CryptoAir Review is Another Bitcoin Doubler Scam!

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Bitcoin Evolution Review, Fake Bitcoin Evolution Is a Crypto Scam!

Welcome to our official Bitcoin Evolution review and scam investigation. The Bitcoin Evolution SCAM software does not really answer to the criteria of a trading software, app, or automated bot at all. In fact, this bogus investment platform is what we refer to as a “chain scam” or a kind of copy/paste cloned scam which is commonly used by affiliate networks who wish to promote dirty get-rich-quick schemes. Why do they do that? Well, these online promoters receive kickbacks (bribes) in the form of affiliate commissions every time you invest. So, the whole intent of this fraudulent scheme is to entice you and get you signed up with a a rogue offshore Broker. In our case it was Prestige Financial Markets which is owned by AllProTech OÜ and have a registered business address in Tallinn Estonia. Originally when we started out testing this software, it was due to various complaints we received in regards to the hideous nature of this latest scheme. However, as we continued to collect evidence we understood just how dangerous the Bitcoin Evolution scam really is, and why it should be avoided at all costs. Still believe the Bitcoin Evolution is a legit trading app and want to invest? Before you risk your hard-earned money we highly recommend you read our detailed Bitcoin Evolution review and see exactly how we exposed the crooks behind it.

Critical Update: Bitcoin Evolution SCAM is now illegally using actors Hugh Jackman, Alex Ferguson, and Daniel Radcliffe for promotional purposes.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Website Keeps Changing

Evidence of SCAM
Below you can see the main sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Evolution Scam software. Right below it we have taken screenshots of the Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Secret, and Bitcoin Formula scams. It’s very plain to see that the presentation including the actual sales video is identical and copied verbatim thus validating our initial assertions.

Bitcoin Evolution Proof of SCAM

Moving along, when we signed up and tested this software we found out that the brokers involved in this highly manipulative game of deception and trickery, are the same ones which are involved with the previous scams we discussed above. Here you can also see that with Bitcoin Secret Cryptonix Team was the selected broker, and with Bitcoin Evolution its Prestige Financial Markets which by the way is blacklisted by the UK Financial Conduct Authority for providing financial services or products in the UK without proper licensing.

Bitcoin Evolution Fake Brokers

What is Bitcoin Evolution?
Bitcoin Evolution is marketed as a “group reserved exclusively to people who jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so”. They also claim they have a trading app which performs at a 99.4% level of accuracy. In reality, there is NO software and you are being setup to take the bait as a fake broker is waiting for you on the other side to steal your money.

Bitcoin Evolution Review – SCAM Software
Crypto Is Making People Rich And You Can Become The Next Millionaire! Does that sound familiar? Well, it should because its the first thing which pops out at the Bitcoin Evolution sales page. Are you an opportunity seeker looking to cash in on the next “big thing”? Well in that case the Bitcoin Evolution was designed especially for you. Again, we have fake claims about how their exclusive group of millionaires enjoy retreats across the world and how they work a few hours a day without having any type of financial stress. That is extremely manipulative, misleading, and deceptive but also exactly how the software is presented to us.

Additional Differentiating Factors (The Lies Don’t Stop)
Laser-accurate Performance: Again, they are re-hashing the 99.4% accuracy level angle.
Superior Technology: Beat the market rates in 0.01 seconds and execute “no-risk” trades on auto-pilot.
Award Winning Trading App: Guess what, there is no award granted by the US Trading Association (which does not exist).

How Does the Bitcoin Evolution SCAM Work?
Three simple steps about signing up, funding your account and voila! You are the newest millionaire so welcome to our club. Right? WRONG! In reality you are being illegally solicited to join a fraudulent get-rich-quick scheme and you can bet your bottom dollar that the second you signup you will have an army of sleazy sales reps with a strange accent calling you up and telling you to deposit more money than you can possibly afford.

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Is it Free?
Take a wild guess. Get ready to part with at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers who could care less about your financial situation and will do their utmost to steal your hard-earned money.

