Grand Prix Cash System Review

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Grand Prix 4 Formula One Season 2006

Welcome to the Formula One career season 2006 presented by RaceDepartment. This game is powered by Grand Prix 4 made by Geoff Crammond & MicroProse.

You can join whenever there’s an empty seat (see the driver lineups further down), giving following information:

Driver name: (forename) (name)
Sponsor type: (quali) (race)
First buys:

Activity will only be checked if there’s someone on the waiting list. In that case, repeatedly missing the market place means you’ll lose your seat. Else there won’t be any penalties, however there’ll be budget cuts if someone repeatedly doesn’t show up.

You’re allowed to use your custom helmet. The template for painting can be found HERE.
Send me your painted helmets in .psd format via pm.
If you want, you can also use a helmet of a real driver. Just tell me which one in this case.
Liveries won’t be updated, simply as that would take too much time.

Race weekends
The races will be simulated with GP4. Every GP has the qualifying and the race. The weather will be set accordingly to the real-life conditions of the respective GP. Qualifying is currently run in the 1 lap format.
Unless stated otherwise, races are currently run once per week, on Saturday/Sunday.

Negotiations for new contracts will start close to the end of a season. To receive a renewal from your current team, you should have
a) reached the objective set by the team, or at least be very close to it, and
b) have scored at least half of the points that have been necessary to reach the objective.
Even if you didn’t match the objective, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive a renewal offer.

The better you’re placed in the driver standings, the better the offers that you’ll receive will be. Past achievements will play a role. In your first year with a team, they’re more forgiving when failing to match the objetive. When receiving an offer, you have 3 options: accept, decline, or wait. If you get an offer, and decide to wait, don’t wait too long, else the team may approach other drivers. You’ll be informed if a team withdraws its offer.

Each driver can contact 1 team (current one or another one), letting them know that they’d like to drive for them the following season. You do that in the contract pm I have with each of you. This doesn’t guarantee you a seat for that team though. You should keep following things in mind. Don’t approach a team that isn’t within your range of objectives. If you barely scored any points it’s not much use contacting a top team. If the current drivers of a team achieved the objective it’s unlikely that the team will sack one of the drivers, you only have a chance if one of the drivers leaves himself.

The length of the contract is 1 year, always.

Point System
Will follow the point system used in the respective F1 season, currently with points for the top 8.

Cash System & Rewards
Newcomers start with 500$ (+ 50$ for every missed race if they join mid-season).
At the end of a season, every driver is allowed to carry over 1000$ plus the reward for the position in the final standings to the next season. You can decide yourself when you want to start saving money.
Left over money will be stored in the drivers bank account, which is limited to 1000$
After half of a season, the drivers in the bottom half of the standings are allowed to use 500$ of their bank account to make buys. This is to give them a chance to close up a bit to the top.
The WCC reward that the teams get can only be used for car upgrades.

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You can choose sponsors (one for quali, one for race) to gain extra money during a race weekend.
It’s allowed to change one sponsor during the season, that means either quali or race, at the cost of the new earnings. That means, that if for example you want to change from quali A to quali C, you have to pay 100$, or from race D to race B you have to pay 300$.

Market Place
Between the GPs, you can buy upgrades for car and/or driver with the earned sponsor money. You’re not allowed to buy upgrades (=skills) for your teammate, however the two of you are allowed to combine your money for BHP and cof buys. Buys have to be posted in the thread, incorrect purchases will be ignored.
In case you’re on holiday (etc.), you can let your teammate make your buys, or state before how your money should be spend.
You can’t make buys for a teammate who’s gone awol.

The skill & variation buys always have to be a multiple of 5/10. This is to make it easier for me to update the performance file.
BHP and cof values have to be whole numbers.
It is allowed to increase/decrease your team’s cof/BHP values. This will only affect your own car, the teammate’s values won’t be increased/decreased, since it’s a downgrade (for the full story behind this view the posts before the final race in the ’99 thread).

