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Is BrainBux a Scam or Legit

Just the name BrainBux sounds dodgy enough! So, what can I say about this grotesque looking website. I haven’t left feeling very satisfied from my short stent within this Pay To Click (PTC) platform.

Everything about BrainBux comes across as fraudulent. It’s laughable how it is set up rigging users into thinking they’re making income by clicking advertisements, when really they’re clicking advertisements for the actual benefit of the creators of BrainBux.

Are you looking to get an insider peek into the BrainBux website before actually testing it out yourself? I can offer words of wisdom. You need to know why I would never recommend BrainBux to anyone that is reading from – Scam VS Legit.

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How, BrainBux is still active and has not been shut down is beyond me. I don’t understand how a website can get away with this unethical practice.

I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before it gets investigated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

BrainBux has an estimated website worth of $52,174 as of 20/09/2020 according to SitePrice.org.

BrainBux: Review

* Brand: BrainBux
* URL: https://brainbux.com
* Founder: Undisclosed
* Active Since: Apr 1, 2020
* Training: 11.94%
* Support: 31.36%
* Website Builder: 00.00%
* WordPress Hosting: 00.00%
* Software Tools: 12.75%
* Success Stories: 63.08%
* Costs: €0.00 on entry.

  • Premium (1, 3, 6 Months or 1 Year) = €9.99, €14.99, €24.99, €34.99
  • Elite (1, 3, 6 Months or 1 Year) = €14.99, €21.99, €34.99, €49.99
  • Ultimate (1, 3, 6 Months or 1 Year) = €24.99, €34.99, €49.99, €79.99

* Verdict: Scam (Do not invest)

What is BrainBux About

BrainBux is a European Pay To Click opportunity, that claims to credit users with tiny amounts of income by simply clicking on advertisement banner links from within the BrainBux site itself. It is basically Emerald Bux’s identical twin. Just different coloured eyes.

By clicking on any number of Ad links, it will open up a new browser tab and display an Advertisement, therefore generating advertisement income for a clicking member.

By performing these actions, you are awarded trickles of cash monies into your BrainBux account balance. But, is this type of practice an ethical way of doing business?

No it is not! Anyone that tries to sign up to any leading advertising companies just like Google AdSense in the attempt of being accepted for displaying ads for website revenue.

If accepted, you will be warned that it is against company policy to manipulate the clicking of Ads to earn AdSense income each month.

Since BrainBux isn’t using Google AdSense. It’s clear to see why it hasn’t been flagged yet.

If BrainBux was even considered to be able to use Google AdSense Adverts on its website (Very doubtful).

BrainBux would likely have it’s Google AdSense account terminated real quick with all of it’s earnings confiscated. Why, because it is falsely tricking members to click advertisements.

This is just not a legitimate way of conducting business.

Not only is it wrong to teach a whole down line of members to do this. It puts, numerous costs on those people that put there own money and efforts into creating those banner Ads. I’m sure if they found out there Ads were being clicked unethically they would be furious.

Ad creators try to attract their ideal target audience for real clicks. They want real people that are interested in those adverts to be clicking on these Ads, this way they can potentially generate real business as a result.

BrainBux provides misleading information all throughout it’s website. BrainBux has been designed to trick you into thinking that you’re making a certain amount of revenue.

But, when really, the secretive BrainBux owners give out false income readings into each members account.

For example, lets just say if I was logged into my own BrainBux account. By following the hype that surrounds it. I click on a micro/nano Ad. It states on it before I perform the click.

I will earn €0.05 instantly, it will be deposited straight into my account upon clicking. But sadly, in retrospect. BrainBux is earning the other €0.45 or more, from the unique click that I initiated.

BrainBux will usually get away with not paying members because there are measures put into place to make it very difficult to successfully make a withdrawal.

Tools or Actions Available

Once a member, you can access the side widget panel that links you to different categories within BrainBux.

  • Account Summary.
  • Add Funds.
  • Upgrade Account.
  • Withdraw.
  • Personal Settings.
  • Advertiser Panel.
  • Direct Referrals.
  • Rented Referrals.
  • Rent Referrals.
  • Order History.
  • Deposit History.
  • Withdrawal History.
  • Login History.

Is BrainBux a Scam

Everything about this platform leads me to believe it is a scam. There are no two ways around it. You have no access to any business credentials within the website. It’s not a registered business. There is no info about the owners of the company, nor can it be found with ease online.

Not only that. Various instances throughout the site, content inside has spelling errors, poor punctuation made. This is particularly visible within the terms of service page that’s found within BrainBux. A terms of service is meant to be precise and accurately written.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page is written as if though just any random person has put it up on the site in the attempt of making Brain Bux appear legit.

BrainBux states that there’s no minimum cash out restriction by using this service upon sign up. But, this simply contradicts itself, because when you go to cash out. A warning label pops up saying 100 Ads need to be clicked firstly, along with referring 10 new members before being able to withdraw.

