My Millionaire Mentor Review

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What is My Millionaire Mentor?

My Millionaire Mentor claims that Ryan Matthews became a millionaire within a year and he’s now offering to help others become millionaires. But what is My Millionaire Mentor? Our investigation reveals a secret so carefully hidden; you may not see until it’s too late. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: My Millionaire Mentor
Product Website:
Product Cost: $49 + 19.95/mth + massive upsells to $29,997!
Product Owner: Matt Loyd
Opinon: Not Recommended.

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Update: My Millionaire Mentor and MOBE were shut down by the FTC. To learn more, read What is MOBE About?

What is My Millionaire Mentor?

There are several My Millionaire Mentor landing pages. Not all are identical, but they do share a similar theme.

The story is that a character named Ryan Matthews became a millionaire within 12 months by using a unique system and now he’s offering to help a lucky few become millionaires too. What a guy!

Mr. Matthews claims he has dedicated his life to helping others, but apparently, before you can get his generous help you have to cough up $49. And as I’ll explain in a moment, if you drink the Kool-Aid, it could cost you more than $50K!

It seems to me that Mr. Matthews has dedicated his life to taking people’s money. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Is My Millionaire Mentor a Scam?

In the “My Millionaire Mentor” video I saw, there is an endless stream of luxury cars, mansions, yachts, planes, beautiful women, diamonds, cash, and exotic vacations. It is as if Mr. Matthews is rubbing our nose in all the trappings of wealth. He’s trying to make us feel greedy.

Greed makes us stupid. If you fall under Mr. Ryan’s spell, you may be rendered temporarily mentally impaired. That’s the last thing you want when you’re making a decision about money.

Interspersed in the parade of luxury and wealth, excited people tell about the big money they made with Mr. Matthew’s system. One of the people giving a testimony is Fiverr actor “Jordan831.” I’ve seen him giving testimonies on several other make money websites.

My Millionaire Mentor is a lie. You will not get rich with Mr. Matthew’s system. If you join My Millionaire Mentor, you will probably go into debt.

My Millionaire Mentor leads to a globally entrenched Multi-level marketing company. Because My Millionaire Mentor uses lies and deception to trick you into joining an MLM, it fits the definition of a scam.

The My Millionaire Mentor Scam.

My Millionaire Mentor leads to MOBE, otherwise known as My Online Business Empire, My Online Business Education or My Top Tier Business. MOBE is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in selling very expensive training courses. These courses are supposed to teach you how to make money by promoting the same darn training to others. That’s a lousy way to make money.

The training courses have little value and are nothing more than an excuse to take people’s money.

There are 21 levels in MOBE. The first level costs $49, but as you go higher, each level becomes exponentially more expensive until you reach the 21 st level which costs nearly $30K.

Before you can sell a level, you must first buy that level. According to the FTC, this practice meets the definition of a pyramid scheme.

The good news is there’s a guarantee. MOBE guarantees you will make money or they will pay you $500. According to MOBE’s terms and conditions, if you complete all 21 levels and don’t make money they will pay you $500.

In other words, if you buy all 21 levels, which will cost you more than $50,000, and don’t make money, MOBE will pay you $500. What a deal!

My Millionaire Mentor magical money making method is nothing more than paying big money for questionable digital training courses which you then sell to others for big money.

MOBE has professional telemarketers standing by to cajole, seduce and strong arm the victims you recruit. All you have to do to make this system work is feed unsuspecting people into the jaws of the beast. That’s a lousy way to make money.

My Millionaire Mentor Reviews.

No doubt you will find many favorable My Millionaire Mentor reviews. The favorable reviews are from affiliates hoping to make a buck by selling you to the MOBE machine.

There are plenty of bad reviews from people who have suffered because of My Millionaire Mentor and MOBE.

My Millionaire Mentor Complaints.

You can find countless My Millionaire Mentor complaints online and even more complaints about MOBE. The complaint below which is filed with RipOff Report, is typical of the My Millionaire Mentor complaints I found online.

The Last Word on My Millionaire Mentor.

My Millionaire Mentor will not make you rich. You’ll be lucky to break even and not go into debt.

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A Better Option.

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If you found this article helpful or have an experience with My Millionaire Mentor, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

Millionaire Mentor Group – My Millionaire Mentor ***TOTAL SCAM***

Rating Details

My Millionaire Mentor Ryan Mathews IS a SCAM. He 1st PROMISES you are guaranteed $500.00 if you watch a video.

