Part 19 Meta Trader 4 – How to trade Bitcoin in MetaTrader

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How to Trade Bitcoin

What’s inside:

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular. Learn the basics of Bitcoin trading with this guide, covering:

  • An introduction to Bitcoin
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • How Bitcoin works
  • Trading vs owning Bitcoin
  • How to trade Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin correlations


As the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin eclipses all others when it comes to public usage and recognition, market capitalization, and trading volume.

Trading Concepts

Bitcoin Factsheet

Trading Concepts

Bitcoin Correlations

Trading Concepts

How Bitcoin Works

Managing Risk

Using Orders to Manage Risk


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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MetaTrader 4

How do I download MetaTrader 4?

Click here to download the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Please remove any previous versions of the MetaTrader software from your PC prior to installation in order to ensure proper function of the platform.

How do I open a MetaTrader 4 demo?

Click here to open an MT4 demo.

What are the system requirements for MetaTrader 4?

Operating system: Windows XP or more recent

Screen resolution: Minimum of 1024×768

Internet: Connection speed of 36.6 Kbps or faster

Can I download MetaTrader 4 on Mac?

There are several options for Mac users who would like to use MT4. Parallels, a third-party software, is a fast and easy way to run Windows on your Mac. You can run both Windows and Mac operating systems at the same time, making it easy to download and run MT4 in the Windows OS on your Mac. Visit the Parallels website for more information.

Does MetaTrader 4 adhere to the First in First Out (FIFO) rule?

Yes, open positions are closed according to the (First in First Out) FIFO accounting rule. All trades opened within a particular currency pair or product are closed in the order in which they were originally opened.

What trade execution modes are supported on MetaTrader 4?

The MetaTrader 4 platform supports the following execution modes:

Market orders

Market orders are executed at the best available price at the time the order is received.


When economic data releases or major news events are announced, prices may “gap” as the market reacts and adjusts to the news–i.e. prices may move dramatically in one direction. We always aim to provide liquidity, but in extreme market conditions there may be no available liquidity for a very short period. Gap market conditions are also common when trading resumes after a weekend or holiday. You should be aware of the following risks associated with volatile markets:

Stop and limit orders may be executed at a different price from the requested price, or the last quoted trade price at the time of order entry. Orders may be partially executed or may be executed in several stages at different prices.

Opening prices may differ significantly from the previous day’s close.


Our quoted prices are executable the majority of the time. In fast moving markets, orders may be executed at a price which has ceased to be the best market price. Limit order will always be filled at the price asked or better.

Execution Sources

Our foreign exchange, gold, and silver price quotes are generally derived from prices provided to us by selected top-tier global banks in the wholesale foreign exchange, gold and silver markets which we believe will provide the best available prices to you on a consistent basis.

What order types are available on MetaTrader 4?

Market orders are executed at the best available price at the time the order is received.

Limit Orders

Limit orders are executed at the order rate or better. Sell limit orders are filled when the bid reaches the requested rate; limit orders to buy are filled on the offer.

Stop Orders

A stop order is an order to buy or sell once a pre-defined price is reached. When the price is reached, the stop order becomes a market order and is executed at the best available price.

Stop Entry Order – this is an order placed to buy above the current price, or to sell below the current price. These orders are useful if you believe the market is heading in one direction and you have a target entry price.

Stop Loss Order – this is an order placed to sell below the current price (to close a long position), or to buy above the current price (to close a short position). Stop loss orders are an important risk management tool. By setting stop loss orders against open positions you can limit your potential downside should the market move against you.

Remember that stop orders do not guarantee your execution price – a stop order is triggered once the stop level is reached, and will be executed at the next available price.

Time and sales reports for a specific period can be requested by contacting customer service.

All of the above orders may be entered as Day Orders, entered today and good until end of New York business day (5pm New York time). Or, customers may choose to enter a Good ’til Cancelled Order (GTC), which is valid until the order is executed or cancelled.

Orders remain open until they are triggered or cancelled. If a position is closed manually, any order(s) relating to that position must also be cancelled. Good ‘til cancelled (GTC) orders are valid until the order is executed or cancelled. Alternatively, you can specify the exact expiration time of your order.

Placing contingent orders may not necessarily limit your losses.

Minimum Placement Distance
Limits and stops must be set at least 1 pip away from the prevailing market price.

