Review Why Waste Your Money on BTC Doublers (SCAM)

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Contents Review: Why Waste Your Money on Doublers

Crypto Cash Reviews: A legit investment or another short span investment? Read our reviews to see what experts have to say about Crypto Cash Doubler Investment. This website promises to grow your money. Is a reliable investment? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams.

In this review, we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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What Is Crypto Cash- Paying? is a recently launched investment platform with an awesome interface. They claim they can make you 100% in just 24 hrs.. However, there are no proofs to this claim. Their website is pretty convincing, and if given room to be popular, they would easily make away with people’s money. Scam Review: Disturbing Things Found

Though this site might appear legit to a newbie, the truth is that it is just a wishy washy HYIP just like Flamebit, it is designed in such a way to convince unsuspecting investors.

This simply means, Crypto Cash is like every other HYIP. It is a just a type of ponzi scheme. Initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest, what this means is that you are under pressure to bring in new investors so that you will get paid. As soon as the amount of new investor drops, the owners do away with the money invested.

Thus, the site is closed down since there is no longer enough money to pay initial investors. Those that benefit most times are the first investors. However, the system is not sustainable because it will surely shut down abruptly leaving your money trapped in the hands of the scammers that set it up initially. Why spend your time on HYIPs when there are other legitimate and sustainable ways of making money?

Reasons Why Crypto Cash Is Not an Ideal Investment Platform For You

Many HYIP monitors wouldn’t tell you how this system works, even trusted hyip monitoring sites wouldn’t be quick in telling you that some of these HYIPS have a very very short span life. Below are reasons why we think it is not the best investment for you-

  1. Crypto Cash is unpredictable. What this simply means, is that they could stop paying anytime.
  2. The returns are unrealistic. Common, how would they be able to keep shooting out that amount?
  3. We couldn’t come up with those behind this platform, notwithstanding the extent of our thorough investigation.
  4. works with some HYIP monitors. Their affiliate program is lucrative, so even top 10 trusted hyip monitors would promote. Hey! don’t let your guard down.
  5. There are no Financial Authority acting as a watch dog over their actions, so they are not bounded to any regulation, and could do as they please with your hard earned money.

Is a Scam or Legitimate Investment?

Though they provide a registration certificate and so-called evidence of payments, don’t be deceived, anybody could get a sham address and certificate most especially from the Company House in UK which most of them use, for just £5. These companies claiming to be located in the UK or similar countries like the USA are not in actual sense located there.

Sometimes these platforms might pose as an investment platform, doubler platform or even a mining platform. Often times they might run an ads through the google ads academy or even get a youtube ads making them look legit. But the truth is that they do not have the equipment that make them what they claim to be. Rather what they do is circle the funds of investors, and when they have made a lot of unsuspecting investors trust them, they stop paying.

The truth is that even the longest paying hyip would one day flop. The system is not sustainable. Why waste your time and money when there are legit and paying bitcoin investment sites? You could even start forex trading with the help of trusted brokers. is not a trusted Investment Platform

How To Know Investments Scam Formats

It is true that most of this high yield investment platforms look like the real deal, thus confusing us.However, there are various ways to find out if an investment platform is a lackluster HYIP or if it a trusted investment platform. Below are ways you could find out-

  • ROI- The returns offered. Are they sustainable? Can the funds be shuffled round and get to every investor? are the offers realizable?
  • History- Does the platform have a history? Can the company behind it be found online?
  • Transaparent– How transparent is the information on the website?
  • Contact– Can you reach them? Is the address made available on the platform?


Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. .On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

Our Recommendation

They are lots of online investment opportunities which could fetch you money and give you a good Return On Investment. We constantly search them out to guide our readers so they don’t fall for scams. Always feel free to interact with us in the comment section.

Bitcoin Scam Guide – Avoiding Theft and Fraud

By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 11/14/19

There are numerous ways to lose your Bitcoins – scams, fraud, and theft are getting more and more common these days. This post will describe how to keep your Bitcoins safe, plus give you some practical tools to use.

Bitcoin Scam Guide Summary

There are numerous types of Bitcoin scams out there. Here’s how to avoid them:

  • Never expose your private key / seed phrase.
  • Use the Bitcoin Scam Test before using any unknown service.
  • Make sure you’re not logging into a phishing site (explained below).
  • Have strong unique passwords to all related accounts.
  • Enable 2FA on related accounts.
  • Use a VPN or secure network to connect to your Bitcoin accounts.

