DogeStart Review is a Scam or Should I Invest

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Anyone ever heard of Global Intergold? Is it a scam?

A guy that I work with claims to be part of an investment team that can turn 550 into 2000 over about 5 months by investing in a gold bullion mine that sells to the market.

The way it was described was the gold was bought for its face value and sold at profit but the way he showed me how the money came out looked like a pyramid scheme ie. tiers and ‘pushing’ people down when you invest

Has anyone heard of them on here that can give me some proof they are not legitimate or a scam so i can stop him losing a lot of money?

They may also trade under EmGoldEx

I think that person is past believing logic unfortunately, they drank the koolaid.

is that a reference to propaganda or the jones town mass suicide in 1978?

I haven’t heard of them, but when I did a google search the first news result was “Scammer Emgoldex changes name into Global Intergold”

Emgoldex Philippines continued its illegal operations under a different name, “Global Intergold”, more than half a year since the corporate regulatory watchdog warned the public against it, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said. The SEC said it has received reports that operators of Emgoldex Philippines are now using the name of ‘Global Intergold’ to continue their online illegal investment-taking activities.

Basically all the results I see for it are calling it a scam, the first suggestion google gives is even “Global Intergold scam”. Apparently the founders of their US operations were sued for fraud as well.

ah ok cheers, it sounded dodgy i just wanted to know if people here had any experience, i will let him know & avoid!

My Review: Is Best Easy Work A Scam Or Easy $500+ Days?

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclosure page.

It’s so tempting to get caught up with sales pages like the one on Best Easy Work because you really want those $500 days but is Best Easy Work a scam really or could this really work?

I dove into this program to see if this is any better than what I do and what I recommend so I did my research and have come up with my full review below.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

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This is written with you in mind to see if you can benefit from using this program or if this will just be wasting your time.

My Best Easy Work review will show you the following:

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Program Name: Best Easy Work

Price: Free – $5,000

Owner: Martin Ruiz

Recommended? NO

When you get to the Best Easy Work site, you are greeted by big ads about how you can make $500 days easily without doing much work.

Even says $1,200 days up at the very top which is quite bold statements along with things being automated and having calls answered for you.

Comes with free automated websites and instant setups.

Yes sure it’s free but you won’t make much money with free membership so that’s why they have other options for you.

Before I go into those membership options, what does this program really entail besides the memberships?

A product or a service?

You won’t be selling or promoting anything but the membership to this “club” basically.

Which kind of puts this business into a category of MLM, or worse, a pyramid scheme.

Without a retail component, this business model is at risk of being shut down as this video best explains it:

This Best Easy Work is no different from other membership sites like High Ticket Income System or Easy 1 Up that I recently reviewed..

Let’s get into how Best Easy Work program works.


On your initial sign up, after giving your name, email, and phone number, you are led to the next page that looks like the sales page with all the big flashing words everywhere and looks like another sales page.

I got a little confused about this page because it’s telling me join and sign up but I thought I just did sign up… I already provided my personal info.

So this second page is still selling to me to join this program which I find confusing.

I come to a part where they talk about the 1 Up plan that other programs use and how theirs is going to be different because you can earn something called overrides from each of your members, forever.

Sounds exciting, but I still don’t know what this all means, then I come to the compensation plan.

To make money with this program you must recruit others to do the same thing you’re doing and the higher the membership option you have, the more you will earn.

There are essentially 11 levels you can join at:

  • FREE Option – you can join for free but you do not earn anything until you get a paid member recruited which pays $25 for each paid member you bring in, no overrides or anything else.
  • Option 1 — Cost $88 and pays a $50 commission plus no overrides.
  • Option 2 — Cost $188 and pays a $120 commission plus $30 overrides for each $188+ sign up.
  • Option 3 — Cost $288 and pays a $200 commission plus $30 overrides for each $188+ sign up.
  • Option 4 — Cost $500 and pays a $350 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 5 — Cost $1,000 and pays a $750 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 6 — Cost $1,500 and pays a $1,200 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 7 — Cost $2,000 and pays a $1600 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 8 — Cost $2,500 and pays a $2,000 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 9 — Cost $3,500 and pays a $2,900 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 10 — Cost $5,000 and pays a $4,000 commission plus $100 overrides for each $5,000+ sign up.

At the end of this sales page, you’re instructed to log in and so I do.

