Minerscrypt.com Review Is Miner Scrypt a Scam or Should I Invest

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Thread: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

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Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I want to know if anybody has ever traded a happy miners account, and if you can actually make money out of it?

I recently found out about this and as I understand it people trade game accounts from happyminer.com and make a lot of money by selling them through virtaex or through forums. On the one hand it makes sense to me because I used to play world of warcraft and I know, for that game the accounts used to sell for quite good money. However, with this game is weird because I cannot find any information about the makers of the game or the company associated with it, or the history of the game. It all seems rather mysterious to me.

Anyways I was hoping some of you might know anything about it, and if this actually works, thanks!

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Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Ya know I hear alot about companies like this. There was one sweatshop in Mexico where the workers mined and powerleveled and traded for real money to lazy people in the real world.

Then I realized these Mexicans were in air conditioned rooms, siting down, and play friggin video games. And idiots would pay the company millions a year.

Now I know these workers would make $5 to $8 a day laying concrete, so I didn’t feel that bad for them. I betcha Happy Miner is legit, they need positive reviews to stay in business. Now the video game companies might ban your character or something like that but that’s on you and them.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Yeah these companies are everywhere nowadays. Be careful for the Chinese ones though.. they tend to scam a lot.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I am always on the lookout for any sites that claim to give some unrealistic salary. You can easily know one when they start telling you how much you can make for just working for around 3 hours per day.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Thanks. This is the best way to earn money in online.I got $10 as my payment in following few steps and it was directly credited to my paypal ccount.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I purchased Happy Miner account from Virtaex in January, it had exactly 5000 gold, after 4 months I finally reached 5100 gold and then I couldn’t access my account anymore as password and e-mail have been changed and I’m not sure if it was done by Happy Miner or someone just got access to my account (although I used secure password for sure!). I’ve tried to contact them from their website where they claimed to reply within 24 hours, but now more then a week have passed already, so I have lost any hope to get my account back.

So be carefully using them, as I have already lost $10 I invested for the account and lost possibility to sell it for more then $20.

Thank you for reading!

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Hello people. I’m here just to show you proof that this system is legit and is working. My payment proof is below and I cashed out $10:

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Unfortunately happy miner is a scam.

2020 I found happy miner and I bought one account and waited for while and then I sold the account and I gained some profit. Then i bought five accounts and I hold them for a little bit longer. Again I got money more than I had invested. I thought hey this works so I bought few expensive accounts since you get more money for selling them. Everytime I changed the password when I got the new account. I started waiting again. Six months later when I was ready to sell my accounts and I would have made over 10 000usd for selling them it happend. All the account that I had bought from virtaex where gone. Then I found that there where lot’s of other people who had complain that they had the same problem. Most off the complain was that after the paypal 44 days protection period was over the accounts disapeared. Virtaex admin said that it’s not he’s problem if the accounts where gone.
Also I wrote this warning on virtaex forum and after a while the admin removed all the bad complains from the forum because he wanted to hide the truth that this is a scam.
Usually when some one reports the scam then suddenly on that forum shows up some one who starts telling that the system works etc.
I actually made couple account’s that started from the zero that they don’t have any value on selling. When I lost my accounts that I bought from virtaex these couple account are still left. They didn’t disapear because I didn’t bought them from virtaex.

In the forum there was writing also that some one had happy miner coupons and used those to get more value on his account. Then he tried to sell the account for virtaex and he never got the money from the account. Virtaex admin sayed that the account was fake. Virtaex didn’t pay for that account since the seller hadn’t bought it from virtaex.

This is a classic scam. They pay you small money so you would invest more money and then you lost those money.

I don’t know how things are today since paypal extended the protection for 180 days. But I wouldn’t invest any money for this virtaex or happy miner no matter how many people will come here to show their proof of getting money. I think that the owners from virtaex are doing this so they would keep scamming more people.

CoinEgg Review – Is coinegg.com scam or safe cryptocurrency exchange?

Trading Accounts

Account type Leverage Trading Fee Deposit Fee
Standard N/A 0.10% Free (Crypto only)

CoinEgg is a cryptocurrency exchange, based in the United Kingdom. The company only focuses on digital assets, without providing any form of fiat currency trading. While this will make them unattractive for some companies

CoinEgg Advantages

A lot of altcoins – at the time of writing of this review, 42 different assets are included on CoinEgg. While the usual suspects, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are present, some of the rest appear to be more exotic. You must check the details to get the full picture, but it’s safe to say these are not the top coins, in terms of market capitalisation.

While 42 may be a lot for some people, if you are looking for a specific coin/token, you should first do your research on the venues, where it is traded. Bittrex, Binance and EtherDelta are very likely to have it.

