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Why the ruble is the world’s worst-performing currency

Ivan Martchev

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Referenced Symbols

The worst-performing major currency in the world in 2020 happens to be the Russian ruble, according to’s Forex Year-To-Date Highs/Lows – Major Rates data. It is always a little tricky measuring those performance numbers, as the Russian ruble is quoted in rubles per dollar (like the yen), so more rubles per dollar reflects a weaker ruble. Regardless of whether you measure it in rubles per dollar or cents per ruble, it is not a pleasant experience to go from over 3.6 cents per ruble (under 30 rubles per dollar) five years ago to under 1.2 cents (over 85, see chart).

The trouble with the ruble, as with all commodity- and energy-dependent economies and their currencies, is oil (in green on the chart linked above). I described the situation in my Marketmail commentary on Aug. 4, 2020 , including this passage: “Tell me where the oil rout may stop and I will tell you if there is more downside to the Russian ruble and Russia’s stock market. If, indeed, oil is headed under $20/bbl. in due course as the Chinese situation unravels, the ruble may break 100 on the USDRUB cross rate. The Russian dollar-denominated RTS index is at 858 at the close last week. I think it is entirely possible that it ends up in the 400-500 range.”

The U.S. dollar vs. the Russian ruble USDRUB, -1.82% exchange rate was at 58 when those comments were made. On Jan. 21, 2020, the ruble hit 85.09. Given that the dollar-denominated RTS Index was at 858 at the time, where was it on Friday, Feb. 26? It was at 725.98 (and we have been as low as 607 on Jan. 21).

Why oil matters

The outlook for the Russian stock market and the ruble remains bearish. As a matter of principle, I believe one has to short with the bears and run with the bulls, as difficult as that may be. Playing favorites does not work in stocks or bonds and neither does it work in commodities or currencies. Permabears and permabulls have the same faults — being “perma” means being stuck in one position.

I think we have better-than-even odds of USDRUB at 100 and an RTS Index at 400 or so simply because I am not convinced that oil will hold at $20/bbl. Russia remains the most leveraged economy to the price of oil, which is perhaps why it is so conservatively run from a fiscal standpoint. The Russians would make most countries look ridiculous with their low level of indebtedness and conservative budgets. Even though we have a generational collapse in commodity prices that is greater than 2008, their budget deficit is tiny (-0.5%) and much smaller than what they ran in the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.

Where China comes in

Furthermore, as the Chinese forex reserves are collapsing while trying to control the peg on the yuan, with the flight of capital out of China running at $100 billion a month, Russian forex reserves are rising amidst a collapse in commodity prices. This is because the Russians learned the $200 billion lesson from 2008 (that’s how much they lost in forex reserves, see chart), that managing the ruble exchange rate is very costly if the price of crude oil is not there to support it. So instead of throwing good money after bad, the Russians have high interest rates to support the currency, even though that is not helping much at the moment, given the situation with crude oil.

The Chinese situation is highly relevant to all of China’s close trading partners and all major commodity producers, like Russia. The fact that commodity prices are low does not mean they cannot go lower, as we learned in the Asian Crisis in 1997-1998. The issue this time is that China has a GDP of $11 trillion, much larger than during the Asian Crisis of the late 1990s.

The question of China arose again in a conversation with investors last week where one that had visited China in the 1980s was sharing with me that it was surreal that there is smog and pollution in Beijing today and then there was nary a car on the road.

“They are very industrious people,” he said of the Chinese. “You have to admire that.”

“I know, and I do admire it,” I noted. “But I see a problem in people connecting an impossible-to-manage credit bubble that is presently unravelling in China and their industriousness. One has nothing to do with the other.”

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I hope the Russians understand that difference as it is costing them dearly at the moment.

Investmoney Reviews? Is Good or Bad for you? Facts about Investmoney!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Review Done

You probably have entered in the right place as your destination is right here. With the help of this article we will help you to find the end and decide on your circumstances whether Investmoney is scam or an absolute emergence of growth.

As we all are aware of this fact that in the era of globalization everything is expanding and growing with such fast pace. This tends to corrupt the internet world. Therefore it is much better to be more aware on our part. We all appreciate your efforts for taking a step ahead towards the safety of the society.