That’s how to avoid scams in a nutshell. If you want a more detailed review about how to identify scams and avoid fraud or theft, keep on reading. Here’s what I’ll cover:

Don’t Like to Read? Watch Our Video Guide Instead

1. The Bitcoin Scam Test

Use this simple 12 question test to evaluate any unknown Bitcoin service or website. Some questions require a specific tool that are located on the right sidebar. If you don’t know the answer to a specific question you can choose to skip it (however the results will be less accurate).

Share the quiz to show your results !

2. Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin, the currency and the technology behind it, has proved to withstand numerous attacks throughout the years. The weakest link in Bitcoin’s security (as is the case with most other technologies) is usually the people who handle it.

Whenever you hear that Bitcoins were stolen, it wasn’t because there was a problem with Bitcoin’s technology, but because whoever was holding those Bitcoins wasn’t careful enough.

Saying Bitcoin isn’t safe because you hear a lot about stolen Bitcoins is like saying the dollar isn’t safe because you hear that there are a lot of robberies going on.

With great power comes great responsibility, and as long as you follow the steps in this post your Bitcoins will be safe and sound.

Before we get started, here is the most important rule you should remember:

You, and you alone, should know the private key to your Bitcoin wallet. The private key, or seed phrase, is like the combination to a safe. Whoever knows your wallet’s private key can take control of your Bitcoins.

No website or person should ever ask you for your private key – just as no one should ask you for the number combination of your safe. So keep that in mind as a red flag if you ever hear that request.

3. What Should I Do if I Got Scammed?

Here are some of the options at your disposal:

  1. Share your experience in the comments section of this post so others can learn from it.
  2. Report the website or service to the relevant authority.
  3. Report the website on review sites like TrustPilot, BitTrust and BadBitcoin.
  4. Take legal action against the site or service – this might not be worth your time or money (depending on how much money was taken from you).

4. Bitcoin Scams and Fraud Examples

In Scams and frauds, attackers exploit the weakness of the human factor to put their hands on your Bitcoin. Usually this is done by the fraudster claiming to be someone or something he’s not. Here are some common scams and fraud schemes:

Nigerian prince scams

Similar to emails that popped up when the Internet was just gaining mass adoption. The emails were sent by a person claiming to be a Nigerian prince that wants to share his wealth with you. This is a general term for all email scams where people ask you to send them Bitcoin.

The reason they ask for Bitcoin is because:

  1. Bitcoin is somewhat anonymous.
  2. Bitcoin transactions can’t be reversed.

How to avoid – Don’t ever send Bitcoins to someone you don’t know, and when you do send Bitcoins to someone you know, double check that you’re actually speaking to who you think you’re speaking to.

Private Key Scams

This type of scam involves people accessing your wallet’s private key or seed phrase (i.e. the password to your funds). There are several ways this scam can take form:

  1. Persuading the user to send over his private key / seed
  2. Persuading the user to give remote access to his computer and getting the private key through that access (example). This is usually done by pretending to be someone respected in the community / someone that can help you with an issue.
  3. Sending you a private key to use in your own wallet and then stealing the funds from that wallet (example).

How to avoid – You should never share your private key or seed phrase with ANYONE, and you alone should be the one generating it.

Phishing Scams

These scams usually include sending a fake email to the user from a known service (e.g. telling him he needs to log into his account for some strange reason by clicking on an attached link.

When the user clicks the link in the email he’s brought to a phishing site – an identical site to the original, but with a different URL. The sole purpose of this site is logging the user’s username and password. Once the user tries to log in, he basically transmits his sensitive info to the scammer.

How to avoid – Always be suspicious of emails asking you to log into a specific service. Double check the “from” email address and the URL in the browser you’re taken to. Also, it’s best to always access sites directly from the browser and not from links.

Also, make sure the site uses SSL connection – this means you should see a “lock” icon in the beginning of the address bar and that the URL immediately after begins with “https” and not “http”. Most phishing sites don’t have an SSL certificate, although there may be exceptions.

Finally, most services that you sign-up with know your name and use it in their emails. So if you are addressed as “sir” or “dear customer” see that as a warning.

Oh…and never open any email attachments from unknown senders.