So you need to essentially click up to 4 Ads per day (Maximum allowed). Taking a total of 25 days before a withdrawal can be executed.

Plus, you need to be able to market and refer 10 new people to BrainBux. Ask any marketer. This can be a difficult task to achieve, even for a well experienced internet marketer.

But, alternatively to make a withdraw happen quicker. You can make a payment by upgrading your membership level. This grants instant withdrawals with any accrued amount of income within your BrainBux account.

You can clearly see that in the end, BrainBux is ultimately the winner. ��

Final Word

  • Easiest way to generate unethical income. Minus the mental labour requirements to withdraw it.
  • You will likely need to pay for a membership level if you want to withdraw revenue here.
  • You will be stealing money from advertisement creators.
  • Whenever an opportunity is this easy to earn revenue. It’s likely a scam, or fraudulent.

BrainBux is designed to lead people into believing they can make quick money online by a click of a button. There is no questioning if this is a scam or not.

It’s a blatant SCAM! The owner/owners of BrainBux (whoever they are) are the only individuals that really benefit from this system.

This matrix style scheme that of BrainBux may actually pay you by following there set of rules and guidelines. But there is too much risk involved.

Moderators of BrainBux can cancel your account, confiscating all earnings that you’ve accumulated at anytime of breaching there terms or service.

You can see how the BrainBux owners is making the easy money here.

Save yourself the hassle and disappointment and get involved with a quality platform that will actually train you how to derive an ethical income online that cannot be confiscated.

There is no payment required, no need of adding a credit card to use this service.

READ why you should steer clear of bogus systems like infamous BrainBux and see how you can create a passive income online.

–Earn Ethical Income Online–

Before you leave to process this newly acquired info. I’d like to know, how on earth you found out about this devious place. Have you personally used BrainBux before? Did you manage to make any income fraudulently?

Do you have something you’d like to say before I go? Leave your question down below so I can get back to you.

iMarketsLive MLM Review (2020): Scam, Wolf, or King of Wall Street?

Table of Contents

It’s All About The Benjamins

So you wanna get rich from Forex trading, huh?

I know the feeling.

But you might wanna think twice about joining iMarketsLive.

Like it or not, most MLMs like iMarketsLive are dressed up sales jobs.

Whether it’s selling “the dream” to your friends and family to convince ’em to sign up for your new Forex trading program…

Or just buying and selling currencies in the Forex market yourself.

Either way, you better enjoy hustlin’ and grindin’ if you’re gonna make it in this game.

Let me break it down for you:

iMarketsLive – short for International Markets Live – is a unique multi-level marketing company that’s all about Forex trading.

That’s short for foreign exchange trading, also known as currency trading.

It’s just like the stock market but instead of buying and selling shares of companies, you buy and sell currencies like the U.S. and Canadian dollar.

And unlike a regular 9-to-5 job, skilled currency traders can make (or lose) serious bank.

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In fact, the Forex market is the largest financial market on the planet — doing 5 TRILLION (with a “t”) a day in trade volume.

That’s over 200 times larger than the New York Stock Exchange!

Now you can see why there’s an absolute sh*tload of Benjamins to be made in Forex.

And iMarketsLive is doing exactly that:

By 2020, they were pulling in over $6 million per month.

They’ve also experienced a tremendous amount of growth and momentum in 2020 and 2020.

But there’s a fair amount of controversy surrounding this network marketing phenom.

If you’ve noticed that too, you’re probably interested in a lil’ more info about ’em, right?

You’ve come to the right place, brotato chip.

iMarketsLive Company Overview

First things first:

iMarketsLive is a Forex trading MLM that offers various trading educational products and services to a global audience.

They currently appear in over 120 countries and have training available in 8 major languages.

As you’d expect, their headquarters is located in the center of the financial universe:

New York City, New York.

They also have a staff of over 60 educators who have a single job: Teach peeps like you and me about the joys of Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

Oh, did I not mention they do cryptocurrency markets like Bitcoin as well?

The company’s vision, according to their website, is to “Educate, Enrich, and Empower One Million Students by 2020.”

Admittedly, also according to their website:

Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style.

To be fair, that could be said about any investment opportunity (e.g. financial services from Primerica, binary options, etc), but Forex trading is notoriously difficult — I know from personal experience.

Risks aside for now, let’s talk about how iMarketsLive came into being in the first place.

When Was iMarketsLive Founded?

What’s the real story behind iMarketsLive?

Well, for starters:

International Markets Live, Inc. was founded back in 2020 by CEO Christopher Terry.

But you know what’s weird?

iMarketsLive’s corporate website is surprisingly thin when it comes to offering information.

Most companies, even most MLM companies, have at least a little history of the company along with a small biography of the founder/CEO.

iMarketsLive.com has no such information on their site and seems to prefer to remain as mysterious as possible.

But I did manage to find this page, which appears to be an older bio of the company’s founder Chris Terry.

Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Christopher Terry began this journey in construction, both as a worker and eventually as an owner, for nearly 12 years. In 1995, he discovered commodities trading and began to immerse himself in the markets.

In just 3 years, he was confident enough to walk away from his Construction Business, which had generated sales in excess of $40 million that same year, in order to become a full time trader.

Over the years he applied and effectively utilized this winning strategy of gaining the necessary learning and experience through the proper Mentors and then imitating the strategies of successful people.

While doing so he realized the same process of following success step by step, could bring average people everywhere to the same level of success that he himself had achieved.

Mr. Terry began to realize that at this point in his life it was his calling to help change people’s lives on a massive Global scale through a marriage of Network Marketing with Professional Trading.

This is why, in August 2020, Mr. Terry made the decision it was time to act on this Philosophy, and International Markets Live, Inc. was born.

One thing that’s missing from that bio of Chris Terry is his long history with MLMs and network marketing.

Terry came up in Amway, and although by his own admission he didn’t actually make any money, he said it gave him a “mindset of wealth”.

In other words, he probably realized the folks who made the most money in an MLM were the ones at the top and who recruited the largest downlines.

This also might explain why Chris Terry was reportedly a big promoter of Zeek Rewards*, which got busted by the SEC in 2020 for being a ponzi scheme.

(*In this interview with Denise Martino, Terry refers to Denise as his “downline member” and she clearly appears to be in Zeek at the time.)

Despite these failed business attempts, Chris Terry persisted and while the idea of iMarketsLive was spawned in 2020, it officially launched in 2020.

The new Forex trading MLM grew quickly and by 2020, iMarketsLive reached 55,000 members.

Unfortunately, that same year brokers began locking the accounts of many iMarketsLive customers for using an unregulated “expert advisor”.

Here’s what happened:

iMarketsLive had a special little automated trading program called “FX Signals Live”.

The program automatically mirrored the trades of Chris Terry himself, so members could essentially play the Forex market without actually understanding it.

However, one of the main reasons there are regulations in the investment world is to prevent exactly that.

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And when legitimate brokers like FXCM decided they wouldn’t allow it anymore, FX Signals Live was discontinued in 2020.

As a replacement, iMarketsLive released their new online “Harmonic Scanner” designed to help follow market trends.

It’s a little technical but here’s a basic video that explains what it does:

It’s basically an online tool that scans the market in real-time and gives you alerts for different price patterns and trading opportunities.

But now you actually have to know what’s going on and make the trades yourself.

What Are iMarketsLive Products?

iMarketsLive sells you on the ability to become a successful currency trader.

Sure, you could try to learn it all by yourself.

After all, how hard could it be to click a few buttons and place a few trades?

Buy low, sell high.

Easy peasy, right?

Well, despite what you may have heard, day trading is MUCH harder than it sounds.

That’s why iMarketsLive offers a full suite of support and trading education.

Over 100 training videos and modules offer basic and advanced strategies on both Forex trading and cryptocurrency investing.

You can also access live trading rooms and watch experienced staff members place trades and talk about the secrets of their success (in 8 different languages).

Here’s a good overview video that explains the iMarketsLive opportunity:

Obviously that’s a company sponsored video, so take it with a grain of salt (don’t drink the Kool-Aid).

But I will say that iMarketsLive seems to provide a ton of help for their members, which is always a big plus.

Even CEO Chris Terry himself gets in on the action, holding Sunday night webinars that you can sit in on.

Additionally, iMarketsLive gives you access to their proprietary financial trading software.

As mentioned earlier, their Harmonic Scanner searches the market for harmonic patterns to exploit and profit from.

Their Web Analyzer does the same with cryptocurrency, for an additional fee.

And even though their trade-mirroring service is gone, iMarketsLive still provides other ways for you to copy what their experts are doing.

Swipe Trades will alert you to “Forex trade ideas” including risk management and expert guidance for an extra $17 per month.

Swipe Coin does the same but for Crypto trade ideas and info, for an extra $100 per month fee.

While that may seem pricey, keep in mind that it allows you to get solid trade ideas sent right to your phone without having to do any of the legwork.

Because let’s be honest: If you knew what you were doing when it comes to trading, you wouldn’t be paying this company $165 a month or more for the privilege.

Long story short: The more you pay iMarketsLive, the more training and tools you get.

Speaking of which, here are your membership options if you wanna join:

iMarketsLive Membership Options

*Mobile users: scroll left/right on table if last column is not fully visible

iMarketsLive Membership Options
$189.95 $189.95 $225.00 $325.00
$179.95 $179.95 $164.95 $274.95
DC Academy HFF Academy IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s
DC Scanner HFF TV IML TV (All Sessions) IML TV (All Sessions)
SwipeCoin App PipTalk Harmonic Scanner Harmonic Scanner
IMLTV Sessions High Frequency Forex Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions
Pip Talk (Basic) Pip Talk (Basic)
Swipe Trades
Web Analyzer
Bounce Back
Gold Cup
High Frequency Forex

Hey, nobody said day trading was cheap.