Then I finally get to the back end where you will sign up for one of these options and fill out this form with details about you and how you want to get paid.

You only get paid two ways, by direct deposit or by manual check.

If you want to make money on levels 1 – 10, you need to BUY into that level.

You cannot promote Option 10 to earn $4,000 if you haven’t paid the $5,000 for it.

If you upgrade from one level to the next, you will have to pay the difference. So if you go from Option 5 to Option 10, you will have to pay $4,000 more.

That’s a lot of money and your total investment in this will be $5,000.

You will have to know how to get leads to get other people to join so you can make that $5,000 back and bugging your friends and family won’t cut it.

For something like this, you’ll need to bring in hundreds of leads a month since only a small percentage will join.

Is this the best way to make money online?

As well, I don’t think the free websites and the techniques they show you how to market this system is viable.

You will have to invest more money into these static free sites because search engines will not be ranking them so you’ll need to pay for these kinds of sites to be seen by anyone.

How would you even promote this membership? Membership to what?

It’ll be hard to promote this since there is no real product or service to promote.

The free option allows you to bring people in, and if they pay for one of the options then you’ll get $25 for each of those.

Without a retail product or service, you will have a hard time promoting this to anyone as it has no value for what people will be paying for.


Best Easy Work may be a scam to some and may not be to others, you’ll have to decide for yourself if this is something you want to join.

In FTC’s eyes this is illegal, it’s only a matter of time this will shut down like they have done so with Digital Altitude and MOBE.

I know this program will not work for you because:

  1. It’s not sustainable in the long term because you will soon run out of people to bug to join this membership and then you’ll have to fork out more money to buy advertising.
  2. Any free methods you’ll use to promote this will not convert because all they see is a spammy sales page that can’t be trusted.
  3. No one will want to just join a membership for no purpose and of no value.
  4. Passing money around is not a way to do business and it’s highly unethical.

You’re better off learning a real way of making money online that provides value and help to others. I’ll show you how below!

Because of all the above, I highly do NOT recommend Best Easy Work to anyone who wants to earn money online.


Don’t waste your time and money on programs that don’t provide real VALUE to others.

You need to be building something that will be long term and that can make you money for years to come.

That’s the only way you’ll get out of the rat race and work from home for yourself for good.

If you’d like to learn what I do and help others at the same time, check out my free guide where I explain everything you’ll need to know:

In my guide, you will find the most sound and ethical business model to use, how it works, why it works, and where you can get your online business started today for FREE!

You’ll receive all that you’ll need to start including business tools and full support to guide you all the way.

You will also get my personal help as well and you’ll get to see how others have done it before you.

This business can be built with any topic of your choice that you can enjoy working on day in and day out.

This is how you will build a real online future and stop being scammed for good!

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Best Easy Work is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! ��

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is it a Scam or Legit Way to Passive Income?

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a course you should invest in?

In this review I will talk about the good and the bad. I’ll also tell you why you see so many positive reviews (what a shocker) and also provide you an alternative which I think you’ll really benefit from.

I am a real member so will be able to give you an unbiased, honest opinion,

There’s many options to get affiliate marketing training but is the Wealthy Affiliate the way to go? Read on to find out.

Disclosure: Drew’s Review is supported by my readers. A purchase from a link may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more

The Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, but soon after you do you’ll be (somewhat) pressured to continue with their paid membership.

They do entice you with a discount so your first month is just $19, so I joined to see what they offer above their free training so you guys don’t have to. Or maybe you will, we will see after this review if it’s something I can recommend or not.

A little History of the Wealthy Affiliate’s Beginnings

Two guys by the name of Kyle and Carson are the co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate. Originaly they started this site in 2005 (a quick whois search will verify this) so they have been around for a while.

They had become successful in affiliate marketing and wanted to build on this success by starting a service to help other affiliate marketers.

When they started Wealthy Affiliate it was simply just a keyword list site for a monthly fee of $29.99. For this you would get a list of keywords for a new niche every month complete with ads to run in Google.

However, after a while they realized their site was lacking a few key things:

  • There was no way for members to communicate with each other
  • People weren’t building efficient sites
  • People could not do the proper research independently
  • People wanted to have personal support and mentoring
  • People wanted to learn how to host sites, wanted more training, etc.