Cloud Mining and Ponzi Scams

A Ponzi Scheme is a scam promising high-rates of return with little risk. The Ponzi Scheme pays out the older investors by taking money from new investors. At some point, the Ponzi Scheme operator usually disappears with the investors’ money.

Most Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes today appear in the form of cloud mining sites or coin doublers. These are sites that will promise you high-rates of return on your coins on a daily basis and will disappear with your money, after a while.

How to avoid – Just use the Bitcoin Scam Test on this page before investing in anything.

5. My Personal Scam Story

A little over 2 weeks ago I received the following email:

At first glance, this seems to be a normal email blast sent out by Coindesk looking for advertisers. As you can see from the recipient line it was sent to the admin address of 99Bitcoins ([email protected]).

The thing is, we don’t have an admin address, it was just captured in our inbox since all email directed to are captured.

Here’s what was suspicious about the email:

  • The sender’s name – Shakil Khan. I knew who he was, he was the founder of Coindesk. Why would the founder of a huge publication be sending out cold marketing emails? Don’t they have at least a VP marketing or someone else not so high up?
  • The email was sent from [email protected] – I assume that Coindesk would be sending out emails from their own domain name and not using a general Gmail address.

However, the advertising spots available were actually pretty convincing. First, the email stated specific daily impressions count.

Second, the date at which the banner will be available matched what was advertised at Coindesk. If you were to visit Coindesk at the time the email was sent you would see there was an ad there for Coinsummit that was set to expire on the 6th of July.

Finally, the Facebook URL was also pretty convincing – why would someone be starting a Facebook page that wasn’t their own? I mean if this was a scam this may lower their success rate.

After some back and forth with the (still unknown) scammer I was convinced that this is a good deal and was about to send my Bitcoins until I got the final response:

The grammar mistakes finally aroused my suspicion and I decided to send an email to a verified contact I had in Coindesk. I got the following response:

It seems that this specific email isn’t the only way these scammers try to cheat people out of their money. Some emails even have an actual Coindesk domain “from” address but if you look at the “reply to” address you see it’s the same Gmail address.

The final thing I found out was that the Facebook page mentioned in the original email was not the actual Coindesk FB page. It was a fake page pointing to COLNDESK – but if you don’t write the letter “L” in caps it looks like a capital “I”.

My alertness saved me from losing money in this case. But I think I’ve learned a much more valuable lesson – and that’s how easy it just became for scammers to take your money.

You see, until Bitcoin was introduced, scammers had to overcome complicated barriers when they wanted someone to send them money. They needed to persuade people to wire them the money or send a check.

This would require them to supply an address or a bank account, which could later easily lead to their capture. More than that, these actions require more effort and had a much lower success rate.

But with Bitcoin, cash just became digital, and scam success rates are rising because of it.

I think what I personally take from this story is to make sure I can positively verify the person that I’m sending money to, before actually sending it.

Here’s another example that’s been circling around, this time from the alleged “BitcoinTalk” forum. As you can see below, the same techniques are used here – a Gmail address, stating exact banner sizes, etc.

6. Bitcoin Theft

Unlike fraudsters, thieves steal Bitcoin by circumventing security measures to gain access to their victims’ funds. Online wallets and exchanges are the weakest links in terms of Bitcoin theft. The easiest way to avoid theft from these sites is not to keep any Bitcoins on them.

However, sometimes it’s inevitable to keep funds in an exchange or an online wallet. For example, if you want to trade frequently or if you’re using a certain wallet for online games.

If that’s the case, it’s important to secure your online Bitcoin accounts with a strong enough password.

Generating strong passwords

Here are some general rules for creating a strong password:

  • The more characters the password has the better. Aim for at least 8 characters.
  • Try to create a mix of lower and upper case letters and non traditional characters like exclamation marks, hyphens and so on.
  • Don’t reuse passwords from other accounts.

Of course, the best passwords are the ones that are just a random string of text, numbers, and symbols, but they are also extremely hard to remember. That’s why I strongly recommend you get some sort of password manager to help you generate and keep track of your passwords.

Another way of remembering strong passwords is using numbers instead of certain letters as shown here:

Th!5 i5 a 5tR0ng Pa5sw0rd

These rules should be exercised each time you open a Bitcoin related account, choose a PIN code for your wallet or choose a passphrase for encrypting a file.