Low trading fees – the 0.10% fee on all trades makes CoinEgg a very competitive exchange. While other parts of their service may not be so pleasant, you must keep in mind a lot of exchanges charge something around 0.25%, with Kraken offering 0.26%, but a more trader-friendly environment.

Has not been hacked – CoinEgg has been around since 2020 and we didn’t find any information on a successful attack around this exchange. This is not a guarantee for the future, but is always a good sign.

CoinEgg Disadvantages

Trading only against BTC – as we hinted in the beginning CoinEgg does not offer any type of fiat currency integration. Even the slightly controversial Tether tokens (USDT – a cryptocurrency backed by US dollars) are not listed.

Low liquidity on some instruments – this is to be expected given the nature of CoinEgg – fiat currency deposits are not supported and some of the tokens seem bizarre (at least to us).

Withdrawal fees up to 1% – this exchange charges withdrawal fees, which can go as high as 1% for the more exotic coins. The rates for the more popular coins are rather acceptable, with 0.001 BTC, 0.001 LTC and 0.01 ETH, respectively.

No leverage offered – CoinEgg does not allow traders to borrow money in order to speculate more aggressively. If this is what you are looking for, a forex broker may be a suitable alternative for you.

CoinEgg is a UK-based digital assets exchange. The company does not accept or send any form of fiat currencies, which puts them in the category of trading venues which are not regulated (as no legislation for them exists). This will definitely not be everybody’s cup of tea, but when it comes to exotic assets, CoinEgg offers a few of them. With such low fees, it’s not hard to see this exchange attract even more volume in the future.

Coming back to the regulatory aspect, we will reiterate what you probably know – dealing with cryptocurrencies still carries a significant level of risk. Even some of the top-tier exchanges have been hacked in the past. This is one of the topics on which the forex, brokers offering cryptocurrency trading have an edge. That being said, scammers do pop-up in the field of traditional finance. Check our list of tightly regulated forex brokers, offering Bitcoin below.

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Broker Advantages

FXTM a regulated forex broker (regulated by CySEC, FCA and FSC), offering ECN trading on MT4 an MT5 platforms. Traders can start trading with as little as $10 and take advantage of tight fixed and variable spreads, flexible leverage and swap-free accounts.

XM is broker with great bonuses and promotions. Currently we are loving its $30 no deposit bonus and deposit bonus up to $5000. Add to this the fact that it’s EU-regulated and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, licensed and regulated on four continents. FXCM wins our admirations with its over 200,000 active live accounts and daily trading volumes of over $10 billion.

FxPro is a broker we are particularly keen on: it’s regulated in the UK, offers Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader – where the spreads start at 0 pips, Level II Pricing and Full Market Depth. And the best part? With FxPro you get negative balance protection.

FBS is a broker with cool marketing and promotions. It runs an loyalty program, offers a $100 no-deposit bonus for all new clients outside EU willing to try out its services, and an FBS MasterCard is also available for faster deposits and withdrawals.

FxChoice is a IFSC regulated forex broker, serving clients from all over the world. It offers premium trading conditions, including high leverage, low spreads and no hedging, scalping and FIFO restrictions.

HotForex is a EU Regulated broker, offering wide variety of trading accounts, including Auto, Social and Zero spread accounts. The minimum intial deposit for a Micro account is only $50 and is combined with 1000:1 leverage – one of the highest in the industry.

Алгоритм NeoScrypt для POW-майнинга на низкой сложности

Многие майнеры называют алгоритм NeoScrypt улучшенной версией своего родителя – Scrypt. Основной целью при создании нового метода шифрования было снижение чрезмерного влияния ASIC-устройств, которое очень заметно в майнинге Scrypt-валют, чтобы владельцы GPU-ферм могли добывать цифровые монеты в равных условиях.

В чем особенность алгоритма

Важное отличие NeoScrypt от других алгоритмов – это распределение наград: майнер зарабатывает от 60 до 90 монет за каждый подписанный блок. Сложность сети на таком алгоритме не будет слишком высокой, а такое начисление вознаграждений позволяет быстрее вернуть все финансовые вложения на майнинг и перейти к чистому заработку.

Следующая особенность NeoScrypt – это скорость операций. Даже если в системе появились пиковые нагрузки, все транзакции обрабатываются без задержек. А реализовать это получилось благодаря аутентификации пользователей: в криптовалютной сети для каждого участника создается собственный уникальный шифр, посредством которого и происходит обработка учетных данных аккаунта.

NeoScrypt использует 2 протокола:

  • Salsa20, состоящий из 20 раундов (Salsa20 /20);
  • ChaCha20, также выполняющий 20 различных раундов (ChaCha20 /20).

Они оба могут быть сконфигурированы как для последовательного, так и для параллельного шифрования. Конфигурация NeoScrypt по умолчанию имеет следующие параметры: 128, 2, 1.

