Dow Jones Focus Group Review

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Dow Jones Focus Group (Equinox Software) is a SCAM.

Dow Jones Focus Group (Equinox Software) is a SCAM.

Full Review:

Trading is serious business and it is not so easy to excel in this field. You need to be a smart trader and you need to understand the intricacies of trading if you want to make your mark as a trader. Tragically there are many product scam out there. One such example is Dow Jones focus group software from Equinox. I recently came across this dow jones focus group software so I thought that I should review this product to evaluate the claims and to tell you the truth I have just one word to day and that is I am simply disappointed.

Earning over $600 in less than 30 minutes sounds like a scam

Now what the makers say is that you can trade using this dow jones focus group software in auto mode or manual mode and earn more than $600 in less than 30 minutes. Here is how it works. First you have to select the auto mode from the main interface. The next step is to select the investment amount. As per the owner of the system you can even start with about 25 pounds or even 100 pounds so it is up to you. You can select the trades, enter the trading amount and click trade now to give your final approval for trading. Now the trades made are visible in the position portfolio tab. Now the owner is trying to give an idealistic situation and if you notice that all the trades have been shown in the winning status. This really seems to be alarming rather than impressive to me and I believe that you should not be overwhelmed by this move.

Is it right to place multiple trades

Now when I was looking at the software demonstration I noticed that the owner of the dow jones focus group software placed multiple traders together. I do not appreciate this approach because it is devoid of the learning factor. You just place the trades and then you notice them in the position portfolio. What are you learning out of this entire process and the answer is nothing. This approach will not benefit you in the long run because this automated system is not teaching you anything.

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Verified accounts? The proof is not satisfactory

Now if you look at the snapshot below there is a list of people who have used Equinox. It is mentioned that their accounts are verified. There are no details how the verification was carried out so this proof is not enough for me. I do not live by the experiences of others. I create my own experience.

Offering extra $200 why?

Now I do understand the fact that trading software have to face massive competition so they do offer some perks, but Equinox offers $200 to the initial 30 Focus group members. Now this fact seems hard to understand. Why are they pulling people into this? If the dow jones focus group software is worth it anyone would strive to get it. These perks are not required in this case so this also creates a suspicion in my mind.

What can go wrong with a trading robot?

The biggest issue with using trading robots is that they can never mitigate risks like a human mind. The humans can analyze a software in a much better way in comparison to a software. For example, a software algorithm may not work well in all situations. This way you can end up losing a major amount and you just would not prefer it all.

Little knowledge is dangerous

Whenever anyone claims that you can make a decent amount of money through automated trading then it makes me laugh because I feel trading is one tough job and things do not happen with the click of a button and you also need to understand this aspect. If you go in for a software that promises you a win without any knowledge then believe it or not, but you are about to end up in a scam.

The same old presentation

What makes Dow Jones weird is that there is nothing new to offer. The presentation video has the same old concept so this makes the software dull and boring and you just do not get the feel to opt for this software at all. You get to hear the same old claims so there is nothing new in this regard as well. Audience never get inclined to an old concept and same is the case with this video. It lacks the enticing factors that need to be there to attract the audience for sure.

The website lacks the impressive outlook

When I visited the the dow jones focus group software Equinox link, you just see the sales video there and there are no other essential details. As a user I want to know exactly how the software will benefit me and whether I would get something out of it at the end of the day. The sales video does not give the authentic information that is needed and it is not enough to make you go for the software.

The safer approach

Now I do understand the situation of the new traders and they are looking in for some quick money that is completely understandable so the way out is that whenever you are attracted to an automated software then make sure that you investigate it. It is essential that you explore the platform in detail if you want to know the truth. Always put forward your concerns to the software makers. In case of dow jones focus group software, there are many questions that have not been answered. The major one being is the process of trading. The details are missing. This detail is not enough that you have to select an asset, enter an investment amount and click trade. You need to know more. You need to know whether this software will be able to improve your learning curve. If not then it is not a smart idea to go for it.