For example, if possible, choose a PIN code for your mobile wallet with 8 digits instead of the standard 4.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Another very useful security measure you should use whenever possible is to enable Two-factor authentication for your accounts.

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is a method of confirming a user’s identity through two separate components. In most cases, it would be something a user has and something a user knows.

A good example for 2fa from everyday life is withdrawing money from an atm; only the correct combination of a bank card (something you have) and a PIN (something you know) allows the transaction to be carried out.

In the case of online accounts, something you know will be the password to the site and the something you have will be a mobile phone that will receive a text message containing a PIN code when you try to log in.

This way, even if a hacker manages to uncover your password he still can’t log in until he physically puts his hand on your mobile device.

HOWEVER, if you use a normal text message, a hacker can still manage to intercept the message as it’s being sent to your phone. That’s why it’s important to use dedicated 2FA apps that are much more suited for this task. Some of the more popular 2FA apps today are Google Authenticator and Authy.

Using trusted Networks

One thing we tend to forget is what network we are using to access online Bitcoin services like exchanges and wallets. Make sure to access sensitive information only on trusted networks that are properly secured.

For example, use your password-protected home or mobile network only and never use a public wi-fi network to access a Bitcoin service. Of course, the password for your router should also follow the rules we just talked about. Public wi-fi networks are extremely vulnerable and hackers can eavesdrop on your session.

If you have to use a public network, make sure to connect through a Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN. VPNs are programs that hide your online footprint and encrypt your data, making life extremely hard for hackers.

Another very important security measure we already mentioned is to make sure the site you’re connecting to uses a secure SSL connection – this means you should see https:// and not http:// showing up in the address bar.

7. Additional Safety Tips

Whenever you’re sending money to an address, remember that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once the money is sent, there’s no “insurance” and you can’t get it back. For this reason, make sure to always double check that the address you’re sending the money to is correct.

Never type the address in manually since Bitcoin addresses have a lot of characters and you may make a mistake. Either copy and paste the address or use the QR code of the address to scan it. If you send money to the wrong address, there’s no way to retrieve it.

Make sure you trust the person you’re sending money to. If you don’t trust them, you can always use a third party escrow service that you both agree on. One very popular escrow service is Bitrated where you can choose known figures from the Bitcoin community as arbitrators in case of a dispute.

Finally, if you’re conducting small amount transactions, one confirmation may be enough to send over the goods to a counterparty. But if you’re dealing with large amounts, wait for at least six confirmations in order to be sure that the transaction is irreversible.

8. Conclusion

As you can see there are numerous types of Bitcoin scams, and I’ve only covered the main ones. The important thing to remember is this: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

So check as much as you need to make sure you’re sending money to someone you trust. Once the money is sent, there’s not much you can do about it.

Have you used the Bitcoin Scam Test? Have you been scammed or fell victim to a fraud? Let me know in the comment section below.