So from this, the Wealthy Affiliate has become what it is today – a place to learn, build and communicate with other members and the co-owners.

Some of the things you will find on the Wealthy Affiliate’s Platform is:

  • Their own platform for hosting
  • A content management platform (like wordpress maybe?)
  • Weekly live classes and training modules (over 100)
  • Proprietary keyword & research platform
  • They sell domains, have platforms for feedback & engagement.

So it looks like what they have created here is basically a community of affiliate marketers where you don’t need to go anywhere else for support, training, tools, hosting and even domain buying. Hmm.

My honest Wealthy Affiliate UNBIASED Review and Experience as a New Member

I’m not going to spend too much time on the free membership content because it’s something you can see for yourself. However since you’re here, i’ll give you a quick as I can rundown of what’s included for the price of free.

Once you’re in, you get the typical welcome stuff, asked to create your profile mumbo jumbo say hello to members, etc., etc.

There are 10 free lessons that you can take right away in Level 1

In the first one they tell you how you are going to create success you’ll need to watch a half hour long video walkthru of the platform. I had to skim through this because it was kinda painful lol. Anyway, they do tell you what you can expect and here’s an illustration of their 4-step roadmap to success.

Sounds easy right? Sure the concept is simple and they are spot on, this is exactly the process to success in affiliate marketing. There’s a lot in between though, and it does take some work. The ones that stick to it win.

The second lesson discusses how you will earn money and also breaks down the affiliate marketing model for the noobs.

The third lesson talks about niches. You’ll understand the importance of choosing a niche and how to go about it.

The fourth lesson talks about building your own website. Here they push their own platform builder so that they hope you stick around and get their hosting which i believe is included in the monthly fee.

You can also get free hosting as a free member on their .siterubix domain and just register a subdomain so it would be something like “ Please do not do this. You need to own your own domain and i’d suggest a host like bluehost instead.

The fifth lesson tells you how to configure wordpress – assuming your site has been built already. Things like adding and activation plugins and deleting the default posts and pages are shown. Keep in mind this is really basic, basic stuff.

In the sixth lesson they tell you how to get your site ready for the search engines by installing a plugin known as “All in One SEO.” I personally prefer Yoast but this one is fine too.

One area of concern is they tell you to make your title “captivating.” Although yes it should be, more importantly your keywords need to be mixed in your title somehow for ranking effect. This is not mentioned here, hoping it’s covered in the paid training at least.

In Lesson seven, you learn how to create and set up your “about me” and privacy policy pages. Again pretty basic stuff that you can find elsewhere but do a pretty good job of explaining it.

In lesson eight you will learn how to set up and customize your menu’s within wordpress.

In lesson nine, you get an introduction to keywords and how to pick them. They also tout Jaaxy, an online keyword tool that you’ll get free with your subscription to the Wealthy Affiliate – Jaaxy Lite that is.

Lesson 10 isn’t exactly a lesson even though its marked that way. Here is where they tell you that the training ends for the free portion.

If you want to continue, you have to subscribe as a premium member. In case you don’t know, your first month is $19 (if you make it during the 7 day window) and $49 thereafter each month.

So this is where i get my full subscription so you can see what you get. ***drumroll***

I’m a full member – yay! See I even setup my profile pic. No pic better than your feet resting by the pool at your condo in Bangkok.

Ok so now that I am an official paid member, I will be presented with the next level. This is part of the “Online Entrepreneur Certification.”

Bored of this Review? See an Alternative That Will Give You Greater Chances for Success

Become a super affiliate with this course!

Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

The premium training jumps right into domains and telling you that you need your own hosted domain if you opted for a sub-domain on

Also, the the premium training also assumes you have already picked your niche and set up your site. So far there is no further training on picking a niche – looks like the free training for that is all you’ll get. You NEED to be prepared with your niche selection at the very least here before moving forward with training.

Since there is so much, I am going to condense this as much as possible.

It looks like level 2 has 10 different lessons. You need to “mark complete” before moving on.

The sections of this module are as follows:

  • Branding – picking your domain/brand
  • Branding/Domain – moving your site over from subrubix.
  • Keywords – Choosing a target keyword, writing your article, publish your post
  • Setting up your email account
  • Traffic – creating a keyword rich article.
  • Making use of visuals – adding relevant images
  • Understanding low hanging fruit – how to identify and use these keywords to your advantage
  • Trust – using a ‘real’ person as writer of content & blog – not just admin.
  • Productivity – this is a mindset section all about working smarter.
  • Boost your Wealthy Affiliate ranks. This section encourages you to write a blog post in the WA community about your progress so far. There seems to be a lot of “community” focus in this course where you can help others, others help you and you get “ambassador” points. I suppose for some people they’d like this but I can see this being a time waster.

