Lewes.io Review 3 Reasons Why Lewes Ltd is Risky

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Lewes.io Review: 3 Reasons Why Lewes Ltd is Risky

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7 reasons why Lewes is a great place to live

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Nestled within the heart of rural Sussex is the bustling county town of Lewes – a place that’s known as much for its Guy Fawkes celebrations as it is for being an antique lover’s nirvana.

Wander the medieval streets on a sunny day and you’ll see exactly why Sussex folk love living there.

It’s the perfect blend of old and new, with trendy clothes shops sitting comfortably next to old-fashioned bookstores and boutiques.

Whether it’s the town’s sense of independence, its historic connections, or the fact that it’s home to the county’s best locally brewed bitter, Lewes is a real charmer.

Here are seven reasons why it’s a great place to live.

1. It’s the bonfire capital of the world

Once a year in November, the usually docile town comes alive to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

People travel far and wide to witness the bonfire spectacular, which has been hailed as the largest Bonfire Night festivity in the UK.

With extravagant processions, costumes and fireworks, Lewes Bonfire is an annual carnival you don’t want to miss.

2. It’s a dream for lovers of vintage, retro and antique

Lewes is home to a myriad of quaint shops selling one-of-a-kind antiques and vintage paraphernalia – meaning you can always find something unique to deck out your house.

There’s also an amazing Flea Market, which is open every day and is a veritable treasure trove of kitsch, retro items and second-hand furniture.

3. There’s a castle at the town’s highest point

Lewes Castle was built shortly after the Norman invasion and is a year-round attraction owned by The Sussex Archaeology Society.

Climb to the top of the 1000-year-old medieval keep and you’ll have spectacular panoramic views across Sussex.

4. Books, books and more books

Lewes is the perfect town for book lovers.

As well as a stylish and well-stocked Waterstones (complete with a cozy coffee shop), there are also plenty of independently owned shops, like Bow Windows Bookshop, which deals in antique books and rare editions.

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The town has plenty of literary connections and is within close proximity to Virginia Woolf’s 18th-century country retreat, Monk’s House, as well as the nearby Charleston Festival, an annual literary event that takes place in May each year.

5. Lewes loves ale

The town makes a darn good brew – and I’m not talking about the tea kind.

Situated next to the river, Harvey’s is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex and it’s a real traditional brew-house inside and out.

Local residents and visitors alike enjoy watching the Harvey’s horses and dray cart delivering beer – it’s like stepping into a bygone era.

6. The town has bags of history

Lewes Castle isn’t the only medieval landmark the town has to offer – it’s also home to the 15th Century house that Anne of Cleves gained in her divorce settlement from Henry VIII.

Now used as a museum, the house provides a fascinating glimpse into how the Tudors and Elizabethans lived and worked.

7. Lewes Raft Race

Every summer, Lewes plays host to the regatta and raft race where thousands of spectators pack the riverbanks to watch the riotous rafters on their way to Newhaven.

This year’s event takes place on July 9 and the theme is ‘Brittania rules the waves?’.

It’s a great day of riverside entertainment that raises money for charity.

Three reasons why Clive Lewis deserves to be on the Labour leadership ballot

Ed Sykes
11th January 2020

Labour’s Clive Lewis is campaigning to be party leader. And while he may not be the highest profile candidate on the left of the party, there are three key reasons why Labour MPs should give him a place in the leadership race.

Lewis claims to be “a socialist from the same broad tradition of the party” as current leader Jeremy Corbyn, but is unique in putting certain issues at the forefront of his campaign. For example, he insists on:

  1. Reforming Britain’s democracy, in part via a change to its disproportional voting system.
  2. Reforming party democracy.
  3. Media reform.

He would also continue a number of Corbyn-era policies like the green industrial revolution, public investment, and internationalism.

1) Reforming democracy

Lewis has called his pledge for electoral reform “the litmus test of Labour’s survival”, stressing that:

Labour should have committed itself to changing the voting system decades ago

Keir Starmer has already thrown disabled people under the bus

The images that prove Starmer’s first shadow cabinet is much less about ‘unity’ than Corbyn’s was

Why Lisa Nandy’s appointment as shadow foreign secretary is a cause for concern

As former Labour candidate Fran Boait wrote recently, he’s “the only candidate putting electoral reform front and centre of his campaign”.

Britain’s current voting system (‘First Past the Post’) saw the Conservatives get around 43% of votes but about 56% of all MPs in December’s election. Labour (and other parties), meanwhile, would have won more seats in a more proportional system. A recent poll showed that 76% of Labour Party members now believe the party should back calls for a more proportional electoral system. And Lewis has been at the forefront in demanding change for some time.

