT is for all people lose all your money. look, study and you will understand all i telling you. use etoro demo account, for learning uses, but dont open a real account. u will lose, study what mean the stoploss and what mean the stoploss is so close to your trade.

    Dr Shaun Hutchinson

    I have started using eToro now for about 3 weeks. I have never traded before and never used any other brokers. All I can say based on my experience with eToro and from what I have read online, is that I am glad that I am using eToro. I can see why World Finance Magazine voted them most innovative trading platform in 2020. I have only one issue with their platform, and that is their charting functions. So I use Metatrader 4 instead. Besides I think using independent charting helps to keep tabs on eToro and act as a control so to speak. Otherwise I do think eToro is doing a brilliant job, and I have no complaints.


    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve been trading with eToro for a long time now and it’s excellent, the software, the execution, the service everything. sounds like someone can’t handle a few losses.

    I lost few goods positions (crashing when changing stop loss or freezing (too) long seconds to validate an action . ) Theirs servers are slow, we know it, they know it. But the application should manage that. I mean a server not responding is one thing, but an application that crashed because server is not responding is another thing. Even more for forex trading. But this interface is a nice effort ! And i’m sure that developers are working on that timeout prob, at less it’s what i would work on.


    After discussing the issue with my account manager at eToro, I came to the conclusion that it was all a misunderstanding. eToro’s support checked what I sent them and showed me that a part of it was due to technical problems on their side and a part was because of my side. eToro took responisibility for the technical problems on their side and compensated me for the amount that was lost because of the technical issues. I thank my account manager for his help on this one and I have to say my impression of eToro improved because of this story. I saw that their support department is helpful and together we solved the issue, however, not as quick as I expected. I would say after all this, eToro was willing to help, for which I will continue trading with them. PS: Jack Daniels, I get the impression you are from eToro. Anyway, either if you are or if you aren’t, please dont take a whack at anyone and reply like that. If you have any honest review about eToro, do that without calling others names. DONT EVER talk to somebody like that. All are humans, and everyone has freedom of speech without hurting an individual.

    Jack Daniels

    that’s bulls##it man, you probably lost some money on trades and now you’re trying to blame them. if the progrma is stuck, what good will it do you to stay glued to the screen? that won’t help! you probably went against the direction and lost everything, take responsibility for your trades and don’t try and blame the platform.

    S&P Broker Review – 5 things you should know about snpbroker.io

    Beware! S&P Broker is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

    S&P Broker claims to be a forex and CFD broker, offering six account types with a leverage of up to 500:1 and the MetaTrader4 platform. Unfortunately they are not regulated and their website is almost completely anonymous. On top of that the MT4 platform is provided by a third party – Gelko Partners and that is also a bit unusual.

    As for the trading conditions, as tested with a demo account the benchmark EURUSD spread floated between 1,8 pips and 1,9 pips and that is half a pip higher than the levels traders would usually consider acceptable.

    Trading assets are advertised to be over 500, but in reality we counted just 23 currency pairs and two CFDs – on silver and gold.

    S&P Broker regulation & safety of funds

    There is no information about the company that operates the broker, neither in the S&P Broker presentation, nor in their Terms and Conditions. And apart from an address in Luxembourg and a UK phone number, the website is basically anonymous. So we decided to check their location with Google Maps Street View and it turned out that on the address S&P Broker has given us there is no office building, but an open field . See for yourself:

    Also S&P Broker turned out not to be regulated, neither in Luxembourg nor any where else for that natter. That means the broker does not have legal right to offer financial services on regulated markets like the European Union, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia or the UK.

    Bear in mind as well that dealing with unregulated brokers is one of the most certain ways to get scammed. That is because unregulated websites like S&P Broker are completely unaccountable and quite often even anonymous.

    Besides, among the rest of the benefits of trading with let say a FCA broker, you will even get an insurance on your deposit for up to 85 000 GBP, which will be payable in the unlikely event your broker files for bankruptcy.

    S&P Broker deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

    S&P Broker does not tell us what payment methods do they accept. We just know that the minimum deposit requirement for a starting account is 250 USD.