Fake Bitcoin Evolution Reviews
Actually, we were the first to expose this thieving chain-scamming app so at the time there were no reviews AT ALL in regards to this scheme. However, as we correctly assumed at some point (rather quickly) multiple fake review sites got paid to endorse this phony investment platform and we are always steadfast and here to call their bluff! Below we have added a screenshot with some images of how these fake review sites look like so you know exactly which ones to avoid. We even marked the relevant sections of the fake reviews for you so you can see exactly how these sites bait you.

Bitcoin Evolution Fake News
The Bitcoin Evolution SCAM is now using a variety of methods in order to recruit new customers, and fake news (mirror sites) is the most popular with scammers. Here we see the cynical and illegal use of Piers Morgan who is a British TV broadcaster and journalist (see image below), but there are also documented cases where other celebrities and high-profile individuals are used for promotional purposes. Most commonly used are Elon Musk, Elton John, Celeste Barber, Kate Winslet, Ryan Reynolds, Richard Branson, James McAvoy, Bear Grylls, Conor McGregor, Vincent tan, David ‘Kochie’ Koch, Andrew Forrest, Peter Sagan, John de Mol, the cast of the Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, Australian TV presenters Karl Stefanovic and Waleed Aly, Jeremy Clarkson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Andy Lau, Li Ka-Shing, and also politicians such as Cyril Ramaphosa, Gavin Duffy or Jacinda Ardern. Reddit is also being used now in a similar manner in order to mislead potential victims.

Bitcoin Evolution Piers Morgan

The use of fake news is becoming more prevalent with scammers who are crafty and always find clever ways to bait unsuspecting victims. We urge you to use your common sense and always inquire before investing.

Bitcoin Evolution Officially Blacklisted By The FCA
The Bitcoin Evolution scam has now been officially blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the official government entity responsible for all forms of financial regulation and licensing in the United Kingdom. This means the scam has become so big that it’s simply impossible for the authorities to ignore it or let it slip under the radar. We have attached a screenshot of their latest warning and you can see for yourself that these scammers are unauthorized to provide “financial services in the UK”.

Bitcoin Evolution FCA

Still Believe The Bitcoin Evolution Scam Is legit?
If after reading all we had to say, for some unknown reason you still feel an urge to test the waters and fund a real money trading account, then you should probably avoid online Forex trading altogether. Your money will be lost and that is a guaranteed fact.

A Few Tested Alternatives
We are guessing that right about now you are looking for some viable options so we short-listed a few cash-producing apps which have withstood the test of time. These systems can be found in our recommended section, so why not take a minute to check it out.

Bitcoin Evolution Review, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin Evolution SCAM software, App, and fake trading bot is BLACKLISTED and it’s pointless to try and prove otherwise. If you have been solicited via email marketing SPAM or some form of fake news advertisement asking you to join this “new and profitable new software”, then you should know that you are officially being targeted by crafty affiliate networks which are gunning for your wallet. In addition to everything else, its also critical for you to understand that the crooks behind this shady scheme are well-known in the industry for defrauding unsuspecting victims and have been exposed numerous times. This company has a headquarters in Cyprus and additional offices in Malta and other Middle Eastern countries. This means its a well-oiled and heavily financed operation so make sure to hold on to your credit card and never divulge any type of sensitive financial information. For additional information, we can always be contacted via our YouTube Channel, and Facebook Group.

Этот сайт заблокирован

Наиболее вероятные причины блокировки:

Код ответа #4030 Информация для владельца сайта

Причина блокировки указана в Панели управления хостингом и содержится в уведомлении,
направленном на контактный адрес аккаунта.

Крупные скам-проекты в криптомире

На мировом финансовом рынке случаи мошенничества встретишь не часто – благодаря жесткому контролю со стороны регуляторов. Поэтому предприимчивые аферисты облюбовали сегмент криптовалют, который пока не имеет четких правил и законодательной базы.

Что такое скам-проекты?