The Grand Prix Cash Review

​The best autonomous software will allow you to trade; generate a profit and keep the risks to a bare minimum. Of course, there are many systems which profess to do this but not many which can actually achieve this level of result. The Grand Prix Cash scheme professes to do just this. Is it as good as it says or simply a Grand Prix Cash scam?

Introducing the Grand Prix Cash Automated Software

Bill Evans is the man responsible for creating the Grand Prix Cash software. It is designed to be easy to use; regardless of your level of experience and to offer a rate of return in the realm of 10%! The Grand Prix Cash software is held on the web and can be accessed via any mobile device. In addition the software has been designed to minimize the analytical time required and maximize the time you have to trade.

Unfortunately, as with any product, there are some downsides. The Grand prix Cash scheme is relatively new which means it is difficult to confirm the claims made. There is no demo facility to help you get used to the product and it is not available to all countries yet.

The software offers a 90% accuracy rate. This is high and often indicates a Grand Prix Cash scam. However, with the limited data available it is not possible to confirm this either way at this stage.

Using the Grand Prix Cash Robot

The Grand Prix Cash scheme is free to use and is powered by a complex algorithm which has been created over several years by leading experts in the binary field. The Concept behind the algorithm is not new; it is the same tried and tested method that many professional traders use.

You will need to register with the Grand Prix Cash website and you will be provided with some reading information to help understand the software you are about to use. You will then need to connect the Grand prix cash scheme to an existing or newly created brokerage account and add sufficient funds to start trading. Grand Prix cash can run as an automated system.

Conclusion – Is Grand Prix Cash Genuine

It does not seem likely that the Grand Prix Cash scheme is a scam. However it has nothing extraordinary to offer and the lack of information would suggest you are better to use a system with an established reputation rather than risking funds with the Grand Prix Cash system.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies Guide – Driver Training, Car Improvements, Daily Rewards


Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies Guide to help you get the basics of the game and a long with some advanced mechanics of the game. We have listed tips and strategies so that you can easily make progress in the game.

The learning curve is a little steep so we have devised this guide so that you can be a pro at this game in the shortest time possible. With the help of this guide, you can build the ultimate racing machine and win easily along with getting other bonuses. We have listed tips on grinding and building the tune as well so that you have knowledge of every little detail of the game when you play it next time.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies Guide

Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies Guide details different tips and strategies so that you can easily progress in the game and own the competition.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies

Very Little Driving is Involved
There is very little driving involved in the game. Everything is managed by the game’s AI. All you need to do is control the Nitro, brakes and driver’s Aura. This is basically a racing management game so you need to manage the whole car and your team rather than race all the time. Practice these three things and you will have no issues during the races.

You get a complimentary Nitro during the tutorial stage. Brakes are only used if you are going too fast and the Aura is only managed when you have one active so it is a pretty relaxing racing game. Other than these three things, you should focus on maintaining your employees that include your driver and mechanic, the part of town where your garage is located and the development of new cars to stay ahead of the competition.

Always train your Driver and Mechanic
You must train your driver and mechanic all the time. Both of them have a set of six unique skills that make them better at their job. They can also take part in a number of drills during the training process. The stats are Strength, Agility, Tech, IQ, Analysis, and Application. The drills in which the employees take part in are Uphill Drill, Car Study, Running and Part Time Work.

Strength affects a car’s speed. Agility affects acceleration and Tech affects the handling. Uphill drills and Running drills increase these stats.IQ improves the experience points your driver gets and Analysis improves your driver’s ability to dismantle cars.

These should be your low priority upgrades. Instead, focus on your mechanic’s ability to design cars and perform aerodynamic tests. Strength, Agility, and Tech improve a mechanic’s Test Run, Repairs and Development Capacity and it is only Agility that you should be focused on.

The best drill for the mechanic is the Car Study. It will improve his IQ and Analysis stats. Application improves the chances of getting fans through the races by both, the driver and the mechanic. Drills are also part-time which can earn you some cash but they should be low-priority since they use driver’s and mechanic’s energy.

