Midnight Money Machine Review! Scam or Legit

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Survey Junkie Review: Scam or Legit Way To Make Money?

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If you’re looking for a way to make some spare cash, you’ve probably entertained the idea of signing up for a survey site. And why not? The survey sites to choose from are plentiful, and filling out surveys is easy.

But if you’ve held off, it may have been because you wondered if they are legitimate.

It’s smart to think about that because there are scams out there.

But is Survey Junkie legit? From my personal experience, and in dealing with the company, I can tell you that they are.

This Survey Junkie review will teach you all you need to know about Survey Junkie, as well as provide some smart tips to maximize your earnings on the site.

Survey Junkie Review

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

One benefit to Survey Junkie is that no phone number is needed when you sign up. That’s an advantage because you won’t have to worry about receiving endless junk phone calls.

The sign-up process is quick and easy, so you can start earning your points as soon as possible.

Once you get to the Survey Junkie homepage, just click on “Join Now.” Then, you’ll get the option to join using Facebook, Google or an email address.

Although Survey Junkie partners with other sites, it doesn’t make you sign up for those sites. In that regard, it acts as an aggregator of surveys.

Some survey websites require that anyone signing up has to be at least 18 years old, but with Survey Junkie, you only have to be 13 or older.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Survey Junkie Trustpilot Ratings

Survey Junkie gets an 8.7/10 rating on Trustpilot, which is the highest rating among survey sites.

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

The first thing you should realize about using Survey Junkie is that you won’t get rich.

It’s not meant to provide a full-time income, but rather a good way to earn $50 to $100 a month.

It’s a great option for earning free gift cards to buy things on Amazon. Or it can serve as one additional revenue stream if you rely on multiple side hustles to cobble together a living.

If you just want to do this as a way to indulge in a little retail therapy, you can take a couple of surveys a day and redeem your points for a gift card whenever the urge to shop strikes you.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay You?

You can get gift cards (they will be e-cards, not physical cards sent in the mail) for major retailers like Amazon and Target when you decide to redeem your points. But you can also get cash through PayPal. In the U.S. only, direct bank transfers are available through Survey Junkie’s partner, Dwolla.

To cash in your points for any method of payment, you have to have at least 1,000 points. That doesn’t mean you have to cash out those points when they reach 1,000 though. If you’d rather let them ride until closer to the end of the year and use those gift cards all at once to buy Christmas presents, you’re welcome to do so.

When keeping money in mind, you shouldn’t count on reaching $100 in the first month. While you’ll get surveys when you first sign up, the best survey opportunities will come later.

Survey Junkie encourages you to take their demographic surveys.

Once you complete these, you’ll have a stronger chance of being able to complete higher-paying surveys.

In any given month, Survey Junkie might not have a lot of surveys that appeal to your demographic. But the next month, you could land a lot.

The key is to be patient and give it time to work out.

Survey Junkie vs. Swagbucks vs. Opinion Outpost

Swagbucks is a bit different than Survey Junkie. While it does offer surveys, it’s more of an overall rewards site. It has cash-back shopping, searching the web, and video watching opportunities (read our Swagbucks Review).

If you like more of a variety when it comes to earning money, Swagbucks might be a good option for you. As with Survey Junkie, you can get gift cards for your points or redeem them for cash-back from PayPal.

Opinion Outpost, another popular survey site, is more like Survey Junkie. And you should keep in mind that all three of these sites are legit – so there’s no “right” one to pick.

With Opinion Outpost, as with the others, you can redeem your points for money through PayPal or for gift cards to places like Amazon or iTunes.

One exciting thing about Opinion Outpost is that they have a quarterly $10,000 prize drawing. Every time you take a survey, you get an extra chance to win that grand prize. So, potentially, you could earn a lot of money taking surveys if you’re the big winner!

You might want to sign up for both of these sites, even though they’re similar.

The reason for this is that each site might be serving different demographics at any given time. If you’re experiencing a slow month on one website, you might have a great month on the other one.

Survey Junkie Review: Hacks and Tips

Before you sign up and start filling things out without a plan in place, let’s look at how you can maximize your earnings.

Take the demographic surveys. You should do the demographic survey right away because that will enable you to get the more targeted surveys that will pay more.