Order Expiry
End of Day (EOD) orders automatically expire at 5pm New York time on the same day the order was entered. Good ‘til cancelled (GTC) orders are valid until the order is executed or cancelled. Alternatively, you can specify the exact expiration time of your order.

Orders Left Over the Weekend or Holidays’s trading hours are from Sunday at 5pm New York time through Friday at 5pm New York time . Orders (e.g. stops, limits, and contingent orders) left pending over a weekend or holiday period will not be executed until resumes regular trading hours.

How do I trade over the phone with my MetaTrader 4 account?

Phone trading is available to customers during market hours. To place a trade over the phone, contact customer service.

Phone Trading Instructions:

  • State your Account Number. You will be asked to verify the name on the account and answer other security questions.
  • Ask for the current price. For example, “I would like a price on Euro/U.S. Dollar.”
  • will provide the current bid/offer. For example, “Euro/U.S. Dollar is trading at 1.28551/562” (the first number being the bid, the second the offer).
  • If you wish to place a market order, state your interest. “I sell 50,000 of Euro/U.S. Dollar at the market.”
  • will provide verbal confirmation of the trade. Your trade will be entered on your behalf and the trade will appear in the trading platform immediately.
  • If you do not wish to deal at the quoted levels, simply say “Nothing done.”
  • You may also request that a stop or limit order be placed on your behalf. Be sure to indicate the type of order and the price.

All trades executed via the phone are subject to a pre-deal margin availability check and will be manually entered into the customer’s account for integrated P&L analysis and reporting.

All phone orders will be recorded to ensure fairness and accuracy for all parties involved.

How do I access my MetaTrader 4 account reports?

Account reports are accessible from directly within the trading platform. Click on the Account History tab in the Terminal section and select Save as Report.

How do I set up rate alerts in MetaTrader 4?

To receive rate alerts, you’ll need to obtain your MetaQuotes mobile app ID. To do this, you must download one of the MT4 mobile apps to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Once downloaded, open the app, log in, and go to Settings > Messages. The first message labelled “Hi” contains your MetaQuotes ID.

Go back to the desktop terminal and go to Tools > Options> Notifications and enter your MetaQuotes mobile app ID, check “Enable Push Notifications” and click OK. Click on the Alerts tab and right-click to pull up the options menu.

To create a new alert, click Create, enter your specifications, and choose Notifications as your delivery method within the Actions section. You will then receive your rate alert as a push notification to your mobile device.

What are Expert Advisors?

Expert Advisors (EAs) are programs that can be used to automate trading and can be written using the MQL4 language or purchased from a third party. Keep in mind that EAs run locally on your computer and will not execute strategies when disconnected from the server. For qualified clients, EA hosting services are available to run your strategy on a secure VPS environment. Click here to learn more.

Please note that MetaTrader 4 allows you to run more than one Expert Advisor simultaneously.

How do I use Expert Advisors in MetaTrader 4?

This video will show you how to upload, run, and set parameters for an Expert Advisor on MetaTrader 4.

For more platform walkthroughs, click here.

How do I qualify for free EA Hosting at

  • You must maintain a minimum of $5,000 in your account
  • You must also execute at least 10 round trip mini lots or the equivalent per calendar month

We will re-evaluate your eligibility at the end of each calendar month. Accounts that do not meet the minimum requirements will be denied access to Expert Advisor Hosting. Expert Advisor Hosting is provided by Gallant Partners Hosting.

For more information on EA Hosting and to request EA Hosting, click here.

How do I download the MetaTrader 4 app on my mobile device?

Please click here or search for MetaTrader 4 on your mobile device’s app store.

Can I manage my account on MT4 Mobile?

Yes, you can monitor your account, access your reports and more on the MT4 mobile app.

How do I set-up an Investor Password for my MetaTrader 4 account?

Investor Passwords requests must be submitted to our Client Management team. To request an Investor Password, click here.

Auto Trading

To work at financial markets more effectively, one can develop one’s own successful system of trading. It is very difficult to act within a chosen system of trading in the manual mode due to significant influence of normal human emotions. Mechanical trading systems do not suffer from this disadvantage.

Client Terminal gives a large range of means for development and use of mechanical trading systems (MTS, experts, advisors). The development environment allows to create, debug, and test expert advisors. Experts are able not only alert about recommendation trading signals, but undertake the complete control over trading activities online.