You have reached right place where all of your queries will be resolved. In this article we will emerge all the corners relating to the end of Investmoney so that you can yourself decide the legitimacy of Investmoney .

As the moment we think of joining a new website/ app/ company hundreds of questions emerges. Dealing with basic questions is utterly important as it helps us to get closer to the enquiry. Some of the question to be self raised are Whether Investmoney is scam or legit? Who is operating Investmoney ? What is the motive of the company? What are steps to be carried in joining and more such questions.

Aforesaid it is advisable to always investigate and observe the operations before firming confirmation in being a member of company. Firstly you should be very sure about the carried operations of the company so that your personal and financial information does get misused.

If you have any doubt or query then feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to satisfy your problem with the best available solution.

Under what category Investmoney falls?

The following paragraphs will clear all of your confusion as there is detailed information regarding various types of scams. The below mentioned points will help you to decide whether Investmoney is scam or worth the time. In case your conclusion ends at positive aspect then we recommend you to go ahead with your selected company/ website/ app, otherwise you should be satisfied as you have taken a step ahead for the safety towards your personal and financial details.

Type A: Red Flag for Shopping Websites:

Note: We are taking an Example for a website/Company which is Shopping Scam Site like

1.) Scam selling of brand products:

There are various online shopping sites which create their official websites in such a way that lures the potential customers of branded products. Such shopping website cater similar domain name as of branded products websites. The developers of these websites fool people by stealing the domain name of the branded websites. Their trick is played in such a way: a domain name may be registered with “rebookee” who is selling the products of Reebok. Now the question arises why a popular brand needs the support of another namely website to sell their products.

Note: Got Scammed, Recover Your Money Back:

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Such websites do not have any sort of permission granted by the official company nor are they taking any operations under any agreement. Therefore such types of shopping websites are playing fraud.

2.) WHOIS details:

In the modern marketing customer satisfaction is given the utter priority because if the consumers will not purchase the product then what is the use of selling them.

Hence it is very important to share the informative details of owner, company, startup, motives and much more which will create a sense of communication between the developers of the company and the members.

There are various sites which tend to hide their owner information in the WHOIS records. Such many sites are considered to be scam and fraud. As it is very common with each and every well known website to share every possible pinch of details about the company with their members but where some companies hide details tend to play fraud.

Secondly when no contact info or office address is mentioned the company cannot be blamed for undelivered or delivery of wrong products. At the end members are left with a option to interact with the company through the email address provided.

Sharing details create trust within both the parties and a sense of loyalty. Sites which hide their owner and other details in WHOIS records are frequently counted as scams.

3.) Discount trap:

Not a single individual can neglect that all human beings love to shop especially if the products are on discount. Thus, this trick played by the developers of the sites results in wonders.

Thus glimpsing discounts seize the sense of understanding among the humans especially women. Therefore they shop from the sites without going through a background check. This is the reason scammers trap customers through their strategy.

Scam shopping websites provide huge discounts that to 24*7. Hence we all are aware of this fact that no company which legit provide heavy discounts. There are many people who shop from such sites without investigating about the background about the company.

4.) Less safety:

The moment we think of joining a company or doing shopping from it we need to provide our personal and financial details to it. Therefore it is the prior duty of the developers to secure the shared details with every possible aspect.

The developers of the fraudulent sites use such information for fulfilling their personal motives. At times the financial information is misused without notifying about it.

For leading in the field of legitimacy xyz must have had security measures in order to secure and protect their details from the scam sites.

5.) Chances of theft:

Aforesaid scam sites do not provide any security measures to their customers. Therefore the chances of stealing and misuse of the provided data is high.

The third party companies steal the information of the customer’s especially financial details for misusing it for their own benefit. Such stealing may result in cyber attacks by the hackers.

Because of this reason we advise our readers to acknowledge about the company before rendering any such details. Sharing details with the unknown websites increase the chances of cyber attacks. Hence it becomes utterly important to have correct details of the owner.

6.) Unoriginal contents:

Various scam sites flourish the website with copied contents and similar images. Even the most important section i.e. “About Us” is also copied.

A legit site does not require copying as they are self sufficient in providing correct details. Thus, they do not need copying the content from other websites. On the other hand scam sites use the content and images of other trustworthy websites.