Improving your Car
After training your driver and mechanic, improving your car is also an important job for you. You want to make sure that your car is performing well in races and that is only possible when you upgrade your car. Your car must be fast and have good handling as well. Your mechanic affects the base stats of the car he has just developed. A good mechanic will develop a car with good base stats. Base stats for any car are Speed, Acceleration, Handling, D-Force, and boost.

Speed is your top speed, acceleration is how fast you gain speed while handling determines how well you navigate the turns and corners. These stats are improved by installing better parts in your car. They are obtained whenever a fan’s meter reached 100 or can be bought from the shop. The shop in located in the right menu with the blinking ‘SHOP’ icon.

Tap on a car and click the second button from the left in the garage. A list of all the items available for your car will be shown that you can purchase. Simply select the items that you want to purchase and install them. You can also win parts from races.

Collect Free Bonuses
There are different ways by which you can earn different bonuses in the game free of cost. One of them is by logging in the game daily. When you log in the game every day, you will win a daily login reward. These rewards will vary and sometimes you will even win premium currency. Even if you do not plan to enter any race, simply log in the game and you will earn an instant reward.

Another way to earn a free bonus is via the vending machine. Check it twice or thrice every day and it will have some Gs for you. This will earn you more money as the time continues.


The key to ranking up in the game is to earn as much EXP, medals and winning more enhancements. You will need to grind races to earn them more. Do not be worried if you keep losing the races. Even when you lose races, you will earn Gs and that will eventually fill up the fan meters. Every time you overtake someone, you win some EXP so that counts as well. So it is vital that you grind races to level up and earn more Gs and medals.

Medals are the premium currency in the game. You earn medals every time your garage ranks up. Each time you earn 10 medals. You can also buy medals for real cash from the Swanky Shop if you want some quick medals in the game. Sometimes medals will even pop up in the daily rewards.

Medals are used for many things. You need them to buy Nitro, research tokens or to speed up construction of buildings. Sometimes you can turn the medals into research tokens. Research tokens are used to do different researches related to new technologies. We recommend that you do not use the medals on speeding up things and spend them on other premium items.

General Tips and Strategies
Try to stick to one car type instead of changing car types again and again. The enhancement materials do not come around that often so you should try to stick with one type as long as you can but since the cars are further divided into classes so at one point you will need to upgrade to keep at par with the competition.

Your driver will gain an aura every now and then so you must be ready to join a race if that happens. Your driver will perform better when he has an aura activated. When you join the race, press the aura button when it turns green. This will give him a speed boost and he will overtake every one of the fields. Auras only last for a few seconds so make sure that you do not waste them.

If your driver is low on energy, never start a race. He will not perform as well he normally does and there will be a greater chance of him losing a race. Wait till he is back at full energy and then start races so the driver can perform the best.

This concludes our Grand Prix Story 2 Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use our comments section below!

Mercedes E-class Ханна E420 V8 › Logbook › Опция 751 — Becker Grand Prix 2000 vk RDS

В общем очень грустно, но купить это барахло именно новым не представляется возможным. 4х-летние попытки тщетны и разбились о скалы реальности.

Такая штуковина ставилась на элитные тачки. Круче неё был только двублочный Mexico 2000.

Ещё реже встречаются варианты 1993 года последней серии выпуска с RCD (CD-чейнджером), чаще всего за сумасшедшие для б/у кассетной магнитолы бабки (один интеллигент с Новогиреево просил за нее 250 долларов), but кто ищет, тот найдёт.
Вообще, у меня уже имеется топовый Bosch BO1150 с чейнджером и он однозначно будет жить в машине с постоянной пропиской, но родную магнитолу я хотел восстановить и хранить дома, как опцию, установленную на машине при сходе с конвейера, поэтому идея покупать ее задорого на eBay (где кстати варианты с RCD проскакивают раз в столетие) либо у местных новогиреевских интеллигентов была отклонена разумом.

Но наконец-то это свершилось!
Отдельное спасибо человеку, который сдержал слово и помог мне с магнитолой — если ты сейчас это читаешь, респект тебе!

Опция 751 — Becker Grand Prix 2000 vk RDS

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