Review Canplush is Another Scam Online Store

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Contents – are they another scam site?

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Hi there,
What do you know about Link hidden: Login to view, Ive found them on Internet but I think they are scams but whats your opinion.
I didnt find them on Link hidden: Login to view but .

I have found the telephone that appears on the web on some different webs.

Maybe someone has had experience with them.

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I would say follow you opinion (about them being a scam). Yes, it’s true there are no negative posts about them on or on the net but it could be because this site is barely a month old.

It was created just last 27-Oct-10, Link hidden: Login to view They are based in China and yet everything if not almost everything they offer is a branded electronics product – Apple, Dell, Blackberry and Sony to name a few. There is no way we can guarantee that their products are indeed authentic.

Also, they only accept payments through Western Union and wire transfers, both of which are considered as unsafe and a very easy way of loosing your online.

Personally I would stay away from them and I would suggest you do the same.

Myshopify Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 1,116

I wish I had see this just an impulse…

I wish I had see this just an impulse buy they got me for $128 thinking I was getting my grandson a game and checked my bank account the name belong to a store in Australia a clothing store. I will be calling everyone I can call. Also writing to Facebook because this seems to be the platform their using to take people hard earned money

Why cant eBay refund if the company is…

Why cant eBay refund if the company is fraudulent. I thought PayPal guaranteed insurance over any money that changed hands it’s a con

I am upset that they would allow fake…

I am upset that they would allow fake companies to set up stores, vouch for the store that they are legitimate, and scam consumers. There should be some effort made to verify that these businesses are legit. By allowing them to do this, myshopify is abetting fraud. Do not buy anything from these sites.

Ordered patio furniture from a Shopify website and was scammed out of my money! Buyers beware! Never ever purchase anything affiliated with this website! Is a website for thieves!

Ordered patio furniture from a Shopify website in February and have not received anything! Tried to contact them and sent me an email that I couldn’t get the content to come up. Then I tried contacting multiple times with no response and tried again yesterday and the website has disappeared. So was a scam from the beginning! If the price is too good to be true, it isn’t true! Buyers beware!

addsce.myshopify is the one that seems…

addsce.myshopify is the one that seems to have gotten me. Tried to order some equipment to start working out at home during this COVID situation and have received nothing. Would rate 0 stars if this was an option because the site is fraudulent and a scam.

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  • Binomo

    Only For Experienced Traders! was the company was the company we ordered a carport cover for $83. And it got paid off the credit card. With a confirmation order number via text message to cell phone. States it would be 20 business days. With confirmation of being sent and it’s been over 30 days without receiving the order .. anyone know anything about this sight please post it on Shopify or here . Thank you for your time

I order 2 ideas from them March9 &10…

I order 2 ideas from them March9 &10 furniture and I email the store sandboxmart about furnture with order numbers they said that they couldn’t tell me anything about my orders. I sent them copays and receipts and didnt do anything about it. This company is a scammer.

Chaneline0 FRAUD ALERT!

Chaneline0 – STAY AWAY FROM THIS QUESTIONABLE SITE! I placed a order for 48 rolls of toilet paper compacted down to 16 rolls. What I recd looked like baby tissue. Totally deceptive! Paid $56. Plus it took forever for delivery. Stay Clear of them!

I would give no stars if it was an…

I would give no stars if it was an option! I ordered 2 wicker hanging chairs with cushions on 9/25/19 and have not received them! I have emailed them and shopify and have not received any response from them. The tracking only tell you when it arrives in the US and nothing after that.. What bs scam is this!!

I would give zero stars or Less!

I would give zero stars or less if I could. This site is a complete scam! It says they have a cancellation policy, yet they don’t get back to you. We haven’t received any product either. Now I know that just because a Site uses PayPal, doesn’t mean it is legitimate. Do not purchase anything from this site.

ello there govnor.all I can say is->…

ello there govnor.all I can say is-> You cheeky basstards.
If I ever get a chance to come across one of you short miget son’s of witches I’m going to yank one of your arm’s off and email it up your a$$.you think you can just treat a bloke like that after taking me 2 pounds of cash and not delivering my
I promised that t-shirt to my little nephew for his I have to buy that clucking Donald the dumbass duck t-shirt instead. You ruined me tea and crumpet time ya Wayne-kers. Now I need to go take a shat in me garden out back

Hello i was scammed a lazer rust…

Hello i was scammed a lazer rust remover and I received costume jewel. This confirmed shipping and PayPal played. Covert 19 cannot get throw to PayPal.this add was on Facebook.