“We must come out in favour of Proportional Representation – not only because it is the fairest way to elect a parliament, but also because it will put into practice our fundamental belief in the value of collaboration and cooperation.”
– @labourlewishttps://t.co/BzBjGdnaKy

He has also spoken out about the House of Lords and the monarchy, calling for public consultation:

On Sunday I’ll unveil my manifesto, including a policy for a Constitutional Convention. This will give the British people an opportunity to discuss a written constitution, PR, the House of Lords & the Royal Family. I want the public to be more involved in our democracy, not less.

BREAKING Labour leadership hopeful Clive Lewis calls for referendum on Royal familyhttps://t.co/QblCJmxrhi pic.twitter.com/9A6kS5SSjr

2) Reforming the Labour Party

Lewis is seeking to reform Labour’s internal democratic structures, and its relationship with progressive forces outside the party too.

Regarding the former, he has insisted that:

Corbyn’s first promise as leader was never fulfilled. The party was never democratised on the scale or to the extent that members were led to expect – they were never empowered to campaign, select candidates or determine policy on the scale that was required. This must now change.

He has spoken specifically about Labour’s decline in Scotland, saying:

It is not for me as an English MP to dictate to Scotland what that form of government should be, Labour should not oppose a second referendum if there is a mandate to hold one. https://t.co/3lB8GCv0mi

Clive Lewis: :”Nor should any English party dictate to the Scottish. Scottish Labour, like Welsh Labour, should have full autonomy from the English – free to decide their views on fundamental questions like support for independence.” https://t.co/qHr2o9lyEB

At the same time, he wants Labour to express greater solidarity with forces outside the party. As he’s stressed:

For years, I’ve championed the need to build progressive alliances both inside and outside the Labour Party, to construct the broadest coalition of people to work together on issues we can agree on. The global rise of the far right is facilitated in part through their exceptional organisation. Progressive forces in the UK need to modernise and do the same.

And he’s promised:

I would prioritise building these alliances and putting aside our futile tribalism.

He says Labour must “modernise or die”, adding:

I’m standing because I see a party in crisis and democracy in crisis

3) Media revolution

The establishment media played a key role in defeating Corbyn. And Lewis is fully aware of the need to reform the media, having worked as a journalist himself in the past. He has reserved particular criticism for the BBC. In 2020, he said:

Over the last three decades I believe that the BBC’s independence has slowly been diminished, its programme making increasingly commercialised, and its editorial culture [has become] increasingly conservative.

And he has stressed that the current media environment – where a small handful of powerful corporations dominate – serves to protect the economic and political establishment.

Labour must give Lewis a platform

Lewis is also an army veteran, although he’s “sceptical about Trident renewal” and committed to tackling the “root causes” of conflicts (i.e. injustice and capitalism). As Boait stressed, meanwhile, he would actively tackle the right’s scapegoating of immigrants and all-too-common reliance on racist dog whistles. And he has been strong on the climate emergency:

We are in the midst of a climate emergency, and yet the Government acts as if it’s business as usual. Our very future is at risk. We must act now. A #GreenNewDeal must be at the very heart of any campaign to become leader of the Labour Party ✊���� pic.twitter.com/waa7vAvxHt

Lewis currently lacks enough support from Labour MPs to participate in the leadership contest. And there are a couple of past controversies which have long been resolved but may put them off. But if Labour wants to remain relevant as a political force, it desperately needs to tackle the issues of democracy in the country, the party, and the media. So putting Lewis in the race is an absolute must.

Featured image via BBC

We need your help .

The coronavirus pandemic is changing our world, fast. And we will do all we can to keep bringing you news and analysis throughout. But we are worried about maintaining enough income to pay our staff and minimal overheads.

Now, more than ever, we need a vibrant, independent media that holds the government to account and calls it out when it puts vested economic interests above human lives. We need a media that shows solidarity with the people most affected by the crisis – and one that can help to build a world based on collaboration and compassion.

We have been fighting against an establishment that is trying to shut us down. And like most independent media, we don’t have the deep pockets of investors to call on to bail us out.

Can you help by chipping in a few pounds each month?

Here is a fourth reason why Lewis merits consideration.

” In April 2020, Lewis commented in an interview for the New Statesman (in jest), in response to a question on whether he was taking his upcoming victory for granted, he would only lose if he was “caught with [his] pants down behind a goat with Ed Miliband at the other end”. ”

My only objection to this is that Lewis chose to apologise.

Whoever Labour’s next leader is to be, it ought be someone untainted by association with ‘New’ Labour neo-liberalism and propensity for corruption. That should not debar candidates around during the ‘Blair’ political obscenity who were not drawn into the circle of perfidy. For instance Mr Corbyn was among a number of honourable people who retained personal integrity. Lewis’s generation of MP has not been tested against temptation but a sense of humour bodes well.

Another point in favour of Lewis: he served in the armed force (yes only army reserve, but still armed forces) and completed a 3 months tour in Afghanistan. Therefore, if he promotes peace and opposes war, he cannot be accused of “not liking his country” nor being a coward. The part of the electorate who are normally right leaning, wanting a “strong” leader might be attracted by this.

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