На стихийно формирующемся рынке ICO наблюдается нашествие скамеров – мошенников, вводящих инвесторов в заблуждение относительно истинных целей стартапа и выманивающих криптовалюту с целью личного обогащения. В переводе с англ. «scam» – мошенничество, афера, обман.

Суть краудсейла, или ICO (Initial Coin Offering), состоит в том, чтобы обменивать внутренние токены блокчейн-проекта на биткойн или альткойны в течение определенного времени (предварительный и основной раунды продаж длятся в среднем около трех месяцев). Среди инвесторов эта модель становится все популярнее. Если в 2020 г. было проведено 46 ICO, то спустя год их количество уже перевалило за 300, а сейчас новые проекты запускаются по несколько за неделю.

Сумасшедший рост криптовалют обещает легкую прибыль, а решение принимать нужно быстро (сроки токен сейла ограничены, желающих много) – все это напоминает «золотую лихорадку». Некоторые инвесторы забывают о предосторожности, чем и пользуются аферисты.

Крупные «соскамившиеся» проекты

Если доказано, что мошенничество было спланировано заранее, и кража средств вкладчиков была совершена преднамеренно, проект можно считать скамом.


PlexCoin признан одной из крупнейших афер в сфере ICO.

Основатель новой криптовалюты, Доминик Лакруа, оказался профессиональным мошенником. Он обещал инвесторам астрономический доход в размере 1354 %. Чтобы вызвать доверие к проекту, Лакруа сослался на мнения несуществующих экспертов. Как выяснилось, за ним тянулся целый шлейф финансовых преступлений в сфере микрокредитования.

В декабре 2020 г. канадского горе-предпринимателя признали виновным в хищении 15 млн долларов и приговорили к двухмесячному тюремному заключению. Все украденные средства были заморожены. Таким образом, деятельность PlexCoin была своевременно пресечена, но какова дальнейшая судьба денег вкладчиков, непонятно.


Компания представила децентрализованную платформу для систематизации программ лояльности клиентов (например, билеты за полетные мили). У команды Benebit было все необходимое, чтобы внушить доверие участникам ICO: новая концепция, грамотно составленная белая бумага, серьезный маркетинговый бюджет в размере более 500 тыс. долл., раскрученный канал в Telegram. Рекламные акции подогрели интерес к проекту.

Обман раскрылся с неожиданной стороны. Фотографии команды и паспортные данные лже-учредителей оказались подделкой. Команда Benebit в спешке заметала следы – заблокировала сайт и аккаунты компании в социальных сетях. Мошенникам удалось скрыться. По самым скромным оценкам, они похитили у инвесторов средства на сумму не менее 2,7 млн долларов.


Система дебетовых карт Opair, с собственной криптовалютой XPO, также пополнила список «соскамившихся» проектов. Когда выяснилось, что профайлы членов команды на LinkedIn оказались фейком, Opair перестала выходить на связь.

Группа инвесторов, вложивших деньги в Opair и другой скам-проект Ebitz, сотрудничающий с Opair, все еще не оставляет попыток разыскать идейного вдохновителя этих мошеннических ICO – таинственного разработчика под именем Вассерман. Обманным путем скамеры завладели средствами на сумму 388 BTC, или 2,9 млн долл.

Real Estate coin и Diamond Reserve Club

Цели REcoin и DRC выглядели амбициозно. Максим Заславский, основатель проектов, заявил о создании криптовалют, ценность которых подкрепляется реальными активами. Со слов учредителя, REcoin будет привязан к рынку недвижимости, а DRC – к рынку драгоценных камней (алмазов). Он заверил, что оба продукта полностью готовы к работе, прошли юридическую экспертизу и уже участвуют в торговых розничных операциях. Все утверждения оказались обманом.

По данным регулятора, REcoin и DRC не имели никакого отношения к blockchain-технологии, собственной криптовалюты у них никогда не было. Оба стартапа по существу являются ценными бумагами.