To be fair, iMarketsLive does offer a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee to all of its subscribers.

If you’re dissatisfied with their service in any way, you can get a full refund of your membership fee within a week of signing up.

iMarketsLive gives their Customers a “2 & FREE” option as well — if you personally refer 2 people into buying a monthly membership, your membership is free.

So: If you can convince a couple people that Forex trading is awesome…

You don’t have to pay anything to get the iMarketsLive training and support.

Sounds good, but here’s something you should know from a guy who’s been in the trenches:

My Forex Trading Experience

The risk factor in Forex trading is something we shouldn’t just gloss over.

As mentioned in iMarketsLive’s disclaimer, you can easily lose all your invested money in addition to the monthly fees.

I should know — years ago, I was heavily into Forex trading and learned everything I could about it.

Technical analysis, risk management, chart indicators — you name it, I tried it.

And that’s not all:

I kept daily trading journals, learned how to read candlesticks, recognize trends, and was a particular fan of using 2ATR for a trailing stop loss.

Along the way, I traded almost every currency pair, chart timeframe, and read every trading strategy book I could find.

(Here’s my personal favorite, along with this one originally published in 1930.)

I should also mention that I paid a small fortune for different trading systems, tools, and “secret” strategies from so-called experts.

I’m FAR from the smartest guy in the room — but I’m not a complete Muppet either.

I wasn’t just gambling (only risked 2-3% max per trade) and I gave Forex trading everything I had for almost 3 years straight while I was still driving truck.

And even though I had periods of profitability, in the end I always lost money.

Not to mention I also got sick of the highs and lows of trading — feeling like a God one week, damn near suicidal the next.

Out of desperation, I finally resorted to following a mirror-trading service which ultimately blew up and reduced my trading account to almost nothing.

It was my own dumbass fault, but that’s when I decided to hang up my Forex trading gloves and look for something else.

Also contributing to that decision was realizing that after being on countless online trading forums — I wasn’t alone in my frustration and misery.

The only ones who seemed to be making any consistent money in Forex (besides the banks and hedge funds), were the guys selling me the tools and systems.

Just like during the gold rush back in the 1800’s, the real money wasn’t in digging for gold — it was selling the pickaxes and shovels to the desperate and hopeful.

Now obviously, there ARE successful Forex traders out there.

So just because this ex-truck driver with a GED couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work.

Like any other form of retail trading, some folks make money and some folks lose money.

All I’m saying is that Forex trading is hard as hell.

As a general rule, if you enter a gambling game against a lotta peeps who are more experienced and skilled than you are…

It’s a safe bet that the odds aren’t in your favor.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Pros: Why Join iMarketsLive?

Potential for serious income without recruitment.

Almost every MLM in existence requires you to recruit and grow a huge downline if you wanna make the big money.

The reason is simple:

Your time is limited and there’s only so many hours in a week that you can use to sell products to people you know.

Forex trading is different in the sense that you could gain (or lose) a lot of money all by yourself, without ever having to recruit anyone.

No pants required.

While most MLMs involve you dragging around a box of products to various houses, iMarketsLive is something you do from your desk or smartphone.

This is a very modern MLM and the entire thing (training + products + support) is all available online.

Never having to leave your house to run your business is a definite advantage.

For example, go try selling Amway products with no pants — I’m guessing it wouldn’t turn out so well.

Plenty of training materials.

Between all the videos, training modules, tutorials, and live help sessions, iMarketsLive probably offers more actual product support than most other MLMs.

If you’re willing to invest in your education and want a crash course in Forex trading, there’s a vast bucket of knowledge here waiting for you.

Cons: Is iMarketsLive a Scam?

First off: Solid trading advice don’t come cheap.

Around $200 up front plus $170 a month is what it’s gonna cost you for the most basic level of membership.

That’s over $2000 per year.

But if that trading advice makes you ten times that, it might be worth it.

You could lose a lot more than your monthly fees.

Yes, plenty of people lose money in MLMs (most do).

But they generally lose money from not being able to recoup their minimum purchase requirements and monthly fees.

With iMarketsLive, in addition to your membership fees, you’ll also have to risk your own trading capital to play the currency markets.

And you might lose all of that money too.

In fact, thanks to the way that leveraged trades work, you can actually lose even MORE than the full amount of your Forex trading account.

A strong fishy odor.

Can you trust iMarketsLive?

Well, sometimes the best way to predict the future is to look at the past (or just Google the present):

• iMarketsLive CEO Chris Terry has a previous connection with Zeek Rewards which the SEC had to shut down for fraud in 2020.

• The VP Alex Morton has a long history with MLM companies like Vemma Nutrition that had to settle for hundreds of millions of dollars with the FTC for being a pyramid scheme. You should check out this revealing article on Morton that shows the reality of being a professional MLMer when he was with his last company.