Use a second email. Create a second email if you only have one email address. While you might be tempted to skip this step, believe me, it’s best not to overload your primary inbox. This is especially true if you sign up for both Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost.

Also, you’ll be able to log in once a day to the email you set up just for Survey Junkie. That means you won’t miss any survey opportunities because you’re too busy sorting through other emails.

There’s no Survey Junkie app, but it is mobile-optimized. Don’t forget to use your mobile phone for Survey Junkie. It has a clean interface and is easy to load and use on your phone. That really opens up your earning potential, as you can tackle some surveys on your commute and lunch break.

Don’t mislead. Most survey sites have algorithms that can spot people who complete the surveys as fast as possible. They know if you’re just clicking buttons and your answers don’t add up. Just take the time to mark the correct answer. It’ll pay off in the long run as you get survey opportunities that allow you to earn more.

Do the checklist upfront to maximize your points. You earn 25 points for confirming your email and 50 points for the profile survey. Those are high-value points for the time involved.

Take two to three surveys a day in the beginning. Don’t burn yourself out. There’s nothing worse than being all gung-ho about something and getting frustrated with it and quitting in just a couple of days. That could especially be a problem in the beginning, when the site isn’t familiar with your demographic; you could be filling out a lot of surveys you’ll just get kicked out of in the first few days. You’ll get better surveys the further you get into this process.

You won’t get rich. Remember, this isn’t meant to be a huge money-maker. Keeping realistic expectations will make this process more fun for you. This should be viewed as a way to spend a little free time to earn a bit of pocket change – not as a full-time online job that’s going to pay your bills every month.

Compare time vs. points. Before accepting a survey, compare the estimated time it will take you to complete versus the points you’ll earn. You should do a quick calculation in your head as to which survey gives you the chance to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

For example, here are two surveys, each for 55 points. The first takes nine minutes and the second takes 18 minutes.

Install the extension for better-targeted surveys. The Survey Junkie extension can help target you for higher-paying surveys. And that’s your ultimate goal, after all. Wouldn’t you rather earn 100 points for a survey than 20?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in a desirable demographic and qualify for a lot of surveys, you can make between $2 and $5 per hour. If you qualify for the product testing or focus group opportunities, you can make between $5 and $150 for each one that you participate in.

In order to qualify the most surveys possible, be sure to fill out your profile completely when you create your account. You’ll be asked a series of demographic questions (age, gender, income level, etc.), as well as questions about your interests and lifestyle.

The more Survey Junkie knows about you, the more surveys you can qualify for. That’s because companies are often looking for specific subsets of users (e.g., women under the age of 35 who like both gardening and rock climbing). If you fail to provide a full demographic profile, you might miss out on surveys that are targeted to subsets that you’re in.

Additionally, active users are rewarded with more survey opportunities, so it pays to log into the site and take at least one survey as often as you can.

Users can cash out via PayPal in all participating countries, and U.S.-based users can request a bank transfer. If you choose the PayPal option, you may be required to verify your account over the phone with a Survey Junkie customer service representative.

U.S.-based users can also choose to cash out for e-gift cards, but note that as with PayPal payments, this option might require you to verify your account over the phone.

Users can choose e-gift cards from Groupon, iTunes, Amazon, Sephora, Target, Walmart and Starbucks.

Most rewards are delivered to Survey Junkie users immediately after cashing out, but it can take a bit longer if you’re required to verify your account over the phone.

If you decide to delete your Survey Junkie account, click on your profile, click “Edit,” and then “Remove My Account.” Provide your password, and the account will be deleted.

If you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails you’re receiving, you can click the “Unsubscribe” link contained in any email from Survey Junkie. It can take up to 10 days for the request to be processed.

Unsubscribing will stop the emails but won’t cancel your account. In the future, if you decide you want to use the site again, you can log in and your account will still be active.

7 Binary Options


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Midnight Money Machine promises big money based on 60 second trading. Is this kind of approach actually profitable? Read our review to find it out!

The web is quickly becoming a space stuffed with scams and programs that can deceive the clients and get their money. It is true that none of the system can take your money by force – the client benevolently makes a deposit or reveals his card details, but the fact is that there are many systems that play dirty, and the binary options industry is full of such examples. That’s why it is essential to analyze unfamiliar web-pages and help individuals with making the right choice. Considering this, we decided that it is time to review Midnight Money Machine, which is a recent application developed by Jeff Farrel.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

  • You can use both the automate and the manual modes
  • There is a customer service
  • There are not any positive comments about it
  • The customer service is poor
  • The brokers from their list are not reliable

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is the Midnight Money Machine System?