After investigating the website xyz we found that the content on the homepage is copied plus the images reflecting the operations of xyz are also stolen.

7.) Payment Gateway:

The icons of payment presented on the official website are clickable and have validity certificate with them. The payment gateway on xyz is also not clickable plus these sites do not have any authority to use such gateways that is the reason that payment gateways are not clickable.

In order to provide genuine payment gateways the developers of the company have to submit required money and details. Therefore scam sites neither have much money nor they wish to share their details.

The xyz site has rendered images of the payment gateway and not the clickable icons. This indicates that xyz has no link with the mentioned payment gateways on their site.

8.) Shabby website Designing:

In today’s era social media has become an utterly important part of life. Each and everyone are busy with their social media account. Therefore not having a website social media account is very strange. One of the reason which can be assumed is that the developers does not want to promote their products and services because quite possible that the content and the images of xyz is copied.

The website xyz does not have any social media account which creates doubt in minds. This portrays that xyz does not want to promote their products and services. As we all are aware of this fact that marketing is an essential element for a company. Therefore how could xyz can sell their products and services without advertising them?

9.) Vanished About Us Section:

For being in the business industry one must think of long term goals which can be done by various factors. One such factor is About Us section which is the most important element of official website.

After an intense observation it was found that xyz About Us has copied content which directly means that there is no “About Us” section of xyz of itself.

Type B: Passive Income Websites/ Applications:

Note: We are taking an example of a website which is make money online scam site like

1.) Luring Sign up Bonus:

There are various online companies which allows their members to earn easy earning while doing simple and lame tasks. In addition to this the most common feature which is noticed is sign up bonus. Through this companies attract people from every walk of life.

The xyz is paying $25 only for signing up which is absolutely a trap laid by the developers. These companies only tend to credit the amount in the member’s account but never pay them.

2.) Lacking Information:

In order to make more people trust the company it is important to share the details of the owner and the company. As a result trust and expansion towards company increases.

Being an ignorant pageant we tend to neglect the background check which becomes a plus point for the company. Those sites which are involved in money dealings required the sharing of information.

Sites like xyz will stop operating after some period of time once their work is executed.

3.) No legit earnings:

The xyz is not providing their members earnings for doing some legit work. The company is only providing their earnings through referral program.

Referral program is provided by trustworthy sites such as Amazon which renders credits or free shipping whenever your referral uses Amazon.

Sites like Amazon provides referral program in order to promote their website and publicize their products and services.

The only difference to be observed between genuine and scam referrals is that genuine websites have some sort of business to promote whereas the scam site has only one business i.e. referral program.

4.) Prone to cyber attack:

Many websites are developed for the purpose of pooling the information from the people to use it for their own benefit. Such sites are prone to cyber attack.

The sites sell the gathered information with the third parties. Therefore it is always advised to investigate about the company before submitting personal and financial details.

5.) Ugly Reviews:

Thinking for a single moment that xyz pays n real for all of your effort is sheer waste. Definitely the claims of the company are really big and promising but in real they never come true.

If it would be that much easy to earn money as claimed by xyz, then majority of the people in a city would be sitting in home and working with xyz to earn passive income.

It is very observant that any site which is claiming to fetch 99% of occasions to make its members earn it definitely runs into scam.

6.) Scam Testimonials:

The testimonials provided on xyz are absolutely fraud and scam as one can easily guess it by reading the gesture of the speakers. The person in the testimonials speaks in such a way which clearly reflects that they are reading the spoken words from a piece of paper.

One can easily judge the authenticity of the company by glimpsing the fake testimonials placed. By searching on Google it can observed that the testimonials on xyz are absolutely fake.

7.) No social media account:

Today’s world is full of social media accounts. Therefore it becomes very much important for the companies in this era to have accounts on social media in order to promote their products and services.

Hence, if you will click on the social media icons on xyz it will take you some other social media where with every inch of imagination no information relating to xyz is found.

8.) Similar contents:

There are various companies who wish not to invest much time in preparing the details and completing the formalities required to expose their company in internet world.

Hence, they tend to copy the contents from the other websites which is totally wrong as they are keeping their members in dark. Same is the case with xyz because the “Terms of Service” section is completely similar to Notioncash.