Anyway, I “finished” level 2 and this is what popped up:

Looks like i’m movin’ on up. Ok, onward to Level 3!

Level 3 – Making Money!

This section is about showing you the different ways where you can make money via traffic with your website.

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How to find the right affiliate programs (niche relevant, etc.)
  • How to add links to your affiliate pages
  • Using Amazon Associates
  • How to leverage product reviews
  • Make money with paid ads on your site using Google Adsense
  • Testing affiliate offers vrs Google Adsense
  • Installing Google Analytics and analyzing data.

The module concludes with telling you that the main purpose of your website is to educate and help your readers. This is actually true because if you don’t offer any value and throw up affiliate links randomly, your readers are going to figure you out eventually that you are just in it for me money. Don’t be one of those guys or girls or however you identify as ��

Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

This module talks about including a “social” presence with your brand. They discuss the big socials like Facebook, Google + (shutting down Aug 2020) Pinterest & Twitter and how to set these up.

  • Learn how to make your site engaging by allowing comments (watch for spam) and sharing posts on your social media accounts.
  • Using Facebook properly
  • How to use Pinterest
  • How to effectively use Twitter
  • Using Google+ – note* – as of this writing it’s shutting down in Aug. 2020
  • Creating a blog post within Wealthy Affiliate (this effectively helps them rank for more keywords and content for free (genius :P) but in all fairness this could result in a WA commission if someone signs up if the link is clicked.
  • Social Branding – making your socials work for you.
  • Engage at WA – Engage with members on the platform and how to join the ambassador program.

The module wraps up with how to use social engagement properly. It addresses overuse, why you should use it and quality discussions as well. Overall a pretty decent module on how to use socials.

Level 5 – Content Creation

No doubt content creation is important, this is pretty clear with Google’s Panda update that penalizes sites with poor content & content ripped off from other sites.

This module starts off though making a direct correlation with content and Google rankings. Sure, great content helps, but this is not the only thing that gets you ranked over time. I’ve done a lot of testing and have seen sites with great content go nowhere, where a site with crap content (still gramatically correct – just thin content) get ranked because of SEO that was done to them. This includes backlinking with the right anchors and links. “Content is King” is BS in my opinion.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s get on with what’s in this module.

  • You’ll learn how to set up Google Webmaster Tools (now search console – outdated info)
  • Improving Indexing Times and Speeds – setting up your sitemap, having a webmaster tools account (again, this is now called Google Search Console) – note- things things will help your site get indexed but not necessarily help you rank in Google which they claim here.
  • Reading your content – focus here is not on keywords but making your article readable. Remember articles back in 2020 that had the same keywords over and over? Don’t do that!
  • Realistic breakdown of your traffic potential – This was anything but realistic! They are just generalizing here how much traffic you’ll get based on what? The claims are a bit bizarre. For example if you’re in a super competitive niche your “content rich” site is going to be dessimated by a ton of authority sites all with thousands of backlinks – all on page 1 of Google. These numbers they claim are never going to happen in this scenario and even in a lower competition niche. It’s all hypothetical based on nothing really. So I was a bit shocked with the claims here. Content only is not going to get you on page 1 of Google unless there’s hardly any competition which is unlikely if you’re promoting something with an affiliate link. Others are doing the same.

Now I am not saying this isn’t achieveable, but the chances of this happening on a site that is new and with the training so far in this course is a longshot.

  • Writing structure of your site with conversion intent – how to create call to action on your site.
  • Adding call to action links in your comments section
  • Setting up Bing webmaster tools & submitting sitemap.

The last section in this module talks about planning ahead in regards to your posts. They want you to set clear goals as to how many articles you will write in a given timeframe and creating a keyword list to write around. I suppose this is a good thing if you like to stick to your goals as it will keep you going.

There’s also a section on outsourcing your content. I prefer to write my own but have outsourced content in the past on some of my other affiliate sites. You will know when you are ready to outsource content.