    As for the withdraws, bear in mind that there is withdraw fee in the amount of 50 USD with wire transfers, 35 USD with credit cards (including additional 10 USD for a processing fee), and 25 USD with e-payments. On top of that a levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged in case you have not traded your deposit at least than 200 times. That we should note is highly unusual.

    Bear in mind as well that if you accept a trading bonus, in order to withdraw you will have to trade at least 20 standard lots or 2 million USD for every 100 USD bonus you have accepted.

    The minimum withdrawal amount with credit cards is 100 USD, while with a bank wire it is 250 USD.

    How does the scam work?

    Scammers use lots of tools and resources to get to your money. And they also use the social networks like Instagram and Facebook, as well as the so called robo scam websites like Crypto Revolt and Bitcoin Evolution where you might be tempted by an offer for fast and easy returns in a exchange of a small investment.

    And if you do register, leaving your e-mail and phone, instantly you will be transferred to the web page of a unregulated scam broker, where you will be asked for an initial deposit of about 250 USD.

    Then scammers might either offer to manage your account, or they will let you trade, but actually will be manipulating your traders, so that you will be left with the impression that you can double your money every couple of days.

    That is also the moment when you will start receiving phone calls form your “senior account manager”, who will be advising you to deposit a larger sum – at least 10 000 USD, in case you really want to start making big money.

    And there is a good chance that you will invest those money without knowing you have been scammed until the moment you decide to withdraw some of your funds. Then scammers will tell you, you are not allowed to withdraw because you have not met some minimum trade volume requirement, possibly linked to the welcoming bonus you have received or something like this. In any case all your withdraw requests will be canceled. And the assets in your account might also be frozen and basically that will be the end of the story.

    What to do if scammed?

    The only viable option you have to retrieve your deposit is by filing for a charge back with your credit card provider. And besides, if you have payed with VISA or MasterCard you will be able to do that within 540 days and that is good news.

    In case scammers have managed to get to your credit card number and online banking password, immediately change the password and cancel your credit card.

    An do not trust the so called recovery agencies. They will not help you in any way, but will simply collect some payments in advance and basically that will be all.

    Top Forex Brokers

    Broker Country Rating Min. Deposit Website
    Cyprus, Australia 5 /5 $5 Click for a special offer Website
    Cyprus 4.97 /5 $10 Click for a special offer Website
    UK 4.93 /5 $50 Click for a special offer Website
    UK 4.91 /5 $29 Click for a special offer Website
    Australia 4.90 /5 $100 Click for a special offer Website


    S&P Broker are scammers! Do not invest with this group!

    S&P Broker is a SCAM. Please do not make the same failure as I did. They abused my credit card and they also do not want to pay the money out. Such company should be forbidden.

    Who are the ones that we can trust then?

    Who are the top 10 scammers?

    I made an initial deposit of 250 USD with them, later realized they are not safe, wnanted to cancel my account and withdraw the money, which they did not give it back. Asked for all kinds of documents, which I ggave them, then they simply did not answer any of my request emails.

    Do not do any business with them. I started a account but it was very closed that i could lose all my savings. My swedish bank helped me. Thanks god. They are thiefs

    How did the swedish bank help you?

    Hur hjälpte banken dig och vilken bank har du?

    it’s a scam, I created an account but did not deposit any money as I want to think again before I give them any money. Since then, they keep calling me every day, every night to ask me to give them $250 USD. I said I am not interesting anymore, and they keep asking why and why and why. They even called me in the middle of the night just to ask for money. I have to block their number. And thanks to God, I did not send any deposit to them.

    Luckily, I have given them my Skype number to call and it is easy to just block them that way, as well.

    BEWARE of S&P BROKERS the are a bunch of thieves they have telephone lines which are liked to their computer so when you ring them back no one will answer one of them is located in Luxembourg he goes by the name MARK HOFFMAN and another one is really aggressive and intimidating his name is KEVIN ANDERSON be careful with this wolf he said he is based in Hampshire in England but I doubt that they stole my initial deposit of $250 within a month from opening my trade account with them as they were trying hard for me to invest $12000
    this happened yesterday

    Kevin Anderson also tried contacting me but I emailed the bastard back as I want to withdraw my 250 USD investment. Thank you for posting this on the forum should hopefully now get the money returned by my bank as lodged fraudulent dispute and cancelled my credit card

    Don’t touch S & P Broker. They a bunch of scammers. Total pricks!