While we cannot classify it as a scam system, you should remember that there is virtually no report on this binary system accessible at the moment. This can be the primary reason why we are concerned about the credibility of this robot. Even so, to be able to make the right step, we’re going to reveal our results. Keep reading to find out more.

There are many innovative binary methods that have prevailed. As usual, it includes a reasonable level of risk. Even so, you should realize that nothing lucrative may be achieved without any risk. This doesn’t indicate that you need to take unnecessary risk at all. We would like our readers to be quite balanced and careful. If we check out Midnight Money Machine, we can see that the risks when dealing with it are much higher, so you should think twice before making a further step. It is because the program is new and we could not find any positive comments yet.

How does Midnight Money Machine Work?

Everybody knows that most of the binary systems can require a payment in advance for permitting the further access. Even so, Midnight Money Machine seems to be quite special, because it says it is available for free. Can it be for real? In fact, the reality is that you have to make a deposit of no less than $250 with one of their brokers, so how can they claim the system is available for free? We couldn’t solve this.

Here is how the binary system works:

You have to pick a currency pair or a stock based on their premium expert advice. Then, the trades take place on 60 second periods and you should click the Call or the Put options by yourself. However, there is an automated mode as well.

We want to stop here a little bit and let you know that 60 second trades are generally not based on technical or fundamental analysis because they are so random. No real trader would operate with such short time-frames, because it is simply guessing and not trading. The price in such short periods goes quite randomly and it is really difficult to say that technical analysis can help you predict the price in the following 60 seconds. So, we don’t think this system will work for you.

During the first steps with this binary system, you will have to select a broker from their list, then sign-up, make a deposit, and start trading. You can use both the automated and the manual modes. The cash out periods can reach up to 5 business days according to them.

The system claims to have the following special features:

  • Fully automated trading process
  • A higher return per trade ratio than typical systems
  • Real-time trading with all the assets
  • A devoted customer support service

While all of these features may sound quite fantastic, we suggest you to consider an older and reliable binary system instead of this. Given that this system could end up being a scam, we want to know more precise details about it and see more positive comments.

Final Conclusion: is Midnight Money Machine a scam?

Based on our research, we reached the conclusion that Midnight Money Machine has the potential to be a successful binary system but there is no evidence that it actually works. We think it would be better for you to deal with more reputable binary robots.

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SCAM million.money Reviews: SCAM OR LEGIT?

    Thread starter krishnamuri Start date Jan 6, 2020


Emerald Member

Earn 1500 Ethereum every 100 day by investing Ethereum worth $5.

Activate your account by investing $5 Ethereum.

Has anyone tried this high risk Investment site? Any reviews?


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Earn 1500 Ethereum every 100 day by investing Ethereum worth $5.

Activate your account by investing $5 Ethereum.

Has anyone tried this high risk Investment site? Any reviews?


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Emerald Member


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Newbie Member

Earn 1500 Ethereum every 100 day by investing Ethereum worth $5.

Activate your account by investing $5 Ethereum.

Has anyone tried this high risk Investment site? Any reviews?

First of all it is not an investment site and there’s nothing high risk about it. It is as transparent as they get.

It’s mostly peer to peer crowdfunding, nothing fancy. Plus, what kind of a risk is a $5 investment. Lol


Emerald Member

First of all it is not an investment site and there’s nothing high risk about it. It is as transparent as they get.

It’s mostly peer to peer crowdfunding, nothing fancy. Plus, what kind of a risk is a $5 investment. Lol


Newbie Member



Newbie Member


Newbie Member


Newbie Member


Newbie Member


Newbie Member





First of all it is not an investment site and there’s nothing high risk about it. It is as transparent as they get.

It’s mostly peer to peer crowdfunding, nothing fancy. Plus, what kind of a risk is a $5 investment. Lol

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5 Minute Money Machines Review – Scam or Legit Method?

The creator of 5 Minute Money Machines, Mark Berret, is trying to convince you that you can just copy and paste a few links and make a reliable income online.