At this point I have finished all the modules in the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” which consisted of 5 courses and 50 lessons.

Next, is the Affiliate Bootcamp, which consists of 7 courses and 70 lessons

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a 7 phase & 70 lessons module showing you the creation and setup of a business niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling

I got up to lesson 5 and from the beginning of this module all that was discussed was how you can promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate and rake in the big bucks. If you stay on as a premium member then you make double the commissions.

To be fair, there is some information that would apply to a different offer and there’s a section on how to do keyword research, create posts, setup plugins etc. If you read from the beginning though, this was already covered in the free training. They go into a little more detail there though.

There’s also a lot of theory and hypothetical projections in this section rather than practical examples. Too much theory and wishful thinking is a waste of time to me. I’d rather see some case studies with real life examples.

There is an SEO section and it became very clear to me. Wealthy Affiliate does not believe in backlinking, including PBN’s, etc. They honestly believe you can rank with just good content and great on-page SEO only. �� I’ll bet a lot of people are thinking – “great, I don’t need to learn SEO to rank in Google. Awesome!”

I’ll say it again. Fabulous content and flawless on-page SEO (how you set up your site) does not get you ranked. You’ll get indexed, but it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to beat your competitors that have a solid backlink profile.

They do redeem themselves though with their section on how to write a review for a product or service. They break down the page structure, title of the review and what you should include in the review. It’s similar to what I do here on my site.

The module finishes off with them doubling down on becoming a premium member. They do promote heavily that you should promote the Wealthy Affiliate and tease you with the double commissions if you stay on as a member.

Phase 2 – Content, Keywords and Conversions

This section breaks down as follows:

  • Creating readable content that converts – making your content appear to be pretty and readable – very important.
  • Properly using affiliate links – how to setup links and use the ‘prettylink’ plugin (I use it myself) more talk about WA offer and how to include links for all products.
  • Understanding keywords – Discussed the importance of not doing “keyword stuffing” and making your article read for your audience, not Google.
  • Creating reviews/targeted keywords – Here they tell you the proper structure of writing a review and i wouldn’t do this with every review because it will start to look robotic. Do your own thing because if you do what everyone else does you’ll never stand out of the crowd.
  • Backing up your website
  • Enhancing Your Website Experience – adding drop down menus and organizing your sidebar
  • Building MORE Content Through Internal Links – Well, at least WA believes in internal linking, i’d be floored if they told you not to do this too. So yes, internal linking IS important – make sure you do it and make sure you do it right. They give a decent explanation on how to do this.
  • Bonuses – Bonuses are ok to add and they give a pretty good explanation here on how and why to add bonuses. It’s not for every product though, and in some cases it can ‘cheapen’ what you are promoting. Use this tactic wisely. If the product is no good, you should not promote it. I’ve seen reviewers recommend every product under the sun that comes out along with 10+ bonuses. Some even had 30+ bonuses. Pathetic!

At the end of this module they want you to take a 10 day break. As an entrepreneur I don’t suggest this and question why they want you to. Take breaks of course, but 10 days doing nothing? Come on!

Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in this module:

  • Adding social buttons to your website
  • Making your social accounts brand friendly
  • How to make your social content engagement friendly
  • Social waste vs. productivity
  • How to add Google Analytics to your site
  • Leveraging the Jaaxy affiliate program (kinda mismatched for this module but they like to push Jaaxy – it’s apparently an official tool for Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Leveraging your sidebar – another push to promote wealthy affiliate by telling you to put a link to WA on every page of your site in the sidebar.

Phase 4 – Get Visual – Get Aesthetic – Get a Brand Through Media

Here is what is being taught in this module:

  • Website design introduction – covers the design of various aspects of your website
  • Images – This section discusses Pinterest and why you should utilize it for images.
  • Leveraging Video – They tell you how to promote WA again by using one of their many training videos on your site. Kinda lame. I suppose if you swap that out with your own video then it would apply but limited info here on video production & best practices.
  • Creating Logos and Images – They provide you with some free tools to create your logo.There is no mention of Fiverr or Upwork which is two of the places to get logos done that I recommend.
  • Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review – another push to promote Jaaxy. I wonder if WA owns Jaaxy or a part of it.
  • More Pinterest Stuff – Setting up your Pinterest acount & board.
  • Creating Your Own Videos – Ok well here they tell you how to create videos but the info is limited and again mentions making a video promoting Wealthy Affiliate.. I provide more information in my blog post “How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” – where you’ll probably learn more – and for free. Just scroll down to the Youtube section in the article. You will need software like Camtasia (what I use) or others and some are free.