• iMarketsLive is banned as unauthorized in Belgium, and also received warnings from other countries like France.

• When I first published this article, iMarketsLive had an F rating (very bad) from the Better Business Bureau due to having so many complaints.

Then all of sudden they had an BBB rating of “A”, mostly thanks to a bunch of positive reviews that showed up around the same time (many on the same day).

Coincidence? Yeah, right.

As another reviewer pointed out, prob’ly because IML asked their members to spam their BBB page with positive reviews to drown out the negative ones.

Nice try fellas. Not shady at all.

Also can’t forget that iMarketsLive is an MLM which means recruiting other members is highly encouraged.

Here’s one of IML’s top earners explaining in detail how it’s done:

Ask yourself: If it was just about forex trading, why teach people how to recruit at all? Why not just trade forex and make a ton of money?

I dunno… maybe cuz:

Most retail traders lose money in the long run, so the real money is made by getting other people to join.

Is it really, though?

  • 87% of all IBOs make an average of $4.30 per month (you read that right, less than $5/mo).
  • 98% of all IBOs make less than $115 per month.
  • Only 0.3% of all IBOs earn more than $30k per year.

Not exactly what I’d call a high-probability trade.

But if that doesn’t make you puke in your mouth a lil’, this industry might be for you.

If, however, you’re looking for a more legit and reputable business model… my two cents?

Complete Yoonla Review – Legit or Scam?



Income Potential

Initial Investment


Training Quality

  • Best for beginners
  • Requires low investment
  • Free to join
  • Training can be applied on other platforms as well
  • Good support
  • Minimum payout is $200
  • Limited payout methods
  • Requires investment to avail full features
  • Quite often the audit procedure reduces income

Yoonla Review

I was looking out for some legit online money making opportunities on the web and encountered a new website referred to me on an online forum. The website name was Yoonla CPA Foundation. So I signed up for it and to my amazement, the whole system is so friendly that you can get started and start making money within just one day. Keeping all of this in view, I decided to write a complete Yoonla Review in order help out you guys if it’s a legit money making opportunity or not.

Over the years in my struggle of finding and signing up for many legit (as well as not so legit) online money making websites, I’ve grown skeptical of the claims that many websites put forth. With numbers of fraudulent websites out there, I think it’s a quite natural behavior. Secondly, this is what maturity and experience mean. Sit back, observe, analyze, learn from others experiences and then act. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon and sign up on any website which guarantees to make you rich overnight.

So I did the same for Yoonla as well. As soon as I came to know about it, I started searching for the reviews that were available online in order to make sure that I will not be ripped off.

Once satisfied, I signed up for it and It’s been about a couple of months since I joined this website and this below is the experience that I’ve had till yet.

In fact, this article is a Yoonla Review that I’m sure you guys will find helpful to decide if it’s a legitimate income opportunity or a scam.

What Yoonla is All About?

Yoonla basically is a two-tiered CPA based affiliate program where you make money once any one of the two actions is performed.

1. Any person signs up for Yoonla (using your affiliate link)
2. Person upgrades to VIP member

So this is what two-tiered means when it comes to Yoonla. You earn a commission when the user signs up for the program as well as when your referral upgrades and becomes a VIP member.

Before going into the details of this program, let’s talk about who actually is the owner or creator of this program.

Who is the founder of Yoonla?

The founder of Yoonla is Reno Van Boven. From New Zealand, he is a seasoned Digital Entrepreneur and internet marketer with quite a few successful online marketing projects under his belt since 2006.

Reno Van Boven – Digital Entrepreneur/Business Coach

How Yoonla works?

As stated above, it’s very simple, you have to sign up for Yoonla and become its member. Once done, you will be provided with an affiliate link to promote Yoonla. Now, if any person signs up using your affiliate link, you will bag commission for every successful sign-up. If the same person decides to upgrade and becomes a VIP member, you will earn a further commission. Straight and simple.

Is there any cost of joining Yoonla?

Nope. Not at all. But stay with me here. There is some investments that you will have to most likely make in order to reap the maximum benefits of this program.

So what are the benefits? I’ll mention below. So keep reading.

Is there any more to it?

So in addition to signing up and then convincing others to sign up, is there any more to this Yoonla program? There should be otherwise it does not seem to be such a great affiliate program. Right?

(Read how you can monetize your blog with this great affiliate marketing platform)

Well, you see, the very essence and the best advantage of signing up for Yoonla is that this platform proves to be a great starting point in your online money-making world.

If anything that can be considered priceless in any business it surely must be your leads. Without them, it is hard to thrive and succeed and when it comes to the online world, these leads come in the form of email addresses.

So the best thing about Yoonla is that it provides series of training videos to get started and tells you how you can capture new leads. That’s not it. Yoonla also provides you with 3 digital products to promote so that it becomes easier for you to get the email addresses of the visitors.