    Don’t go with S & P Broker will try all the tricks to get your money and make false trading losses, beware of these scammers.

    I deposited $250 and had the account open for 3 weeks and my balance was showing $311, when I asked to withdraw they said to wait 2 days because some trades had been set up, then when I checked my balance a day later I was -$76, now I cant get hold of them, steer clear of S&P, they are scum, the person I was dealing with was David bloom.

    I was the most stupid. I fell for David Blooms lies He is very convincing and I have lost £27000 by purchasing bitcoin through him that I now know never existed. I am now having to sell my home. There is no way to contact them now as they have moved all their phone lines and emails address. Anyone reading this please learn from my devastating stupidity.

    Robert Kofi Adams

    I have been scammed by a number of brokers but none as obvious as this one. I opened an account with S&P broker through the Calloway Crypto System with $287 deposit. The software did not connect or synchronize so I decided to withdraw my deposit. The Account Manager who called himself Andy took a BUY trade on EURAUD. This trade was closed ITM of $17.56. I put in a withdrawal for my deposit on the 27th July 2020, this stayed PENDING and then on the 13th of August Andy took a BUY trade on BRENT oil that wiped by balance and allowed it to run into -$100.47. There was no MARGIN CALL, work it out. Andy phoned me on 13/8/19 at 15:27 to tell me I have lost all my money with the software. In any case the software was not synchronized so I could not take any trade and besides the software The Calloway Crypto System only trades forex and Crypto. You are warned don’t trade with this broker a true scammer
    I have been scammed by a number of brokers but none as obvious as this one. I opened an account with S&P broker through the Calloway Crypto System with $287 deposit. The software did not connect or synchronize so I decided to withdraw my deposit. The Account Manager who called himself Andy took a BUY trade on EURAUD. This trade was closed ITM of $17.56. I put in a withdrawal for my deposit on the 27th July 2020, this stayed PENDING and then on the 13th of August Andy took a BUY trade on BRENT oil that wiped by balance and allowed it to run into -$100.47. There was no MARGIN CALL, work it out. Andy phoned me on 13/8/19 at 15:27 to tell me I have lost all my money with the software. In any case the software was not synchronized so I could not take any trade and besides the software The Calloway Crypto System only trades forex and Crypto. You are warned don’t trade with this broker a true scammer

    TA-ca1745be Closed: 13 Aug 2020 15:26
    Closed: 23 Jul 2020 9:39
    19 Jul 2020 18:46
    287.00 USD
    on 26.07.2020 09:30


    Headquarters : Hong Kong

    Min Despsit : 250 USD

    HQBroker Overview

    Company Information

    Broker Details Info
    Headquarters Hong Kong
    Foundation Year 2020
    Publicly Traded
    Employees 200

    Withdrawal Options

    Deposit Option

    Trading Account Options

    Type Info
    Min. Deposit 250 USD
    Max. Leverage 1:400
    Mini Account
    Demo Account
    Pro Account
    Swap Free
    Managed Account

    Contact Information

    HQBroker Trading Features

    Suitable For

    Trader Level Yes/No
    Day Trading
    Weekly Trading
    Swing Trading

    Customer Support

    Support Yes/No
    24 Hours

    Customer Support Languages

    Quick Action

    Trading Services

    Service Info
    Supported Trading MT4
    Fixed Spreads
    Educational Service
    Trading Signals
    Email Alert
    Stop Loss
    Limit Orders
    Guaranteed Fills
    OCO Orders
    Trailing SP/TP
    Automated Trading
    API Trading
    VPS Services

    Supported Instruments

    Type Yes/No
    92.6% 4 stars 7.4% 3 stars 0% 2 stars 0% 1 stars

    Cancel reply

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    Taylor Dawson Says :

    I’m having an excellent experience with HQbroker so far regarding my daily earnings. Their brokers are very dedicated to their clients. Their leverage was extremely convenient and spreads are among the lowest of brokers I’ve tried. Their signals were spot on. And to make sure I take advantage of my trades, they would email me, which was very convenient for me because I don’t stay in front of the computer too long.