The final conclusion is that avoid dow jones focus group software by all means and consider exploring better alternatives. You do not need to put your future on the line for an automated software. If you make a checklist then you get the feel that the negatives are much more than pros. At the end of the day you might not be able to get the desired output as well.

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Dow Jones Focus Group Review

The binary options marketplace is getting more trading software by the day. This is a good thing because, the more the software the better the services they will offer to traders to cope with competition. Here you will find an in-depth review of one of these new platforms. It goes by the interesting name of Dow Jones Focus Group.

What is this Dow Jones Focus Group and what does it offer traders?

The development of this software is tied around one Jeffery Richards who is also said to be the project manager of Equinox which is also the software that the Dow Jones Focus Group uses to make trades in binary options. By the looks of things, its main target is newbies to the binary options market. This can be deduced from the promotions it conducts.

Every trading system comes into the market with an explanation as why it is the best among all the other systems. This one is no different. Its main selling point seems to be the claim that it is the only binary options trading platform that is regularly used by Wall Street traders. This could be the system’s attempt to exclude itself from the rest which Wall Street type traders avoid. Giving it the Dow Jones composite name is the ultimate tag a binary options firm can carry.

The story goes on to say that this system has been in use for a long time by insiders at Wall Street and that they have made millions out of it. Thisis apparently the first time this software is being introduced to the mass market and you would be onto a great thing if you opened your trading account here.

Unlike the other binary options trading software where you just need an account and you are on to making your trades, the Dow Jones Focus Group requires you to be in a focus group for you to conduct any business with them. Each focus group is composed of a set number of members. This means that you will not trade even if you already have an account here. You will have to wait until your focus group attains its set number of traders and then it will be your time to make money. If you miss out on the current focus group that is recruiting, you will have to wait for the next one to be populated well enough to fill it too. This means that the sooner you register the better.

The Dow Jones Focus Group website

It is evident that professionals were involved in every stage of the website development. It is quite classy without being prude, and it comes with a well-organized homepage which has more links to information than any of the other new software’s homepages. There is a lot of information that you can get from this homepage. Most of the other systems have a sales video dominating the page and ‘Join In’ button. There is even a screenshot of the profits made by a Dow Jones Focus Group for the year 2020. It is difficult to verify this financial statement as the focus group was not in the public domain by then.

What benefits should you expect from the Dow Jones Focus Group?

For a binary options system claiming to be connected to Wall Street type traders, you can expect a plethora of promises. They include:

  1. The promoters of this software assure you that the software that the focus group trades with has a success rate that does not fall below 79% since it was first used more than a decade ago. This is quite impressive. The only problem is that this cannot be corroborated by any present or former member of the focus group. It would be attractive to any trader if it were to be proven.
  2. Joining the Dow Jones Focus Group allows you to trade with an elite group of traderswho will include people who have had successful careers at Wall Street. This focus group will trade for exactly 90 days and then it will be dissolved. This is because the system is still under development. Not to worry though; the system is still being fine-tuned but you will have made at least $150,000 before then. You can still sign in for another focus group before the one you are in is disbanded. This ensures continuity.
  3. There is a cash reward for the first 30 traders to join a focus group. This is a good introduction to binary options tradingbecause all of a sudden you have some extra cash to trade with. This looks like an introductory bonus commonly used to give the impression that you will start gaining before you even start trading.
  4. For traders who have had a bad experience when it comes to withdrawing your profits, the Dow Jones Focus Group assures you that after just five trading days, you will be allowed to access your profits for withdrawal. This will come as good news to those who do not like their profits retained for very long by trading platforms.
  5. The minimum amount in profits that you should be making with the Dow Jones Focus Group is at least $2,000 in profits each and every trading day. Being a fully automatic robot, this is a good return on investment especially considering that you will not need to spend all the day sitting there making trades.
  6. People who have never traded in binary options before or those traders that are just starting out in this business will find the Dow Jones Focus Group a fantastic place to trade in. this is because experience in binary options trading will not be required of you. The fact is, you can start making money as soon as you open your account even if you had not traded anywhere before.
  7. This software has the advantage of having been in existence for some time before going public. This means that it has already up and running client support systems. The Dow Jones Focus Group says that their customer support is like those of Wall Street firms. Their response as they say will be immediate whether you contacted them by calling, email or live chat.