Of course, people are more likely to give their email addresses when you offer them something in return and Yoonla takes care of your part of the bargain by giving away 3 digital products about marketing.

Yoonla Digital Products

And this is exactly where you will have to take out your credit cards and invest some of your money.

Yoonla will ask you to sign up for a domain, web hosting, and an auto-responder. Once done, you will have to hand over the credentials to the Yoonla team who will set the whole thing up and place their products on your web hosting.

So you cannot regard this cash outflow as an expense. In fact, it’s a genuine investment which is going to benefit you not only for Yoonla but any other endeavors as well.

One important thing to understand is that “there’s no free lunch”. If you want to make money, you will have to spend money. That’s the basic rule and the sooner you understand the better it is.

If you are looking forward to making a career in affiliate marketing and on the internet then there are certain investments that you will have to make and when it comes to Yoonla, the investment is not that much.

How much do you need to spend to get started with Yoonla?

Again, to get started, you need to invest nothing. The investment only needs to be made if you want to be more effective.

So the total investment that you need to make can be summed up as follows:

1. Domain = USD $15.00 per year
2. Web Hosting = USD $1.99/month (but this is subject to change)
3. Get Response Auto Responder = USD $15.00/month

Let’s suppose you buy a domain and website hosting canada for a year and sign up for Get Response to pay on monthly basis. In yearly terms, your total investment will be:

$15.00 + $23.88 ($1.99 x 12 months) + $180 ($15.00 x 12) = $218.88

If you divide them with 12 months, your monthly investment will be:

$218.88 / 12 months = $18.24

That’s not much. Right? Especially when you see the benefits that you will get in return.

How much commission do you make per lead/referral?

The amount of commission depends on the country from which you are getting your leads to sign up. In Yoonla there are 3 categories.

Countries with zero (0) commission

1. India
2. Pakistan
3. Nigeria
4. Zambia
5. Zimbabwe
6. Niger
7. Uganda

The above countries will not generate any CPA lead commissions however, this does not mean that you cannot become a member if you are from one of these countries. You surely can. Secondly, you will get commission if the person from any of these countries sign up and become VIP.

Countries with maximum ($4) commission

1. USA
2. UK
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. Canada
6. Ireland

Countries with moderate ($2) commission

Any country which is not in the above two lists will generate you around $2 per member lead.

Having mentioned all of the details about the Yoonla program, I’m sure there must be a million dollar question tingling in your mind and that’s:

How does Yoonla make money?

Though this Yoonla Review is not about how Yoonla makes money but rather how we can make money using Yoonla, but I get it. We humans are curious beings. We take interest in other’s lives, how they live, what they eat, when do they sleep etc. This give us pleasure.

And the urge to know the answer grows by many folds when the entity is affecting our lives as well so here we go, here’s how Yoonla makes money.

First, the web hosting and Get Response auto responder that I mentioned above, yoonla provides a link to them. So when you sign up for these services using their links, Yoonla makes money in return.

Second, if any referral or member upgrades to VIP, Yoonla makes money. I think that’s quite obvious. Yoonla VIP program values around $297 USD. So you can do the maths.

Third, though this benefit is non-monetary but I think I cannot stress the importance of leads enough. So whenever a person becomes a member of Yoonla, gets the lead in form of email address. This contact information can come in handy for other products that Reno might want to commercialize. So the value of this cannot be estimated in absolute terms.

So here are the 3 ways (at least that I know of) from which Yoonla makes money.

What is the minimum payout?

$50 $199. After a particular cycle when all the leads are evaluated for their legitimacy, commissions are credited to one’s account.

What is Yoonla’s Payment Method?

Yoonla currently pays only through Paypal but soon they will be utilizing other payment methods as well.

Since this post already too long, I should better end it. but before doing so, I’d like to appreciate Reno (Yoonla) for one thing.

As said at the beginning of the article, I’ve seen many affiliate programs and the majority of them guarantees you to make you rich overnight and try to convince you of that by posing and taking pictures with bikini-clad women, in front of sports cars or from some 5-star Las Vegas hotel.

I’ve seen this happening too many times that this has become more or less a cliche for an online money making programs.

However, when it comes to Reno or Yoonla, they don’t guarantee any such thing nor display any such enticing photos to lure and rightfully so as the success and failure depend on your determination and how much you make from promoting Yoonla, depends largely on your PR.

Any platform is there to just guide you and is as good as your willpower and determination to move forward and keep going no matter what.

So if you are really convinced from the Yoonla CPA program, go ahead and sign up by clicking here.


Important Yoonla Update

As mentioned before in this article, Yoonla Update: Yoonla Ceases Phase 1 and Affiliate Program before Transitioning to Phase 2. The Yoonla Phase 2 Evolve is already up for the grab but for a limited time.