    For about 3 months, I had been trading with this broker. Everything was going well and I was even able to withdraw my profits twice. But just last Feb 22, I encountered an error while placing a trade. Funds got deducted but the trade itself didn’t go through. I was able to secure screenshots and proof of it, which I sent to their support. Fortunately, they were prompt to fix the issue and I was funded back the discrepancy. Really impressed with their reliable customer support and their very tight spreads, which is a big plus. Slippage isn’t much of a problem because the trade execution is quite fast. Still planning to stay with this broker and probably expand my assets to other markets as well.

    I am very satisfied with full support and security

    Carlos Souza Borges Says :

    Estou com uma maravilhosa experiência com a HQBROKER , sempre tive vontade de entrar no mercado trade e conquistar meus objetivos financeiros perto das pessoas que amo , ou seja meus filhos e família , através de todo suporte que a HQBROKER vem me fornecendo me sinto seguro a mais de 2 anos com essa incrível corretora de valores . Recomendo para você que se ver em uma situação complicada de entrar no mercado devido a falta de suporte experimentar os serviços de excelência que ela vem disponibilizando.

    Daniel Porter Says :

    Already recommended this broker with my friends who want to trade forex. Their conditions and spreads are competitive and they have various account types which is good for newbies. But what I really consider best here is their customer support service. Quick to response and very professional. Broker is excellent for beginners and experienced traders alike.

    Kev McMillan Says :

    HQbroker offers a lot of features and trading instruments. This is my first broker in which I finally learned how to earn good money. Started with a demo account for 4 months and moved on to a live one. It helped me make profits and I’m totally satisfied. I enjoy trading here with their quick execution and its very convenient for me, especially for fast withdrawals.. Will soon upgrade my account.

    Harry Mike Says :

    September 13, 2020

    The support of this broker is amazing and commendable,I mean they are very helpful in guiding my trading experience tahts why I feel excited whenever I trade with them. They have excellent customer service and fast withdrawal what more can I ask. Im grateful trading with this broker!!

    Samuel Harris Says :

    September 25, 2020

    I have been told by a friend of mine who recently receive a call from HQ Broker to never answer the call if someone was calling me using a private or unknown number, not knowing that I am already trading with HQ Broker. I asked him as to why should I be bothered with them (still not telling him that I am trading) and he told me that they’re a scam broker with scam trading sites conducting stock fraud, foreign currency scam / foreign exchange scam. He said that they’re included on the scammer list, scam broker list, scam trading sites and platform trading scams. And to what was the specific reason, he told me that all of the forex broker “trades” was gibberish. My friend and I had been a partner with one account in another forex broker and we lost. He was so optimistic when we were starting but he always complains with the small profit that our broker was making. Until one day, he decided to trade by himself, he makes huge profit which prompted him to trade more, then after a while, he lost all our capital balance. He said it doesn’t matter since all forex brokers are the same, putting blames with their system and accusing everyone of improper behavior, and that they are platform trading scams, stock fraud, foreign currency scam / foreign exchange scam, scam broker, scam trading sites. After our experience with trading, he always warns everyone that all forex brokers were scam trading sites from scammer list / scam brokers list. I identify my friend’s behavior as the behavior of most of those who were so vocal with their trades. They were so emotionally attached to their trades that whenever they are winning, they want more, and if they lose, they’ll trade more to cover the losses. After, they’ll write negative reviews as to why the broker was a scam broker or scam trading sites. I agree with traders who says that trading was boring. I guess it really was. If their goal was 20% in a month and they achieve it, they stop and goes back in the next month. In this case, I see that they are not attached in their trades and that they have limits to what they want which prevents them from trading using their emotions. My only problem with our former broker was the lack vision for my account. It was important for me to know his plan or my account as that will be the basis in how we will be trading and to what we will be trading. Right now, HQ Broker was the one to provide the best approach when it comes to this. I love how my broker interacts with me in planning the future of my account to which we are both committed. The profits were consistent, which I think is better compared to a volatile one.

    October 31, 2020

    Never Never believe in this HQ BRoker ! they are SCAM , if you believe in 40% return a week than you are fall into SCAM .

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