THEN comes the page to pay $49.00 for a space that has ONLY 7 left and he is ONLY taking 50 “under his guidance”

Well that’s all you get You never get anything else but more and more emails asking you to up buy stuff (had to delete my email account) Its false advertising. He requires more and more from you, you’ll never get a response from them/him to your email. He take your money and Gets Rich.

ALL it gets you is a smaller bank balance, pain and suffering. It’s outright stealing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $98.

Preferred solution: My check for $500.00 AS PROMISED + the $200.00 promised in the email = $700.00 TOTAL.

Millionaire Mentor Group Cons: Being flat out lied to.

Review #749733 is a subjective opinion of Bailyn of Venice, FL .


I just paid 47.00 to Facebook and was redirected to millionaire mentor sounded to good to be true I went back to Facebook and asked for a refund and they said I was only getting half the amount back I only ordered it 5 minutes ago what a rip off that’s how they get rich

I received an email from Ryan Matthews, watched and listen to his fantastic offer, got all the way to the credit card information and something told me to stop. After reading here, I’m glad I did.

Just watched his video and as they say ” if it’s to good to be true it pribley is” it’s like MLM the old A.L.Williams buy term insurance and invest the difference supposed to make millionaires it did Author L Williams and a hand full are millionaires but there are thousands of dead bodies along the way.

these scamming punks should be out jail. the lord is going to deal with these people.

I was browsing through the Internet to find a at home job and came across my millionaire mentor. I watched the video it’s sounded so good to me but at the same time felt sketchy.

Nobody will give out secrets on how to make that kind of money first of all. Second while watching the video would he pay out of pocket what he says he would and really help or just hurt people’s pockets. Something wasn’t right about the $49 either so i again browsed online and typed is my millionaire mentor a scam?. I find a couple of things on google clicked on this site and saw people complaining and what a cheat he is.

How he doesn’t promise anything and he is asking for more money. Thanks for the comments I really was going to fall for it because it sounded all so good.

BUT when my gut feeling says something is sketchy and doesn’t sound right always go by your gut it never lies.. Thanks for posting the reviews and I’m sorry your guys had to go through this..

I was also browsing online and can a cross this SCAM also I looked into it on another service and found all this I stopped watching it my time is more valuable then watch how this Ryan guy gets people hopes up and so called get out of debt fast CRAZY the only one getting out of debt fast is him cause. 49.00 x 50 members he says that’s 2450.

He just made in one day yes he is getting rich off hard working America’s hoping. It should be a law againest that. Fall back to the Old saying IF It SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE then it always is. Thank god for internet and people taking time to let everyone know the real SCAM.and stop paying to watch him ride around in his new car and live in his mansion.I don’t usually take the time myself to write reviews but I can only wonder how many hard working families this guy has messed over.

And that’s sorry for him to be okay with it.

I totally understand what you are saying, cause I did the same thing, watch the video and got to the page to put in all the credit info, and my gut told me to ck this out, so I did, and here I am along with all of you other good people, “wonder if all of us could get together and scam them, as they have done us”..Like they always say, “If it sounds to good, it usually is” or “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet”. Thanks everyone for your posting and better luck next time..There has to be something that is honest, I just will not believe that all people are dishonest. got to be some good people left in this curated world some were.

Is Ryan Mathews My Millionaire Mentor a Scam – When I Took Closer Look… It Shocked Me

“Discover how this proven 21 step system could help you line your pockets with healthy $1,250, $3,300, or even $5,500 commissions.”

That’s what Ryan Mathews, the founder of My Millionaire Mentor com, promises to you.

It begs the questions like, “Is Ryan Mathews My Millionaire Mentor a scam or legit?” And “What is My Millionaire Mentor About?” And then again, “Who is Ryan Mathews, to begin with?”

I will answer these and (other relevant) questions in the My Millionaire Mentor Review below. For your safety.

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Quick Review

Name: My Millionaire Mentor
Login page:
Alleged Founder: Ryan Mathews
Price: $49 (MTTB) + sky-high upsells
Niche: Affiliate Marketing

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Full Review – Is My Millionaire Mentor Legit

What will you find here?

First, I start with a short description of its official narrative – what the My Millionaire Mentor is, who created it, and what it promises to you.

Second, I will describe how you can make money with and how much it will cost you.

Third, I will reveal the findings of my research. Please keep reading as I am going to rip the whole system apart and show you exactly why I consider My Millionaire Mentor a scam.

So let’s get started:

What Is My Millionaire Mentor?

According to Ryan Matthews, the founder, My Millionaire Mentor is a simple 21-step mentoring system that quickly and easily allows you to earn 4-figure commissions online. More precisel it allows you to earn $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500.