For a limited time being, the VIP members of Phase 1, will be allowed to become Elite members of Yoonla Phase 2 (Evolve) program. So if you’re not a VIP member yet, Click Here to sign up for Yoonla and become a VIP member to exploit the benefits of its phase 2 program.

I’ll be writing a complete article about this phase very soon. Keep visiting The Usual Stuff.

Maximiles Review – Is This GPT Site Legit Or Scam?

Maximiles is a popular reward site or GPT website, and here we discuss Maximiles Review – Is This GPT Site Legit Or Scam?

There are many GPT sites in the world, and they provide to make money online. Here you check out the Top 15 GPT sites that pay instantly

When it comes to survey and reward websites, It stands on the way. It is a website where you get rewarded for performing various online activities.

It is essential that you understand how to complete the paid surveys and offers correctly to maximise your chances passive income. Every time you finish an offer successfully, you get settled into your account either in cash or points.

There are hundreds of online platforms for completing the survey and receiving money by completing studies. Here you can check out List Of 101 Free Survey Sites To Make Money Online.

Here I am giving some tips from my experience over the company who offers money for completing surveys and offers. The benefits and concern market research panels.

In this Maximiles Review, I will be going over things like how It works, how to make money with it, how much you can expect to earn, complaints people have against it, and finally, whether they’re a scam or legit.

After all this you have questions in mind can you join, worth your time and make money at this Company (Maximiles Review). So, I have reviewed the whole place and obtain full details about the scam or legit. The right way to Passive Income from 121 Ways To Make Money Online. Let’s start.

( Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)

What Are Maximiles?

Maximiles is a company that reward people for using their services. It is another GPT site. GPT means (get PAID TO). GPT site has something more than PTC sites. Check up top PTC sites where you can earn easy money just by viewing advertisements.

It provides the platform for taking the opinion on products, Bonus offers surveys, referring other members to the program, Download Apps, taking surveys online, reading emails, or even signing up for free trials, and shop earns. Here you can see the review of Qualitative Research Companies – Altitude Lounge.

Polls have always played a vital role in helping the consumer make a right choice and with Online Surveys. It helps address your queries about products. Check out Top 15 Cint Survey Sites To Make Passive Income.

Companies use the simplified form of qualitative market research. That used by manufacturers, service providers, ad agencies gather consumer input on wide varieties of projects. Check out quantitative market research companies.

It is one of the many options to make money online via paid surveys, offers and without any investment. The concept of the GPT panel (Maximiles Review) joins the site for free, complete some studies, proposals and make money online via Paypal, Giftcards.

About Company (Maximiles Review)

Maximiles open to limited countries Point-based online rewards programme and run by Bilendi. This company helps you collect data and create value through market research, customer engagement and loyalty services for your business. Bilendi has almost 2,2 million panellists belonging to proprietary panels in 12 European countries.

It has almost 15 years’ experience in the market research industry servicing more than 300 research companies, consulting firms, agencies and universities. They have nine offices in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Odense, Stockholm and Helsinki.

The Panels Service may allow You to earn Points by responding to surveys designed by their Research Partners. These Points redeemed in exchange for Rewards.

Contact The Company

If you have the question, then go to Faq Page. Maximiles established in 2000.

The company owned and runs by Bilendi Limited, registered in England and Wales with Company Number 03762049 and the whose registered office is 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL, UK.

The head office of which is Bilendi SA and registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under No. 428 254 874 and has its registered office at three rue d’Uzes, 75002 Paris, France.

Useful Guides : –

  1. Earn money with Micro jobs
  2. Make cash with Legitimate PTC sites
  3. These Gigs are changing micro jobs industry make more refreshing
  4. How to get referrals
  5. Top 9 legit paid survey sites

Who Can Join

  • Free registration
  • Must be 14 years with internet access
  • Only the UK, Spain, France, Italy residents can join

As A Part Of The Maximiles (Opportunity)

  • Surveys
  • Watch Videos
  • Referee peoples
  • Shop and earn points
  • Sign up offers
  • Read Emails

There is the similarity between CashCrate, Swagbucks, Wordlinx, GrabPoints, PrizeRebel, Superpayme, Rewarding Ways, Offernation, Treasure trooper, Points2shop, Earnably, Inbox Dollars and Maximiles because they provide the similar type of concept.

  • Check out Wordlinx Review – Is This GPT Site Con Or Legit?
  • Find out Swag Bucks Review
  • Check out CashCrate Review
  • You also check out GrabPoints Review
  • Here you can check out PrizeRebel Review
  • Check out Super Pay Me Review
  • Full Review Of Rewarding Ways
  • Find out Offer Nation
  • Check Treasure Troopers Review
  • Point2shop Review
  • Inbox Dollars Review.
  • Earn Ably Review

Some famous Market research companies Names

The Qualitative Research Companies are shaping the future of the research industry. They help drive powerful insights and competitive business advantage for the partners and clients.

Check out CINT company for full details.