  • для последовательного режима NeoScrypt будет использовать (N + 3) * r * 128 байтов объема памяти, что соответствует 32,75 Кбит;
  • в параллельном режиме – (2 * N + 3) * r * 128байтов, то есть 64,75Kb на один эпизод.

NeoScrypt работает с двойной памятью и требует более объемный буфер временного хранения.


Feathercoin (FTC) – это криптовалюта с открытым исходным кодом, созданная в 2020 году на основе протокола Litecoin. Алгоритмом хеширования, который был выбран для новой криптовалюты, – Proof-of-Work NeoScrypt. В нем используется на 25% больше интенсивности оперативной памяти, что делает его более неудобным и невыгодным для создания ASIC-чипов.

Именно под эту криптовалюту был разработан алгоритм хеширования NeoScrypt. По состоянию на начало июня 2020 года, протокол устойчив к аппаратному оборудованию и не имеет специализированного ASIC-майнера. Это позволяет поддерживать сложность сети на начальном уровне и не повышать ее долгое время.

Первоначальное вознаграждение за закрытие блока в системе Feathercoin было установлено на уровне 200 блоков, ни один из которых не был предварительно запрограммирован. Сеть имеет внушительную скорость – 2,1 миллиона блоков, а общий объем монет ограничен 336 миллионами, что в 16 раз больше, чем у Bitcoin и в 4 раза больше, чем у Litecoin. Среднее время блока составляет около 60 секунд, что, опять же лучше по сравнению с Litecoin (2,5 минуты) и Bitcoin (8,4 минуты).

Какие еще монеты можно майнить на NeoScrypt

На данный момент есть более 15 монет, которые работают на алгоритме NeoScrypt:

  • Orbit-coin – ORB – PoW/PoS;
  • Halcyon – HAL – PoW/PoS;
  • Trezar-coin – TZC – PoW/PoS;
  • Phoenix-coin – PXC – PoW;
  • Imperial-coin – IPC – PoW;
  • UFO-coin – UFO – PoW;
  • Sigil – SGL – PoW;
  • Gun-coin – GUN) – PoW;
  • Bollywood-coin – BDC – PoW;
  • Vivo-coin – VIVO – PoW;
  • GoByte – GBT – PoW;
  • Desire – DESIRE – PoW;
  • Innova – INN – PoW;
  • TUNE – TUN – PoW;
  • Dinero – DIN – PoW;
  • Crowd-Coin – CRC – PoW;
  • Sparks – SPK – PoW;
  • Cerberus – CBS – PoW.

У данного алгоритма сложность меньше чем SHA256, поэтому майнить монеты можно на видеокартах. Большинство майнеров сходятся во мнении, что добывать NS-монеты более продуктивно на видеоплатах так называемого зеленого сектора, то есть на графических процессорах бренда nVidia. Они показывают ощутимо большую производительность.

Но если у вас уже есть собранная ферма из красных видеокарт, вы также сможете добывать монеты этого протокола.

NeoScrypt – не самый популярный алгоритм, но для него есть собственные программы-майнеры. Все они работают только на Windows-64. Вот самые востребованные:

  • Claymore’s-NS-AMD-GPU-Miner – как видно из названия, программа создана для красных видеокарт и Windows-64.
  • NVIDIA CCminer for NS – майнер для Nvidia-плат (имеет настройки, позволяющие увеличить профит до 30%).
  • NeoScrypt CPUminer – для CPU-майнинга.

Подписывайтесь на наш Telegram канал. Будьте в курсе новых статей.

MinerGate Reviews

71 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 71

Needs a lot of improvement

The first few days, the mining went well, but then after that things just didn’t work anymore. The GUI software is easy to use but I ended up having my computer mine but not get credit for what I was mining. Also, there was an awful lot of network errors and retrying. I think this is one of those good ideas that is poorly executed. Hopefully, this company turns things around for itself and the miners that use it. I have decided to stick with NiceHash since it is easy to use too and I have a lot fewer issues with them.

for quick solution to your problem in…

for quick solution to your problem in regards to getting your funds back visit them under my title and in my profile for help

I am not satisfied with yelp

I am not satisfied with yelp, someone here told me to invest in ➡moonbitcoin.live�� thank you very much. my payment has arrived.


Horrendeous! Customer Service is NON-existent, NEVER replied to my emails and close the account without warning, and refuse to open/keep the demo open. I am a live account holder who needs continuous access to demo account but it keeps getting closed down. Instead of looking into my complaint, the rude chat bot-like customer ‘service’ agents keep closing down the chat. My request is not unreasonable, but I am met with pure hostility by any customer service agent. I was only able to recover some of the money lost through (Recoveryexperts0 at g m a i l) Also, their knowledge is abhorrent. It’s impossible to get a quick answer to any simple question. Really painful experience, especially when I have open positions in my trading account and need a real answer. STAY AWAY!