I was also scammed, same story. Ordered something I found through Google “shopping” and paid with PayPal and then the next day the website was gone. I will say however, that the status of my payment never changed from “pending” and no money was ever charged to my credit card linked to PayPal. Maybe PayPal got wise to these scammers and stopped their payments. I tried calling PayPal customer service to confirm but they are apparently closed due to the pandemic.

Fdtyra.myshopify is totally bogus

Fdtyra.myshopify is totally bogus. If I had used my critical thinking skills I wouldn’t have tried to buy a raised garden bed that was listed at 1/5 the price of home depot.

scam never received merchandise

Evil Scammers!

Scam! Evil at work! Beverlymt
I hope you get Covid 19!

Many scammers on here don’t buy anything

This gets NO STARS.

This gets NO STARS. Shopify advertised a store names “Luanzi” apparently the fake email confirmation which was pointless provides a review order link with no contact info other than a fake email address – basically when you click link it goes to another window browser and says “cannot connect to server” – FAKE WEBSITE and now I am out $215 I did notice that it tries to go to another site “” which is also fake – Merchandise is not on its way, website is fake, Shopify should have some responsibility in supporting thieves Chicken Coop SCAM

Beware ads on Facebook for anything that would help during the COVID Emergency. I went back within an hour to cancel the order and the site disappeared. I did not order the item that seemed too big for the price as it was too big for what I needed I ordered something reasonably sized, but the too good to be true item should have been a warning. Do not trust anything from myshopify or any ad on facebook even with a few good reviews. I am responsible for my bad decision, however, scammers, such behavior is appalling when people are in true need. I will pray for you but especially for all those who you have harmed.

Is Myshopify your company?

Get to know your customers. Simply claim your company now. Get real customer insight and respond to your reviews. It’s free. — A NEXT BIG SCAM on the Web is Damaging Other Legit Online Businesses is worst than a scam, they use misleading, abuse and offensive title on search engine to damage other legit online businesses and push them to hopeless. Why I say that:

Scam Suspected 1:
This site base in country A but office address show in country B
This site might be owned by an anonymous who’s lived in India, I found his LinkedIn profile on the web ( It is never mind adviser is from which country, but adviser said if the site seems base in country A but most likely in country B, it is suspicious as scam. So how to say this adviser, they are actually based in India and office address in UK?

Scam Suspected 2:
Using misleading, abuse and offensive title on search engine
They used misleading, abuse, and offensive title on search engine, eg. “is fake”, “suspicious”, “unsafe” “xx% trusted”, to attract visitor’s attention when they are search on a particular website. THIS IS A SIGN OF SCAM – those who intended to make quick money online – cannot wait for visitors but try to grab visitors from other websites. Other professional trust service company never do such thing to abuse other website or business, it is fair if you visited their site and found a negative reviews or rating about a website.

Scam Suspected 3:
Using generic website information as criteria to rate a website and cheating online users
Generic website information A – private domain registration
A website using “Private domain registration”, this is safety concern for a family based online business (many of single parent with kids; only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent; people who needs to operate business at home to take care of their disabled spouse), who feel dangerous explore their home address in the public. It is allow by the domain registration authority, but adviser use this as criteria and say this is suspicious because of “using a service to hide their address”.

Generic website information B – free email
Adviser said if a website or online store using free email, they are scam suspected. But based on my sourcing experience, there are many of South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers and suppliers, using free email account like yahoo or naver (a Korean web service like yahoo) for business operation. They use free email account to save their hosting disk space to save their cost.

Generic website information C – Site seems based in country A but appear in country B or C
We know internet is borderless, a site owner based in country A, might host their website in a hosting service based in country B. And the hosting service have some servers in few countries, this is actually nothing to do with the website owner. Adviser claimed that it is suspicious.

Generic website information D – Contacts Information
Sometime we think a legit website should have contact information such as phone number, email or even fax. But not every website or online store doing that, even you visited a USA website, it might only have a contact form. A home based small business may only have a contact form, as they don’t want their phone number spammed by commercial ads. The funny thing is ScamAdviser itself do not provide any phone or contact information, but there is an email address if you want to advertise with them.

Scam Suspected 4:
Lifetime of a domain or website
Adviser said if a website is shorter than 366 days, it is suspected as a scam or unsafe to use. So according to this rule, is just a few months online, and has 8 history records in the past from 2008 to date. So this site might be suspicious as hit and run scam (source from whois).

