ICONE GROUP Review is icone-group.win a Scam or Should I Invest

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Is Icon a Good Investment? What you MUST Know!

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market but I developed a sort of love for ICON (ICX) at first sight. I feel it is a cryptocurrency worth your investment.

What is ICON? Is it worth Buying? How does it Work?

This is the best platform for you to get answers to any questions you have about ICON. In this article, I will help you understand ICON better before investing into it. Take your time to read this article and know how to succeed in ICON investment.

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Is ICX a Good Investment? – Roope’s Video Review

ICON Review

Name: ICON (ICX)

Launched: 2020

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Imagine having a cryptocurrency capable of bridging public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Qtum? This is possible with ICON. It is a cryptocurrency that comes with a new Consensus Algorithm named LFT (Loop Fault Tolerant). To know how this works, take a closer look below!

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies always involves risk. If you are looking for more “secure” ways to make money online, we recommend having a look at this step-by-step online business training.

ICON homepage is futuristic but simple.

What Is ICON?

ICON has been designed to be a big scale ecosystem, allowing different blockchain protocols connect to each other via their protocol. It is an online ledger on which institutions such as banks, security firms, universities and private blockchains are able to share their information without relying on an intermediary.

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This feature is not offered by other blockchains, hence institutions MUST invest in ICON and enjoy this feature. In ICON, consensus can be reached faster as a result of use of LFT protocol without having forks. This is a feature that financial institutions such as banks have desired to have, making ICON a very promising cryptocurrency in terms of adoption.

In LFT, a fast consensus is reached by creating a group amongst the trusted parties. ICON owner, TheLoops partnered with some leading financial institutions providing them with services like settlement systems with no intermediary agencies, common authentication systems and real time trade systems.

How Does ICON Work? / Benefits of ICON

ICON is a blockchain of blockchains, allowing communities such as hospitals, universities and banks to create their own blockchains. Each blockchain that operates under ICON is autonomous from the other blockchains, and it is connected to the ICON global blockchain system. There are some nodes on the network that act as liasons between the individual blockchains.

This has been achieved by use of loopchain technology. Most blockchain technologies are geared towards being scalable for widespread and widespread use. Currently, only ICON is providing a blockchain protocol that is scalable for a worldwide adoption and a number of industries, institutions and businesses are using it.

The current users of ICON are expected to expand their networks and the usage of the cryptocurrency, and other businesses and industries will follow suit. Currently, ICON has a market capitalization of US$2.7, but this is expected to grow to overtake that of its competitors like Ethereum or NEO.

ICON can be used in companies of any size. The goal of ICON team is to have the largest decentralized network connecting countries and people across the world.

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It can work well with blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. ICON works well with third-party blockchains connected to the world. This way, ICON helps connect the real world to the crypto-world, creating new opportunities for businesses.

ICON has increased the usability of Blockchain. The goal of ICON is to be highly usable and make the blockchain technology usable in daily lives. The team has created real world applications that can be used by businesses and communities. It features DAVinCI, an artificial intelligence solution many financial institutions need to use.

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Risks of ICON

Every type of investment is associated with some risks and ICON is not different.

Icon interacts with the public via smart contracts. The designers rely on Bancor protocol whose pricing equation is flawed. This protocol has a low liquidity on small currencies.

The ICO suffers a threat from the changes in the price of Ether. If the price of Ether increases steeply, the ICON holders may destroy their coins via the contract. The reason is simple, the contract will have a high worth compared to the coin, meaning that everyone will have to sell the coins to the contract.

Also, Ether has not become stable as we speak. There is a risk when you tie your currency to any unstable one. Consider the Insurance and Hospital as an example. Suppose the value of Ether decreases by 15% in one day, the Hospital community that had received ICX from the Insurance company will feel to have been cheated.

For the case of the average investors, there is risk for you if you hold this token since it is of no use to you if you have no one to sell it to. Also, even if this token is supplied in huge amounts, it will be of no help. Many companies will be expected to use blockchain services so that a real demand may be generated.


There are several organizations involved in ICON, including ICON Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization in Switzerland. ICON has a large team including many advisors, each with some connections that will help popularize this technology across the world. YG Lim leads the Asian product development team.

YG Lim is also working on a number of other blockchain projects. There are large ambitions

ICON’s strong team of advisors.

associated with this project, and this is expected to draw in more team members.

TheLoop, which is a company headquartered in Korea is also part of ICON team. The company is responsible for developing smart contracts and ICON Nexus. Finally, DAYLI Intelligence is responsible for providing DAVinCI, the artificial intelligence solution for optimizing the distribution and the network.

The ICON team includes eight advisors, 13 people in blockchain department, six members of the foundation council, five in AI department and other five team members responsible for design, marketing and security.

ICON Community

ICON has its headquarters in South Korea, but its popularity has spread out across the world. European and Asian countries are the leading investors in ICON. It is true Bitcoin and Ethereum are the leading cryptocurrencies in the world.

