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5 Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets | Pros & Cons

When it comes to storing cryptocurrency, you have a lot of options for wallets. Which type you choose to go with will depend on what type of cryptocurrency you’re storing and what your needs are. Different types of wallets are better for different types of investments. They have different levels of security as well.

The two main storage types of cryptocurrency wallets are hot and cold. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, which makes them less secure but easier to use for daily transactions. Cold wallets are stored offline, which makes them more secure because they aren’t vulnerable to malware or virus attacks. They’re better used for storing cryptocurrency instead of spending it.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 most popular types of cryptocurrency wallets in order of least secure to most secure. Whichever one you choose, remember that you can connect it with Crypto Pro’s app to track your portfolio from anywhere.

1. Online/Web Wallets — Hot Wallet

Some places call them online wallets, others call them web wallets. If you have ever stored your credit card information in your browser, you’re already using a web wallet. Cryptocurrency web wallets operate the same way, by running in your browser.

The big advantage of using an online wallet is convenience. An online wallet gives you access to your cryptocurrency from the internet, as long as you’re connected to the cloud. Online wallet providers automatically store your crypto private key onto their server, which makes it easy for you to access your cryptocurrency and make crypto-payments.

The fact that your private key is stored on your provider’s server is the security concern with web wallets. It’s more secure for you to store the private key. If the server gets hacked, your information is vulnerable. Further, some online wallet companies operate on exchanges, which, as we’ve learned from the past, can leave your information and your cryptocurrency vulnerable since hackers are more likely to break into exchanges than anywhere else to steal cryptocurrency.

In general, you should only use an online wallet if you have a small amount of cryptocurrency. Don’t store large amounts of cryptocurrency in an online wallet because of the security risks.

Pros: Easy to use; good for on-the-go transacting

Cons: Least secure method of storing cryptocurrency; risk of downloading viruses

2. Mobile Wallets — Hot Wallet

You can use mobile wallets through an app on your phone. They work the same way as other mobile payment applications, like Apple Pay, and let you pay for goods and services when you’re in physical retailers that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This makes them a convenient option for anyone who is spending rather than saving cryptocurrency. While some online wallets have a mobile option, wallets that are specifically mobile wallets have added security in the form of QR codes.

There are some downsides to mobile wallets. First, any wallet that’s stored on your phone is at risk if you lose your phone. Plus, like any other application that’s tied to the internet, they come with the risk of malware or mobile viruses.

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Pros: Easy to use for on-the-go transactions

Cons: At risk for malware and viruses; can lose assets if you lose your phone

3. Desktop Wallet — Hot or Cold Wallet

Whether a desktop wallet is hot or cold depends on whether or not the desktop is (or ever has been) connected to the internet. If you use a desktop wallet when it’s not connected to the internet, then it’s a cold wallet.

Desktop wallets are software packs created by wallet companies that you download directly to your desktop. They’re convenient because you can access them from your computer through the wallet program instead of through a browser. Because you can transact offline, they’re safe from malware and virus threats. Also, your private keys aren’t stored on a third-party server with desktop wallets. Instead, you control the encrypted key. As long as you don’t lose it, your cryptocurrency is safe from hackers.

Pros: Convenient if you trade on your computer; safer than online or mobile wallets

Cons: Less convenient for on-the-go trading and usage; you need to back up your computer regularly

4. Paper Wallets — Cold Wallet

Paper wallets are cold wallets that have a mixture of reviews when it comes to how secure they are. While generally cold wallets are more secure than hot wallets, there are some risks that come with paper wallets. You have to print out your private and public keys (hence, paper) and then you can send funds a few ways. First, you can transfer money to your wallet’s public address. You can also send your cryptocurrency by scanning the paper wallet’s QR code or by entering your private key.

To ensure your security when generating your keys, you should unplug from the internet while your keys are being generated and then wipe your history after the keys have been created. Make sure to run a malware check before generating keys.

Because your key is stored offline, paper wallets are considered cold wallets, which makes them more secure than online wallets. Nobody can hack into your information, as long as you keep the printed paper wallet in a very secure location. However, you need to be extremely careful when printing your key to ensure that nobody can access your information before, during, or after printing.

Pros: Not susceptible to hackers; you control your keys

Cons: Printing can be tricky; if you lose your printout it can be very hard to access your money

5. Hardware Wallet — Cold Wallet

Hardware wallets are significantly safer than the other types of wallets we’ve talked about so far because they store your private keys on a separate device that functions basically like a USB drive. You can still make online transactions, so they have the convenience of an online wallet but with the added security of offline storage. One of the most common hardware wallets is the Ledger Nano shown above.

The main disadvantage of hardware wallets is the cost. While you can get a mobile wallet or online wallet for relatively cheap, sometimes as low as $10, hardware wallets can cost $150 or more. But, when you consider that your risk of losing cryptocurrency is drastically lower when you use a hardware wallet, you might find that it’s worth the upfront cost. Further, hardware wallets aren’t as convenient as online or mobile wallets for making transactions on the spot. They’re better for storing cryptocurrency than for spending it.

Pros: Very secure; cold storage; good for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency

Cons: Most expensive type of cryptocurrency wallet; less convenient for on-the-go transactions

Track your investment

No matter which type of wallet you choose, you can track your cryptocurrency portfolio using Crypto Pro – The all-in-one coin tracker, news, alerts, and more.

What is cryptocurrency and its pros and cons?

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency.

What can you do with cryptocurrency:-

Accept as a Payment

Cryptocurrency is transparent: Transactions are available for verification by anyone and anytime. No one person or organization can manipulate it and therein lies [the biggest security feature]

Inflation is unlikely: All traditional currency experiences inflation because of economies shift .