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Payout 2020-04-09 09:03:00 3HG6VgQL53FdFHMhiKQeqzA1RNZBv1Zccz 0.05 0.1 Complete
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Deposit 2020-04-09 09:02:04 bc1qwqdg6squsna38e46795at95yu9atm8azzmyvckulcc7kytlcckxswvvzej 0.0518 0.1036 03:09:16
Payout 2020-04-09 08:18:29 3GRLdb2kw7VMaTz2etKYZEGuyKoCdD5Qm7 0.0845 0.169 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:18:19 3Mzx6A1PxccGPSFaGxGiBtdZuZcLGnosQF 1.9456 3.8913 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:17:36 3CfuNCbkNXT2SFnQgEzrGZF61yHLJJCQUF 0.1254 0.2508 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:17:31 14TDxS9NQhiu1tX4qeFwRkisXn1oDmTuKB 1.0919 2.1837 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:17:21 1Dg7bDHBiTnyezFa8fTNcxm6zqn6b5GFTS 0.1551 0.3103 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:17:09 339sXopMdxvC5MQP2SC8Q96GZ4KLXAEnj2 0.0475 0.0949 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 08:17:00 1L4PSmnvw1DpNvc4yuhVJp676FEY8qUSV6 0.034 0.068 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 07:29:00 1CoDvEU8vGvjVSo1EjfzRxActb9jfKvyZd 0.05 0.1 Complete
Deposit 2020-04-09 07:01:00 38GRG1dYUyvZQnkLHgZrxh9c7dMDpiLE8w 0.1754 0.3509 01:08:12
Deposit 2020-04-09 06:59:09 3PDYSyrySuZ4Dzex2dbLyw1BLnRQdmKSNZ 0.0712 0.1424 01:06:21
Payout 2020-04-09 06:59:07 3FerYkADwKktbkeLBgfNY19RZfnJHHR9TA 0.0719 0.1438 Complete
Payout 2020-04-09 06:58:05 35RsqC86wYMEmHRCXFobm2axSYkcsq2MxL 0.0423 0.0846 Complete
Deposit 2020-04-09 06:32:19 bc1qw00w0shmsuqlng2hrddgg24j4dgzawvxnvgxdt 1.2756 2.5512 00:39:31
Payout 2020-04-09 06:32:15 bc1q8geqczgxtd2558dfkztxgwvyndyarw0lsx7tw0 0.5695 1.139 Complete
Deposit 2020-04-09 06:32:06 bc1qpfylgcpz93c24gqlqx2q6ksfmjdtwk62ttmcfv 1.1118 2.2237 00:39:18
Payout 2020-04-09 06:32:03 bc1qvjrr6p94zmk6fc69d55jzzmss4qxt9wdcyejjk 0.6106 1.2212 Complete
Deposit 2020-04-09 06:32:01 bc1q8geqczgxtd2558dfkztxgwvyndyarw0lsx7tw0 1.139 2.2779 00:39:13
Deposit 2020-04-09 06:32:00 bc1qd3n4tkgqh3gky08sqkluzzeajfc89p4pt9yr5n 1.3097 2.6194 00:39:12
Payout 2020-04-09 05:47:27 1Ge9jajuyYPcYRWHVeoqR1SfiR4wYv4ZCQ 0.0748 0.1495 Complete


Why invest with Bitcoin?

When you invest with Bitcoin, there are multiple benefits:

  • Transparency (you stay completely anonymous).
  • Easy to make transactions with low fee’s.
  • Bitcoin is constantly growing in volume and price, so while you are multiplying your BTC it’s value is growing as well.
Is your system and website safe?

Our data centers are located on multiple locations around the world to make sure that our system has 100% uptime.

Our webiste is CDN powered, SSL secured and protected against DDoS attacks to make sure that your stay on our website is completely safe.

Can I make more than one investment?

Yes, you can make as many investments as you like using our Bitcoin doubler.

Will my deposit appear in the recent transactions table?

Yes, your deposit will appear in the “MOST RECENT TRANSACTIONS” table after 1 confirmation from the network.

What are the investment limits?

There is a 0.02 BTC minimum and 10 BTC maximum limit for investments on Bitcoin Doubler.

I don’t have any BTC and I am wandering where can I buy it?

There are various places where you can buy Bitcoins but we at Bitcoin Doubler recommend the following two:

  • Buy Bitcoins using Credit / Debit card with CoinMama.
  • Buy Bitcoins using PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfers, in person or using other options with LocalBitcoins.
How does our Bitcoin Doubler work?

Our BTC Doubler gathers information from the blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the bitcoin price. Our servers open and close thousands of transactions per minute, analyzing the price difference and transaction fees, and use that information to double your Bitcoins.

Which BTC address should I use to make an investment?

You should ONLY use the BTC address given on the Investment page to make a deposit.

When can I expect my payout?

You will receive your double BTC after 10 hours, starting to count from the moment of your deposit (after 1 confirmation from the network).

Where will my double BTC arrive?

Our system will use your deposit address as the payout address. In case your transaction is consisted of multiple BTC addresses, our system will send your double BTC to the address that is first on the list.

Why is there a 0.02 BTC minimum and 10 BTC maximum?

The 0.02 BTC minimum is defined to make sure that our system is able to double your Bitcoins because of the transaction fees.

The 10 BTC maximum is defined to make sure that our system is able to double your Bitcoins because of the low volume on some exchanges that our system uses to make transactions.

Can I withdraw BTC from exchanges to Bitcoin Doubler?

Yes, because our Bitcoin Doubler accepts investments from all types of Bitcoin wallets, which means you can even use the exchange wallets.

NEW BTC DOUBLER it real or fake??

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