Is it safe for you to open a trading account here?

Not really. This is because the information available on this software does not corroborate all the claims the developers are giving out all over. There are also a good number of issues that do not inspire a lot of confidence:

  • The 79% win rate looks like it is good enough. The problem is that this information has not been verified by an unbiased trader as yet. It is a god win rate, but it is also quite difficult to achieve. The Dow Jones Focus Group has failed to inform the public exactly how these win rates will be achieved.
  • The reason why you cannot trade for more than 3 months with this software is because it is still in a test mode. This is the same system that is claiming that it has been in existence for more than 10 years. What is being tested then, if it has been so successful in the past?
  • The fact that the software is free to any trader who wishes to be in a focus group is suspect. Since when did Wall Street forms start giving out opportunities for making thousands of dollars a day for free? There is something not very right here.
  • Watching the video does not tell you anything about trading with this software that you have not heard from other sales videos. What you hear most is the system’s connection with Wall Street which is a little overbearing, like a system that is working too hard to sound legit. The testimonials too are not very genuine. Some of the people claiming to be members cannot have made all the money they are saying within 3 months which is the maximum time you are allowed membership at the Dow Jones Focus Group.

DowJones Focus Group


A lot has been said about this software in binary options circles. Being popular is not what makes you profit. It is proving to be successful at the marketplace that will make a trading system worth your time. The Dow Jones Focus Group has yet to do that now that they claim that they are still testing the system. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until they have the finished product?

You need to make money now not when this system finally proves itself. What you need to do is join an already existing program that has been giving its traders a good return on investment for years now. This will be the Binary Options Robot, a fully automated system that makes promises that it can meet. Binary Options Robot gives training to beginners in this market so that they can become professional traders. This binary robot also deals with reputable and registered brokers exclusively. This means that your money which you have deposited with them is safe and is being traded by licensed and regulated firms.

U.S. stocks mixed, data in focus; Dow Jones down 0.12% – U.S. stocks opened mixed on Monday, as market sentiment improved amid hopes of progress in tackling Italy’s financial crisis and as the Bank of Japan’s easing policy continued to support.

During early U.S. trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped 0.12%, the S&P 500 index eased 0.04%, while the Nasdaq Composite index added 0.29%.

Sentiment found some support after Italy re-elected President Giorgio Napolitano on Saturday, an important development as the country attempts to break an ongoing political deadlock.

Meanwhile, investors remained focused on the yen, which weakened across the board after the Group of 20 nations said Japan’s recent policy actions are aimed at beating deflation and not at competitively weakening the yen.

Among earnings, Halliburton surged 5.13% after the oilfield services company said it beat earnings expectations thanks to increased international business.

Caterpillar posted earnings and revenue that missed market expectations, on the other hand, but shares still climbed 0.85%. The company also cut its full-year outlook for 2020 to reflect a drop in demand for heavy equipment from mining customers. Still, the Dow component edged higher.

Elsewhere, General Motors added 0.21% following reports the automaker is planning to add four new plants in the next three years in China to bring its production capacity to 5 million vehicles a year.

On the downside, aircraft manufacturer Boeing saw shares slip after saying it started installing reinforced lithium ion batteries on five grounded 787 jets, in the hope that the first commercial Dreamliners will be ready to fly again in a week’s time.

Meanwhile, financial stocks were mixed. JP Morgan edged down 0.15% and Citigroup slid 0.31%, while Goldman Sachs and Bank of America gained 0.27% and 0.26% respectively.

Other stocks in focus included Netflix and Texas Instruments, slated to report earnings after the closing bell.

Across the Atlantic, European stock markets were higher. The EURO STOXX 50 climbed 0.50%, France’s CAC 40 added 0.21%, Germany’s DAX rose 0.38%, while Britain’s FTSE 100 edged 0.14% higher.

During the Asian trading session, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index added 0.14%, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index rallied 1.89%.


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