The module rounds up with a lesson on the customer perspective and how it can relate to your business. Think – putting yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer.

Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals

Breaking down this section and what learn learn:

  • Creating content with intent – How to write content that doesn’t appear to be a salespage but with intent to sell something and appear natural.
  • Comments – There’s a video from 2020 that shows you how to respond to comments on your website
  • Creating Videos – this is the 3rd time so far I have seen video creation in a module. There’s a video talking about where to get inspiration from to create videos but again, it’s a little lacklustre with details.
  • Youtube – Discusses how to create videos in a video uploaded in 2020. Things have changed greatly since then guys! Anyway you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want a hope in hell you will do well on Youtube.
  • Reviews – Here they link to a section where people (other members) talk about their troubles and successes when creating reviews. Helpful I guess.
  • The Ultimate Referral tool – Once again they are giving you more ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate by giving you the code to a custom sign up page right from your site. How convenient.
  • Follow-Ups – More WA promotion. This time it gives you some tools to automate follow ups with the people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Create Custom Video Sign-up Pages – More promotion tactics to promote WA.

This module ends telling you to spend the next 6 weeks creating 6 new review pages all keyword rich. Followed by adding 3 keyword rich videos on Youtube.

There was a lot of Wealthy Affiliate promotion in this section, probably the most I have seen. By now you are getting a general idea of what WA is about. Granted you can use the same techniques to promote something else, it’s just annoying after a while to see the perpetual invitation to promote WA.

Phase 6 – Yahoo, BING, & The Power of PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click in case you didn’t know. Notice that Google is omitted from the title? That’s because they don’t cover Google Adwords. Why? They say it’s too difficult. I’m a bit speechless. Google ads is not hard to work with I just think they didn’t want to do a module on it because it updates a lot?

Anyway, if you want to learn PPC in Wealthy Affiliate you’re going to have to stick with Bing or Yahoo and not the biggest search engine in the world.

Anyway, if I haven’t lost you yet, this is what you’ll learn about Bing and Yahoo PPC:

  • Setting up your account
  • Setting up your campaign
  • Creating review ad groups
  • Conversion tracking

There’s more to this module but it’s all about Bing & Yahoo PPC. They cover it all if you’re just thinking about using these platforms and not Google.

Phase 7 – Blasting Your Wealthy Affiliate Earnings With PPC

Did you think the WA promotion of WA was over yet? Nope.

So the training here was created on March 8, 2020, two years ago. They finally decided to get Google Ads in. Google Adwords changes a lot and they just recently had an update. Note – Google Adwords is now known as Google Ads, this is not been updated on the site yet.

The outdated training tells you to set up an account and conversion tracking. It’s very different now but you can find free resources online on how to do this.

As I mentioned, it’s going to look different when you log into your Google Ads account compared to the training but it’s fundamentally the same. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Creating ad Groups
  • Creating campaigns
  • Choosing keywords
  • Creating product comparison tables (for reviews)
  • Ensuring your campaign’s relevancy
  • Direct linking (to affiliate offer – I don’t recommend as conversions are low this way)
  • Discussion of numbers – ensuring your campaigns are profitable.
  • Writing your landing pages (your posts) with PPC in mind
  • Creating long-term scalable campaigns.

This not only marks the end of this module but also all 7 phases of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

You have probably noticed they want you to promote the course and this is present in almost every module. You could substitute WA with another offer and still take advantage of the training but for some I think this might be a bit of a turn off and seem self-serving for WA.

Anyway, here’s a snapshot of what you’ll see once the Bootcamp training is complete:

Wealthy Affiliate Live Events

WA holds live webinars once a week. Perhaps you can get more value from the live training than what you have seen in the modules above. The latest videos do show the Google Search Console as opposed to Google Webmaster Tools (old version) in the existing training.

I don’t know why WA does not update their content – they should. On the plus side, at least you’ll get up-to-date information here. You can also interract with other members at the bottom of each replay. All live webinars are recorded for viewing later if you can’t attend the live webinar.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

There’s a lot of focus on the “community” aspect in WA. Members are encouraged to write posts on the platform, help others and engage with members.