Заславский незаконно присвоил около 300 тыс. долл., прежде чем его арестовали в сентябре 2020 г. за мошенничество.

Как же понять, какой из стартапов настоящий, а какой затеян ради наживы учредителей?

Признаки, указывающие на нечестные ICO

  • Нереалистичные цели

Как правило, мошенники делают смелые заявления о своем проекте – например, их криптовалютная платформа покончит с нищетой во всем мире, устранит проблему глобального потепления или заменит Интернет. Профессиональные разработчики не раздают подобных обещаний. Они рассказывают о потенциале своего проекта, отвечают на конкретные вопросы: какие задачи решает их продукт, как они планируют монетизировать свою идею. Ни одна серьезная команда не возьмется прогнозировать курс своего токена и не заявит, что сможет изменить мир.

  • Белая бумага (white paper) не содержит конкретики

Белая бумага – основной технический документ любого блокчейн-приложения. После его прочтения должно быть понятно, как это будет работать. Если разработчики, создающие новый децентрализованный сервис или токен, не дают конкретных разъяснений, как он будет действовать и за счет чего зарабатывать, стоит насторожиться. Также мошенники могут выдавать за технический документ бессмысленный текст, скомпилированный из разных источников, в расчете на неосведомленность потенциальных инвесторов.

Нужно посмотреть код или прототип будущего приложения. Как правило, он доступен в репозитории GitHub. Иногда на сайте компании есть ссылка на альфа-версию продукта. Отсутствие кода – плохой знак.

  • Анонимность/мало сведений о команде

Необходимо изучить информацию о предыдущем опыте членов команды и удостовериться, что их персональные данные, фото, аккаунты в интернет-сообществах неподдельные.

  • Невыгодные условия депонирования

От типа депонирования зависит, в какой мере вкладчик сможет распоряжаться своими средствами. Хорошие условия – когда часть вложений освобождается по мере завершения определенных этапов: 20 % – на распределение токенов, 50 % – на выпуск бета-версии продукта и т. д.

Важно выяснить надежность компании, предоставившей эскроу-счет (где хранятся средства инвесторов). Если что-то пойдет не так, она, по крайней мере, гарантирует возврат вложенных токенов.

В нынешний период неопределенности инвесторам нужно действовать особенно осторожно и осмотрительно, прежде чем вкладываться в новые предприятия.

Twitter Crypto Scammers Continue to Fly Under the Company’s Radar

Over the last two years, cryptocurrency scamming on social media has been prevalent. In January 2020, it was reported that crypto impersonation scams on Twitter raked in millions in cryptocurrencies from people pretending to be well known blockchain personalities. Now a new form of deception can be seen on the platform, as scammers are using photoshopped pictures of tech personalities and businesses like Coinbase to further another crypto con game.

There’s a New Crypto Scam on Twitter

There’s a new swindle on crypto Twitter where scammers are sharing screenshots of well known cryptocurrency and tech luminaries promoting supposed BTC giveaways. Typically these fraudsters will use a very popular post with hundreds or thousands of likes and type the phrase “Great News.” Underneath the user’s text is a photoshopped picture of an announcement from Coinbase saying that it’s offering a BTC giveaway. The tweets are a blatant scam in order to con a person into believing they can “double” their coins. For instance, on August 12, Morgan Creek cofounder Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano tweeted his usual weekly investors’ letter where people can sign up and get regular emails from Pomp. Just below Pomp’s tweet is a Twitter account called “Adam[BTC/HODL]” who states: “Thanks Coinbase I just received 1.90680 BTC — Anyone can join, not much left.” Below that statement is a photoshopped picture of a faked Coinbase account stating:

To celebrate 50 million users, we decided to host a 5,000 BTC giveaway event — You can use any wallet or exchange to participate. Visit our promotion site — If you are late, your BTC will be sent back, thank you for your support, Coinbase team.