Pros and Cons of technology

Technology keeps on changing. The recent technological advances have come with several advantages and disadvantages to almost all aspects of the global economy. Today, each and every technological advancement has the potential of being a game changer in one way or another. But is technology always a good thing or is it a double edged sword? We set to find this out.

1. Easy access to information: Technology has led to easy access to information. Search engines such as Google and Bing are all what you need to access just about any form of information across the world.

2. Encourages innovation and creativity: Technology has created an environment that encourages innovation and creativity by providing a platform on which all advances can be anchored.

3. Improved communication: Technological advancement has led to improved communication through such things as the internet and mobile technology. People can get in touch with friends and family from just about any corner of the world.

4. Convenience of travelling: Technology has made travelling from one place to another quite easy. Through the invention of airplanes and bullet trains, people can move to all corners of the world without any problems.

5. Improved housing and lifestyle: Technological advancement has led to better and improved standard of living and lifestyle through such things as heated homes during winter and other things that make life bearable.

6. Better entertainment: Through technology, people are now able to access better forms of entertainment such as live television and 3D movie screening that were previously unavailable.

7. Efficiency and productivity: Technology has made processes more efficient which has led to the reduction of wastage and improvement of efficiency in business and government.

8. Convenience in education: Technology has led to the improvement of technology and creation of better platforms to access technology. Right now, people do not have to go to class to access education as the same is provided online.

9. Social networking: Technology has brought people even closer from all over the world. Through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, people can now reach and communicate with one another from across the globe.

10. Improved healthcare: Technological advancement has led to improved healthcare through advancement such as organ transplant, a fete that was previously unavailable.

1. Social isolation: Technology has led to social isolation especially among the youth who spend most of their time in social networking sites.

2. Loss of employment: Technological advancement has led to the creation of such things as robots that can literally perform most of the functions that were previously performed by man. This means these robots are slowly replacing humans in the workplace.

3. Reduced competency: Technological advancement has led to reduced competency by humans who depend a lot on the technology. People no longer put in any effort because all the answers are on the internet.

4. Weapons of mass destruction: Technology has led to the creation of weapons of mass destruction such as atomic and nuclear weapons that are lethal and can cause mass damage to humanity. Weapons such as those dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were created from technological advancement.

5. Causes pollution: Technology has led to the development of vehicles and planes that cause air pollution and water pollution on various levels.

6. Reduced privacy: Technology, through such things as the internet, have led to reduced privacy among the global population. Today, people can monitor you from the comfort of their living rooms even if you are a thousand miles away using technology.

7. Intellectual property theft: Technology has also led to other crimes such as intellectual property theft where people can now steal your idea or your invention and present it as their own in a manner that puts you at a disadvantage.

8 . Exposure to attacks: Technology has also exposed a lot of people and left them vulnerable and prone to attacks. People are now being monitored using drones that are controlled by people who are thousands of miles away.

9. Loss of human touch: As technology continues to advance, there is the threat of loss of human touch in nearly all facets of human life. Today, technology is being used in almost all industries such as driverless cars and artificial intelligence.

10. Malfunctions may lead to loss of life: In as much as technology is a good thing, it may sometimes fail. Technological failure is fatal and may lead to loss of human life at a much greater scale.

The Pros and Cons Of Crypto Trading

Today, traders and the general public have a huge range of options when it comes to trading and the financial markets. In fact, it can be argued there is going to something that appeals to everyone, especially nowadays at a number of online sites. So for instance, City Index offers lots of ways to trade including CFD , spread betting and forex. With regards to Crypto trading, there is a definite increase in interest and trading activity; especially as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to make waves in the mainstream. As with anything, there are always going to be pros and cons. This certainly applies to trade in cryptos, and both the positives and the negatives should be considered before embarking on a crypto trading adventure. So, if you’re thinking about trading in cryptos read below for our guide on the main pros and cons.


It’s convenient

It’s convenient to trade in cryptocurrencies as they can be bought and sold freely throughout the day. Cryptos are also a truly international product, meaning they can be traded across all countries and time zones around the globe. This is ideal for people who want to have the option to get involved in the action at a moment’s notice, no matter when or where they are. Furthermore, because it is truly a global product, it is available to everyone, no matter where you are based in the world.

Go mobile

Being able to trade cryptocurrencies on the go is not only a lot more convenient in the sense they can buy and sell from wherever they are, but it also allows a trader more control over their investment, never missing an opportunity to turn a profit.

Fluctuating rates

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, are prone to fluctuating rates. These often include intraday swings where savvy traders can turn huge profits if they have their eye on the ball. While some may view the fluctuating rates as a negative, however, in the eyes of an experienced trader they’re the perfect opportunity to make big money fast.

Brands are finally accepting cryptocurrencies

We’re now at a stage where big brands such as Paypal , Microsoft, and Subway are accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a way to pay. So, if a trader has a good day and rakes in a good amount of profit, they could buy as many Xbox One games as they wish, or as many foot-longs from Subway. The more recognition cryptos get in the mainstream, the more brands will get involved.


Governments may get involved

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, especially in the mainstream, could ultimately be the downfall for many traders around the world. Governments could look to get involved in some way, shape or form due to the use of cryptos by crooks. This means regulations could be put in place, therefore restricting its use and its traceability. While it is unlikely, it is still possible.

You can’t trade 24 hours a day

The markets are constantly moving where cryptocurrencies are concerned, and therefore so are the rates. A trade can’t be awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so this means there is a chance they will miss out on important market movements while they sleep. This can ultimately result in trading losses occurring or a trader could miss out on the chance to make some serious profit. Crypto traders are only human after all.

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