MetaQuotes Language 4, MetaEditor and strategy testing tools are built in the terminal. One can create the following using these means:

  • Expert Advisors – mechanical trading systems that allow complete automation of analytical and trading activities;
  • Custom Indicators – independently written technical indicators intended for analyzing of price changes;
  • Scripts – programs to be executed only once, on request.

New algorithmic trading features

The new platform allows accelerating trading dozens of times: MQL5 compiler aggressively optimizes the obtained EX5 executable code, the OrderSendAsync asynchronous function is executed in fractions of a millisecond, orders are processed on a trade server in no time, while price and Depth of Market updates are delivered to the terminal without delay. All components of the fifth generation platform (terminal and trading server) are developed with the maximum time efficiency in mind and are subjected to internal stress tests for performance under high-load conditions.

The new MQL5 language speed is comparable to that of С++, while MQL5 programs work up to 20 times faster than MQL4 ones since all functions of the new language are developed taking into account the capabilities of modern processors and code profiling results. If necessary and properly qualified, you can further accelerate the calculations using OpenCL functions. The MetaEditor development environment supports the OpenCL interface for using the power of modern video cards.

The new platform allows you to trade both on Forex and a stock exchange enabling you to develop a single trading strategy for multiple instruments. The new tester is a multi-asset tool, which means that you are able to test strategies working on multiple financial instruments simultaneously. Thus, you develop the same code both for testing and for real trading. There are no restrictions on the part of the tester, and you do not have to test each instrument within a complex strategy separately. The entire trading environment is reproduced as accurately as possible and ticks are synchronized across all used instruments up to milliseconds.

All timeframes in the new terminal are built automatically based on the minute history at the first call from a chart, an EA or an indicator. In this case, all timeframes are rebuilt and synchronized with each other automatically without manual intervention maintaining the integrity and relevance of all data on each symbol. When running multi-currency testing, all necessary history for all used symbols is automatically downloaded from the trade server, while the timer events and the Sleep() function calls are handled correctly.

Time & Sales with real volumes and order levels, as well as manual trading inside the Depth of Market and developing scalper strategies based on the order book and liquidity are available for you in order to trade on an exchange. The expanded Depth of Market featuring volumes and the appropriate MQL5 functions allow you to develop custom symbols for intraday trading. While developing such robots, you can use real ticks to test strategies trading on multiple symbols.

Custom symbols are another key advantage of the new platform. To create them, simply enter the calculation formula or download files with minute bars or tick history. You can test your strategies both on custom symbols, and the ones provided by the trade server. Thus, the new terminal allows you to test your trading ideas on an unlimited set of symbols and any markets — simply create a necessary symbol and test your EA on it.

Explore MQL5 language features and take your EA programming skills to the next level.

Торговая платформа Форекс MetaTrader 4 – скачать бесплатно

Торговая платформа MetaTrader 4™ по праву считается самым популярным в мире решением для профессиональной торговли.

Благодаря партнёрским отношениям с компанией «First Derivatives» и наличию разработанного внутри компании моста скорость исполнения клиентских приказов при нормальных рыночных условиях и достаточной ликвидности может составлять 1 миллисекунду!

Преимущества MetaTrader 4™:

  • Более 100 инструментов для эффективной торговли. 44 валютные пары FOREX. 111 CFD (нефть, металлы, акции, индексы), криптовалюты, а также спот-металлы — золото и серебро.
  • Система NDD ( No Dealing Desk ) работает без участия дилеров в процессе исполнения клиентских ордеров, напрямую соединяя трейдера с межбанковским рынком.
  • Торговые операции можно проводить с помощью мобильных устройств на операционных системах iOS, Android.
  • Программа совместима с обширной онлайн-библиотекой пользовательских индикаторов и экспертных советников.
  • Trailing Stop, возможность локирования позиций и независимого управления несколькими счетами одновременно.