Scam like most of other sites

Scam like most of other sites. I mined on the base of their calculator 0.005 XMR in almost 2 months of non-stop running their software on my notebook by speed about 500H/s. And of course no way how you can withdraw it. They just use power of your computer to mine for themselves with their software. No financial lost for me, just next experience with scammers.

account looked with 12 XMR

I have one account looked with 12 XMR, for me is no possible to have my xmr/money.
My Freewallet account is ok, but when i try to withdraw, minergate display the message:
Account looked contaci the support, I have send more and more mail but minergate dont replay nothing.
Anyone can help me??

I honestly didn’t believe MinerGate was…

I honestly didn’t believe MinerGate was a scam until they took all my money $14,000 and denied me access to withdraw. I made an investment with the hope of making greater returns. I unhesitatingly had to hire a recovery expert/consultant ([email protected] com to help me get my money back. he has successfully helped me recover my investments in thee weeks after he agreed to help, i reckon him to be the one to help out with recovery cases.

It took me OVER 96 hours to mine 0.005…

It took me OVER 96 hours to mine 0.005 XMR running at 600-800 H/s
then it took 4 hours to mine 0.000099775727 XMR, thier calculator said that in this speed it would take 12 hours to mine 0.005 XMR,

T.B.A site pays it’s withdrawal,well…

T.B.A site pays it’s withdrawal,well for over 3 years i been using there services. they have great online chat people and community members with great technical skills . Sure technical problems occur but with xmr monero constantly changing protocols holding up all other coins and hiccupping crypto-system these guys not blame for maintence as they always working on the problem human possible. you should blame hackers and scammers and other people for your loses not these blokes/gals

Just scam

Just scam, I am not able to transver my mined coins to my wallet and or to freewallet, and there is no support from minergate.
Its a professiona scam.

i been mining at minergate since…

i been mining at minergate since forever never had any issuse’s with minergate i am also a chat mod there i wish people would stop shouting scam when they don’t understand how mining works properly to start with they just automatically shout scam when there is deffinatly zero scams at minergate

Horrible service

Horrible service, they have stopped paying me for absolutely no reason despite btc going up non start. I have came to cloncusion, SCAMMERS. and i believe they have took my btc as well. I did have about 0.03btc and were well into 2nd years and was almost finished about 3 or 4months to go they knew i will be able to take out all my deserve coins.but they took it saying its for matience fee and that happened for the next 3 or 4months i only have 0.000600btc left. W A.N KE.R. I TOLD THEM TO KEEP OT AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR A.S.S.. SORRY FOR RUDE WORD BUT I WAS SO ANGRY! STAY AWAY PLEASE PLEASE

Beware complete SCAMMERS

They closed my contract on me when I eventually got a reply they said my balance had dwindled down and was not enough to pay costs
My balance was fine when I first emailed them asking why the pause in mining
Be careful you will never get a return on your investment they will shut you down

Account locked

Account locked, no payouts possible, have to use 3rd party FreeWallet, maybe Exit Scam

It started out well.

It started out well with a clean friendly interface and easy customization for choosing what you wanted to mine and the resources you wanted to apply with multiple gpu’s to something you now have no control over and so many errors, crashes, etc.
It’s in my opinion garbage-ware now. You get fined when you have multiple errors (almost willing to bet the errors are on purpose and they pocket the change), that according to Minergate is caused by “YOU” trying to scam they system /rich. or faulty software..kinda funny its their software you’re running.
Saying things you noticed will get you banned from chat.
Considering its peoples money, the errors, and total lack of response to fixing things.I would not recommend investing time or money in it.

Totally fast payout

Totally fast payout and less (very less!) downs.

I use MinerGate Pool since April now and so far I know my Hashrates are okay, I do not have multi-rig GPU Miner or 32 cores CPU but I think it’s something.

MinerGate offers fast payout (within 1 min!).

Stratum Server always down! – I’d switch if I have received my payout.

Complete and utterly scam delisted btc …

Complete and utterly scam delisted btc cloudmining and deleted all contract and all lists of purchases. The worst investment ever lost 5700dollars got 300 dollars in return

Be cautious of using minergate

I’ve been using minergate for over a year I started out with them to try and learn a little more about cryptocurrencies eventually I ended up paying for cloud mining on bitcoin I did this in August of 2020 last month they closed my contract and when I asked them what happened they said that there was no money to pay for the maintenance fees even though last month Bitcoin was at an all-time high for the year and had gone up in value to me that just screams scam all the way how can a company sit there and say that there is not enough money being produced for the maintenance cost even though the value of Bitcoin went up I am so glad that I was smart and did not invest a whole lot of money and only what I was willing to lose which I did if you plan on using minergate don’t give them your money use them for what they are talk to people there that have been mining for a long time and learn from their experience that is the only value that minergate brings to the cryptocurrency community

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