Ryan says that his system is totally legal, moral, and can work for anyone, anywhere.

And to succeed, you need no previous knowledge or experience. All you need is an internet connection and a desire to succeed.

After signing up and becoming a private member, you can start making hefty commissions in your first 30 days – or you will get your money back. It is guaranteed (more on that later).

Why Was It Created?

Ryan Mathews did not create the original money making system that is fueling the My Millionaire Mentor. Instead, it belongs to Matt Lloyd from Australia.

Long story short, Ryan discovered Matt’s system while being hit by the hardest times of his life. However, thanks to Matt’s system, he has become incredibly successful at making money online.

Now he wants to give back and has dedicated his life to helping others:

Wow! Looks like a very noble guy, right? But again this begs the questions, “Is My Millionaire Mentor legit indeed? And if it is, well, maybe you, too, can make money with it?”

Please keep reading, as it will get fascinating.

How Can You Make Money With the My Millionaire Mentor?

Again, the official narrative first:

If you want to make money with the My Millionaire Mentor, you partner with a private company.

That company is selling high-end products and services. Your task is to refer people to the company where its sales professionals will do all the “selling” for you.

Every time they close the sale, you earn a commission of $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500:

All the profits are for you to keep.

The joy of joys!

Keep reading, as it’s not the whole truth.

“Well… Where to find these people,” you might ask.

According to Ryan Mathews, you should not worry at all. Why? Because once you sign up and become their private member, you will get full access to their simple 21-step training. This training will teach you how to do it.

Not only that. Also, you will get your personal coach and immediate access to their international sales team that will do all the selling for you.

Waitaminute! Remember, you have just read its official narrative. Please keep reading as you have to see what it really is.

Before that, though:

The Price

If you want to make money with the My Millionaire Mentor, the price is $49 one time payment. It comes with the Money Back Guarantee (more about that later as this $49 thing is only half of the story.)

My Millionaire Mentor Promises

Before I come to the warning signs and full red alerts, let me quickly list some of the main promises of the My Millionaire Mentor:

  • $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500 in commissions
  • Requires your time 30-45 minutes per day
  • It can work for anyone, anywhere (internet connection and desire to succeed are required)
  • Access to the 21-step training
  • Your personal coach on call
  • Immediate access to the international sales team
  • Full access into the vault of quality products and services
  • 100% guarantee that you will succeed and make money in your first 30 days or your money back
  • As soon as you make just five commissions in 6 months, you’ll get your own Mercedes.

Wow!! *Clapping Hands*

And Here’s What You DON’T Need…

  • You don’t need to sell. You don’t have to be a salesperson
  • You don’t need to make or create or update, or support anything
  • There are no catches, no loopholes, no fine print

Is Ryan Mathews My Millionaire Mentor a Scam – Red Alerts

Now that you are familiar with the official story and all the promises of the My Millionaire Mentor, I want to rip the whole system apart.

Keep reading because you have to see what ugly stuff it hides under the surface.

Red Alert #1: Secretive Ryan Mathews

Alleged Ryan Mathews – the founder of My Millionaire Mentor

Who is this Ryan Mathews to begin with? I could find nothing about him except that blurry photo, which he shows in the video.

Well, who knows? I, for sure, don’t. It’s like – If you have never seen me, I can show you a random photo of a man and tell you that it’s me. Can you trust me?

Well, type my name into Google and see what will pop out.

That’s what I did with Ryan Mathews. The only things I got were the My Millionaire Mentor scam reviews showing images of different paid actors.

My verdict: I suspect, Ryan Mathews is a fabricated character. I could not identify the real person behind the name. If he is running a legit business, why hide his personality?

Here’s something you can do, at home and at your own pace, to create your own passive income stream online

It’s FREE to get started, too (no credit card required). You’ll like that part…

Red Alert #2: Hidden Upsells

Now, this is something seriously upsetting.

Do you remember, in the above I gave you the official narrative of the My Millionaire Mentor.

Here’s the real story.

Ryan Mathews (or whoever is behind the name) is probably partnering with Matt Lloyd’s MOBE (My Online Business Education).

The 21-step mentoring program that Ryan is trying to sell you is, in fact, one of the best-selling products of MOBE. That’s why he is trying to hide the company name (MOBE) in his sales pitch. And that’s why the My Millionaire Mentor sign-up button sends you to the MOBE page:

See! The 21-step mentoring product that you are going to buy is, in fact, called MTTB (My Top Tier Business). What Ryan Mathew does is he points you to MOBE. When you buy from MOBE, he will earn a fat commission.