However, ICON is very promising and if its development team delivers on its promises, there are high chances it will become the leading cryptocurrency in the world, overtaking Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The goal of ICON is to connect the world on a global level and enable all blockchains to interact with each other. Many institutions across the world are beginning to adopt ICON. Examples include banks, hospitals and academic institutions.

Is ICON Worth Buying?

ICON price hit its peak in 30th of January in 2020. (Blue line shows the market cap, Green line the price in USD and the orange line shows the price in BTC.)

In my personal opinion, the sky is the limit to this promising cryptocurrency. For a cryptocurrency to succeed, it must hit the market. It can’t hit the market without bringing something new to the market. However, ICON MUST hit the market because of its unique features.

Banks and other financial institutions are looking to adopt a cryptocurrency that will support a fast consensus mechanism. This is not any other cryptocurrency other than ICON. Organizations are also looking for a way of staying connected with other organizations across the entire world. ICON is the only option as it is geared towards connected organizations running different blockchains across the world.

ICON has all the features that organizations have wanted to have. This will lead to an increased adoption of the cryptocurrency. An increased adoption of this cryptocurrency will lead to an increase in its value, and you may benefit a lot from this. If ICON implements all the features that have been proposed, it will overtake Bitcoin and Ethereum. You don’t have to wait, buy ICON today and you will reap from its expected increased adoption by organizations.

ICON is also backed by the Korean government. This means that the ICON team will not mess with it much. This gives you some level of trust. The ICON team has also invested so much in diverse expertise, and this is expected to drive the success of this cryptocurrency. ICON price for today is $4.7754. It has a current circulating supply of 386 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of $33,151,444. This is expected to increase steadily.

Personally, I have bought ICON. I don’t regret my action. I believe this is the next BIG thing to his institutions, especially those in the financial sector and this will leave me with a BIG smile!

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ICON Price Prediction

Are you looking for a virtual currency with a good return? The price of ICON equal to 4.785 USD as at the current (2020-02-19). If you buy the ICON for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 20.900 ICX.

Some people expect that ICON will reach $100 before the end of 2020. We can’t guarantee anything like that and I would say that even though the ICON would rice, $100 it would be hard to reach $100 soon.

Conclusion – Is ICON a Good Investment?

Yes, ICON could be a good investment. However, no investment will yield returns tomorrow. Invest in ICON today and enjoy the benefits some time later, even if it means 2 years to come! Remember that this is just my personal opinion and not a financial advice. Anything can happen in the world of cryptocurrencies like we have seen in the past.

If you want to learn how to manage risks with cryptocurrencies, I recommend taking a closer look at this cryptocurrency investment course. Investing in cryptocurrencies (and in ICON) can offer you huge returns in the near future but it’s important that you learn to recognize the risks, benefits and the possible changes in the projects.

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What do you think about ICON?

Is it worth buying or not?

How Much will the value be in the future?

I Will be Happy to Hear your Opinion about ICON!

Let’s discuss in the comments below! ��

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice.)

Icon Investing: не рекомендуем


Здравствуйте! Я недавно начал работать с брокерской компанией Icon Investing, вложив деньги.Вы могли бы дать информацию об этой компании?


Мы не рекомендуем связываться с компаниями, зарегистрированными в отдалённых островных юрисдикциях, в данном случае — государство Сент-Люсия в Карибском море (Icon Investing это Icon Company LTD, Rodney Bayside Building, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, St. Lucia) с населением 180 тысяч человек.

Мы также не рекомендуем связываться с компаниями, не имеющими лицензии в юрисдикциях, заслуживающих доверия (Россия, ЕС, США, Канада, Австралия).

Доход таких компаний составляют «проигранные» средства клиентов, а не комиссии от вывода сделок на биржи, как в случае с нормальными брокерами.

Скорее всего, вы столкнётесь с проблемами при попытках вывода оттуда крупных сумм, как это обычно бывает с островными лжеброкерами.

Icon Investing, iconinvesting.com

Icon Investing — новая инвестиционная компания. Сайт организации на данный момент располагается в сети только в англоязычной версии, поэтому сложно понять во что именно организация предлагает инвестировать.

Какие отзывы о сотрудничестве с компанией?


Очередная странная контора, документов на самом сайте не нашла, хотя пишут, что есть, и работают давно они уже, кто-то даже указывает, что с 2007 года. Странно, но информации о них очень мало, поэтому выглядит эта информация не сильно правдоподобно. Сайт переведен на русский, но не полностью, некоторые документы и фразы придется все же переводить самостоятельно.

Также в сети есть отрицательные отзывы клиентов, которые рассказывают, что иногда этот ресурс прямо навязывают некоторые сотрудники или свободные участники от брокеров и обучающих компаний. Также видела информацию о том, что может перекинуть на сайт клон и тогда деньги точно сразу прощай, хотя и на основном не лучше ситуация. Офшорная компания без всяких официальных документов и права работать в нашей стране. С одной стороны ничего нового, а с другой почитать истории, которые происходят в подобных ситуациях и становится ясно, что риски в данной области крайне высоки и так. А когда добавляется сомнительный брокер, то вообще шансов нет. Рекомендовать их трудно, а скорее невозможно. Гарантий не видать и близко никаких.