Below the tweet, another scam Twitter account adds to the con game by saying they got some coins from the giveaway. “OMG — Just got 2 BTC, thanks for sharing this,” the user “Sierra” exclaims while 59 people have liked her tweet. Another fake account dubbed “Charrlees Hooskiinson” can be seen tweeting the same scam in a real Twitter thread started by Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson. The picture shared, in this case, is a photo of a phony Elon Musk account which says: “Our marketing department here at Tesla HQ came up with an idea — to hold a special BTC and ETH giveaway event for all the crypto fans out there.” Just like the bogus Coinbase account picture, the fake Musk account shows a website to visit where people can allegedly double their coins.

These tweets can be seen on hundreds of popular crypto Twitter threads.

Impersonating Prominent Crypto and Tech Influencers and a Phony Block Explorer

While investigating the first fraudulent website tied to these scams, visitors can see a Coinbase logo and a message geared toward new guests. The site says that if a person sends 0.1 to 10 BTC to the address they will receive a whopping 1-100 BTC in return. Below that is a BTC address the person can send funds to, which has also changed regularly since started this investigation.

The current address displayed on the scam giveaway site today has zero BTC and no transactions tied to the address have ever been recorded. But the website’s visitors get a different look as there’s a dummy block explorer shown on the website aiming to bolster the claim that people are really doubling their money. Watching the fake explorer shows someone just deposited 8 BTC and got 88 BTC sent back to the original address, but on a real block explorer, these transactions don’t exist.

The scam Twitter posts have a phony photo with a URL address that leads people to a fake Coinbase ‘doubler’ site.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is also targeted in the fraudulent Twitter act as photoshopped pictures show another BTC doubling scam. The con is done in the same way as the Coinbase example. Some random Twitter account shares a fake picture and underneath another phony account someone says they were just awarded a couple of BTC. The website in the photo leads to a fake Tesla page too that is almost exactly the same as the Coinbase version, but it’s red with a Tesla logo. Just like the last one, there’s another deceptive block explorer showing fictitious BTC transactions. There’s also a progress bar showing how much BTC is left in the so-called doubling pot and the longer you stay on the website it makes it seem like you’re missing out on a lot of BTC.

The fake block explorer shown on the web page.

Twitter Scammers Continue to Make Millions of Dollars From Crypto Newbs

It’s uncertain whether Twitter is aware of the latest scam revolving around the crypto Twitter space. Last year, researchers uncovered empirical data which confirmed 15,000 cryptocurrency scam accounts were strewn across the Twittersphere. In February, social media cryptocurrency community member impersonators were making $5,000 a day in ethereum on Twitter. One particular person sent $18,000 to a fake Erik Voorhees account. In March 2020, the well known crypto influencer Emin Gun Sirer told Twitter owner Jack Dorsey that the scams were getting out of hand, adding that if he “can’t detect this kind of brazen scam, what hope do you have of improving your platform?” Dorsey did respond to Sirer’s post that day and said: “We are on it.”

But the scam tweets have continued relentlessly and people are still complaining to Twitter every day about this obvious con. “People do not tweet out that they are giving away money for free — That is a complete scam — The old saying is true ‘if it seems too good to be true it probably is.’ There is a Bill Pulte investor in the cryptocurrency space that is promising to give away money — Twitter needs to investigate,” one person wrote on Monday. Another person tweeted: “This person has been creating accounts all over Twitter, trying to scam people out of crypto. Accounts keep cropping up replying to tweets from prominent people in the community — It’s a scam.” By the look of some of crypto Twitter’s most popular posts today, it seems the company still hasn’t received the message.

What do you think of the latest crypto Twitter scammers who use photoshopped pictures to promote their con game? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Readers should do their own due diligence concerning the aforementioned scams and websites. or the author is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, company, software or any activities mentioned in this article. This editorial review is for informational purposes only.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Twitter, and screenshots taken by Jamie Redman.

Did you know you can verify any unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction with our Bitcoin Block Explorer tool? Simply complete a Bitcoin address search to view it on the blockchain. Plus, visit our Bitcoin Charts to see what’s happening in the industry.

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