That’s how affiliate marketing works. Nothing wrong here.

However, the ugly part of the story is this:

When you pay $49 to get access to the 21-step MTTB program, you obviously expect to get full access to all 21 steps (also pictured above):

Also, you get 100% money-back guarantee if, by day 30 you have not made any money:

However, this is not true!

And here’s their disgusting trick: After finishing the 5th lesson, you hit a paywall, high as a kite. Either you pay $2,497 to get the rest of the program or forget the commissions.

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So how about their money-back guarantee?

You won’t get it back. Why? Because you have not finished the course!

And even if you are willing to pay that $2,497, it means that you will be spending over $2,500 just to start!

Can you imagine!

Let’s assume, hypothetically, that the 21-step MTTB does magic and turns you into a wealthy man… Well, then it could be even worth that extra $2,500.

The big trouble, though is – there’s no magic in the MTTB.

First, while it is true that MOBE pays very high commissions (from $1,250 to $5,500) but hey – to get these high commissions, you must find people who can fork out thousands of dollars in the first place.

And to say that this is super simple for a completely unskilled person is outright lying:

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. My Millionaire Mentor com is an obvious “Get Quick Rich” scheme.

Second, to sell these expensive MOBE products (and earn commissions), you first have to buy them yourself.

Say you want to promote the 21-step MTTB program and earn commissions on it. Then, did you know that its affiliate links will be given to you only after step 7 (while there is a $2,497 paywall after step 5)?

See! Either you pay the full price or forget making any commissions.

And even if you pay it, then good luck in finding anybody who can and want to shell out even more. If this is not a pyramid scheme, what is it?

[Sidebar: And that’s why there are so many fake positive reviews on the MTTB system. All they are claiming how successful they are now while desperately trying to pitch you into buying the same program.]

Third, the 21-step course is not worth its $2500+ price tag. Take a look:

  1. How To Make A 6-Figures In Your First Year With Top Tier!
  2. Discover The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss in Business Success
  3. How To Unlock Your Millionaire Mind
  4. Why 85% Of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail
  5. What Is Even More Lucrative Than A Franchise Model?
  6. How To License A Proven & Profitable Online Business
  7. How To Get The Expert Support You Need To Succeed
  8. How To Get Paid Quickly & Easily With MOBE
  9. How To Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  10. etc., etc., etc.

Now here’s a huge problem.

Obviously, MTTB targets make-money-online niche. In case you did not know, make-money-online is the MOST saturated niche online. There is no other niche harder than that.

Next, as Ryan Mathews claims, all 21 steps are super short simple “how-to” tutorials:

They’re not complete guides – fat 500 pages manuals. They’re super short.

Let see how it would work out in real life:

They take a complete dummy in internet marketing and charge him $2,500+ for the 21 super short how-tos and few phone calls. Then they throw him into the hardest niche of all, telling, “Now start promoting products worth thousands of dollars.”

Hey! The poor fellow sinks faster than Titanic.

Let me give you an example :

Let’s assume for a second that Adrain Newey, who is by far the best Formula 1 race car designer in the world (a pure genius), writes a super short 21-step tutorial on how to design a world beater race car.

Now, can you ever believe that with zero previous experience in designing race cars, you can develop a winning Formula 1 car? Can you doi it by just reading these 21 simple “how-to” tutorials and by getting few supportive phone calls from the coach?

Adrian Newey’s design example. Can you design a winning race car from scratch by only using 21 short “how-to” tutorials?

Yet Ryan Mathews is trying to convince you that an ordinary person with zero experience in the Internet Marketing can turn himself into a millionaire with these 21 short how-to’s (and few phone calls).

It’s just ridiculous.

Red Alert #4: Lies, Lies, More Lies

Also, Ryan Mathews claims, you don’t need to be a salesman. No selling skills needed:

Why? Because their professional sales team does all the selling for you.

It is a flat out lie!

Listen! Even if there were such a sales team, it’s your job to find potential customers, take them by hand, and bring to the sales team.

It sounds simple, but it is not. Because this seemingly simple process involves (surprise-surprise!) selling too. Hey! It’s the whole science, called copywriting. People spend years and decades to master it.

I got sick of Ryan Mathews shoving lies down the throats of innocent people.

Not interested in Scams? Check out THIS instead!

You’re going to like this.

Red Alert #5: No Fine Prints – Really?

What is this then (found on the home page of My Millionaire Mentor com)?

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. My Millionaire Mentor does not guarantee income or success…”

This is laughable. Well, no, it is not. But it would be if it wasn’t so sickening – the whole system is a complete ripoff scheme.