Пишут, что проект старый и ничего про них и не прочтешь в сети. Я случайно увидела их обсуждение в сети на одном тематическом форуме, где общаются начинающие трейдеры – любит у нас конечно, народ побегать в поисках лучших условий. Все надеются, что будет все просто и без проблем: деньги не вкладываешь, получаешь громадную прибыль, делает за тебя все программа и аналитика на сайте. Давно стоит понять, что это лишь в сказках Иванушке дурачку все достается без труда и за чужой счет, а в жизни надо работать и трудиться. Та же торговля на финансовых рынках очень рискованная и требует конкретных знаний в данной области, а не только желания.

Здесь нет документов, адрес в Англии сразу дает понять, что в нашей компании разрешения на работу они не получали, что подтверждается при проверке реестров. Естественно, они не значатся ни в одном. В контактах адрес, да телефон, вот только у кого имеется возможность ездить или звонить в соседнее государство. Да и как вы узнаете про то, что они сменили офис, к примеру, или телефон. В общем, ни гарантий или надежной репутации. Пишут о них скорее плохое. чем хорошее. Лично я при таком раскладе не стал бы рисковать и тратить свое время, а также деньги на непроверенную контору заграницей.

Отзывов по данной организации в сети не нашла. Лица пишущие, что проект старый вероятнее всего говорят о других инвест платформах. Отсутствие русскоязычной службы поддержки и пустой раздел юридической документации, все видео лекции на английском языке, отсутствие информации об организаторах — наводит на мысль, что это не более чем очередная афера и отзывы в сети только подтверждают данное предположение.
На каждой странице призывы к инвестированию в Icon Investing. Насколько это имеет смысл решать каждому, но, на мой взгляд, это довольно мутная структура основной целью, которой является выманивание денег у наиболее доверчивых категорий населения ведущихся на быстрый и простой заработок в интернете. «Инвестор» берет все риски на себя т.к. данная организация не имеет регистрации в России (и имеет ли вообще?) и в случае мошенничества, что более чем вероятно, пользователю не поможет никто.

ХАХАХА. На самом деле очень интересно почитать) Люди, которые пишут о документах и регистрации, Вы ничего не знаете об этой сфере. Компания работает пока что) я работаю 3-месяц и заработок в месяц 7-11% и мне это нравится. Так что, ЛЮДИ, если вы не понимаете — не пишите пожалуйста

Why Iconix Brand (ICON) Is Losing Sheen Post Q1 Earnings?

Shares of Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICON ) have been declining since it reported dismal first-quarter 2020 results. This Zacks Rank #4 (Sell) stock fell 8.4% since the company posted its results on May 10.

In fact, we note that its shares have underperformed both the Zacks categorized Shoes & Retail Apparel industry and the broader sector on a year-to-date basis. The stock declined 31.4% against the industry’s gain of 0.9%. Meanwhile, the Zacks categorized Consumer Discretionary rose 6.5% over the said time frame. Additionally, a VGM Score of “C” signals serious concerns.

Let’s Take a Close Look

In the first quarter, earnings plummeted 55% from the year-ago level mainly due to lower revenues and operating income. Total licensing revenues also declined 13% from the prior-year quarter due to decline in all the segments, except the Home category. A challenging retail environment and competitive pressure also remain headwinds.

Furthermore, it witnessed sluggishness in the women’s and men’s segments for the nine straight quarters. We note that its international business has also been reporting softer-than-expected results for some time now, thereby reflecting economic uncertainty across some of its regions. International revenues were down 8% in the reported quarter.

Though the company remains on track to boost organic growth to increase revenues and overall profitability, we note that it is facing serious issues and is currently not in a good position. The company has huge debt burden and is thus looking to sell its brands to reduce the same and likely to focus on its leading brands and in turn improve its performance.

Iconix has inked a deal with DHX Media Ltd. (NASDAQ: DHXM ) to divest its Entertainment business and intends to pay off its debt by roughly $362 million out of the sale proceeds coupled with available cash. Earlier, it sold the rights of its Sharper Image brand and related intellectual property assets to ThreeSixty Group, the brand’s largest licensee.

Consequently, Iconix lowered full-year licensing revenues to a band of $235–$245 million, compared with $350−$365 million, guided earlier. However, management reiterated its 2020 adjusted earnings in the band of 70–85 cents per share.

In addition, the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 19 cents and 78 cents for the second quarter and 2020 has declined 13.6% and 10.3%, respectively, over the past 30 days.

Now, it is to be seen whether the company will be able to stage a comeback. As of now you can opt for better-ranked stocks in the same industry, which are Rocky Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: RCKY ) and Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQBG ) .

Rocky Brands has surged 28.4% in the past one year and currently sports a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks here.

Sequential Brands carries a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) and has a long-term earnings growth rate of 15%.

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Here’s another stock idea to consider. Much like petroleum 150 years ago, lithium power may soon shake the world, creating millionaires and reshaping geo-politics. Soon electric vehicles (EVs) may be cheaper than gas guzzlers. Some are already reaching 265 miles on a single charge.

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