This could be either a positive or a negative depending how you look at it. Your #1 goal to join is to make money and build a future for yourself, not to join some social community to chat with others. Although there is nothing wrong with that, I feel that a lot of people will get distracted with their focus by what other members are saying.

For example if you start a site on a certain niche, and then someone gives away a niche (doesn’t happen often though) on the WA platform that is making a lot of money, you might end up dropping everything you are doing and start something different.

If you join the Wealthy Affiliate – don’t get too comfy with other members if you really want to succeed. Not saying they can’t help, but everyone is there for themselves at the end of the day.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth it or a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. If it was they wouldn’t have so many members. I just don’t like the push for self promotion so much.

It’s a little too much at times and they should only dedicate one module to this. Whether it’s worth it or not, read below.

Why So Many “Positive” Reviews?

I think you know why by now. There are so many positive reviews online because of the huge push within the course to promote the course for a commission. Some members are only making money promoting the Wealthy Affiliate.

If the course is worth the investment, then there’s no problem with that. However, based on the training I have seen, I don’t see how you’re going to be successful unless you incorporate strategies taught outside this course. That’s the hard truth. These reviews you’ve read are self serving and biased.

Should you Buy the Wealthy Affiliate Course?

Ok, so now that I finally completed my review of the Wealthy Affiliate (whew!!) here is what I think.

If you are a complete newbie, you don’t know much about affiliate marketing, how to create a website etc., then you might get something out of it. You can join for just $19 in your first month then decide for yourself after.

The content at times is dated, but it still applies today for the most part – unless something changes. If I were you, i’d keep reading to see my alternatives and why I prefer these over the Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll also explain why.

Cons of the Wealthy Affiliate

Unless something has changed, WA believes you can rank your website in Google without ANY backlinks and just good on-page SEO.

This is simply not true and i’ll prove it to you right now.

You will need a tool like AHREFS where you can check the backlink profile of any site. You can get a $7 trial for 7 days.

Next, pick a niche with an affiliate offer. More than one offer per niche is best.

Type in Google a keyword that someone may look for to match your affiliate offer. For example if it’s about dog training, Google “How to train my doberman” or something like that.

Make note of all the websites on the first page of Google. Enter these in AHREFS. I can guarantee you they all have a healthy number of backlinks.

Then go to page 2, 3 and beyond and compare. I don’t care how great the content is, if no sites (good, relative sites btw) aren’t linking to the site in question, it’s not going to rank. Period.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t care about SEO and want to learn how to build an affiliate site and maybe do some PPC, then sure, go ahead and grab the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s only $19 for the first month and $49 each month after so it does give you some time to try it out and you can cancel anytime.

If you grab it through a link on my page here (yes I get a small commission at no expense to you) and after 3 months your site is not ranking anywhere, i’ll personally take a look at it and give you my feedback, along with analyzing your competition – for free. I’d rather you save your money though and take me up on one of two options I am about to suggest.

Alternative to Wealthy Affiliate?

Oh, yes there is.

One course I picked up over a year ago is Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. I was so impressed by it and after implementing some strategies that I wasn’t before, my affililate commissions improved by over 20% across all my sites. That may seem small, but trust me it’s not.

I’m not a newbie marketer either, so imagine what this could do for you. Savage affiliates has been created for newbies all the way up to advanced affiliate marketers.

It’s inexpensive at just $197 and $297 for the newly released “Super” version, the training is up-to-date and superb. There’s also NO monthly fees, just a one-time fee and you’ll get all the updates too.

UPDATE ! Savage Affiliates has been recently updated. See my Savage Affiliates 2.0 review here.

Is Direct News 24 A Scam?

Post Updated: 13/04/2020 By Andrew 6 Comments

Hello and welcome to my Direct News 24 review. The chances are that you have arrived here looking for answers about a “money making” service that you have seen advertised on the internet.

Direct News 24 is currently appearing on a few websites right now and is being advertised on social media as well as Googles paid search results.

If you have already had experience of this website then please share your story in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Sharing your comments will help other readers to learn the truth about this system.

Most importantly, please do not join anything through Direct News 24 before reading this review and knowing the facts first!

You may have seen Direct News 24 on, or These websites advertise in several locations and claim to offer a system that can make you a lot of money.