Дополнительные возможности:

  • Контролируйте баланс ваших торговых счетов и пополняйте их прямо из мобильного приложения в один клик. Загрузите в App Store.
  • Используете в своей торговле роботов или механические торговые системы? Загрузите архив котировок и проверьте их эффективность на большом периоде.
  • Если вас интересует возможность торговли через несколько счетов одновременно, то предлагаем вам воспользоваться платформой MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal.
  • Копируйте сигналы других трейдеров, становитесь поставщиков торговых рекомендаций вместе с сервисом «Сигналы».
  • Получайте до 80 сигналов в сутки от сервиса Лаборатория торговых систем, в котором реализованы самые современные подходы к торговле.
  • Хотите получить возможность продолжать работу даже тогда, когда рынок закрыт для торгов? Воспользуйтесь советником FOREX CLUB Order. Он позволит вам устанавливать отложенные и Buy/Sell на открытие ордера в неторговое время.

Торговые роботы Форекс

Форекс роботы – это автоматические торговые системы, которые интегрируются в платформу и на основе заложенного алгоритма управляют финансовыми потоками трейдера без его участия. Эффективность робота целиком зависит от торговой стратегии, на которой он работает. Он может быть учителем в сфере валютных операций для начинающих трейдеров и исполнителем рутинной работы для профессионалов. Перед установкой программы на реальный счет рекомендуем вам протестировать ее на демо счете.

Типы счетов для платформы MetaTrader4™

MetaTrader4 для активного трейдинга
Тип счета MetaTrader 4-Instant
MetaTrader 4-Market
Спред от 0,6 пункта от 0,5 пункта
Комиссия 0 от $0,04 / 0,01 лота
Минимальный объем и шаг сделки 1000 единиц базовой валюты (0,01 лота)
Максимальное кредитное плечо 1:500
Комиссия за перенос позиции на следующие сутки (SWAP) нач./спис. SWAP-комиссия нач./спис. SWAP-комиссия
Уровень Stop out (Margin Call) 20% (100%) 50% (100%)
Хеджирование (локирование)
Валюта депозита USD
Тип исполнения Instant execution Market execution
Non Dealing Desk Execution
Автоматическая торговля
Заключение сделок по телефону
(см. Сервисы )
Название сервера для подключения
  • ForexClub-MT4 Demo Server — для демо-счетов с 750 000 000 до 769 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Real Server — для торговых счетов с 700 000 000 до 709 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Real 2 Server — для торговых счетов с 710 000 000 до 719 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Market Demo Server — для демо-счетов с 770 000 000 до 779 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Market Real Server — для торговых счетов с 720 000 000 до 729 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Market Real 2 Server – для торговых счетов с 730 000 000 до 739 999 999

MetaTrader4™ для iPhone

Воспользуйтесь новой возможностью мобильного доступа к терминалу MetaTrader4™! Не выпуская телефон из рук, Вы сможете просматривать котировки и анализировать графики финансовых инструментов, как в реальном времени, так и на исторических данных. Индикаторы, осцилляторы, уровни Фибоначчи и другие инструменты технического анализа, все это и многое другое доступно в новом приложении. Отслеживайте состояние торгового счета, просматривайте отчеты о совершенных сделках и открытых позициях, а также совершайте все основные операции с рыночными и отложенными ордерами, и многое другое.

MetaTrader4™ для iPad

Работая на демо или торговых счетах с помощью приложения MetaTrader4™ для iPad, Вы получаете доступ ко всем основным функциям всемирно известного терминала MetaTrader4™. Вы в любое время сможете заключать сделки, управлять уже существующими позициями и не только – и все это на большом сенсорном экране Вашего iPad.

MetaTrader4™ для Android

MetaTrader4™ для Android – долгожданное пополнение продуктовой линейки MetaTrader4™ в FOREX CLUB для всех устройств на операционной системе Android. Вы можете отслеживать состояние торгового счета, просматривать отчеты о совершенных сделках и открытых позициях, выполнять все основные операции с рыночными и отложенными ордерами, просматривать котировки, анализировать графики финансовых инструментов, как в реальном времени, так и на исторических данных. Индикаторы, осцилляторы, уровни Фибоначчи и другие инструменты технического анализа, все это и многое другое доступно в новом приложении.

MT4 Открытие счета от FOREX CLUB

Приложение «MT4 Открытие счета» поможет вам быстро открыть торговый счет для MetaTrader 4. Вы сможете легко его пополнить с помощью банковских карт или QIWI. Отслеживайте баланс ваших МТ4 счетов непосредственно в приложении, либо с помощью виджета* на главном экране вашего мобильного устройства.

Загрузите приложение «МТ4 Открытие счета» и используйте его преимущества.

*Виджет доступен только в версии для Android-устройств.

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