9.) Simple tasks:

Everyone is aware of the fact that each and every person operates business to earn profit. These days the online companies promise to pay passive income by doing simple tasks such as watching ads, reading news, referral program and much more.

Therefore how could it even be possible to earn easy money just by watching videos or reading news? These are the tricks used by the scammers to dupe the intentions of innocent people.

This tricks and strategies are played by many developers of such scam sites as of xyz. Hence be sure prior jumping in any sort of business and decide after giving a background check.

10.) Unbelievable amount is offered:

As each and everyone is curious to earn money while working with ease. Therefore many websites offer lucrative amounts to attract more and more members. This way the trick played by the scammers becomes useful and hence they are able to lure people.

Type C: Online Investments:

Note: We are taking an example of a website/Comapny which is online investment (Ponzi, pyramid) Scam Site like

1.) Misleading Information:

Aforesaid many online websites does not provide any information regarding their owner nor about the company. Therefore this strategy is mostly neglected by the developers of investments websites and applications.

Though investment websites provide information but the information are all false. Therefore the case with xyz is not exceptional. The website xyz has provided false contents and images which are presented on their official website.

The team members on xyz are also the team members of another site over the internet. All of the content and images are absolutely copied.

2.) Phony Plans:

Being an investment company the plans should be prepared in that manner. Therefore the plans laid by the xyz have no connection with reality. The plans are unscrupulous.

It is not authentic for an investment company to copy the plans of other companies. The website xyz is not offering as such legit work the only task for the members to do is referral program. The ratio of scam sites offering referral program as their major task is high.

3.) Away from social media:

To become the voice of millions of people it is important for each and every investment website to have a social media account. The social media is used to spread the required awareness to the people all over the world.

Being not on social media is not claiming the authenticity of the company but definitely it shows the sincerity of the company towards their work. Even providing a social media platform to the members increase the chance of the company to get claimed. Therefore if there is no contact info nor there is any sources to contact then how will the members of xyz will claim the company.

4.) No transparency:

Sharing information with the present and potential members helps them to trust the company to its fullest. On the other hand xyz is even informing the people about the owner or the developer of the company. Plus the owner details are also not transparent in WHOIS records.

The question raises that if xyz is claiming itself to be genuine then why it is hiding their details. Each and every person who wishes to work with xyz has every single right to known the owner and its contact information so that in an event of mishappening he can be contacted.

The reason behind hiding details is that the company is not licensed. Hence it does not want to get claimed for running the business without authorization.

6.) Attracting people:

The main task of investment company xyz is to lure people towards their work operation so that more and more people register themselves as the member of xyz.

Obtaining knowledge from any person who invests money this can be learned that investing in stock is definitely not an easy task. Therefore how can xyz claim to pay such high amount? To gain the attention of the people xyz is also providing $25 as sign up bonus.

7.) No detailed registration:

Xyz is an investment site which deals in money. Therefore it is obvious that xyz will take all the measures to protect the company from all sort of scam. As dealing with money the company xyz must confirm all the details i.e. personal and financial information.

Hence in the case of xyz the company has similar registration process as noticed in scam sites. In simpler words the company is registering members without checking their email address or background.

As we all known that xyz is dealing in investment area hence it is a duty of the company to recheck the details of its members to protect the site from every area.

7.) Stealing data:

Aforesaid points prove the fraudulent nature of xyz. Therefore the question arises from where these scam companies accumulates money. There are subtle ways for the scam sites to earn.

Whenever we register ourselves as the member of xyz we render all our information either personal or financial. These scam companies accumulate all the data of their members and sell to the third party whose main motive is to benefit them at any cost.

The members of third party specifically use financial details in order to withdraw the money in the bank accounts without any notification.

8.) Reviews:

While scrolling Google we could find the reviews of the members about xyz. The members are annoyed as their raised problems were taken into consideration and were not solved.

End Note:

After reading and digesting all the above points we wish to convey our readers that never opt for easy money ways as it can be dangerous.

Always be aware before taking falling into the trap laid down by the scammers. Prior becoming member of any online company always go through a background check.

Now you are able to decide that is Investmoney good or bad for you? After reading this article, if you think that Investmoney is good for you then go ahead neither stop your time to waste on it.

If you have any other questions related Investmoney then please ask with us in our comment box. We will be happy to answer you.

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