Of course, you are searching for more information because you don’t really think that such an affordable course can help you make $1,000s per month! It seems too good to be true, right?

So, is 5 Minute Money Machines a scam or legit course? Does it live up to the hype?

5 Minute Money Machines Review

  • Name: 5 Minute Money Machines
  • Price: $6.95 + Upsells
  • Website: https://5minutemoneymachines.com
  • Strategy Affiliate Marketing
  • Author: Mark Barrett
  • [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”] 1.8/5

The Sales Page

In his video presentation, Mark Barrett claims that 5 Minute Money Machines is a method that he’s been using for years to generate thousands of dollars in recurring income per month.

According to him, it’s a copy and paste method that only takes 5 minutes of work.

Well, the reality is that you just can’t buy any course and expect to start making money with this copy and paste mentality.

In my opinion, that mentality is the perfect ingredient for failure.

What is 5 Minute Money Machines?

5 Minute Money Machines is an online course that teaches you how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform through solo ads.

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent training program on how to build niche sites and make money as an affiliate marketer. It also has one of the most profitable affiliate programs!

How Does it Work?

As I mentioned, you will promote Wealthy Affiliate (WA) through solo ads. But what is a solo ad you may ask?

A “solo ad” is a marketing strategy in which you contact marketers with a big list of subscribers (people’s emails), and pay them to promote your affiliate links.

The link directs people to Wealthy Affiliate, and when someone signs up for free, the person becomes your referral.

Now, if the person decides to become a premium member and pay for the monthly membership of $49/mo, you will earn $23.50 per referral per month.

The problem is that solo ads is a risky strategy because they are not cheap and might not convert well enough to generate profits. So, you may lose money.

There is no doubt many marketers are able to make a good income and grow a list of subscribers with solo ads. But it’s not easy.

The Training

5 Minute Money Machines consists of the following 7 videos:

  • Introduction – Start here first.
  • Here’s how it’s done.
  • Setting up Part 1.
  • Setting Up Part 2.
  • Start the traffic.
  • Onboarding new clients.
  • Conclusion.

The course is short and to the point, and anyone can apply the method with minimal effort.

Can You Make $1,000s Per Month With Just 5 Minutes of Simple Work?

I have been promoting Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years, so I am confident in what I am about to say.

You’re unlikely to make $1000s in profits by merely sending out affiliate links through solo ads.

Perhaps you can make $1,000, but then you may have to spend $2,000 or even more…

Here is something fundamental you should know:

Although WA is focused on helping you build sites about a topic you are passionate about, it also has extensive training on how to create a website to promote the platform itself. It’s called Bootcamp.

Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp.

I followed the Bootcamp and finally reached $1,000 per month after 2 years of consistent work. I’ve been writing 3 articles per week on average, which ranks on Google and get me FREE traffic (visitors).

WA itself doesn’t teach individuals to buy solo ads. If this strategy worked so well, then there would be a significant demand for solo ads, causing prices to increase dramatically.

As a result, the profits would shrink more and more until the point where we are right now. A point where it’s extremely difficult to generate profits.

Conclusion – Is 5 Minute Money Machines a Scam?

No, it isn’t. In my opinion, it’s just a course that focuses on an outdated strategy that is quite risky.

If you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, the best thing you can do is follow their Bootcamp course.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of the platform, knows what works. Besides, their business depends on successful marketing campaigns of their affiliates.

They will teach you to rank on the first page of Google by writing helpful, and SEO optimised articles. Not to mention all the other strategies such as social media and PPC (pay per click).

It’s a strategy that has worked very well for me and will continue to work for years to come. Here is a screenshot of my next payment due on the 1st January 2020:

The method they teach is excellent to build a solid foundation to live the laptop lifestyle.

I can not only promote WA but also any other platform that brings me passive income.

Here is another screenshot that shows daily commissions that I earn by promoting a GPT (get paid to) site called Prizerebel:

If you want to learn more about my story with Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you create a profitable internet business, check out my full review here.

Thanks for checking out my 5 Minute Money Machines Review and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below.

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Hi guys! I’m Stefan. In 2020 I quit my Master’s degree to pursue a freedom lifestyle. I decided to build an internet business to make my own hours and travel whenever I want.

In this blog, I write honest reviews and recommend only the best courses and platforms that will help you earn money online.

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