The websites featuring Direct News 24 are all duplicates, containing the same content. This alone is the first sign of a scam in progress. We recently found this advert listed on Google under the website

This website makes huge claims but as it’s allowed to be listed within Googles paid results then it should be a trusted website. However, it would seem that there is more to Direct News 24 than meets the eye.

Have Google Let A Scam Slip Into Their Paid Results?

Over the years Google have done their best to keep scams out of their search engine. Their algorithms for both paid and organic search results have changed a lot in recent years.

Google don’t allow anything that could be misleading or that makes outrageous claims. So to see an advert claiming that you can make £9750 per month under their listings was quite a surprise. Is Direct News 24 a scam? We started to investigate and uncovered something that you should be very wary of.

First Impressions

As someone that has reviewed quite a few of these websites, the first thing that I notice is several logos and what has become quite a famous work from home video.

The Direct News 24 websites are designed to look like legit news websites. However, if you take a closer look you will find that there are some tell-tale signs that point to the fact that this website is a fake.

Firstly the news logos that appear on this site are slightly blurred. A genuine news website would not publish anything of this quality. Secondly, if you take a look at the links within the Direct News 24 site you will discover that they all link to the same place.

No matter if you click on the Home page, Politics, leisure or finance page, you will always end up on the same page! The third giveaway on the Direct News 24 sites is that the comments are completely fake.

Try it for yourself and see if you can post a comment on their site. Your comment will never appear because the listed comments are all made up. But this alone doesn’t make the system a scam right?

Is Direct News 24 A Scam Or Legit Service?

The Direct News 24 website makes a lot of claims about earning money online. Whilst I can verify that making money online is certainly possible it’s never a fast or as easy as these guys claim.

So is Direct News 24 a scam? Yes, I’m afraid it is. However, the scam itself doesn’t take place on the Direct News 24 website. The scam actually occurs on a website that Direct News 24 sends you to. Here’s how it works…

The Direct News 24 Scam… How Does It Work?

The purpose of the main Direct News 24 websites is to initially gain your trust. The creators behind this scam know that by doing several things they can gain he trust of the unsuspecting public.

This is why they appear in Googles pain search results, show well known logos on their site and have lots of fake testimonials. It’s all to get you to believe that what you are about to see is the real deal.

Fake Testimonials From The Direct News 24 Website

When you click on any of the links within the news website you are taken to a video sales page. This sales page may well be different, depending on where you are in the world.

As I live in the UK, I am directed to a website called “The Brit Method”. You may see a different offer, but believe me when I tell you that the end result will be the same.

The websites that Direct News 24 will send you to are known as Binary Options or Binary Trading Scams. There are currently hundreds of these scams online, with new ones being launched every day.

The Brit Method is just one of many scams that will scam you out of your money and then ask for more. Over the past few months we have seen a huge increase in these scams and it seems that nobody can stop them.

What Are Binary Options Scams?

The Direct News 24 websites aim to send as many people as possible to these binary trading scams. The reason is simple, they get paid every time someone falls for the scam. Even though you may be led to believe the the offer you are sent to is completely free, believe me when I tell you that it isn’t! These binary trading scams work by telling you that you can get a free piece of software that will “trade” for you.

The software will supposedly trade currencies on auto-pilot, making you lots of profit. However, in order to make the software work you must first pay in some money!

The normal amount that these guys ask for is $250 to start with. Once you pay the money, the owner of the Direct News 24 websites gets paid a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

Binary Options? Affiliate Marketing? What Should I Do?

Affiliate marketing is a totally legitimate way of earning money online. However, the way in which money is made by Direct News 24 is far from legit. I can confirm that getting involved with any kind of binary options system like this one is a very bad idea.

I 100% guarantee that you will lose all of your money if you get involved with this method. And unfortunately the scam doesn’t end there. The people behind these systems will try to get as much out of you as possible.

When the system fails to make money, these guys will tell you to try again! You can also expect to receive some high pressure sales calls too, should you sign up for this!

Binary trading companies are well known for offering high priced training and guidance. Binary trading is an extremely high risk method that is definitely not recommended!

Had Any Experience With Direct News 24?

If you have had any experience with Direct News 24 or any of the other copycat websites, we would love to hear from you!

By sharing a comment in the section below you will help to get the message across to others. Please tell us your story, I always reply to comments in person and as quickly as possible.

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