How To Enter And Sign Up

It is suitable for Europeans to join, who reside in the UK, France, Spain, or Italy. You must be 14 years old. Entering is completely free.

Register Link – Maximiles

You can open the site via the click on the link below, join for free and get 100 points free for the register. Fill up some necessary details, including address and date of birth.

Fill up the necessary essential details like proper email id; and a secure password.

After registration, you will get a verification email. Signing up is free, secure and takes less than one minute. Just click that link verifies your account. When you subscribe to an email list, get extra 25 points.

Working In The Site

  • Take Surveys

You can earn cash via Surveys, and other survey panter companies. Take online surveys when they become available, and make some money every time you complete a study.

For each survey, you complete earning up to 500 points and 10000 points for focused group studies. If you attempted to research and got disqualified, then you get 5 points.

Watch short videos via their platform and make money online. Most videos 30-60 long, and you get 5 points for Watch, rate videos.

They send emails, and when you read the emails, you get 5 points.

  • Shop and Earn Points

You can shop online with over 600 partner retailers, and you can collect 2-10 points for each money you spent.

  • Register with website

You can receive 100 to 300 bonus points for entry with other sites via Maximiles and get points for participating in free trial offers.

Mobile App

It has a mobile app that lets you earn by taking surveys, watching videos, and more. They have exclusive ways to make only available on the app too.

Some Helpful Guides : –

  1. Best Email Service Provider worldwide
  2. Online courses website Learn anything about your schedule
  3. List of Top online proofreading websites
  4. Unknown education websites

Referral System

To earn with your Referral link, You have to bring new members. You will receive1500 points credited to your account what they deserve. Here you can check out How To Get Referrals in 45 Ways To Make Decent Income.

Register Link – Maximiles

Withdraw Options

  • Gift Cards

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn many gift cards per month or even more. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone to make some side income besides the full job. Thats Depends on depends on your level of activity like taking surveys, completing offers, and doing other tasks.

In today world freelancing change the way, we work in the online and transform our life better. Freelancing and Micro jobs industry is the most exciting platform for online workers. Check out 55 Freelancer websites more income.

The more referrals you refer to site the more you earn per month and lifetime. Still, even the average pay rate is excellent, and it’s achievable if you have the referrals.

Make Money Guides

  • Top data entry jobs from home.
  • Earn gift cards by doing surveys.
  • How and where to make money from Website Testing.
  • 15 paid online surveys.
  • Paid Moderator Jobs – Companies That Hire Work From Home
  • Captioning jobs and rise of transcription work at home jobs.

Payouts Information (Maximiles Review)

It pays only via Gift cards and also chooses from various items such as music, books, beauty products, and much much more.

Most rewards range from 2,000-50,000 points based on the value of the item. But you need to have a minimum of 2,000 points to redeem prizes.

You can check out the top 15 international payment processor in the world. It defers in countries. The payout process will take up to 30 -60 days. But due to the demographics problem it delays.

Complains (Maximiles Review)

There is some problem with the Company with many years of online. They listed below.

  • Fewer Surveys

Most complains about the less number of surveys provided by the company. Demographics play a significant role for all survey sites.

  • Reward Options

Peoples want to earn cash instead of Gift cards. Most survey or GPT sites that pay with gift cards or payment via PayPal Check or bank deposits.

It is a reward site. You can not live your life depends on this income. So, it is an extra income option.



  • Free to join and easy registration
  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Referral system

Register Link – Maximiles

  • You can work from home
  • Hours are very flexible
  • For students or stay-at-home parents
  • Good referral earning if you get the direct referrals
  • Multiple ways to make money
  • Low Cashout
  • Compensation for screen out polls


  • Without references, you can not earn more money
  • Gaining is too low
  • Disqualify from studies
  • Few studies per month
  • Not a worldwide company
  • Many peoples already join and famousness. So, Hard to get direct referrals
  • No Paypal Payment option
  • Some suggestions may not worth the time
  • 1-2 month to get the rewards

My View

It is an excellent site. If you would like to make money while watching t.v, then this is the superb website. You should try it. My personal view at this GPT site (Maximiles Review) I give 2.8 out of 5. You can also check out Top data entry jobs from home.


Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years, millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home.

Maximiles is Gpt site, and it is legit. I have researched and tested Maximiles extensively and have concluded that they are the real, not a rip-off. After research, The fact is that a good choice for people living in Europe. (UK, Spain, France, Italy residents aged 14 or older).

It is the frustrating way to make money online and only for gift cards. So, I recommended the company (Maximiles Review) to work on your part-time. Ultimately GPT sites are not suitable to make enough money, but you can earn pocket money.

So, I recommended working on these sites as Swag Bucks, Toluna.com, Paidviewpoint, Cinchbucks, and Clixsense to make a decent income.

Don’t pay cash or join scam websites. But you want to make some significant sum then work in Captioning jobs and rise of transcription work at home jobs.


When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

Like this post (Maximiles Review)? Don’t forget to share it!

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