My Verdict:

Words fail me to express my total disgust with the My Millionaire Mentor scam.

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Why not make it the very next thing you do?

What About You?

First, I want to thank you for taking the time and reading my detailed review on Ryan Mathews My Millionaire Mentor. I hope you got the information that you were searching for.

So what do you think – Is My Millionaire Mentor legit or scam? Please leave me a comment in the comment box below.

My name is Egon and I am the owner of I am a devout husband and a father of 4. Also a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, Math, and Sci teacher; in schools that served the poor.
Now I am committed to combating online scams and helping those who want to make *honest* income online.
If you’re interested, just pop over here. You’re in for a treat.


thanx for the eye opener I almost came close to buying program but it felt kind of fishy that they would not realy tell you what you would be doing glad I did some research and found you.

Any video selling you stuff with a voice over, it even sounds somewhat electronic (like it was produced by a computer, not even a voice performer), is not going to be anything bu a scam. Frankly, why not be on camera for most of the video if you are legit?! I can understand for some parts where you show other people or a few (fake) account screenshots, but for the rest of the time, you should be the one in the video, otherwise the trust goes to zero.

Thank you very much for your comment Alexis. You are right, those videos with only voice over PowerPoint presentations are extremely poor. I understand, it is much easier, cheaper, and also safer to produce. First, they don’t need to rent luxury villas, privates jets, Ferraris, etc. Second, they don’t need to hire actors. And third, if the guy in the video (only the voice) says that he is a super-duper success story John Smith but never show you any photo of himself, how on Earth can you prove he is a genuine person. Most probably he is not.

Yet, for some reason, even such poor fabrications (as voice only videos) can trap innocent people. Tragic.

I also almost got sucked into subscribing to the MOBE scam. MOBE operates out of Maolaysia. I called them to refund my $49, and she gave me a lame excuse. She said that only her manager can authorize a refund. I called back to speak to the manager, and all of a sudden the phone keeps ringing. No one was there to receive my call, smh.

Hey, Maurice, and thank you for sharing your experience with MOBE. Sad to hear you lost your money to MOBE. Even worse, these MOBE guys have exactly zero respect toward their customers, right? Clearly not my cup of tea.

I still hope you will get your money back, Maurice, but here’s another lesson for everybody else – it’s way better (and healthier) for you if you do not do any business with MOBE.

Thank you, Egon for your review of another MOBE scam called My Millionaire Mentor! I really do appreciate your honest, clear informational opinion. I have been looking at starting an online business for a few months now. I did try a couple of them years ago but they were about products and I couldn’t get enough traffic to them. At that time, it cost about $5,000 and you had to do tricks and jump hoops and hurdles to get on the first page of Google search results. Thanks for saving us time and money.

Hey, Julia and thank you very much for your comment, kind words, and encouragement. I am glad to hear you found My Millionaire Mentor scam review helpful. The product is NOT what they claim it to be. And hey, it IS so ridiculously expensive! I cannot imagine where on Earth ordinary people take all those thousands of dollars to even start doing business with MOBE?

That’s why, in my humble opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is such a good option. Because, first, it’s completely free to get started (no tricks, no credit card required, just your name and email). Second, I like Wealthy Affiliate because it is an all-inclusive training platform – you will get everything you need from one place. And third, their amazing support system. It means, you will never be alone. Got stuck? Just post your question/problem to the WA community and soon you will get answers from other (more experienced) WA members. Brilliant!
There are many other benefits as well (like top notch hosting, etc.) but these three benefits make the platform awesome already. Click here to learn more.

Well that was certainly eye opening. Excellent research

It is a sad fact that there are many scams out there. I nearly fell for one just like the Ryan Matthews one myself a couple of months back when I was looking for a way into world of internet marketing.

Thankfully I didn’t, and it was down to a great review like this that I didn’t end up out of pocket, so be sure to keep up the good work as it really does make a difference to people.

Hi, Woody, and thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it :)

Glad to hear you did fell into the trap. However, to tell the truth, I got scammed. The promotional email came from a person I knew well. I trusted him and did not do any research. That was wrong.

Fortunately, God turned that rather negative incident into a positive outcome. Namely, I began searching legit ways to make side-money online and found this remarkable opportunity. When I looked closer… WOW!

If you (or anybody else reading this) are looking for genuine ways to make a side money online, check out how it can help you. Cost you nothing.

Anyway, because of these charlatans that succeeded in deceiving and robbing me I want to raise awareness about online scams. Just to save innocent people from falling into these nasty traps.

My Millionaire Mentor Review

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