Scam Suspected 5:
Their “scanning machine” is totally a cheating to no experience users, because based on their misleading and unfair criteria they given. It is totally a generic information of a website, so how can it identify a suspicious? And when you using of their scanning machine, it is likely helping them to promote their site on the web by hurting and damage other legit small business, make them hopeless. We know there are many of single parent with kids, or only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent that rely on their small online store or blogshop for some income. They don’t really earn big, but if you scan their site (by their misleading and unfair criteria), it will put them in the risk of scaring their customer away.

Scam Suspected 6: claimed that they can detect a scam, but when a user asked them for help, they are also based on other reviews on the web.

Scam Suspected 7:
Their facebook page looks fake and mechanism. Those who look likely their fans, post almost similar questions on their page, and adviser gave them answers that nothing professional, anyone can answer their questions.

Scam Suspected 8:
ScamAdviser generated some fake webpage on search engine tailing their own domain name on the search engine, because they want to cover negative reviews on the web. A professional trust service will never do such kind of thing on the search engine.

Scam Suspected 9:
They asked for big sum for advertising opportunity on their site, you can see they asked for minimum budget of 5, 000 USD if you want to advertise on their site. A sign of BIG SCAM !

Since their so call scam scanning machine is fake and totally useless (cannot even scan for virus, malware or spyware), why you use their service, do free promotion for them and help them damage other legit businesses? Specially for small online businesses that owned by many of single parent with kids; only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent; people who needs to operate business at home to take care of their disabled spouse. You will help this BIG SCAM to damage other legit businesses and make them hopeless with no heart. So please DO NOT use their service, DO NOT visit their site, and DO NOT click on their ads. This heartless make quick money scam should died forever and never have second similar scam come up.

The adviser might be enjoying massage in Pattaya or stay in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas right now, while other legit small businesses are pushing by them to the edge of hopeless.

If you want to find out whether a site is scam suspected, there are many other review websites or forums that can give you some ideas. Also is best to do some research and learning to gain some knowledge on your own, rather rely on an unknown source and 100% trust what they said. A scam might get their 100% trust before they started to scam you! Reviews –

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Latest Reviews


Written on: 24/12/2020 by Biancad342 (1 review written)

Please do not shop here. They’re a deplorable company. Staff are arrogant and unwilling to put aside ego in order to achieve desirable outcomes for paying customers. Learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others here. Take your business elsewhere. That’s the safest thing you can do… Read Full Review

“Horible customer servive”

Written on: 29/12/2020 by Browne289 (1 review written)

I bought rayban sunglasses nov 14 for $173.00 for granddaughter Christmas present .we were not going to be home on Christmas and planning a early celebration . Life happened and we were able to celebrate on Christmas today. 2 days later my granddaughter does not like the Particular style. they will not return the glasses . poor business . beware of this policy as the web site clearly states the return is available all the way to jan. 8… Read Full Review

Lawabidingcitizen85’s Comment

Written on: 24/12/2020

I had the same experience. DEPLORABLE COMPANY. BUYERS BEWARE. DO NOT SHOP HERE, PLEASE. Take your business elsewhere

“Authentic, Great Price, Fast Delivery”

Written on: 02/06/2020 by 191Keegan (1 review written)

I ordered a pair of Prada 53NS sunglasses. The item was shipped from Italy within 2 days and took 2 days to reach California. The sunglasses are definitely authentic and I paid almost 1/3 the cost of the same glasses at Sunglass Hut. Great experience. I’ve since ordered two additional glasses, some model, different color scheme. I was informed that they are out of stock and will have them from the manufacturer within the next 10 days. Honestly, I’m not worried because the first pair I… Read Full Review

“Porsche designer sunglasses”

Written on: 05/02/2020 by Realstuff2009 (1 review written)

I purchased the Porsche designer sunglasses with the replacement lenses and they are beautiful for the price. I received them on time in Was this review helpful? 0 0

“No phone number. ”

Written on: 12/08/2020 by Daleyep123 (1 review written)

So I ordered my first pair of glasses from this site. Not only was I not given tracking information . The phone number provided on the website is “disconnected” Ummmm please help me. I am a broke kid working her butt off I’ve saved up for months to purchase these and this is TERRIBLE customer service I still can’t get over the fact there is no phone number. Mind blowing… Read Full Review

Seadasun’s Comment

Written on: 11/11/2020

I really want to order from their site but this makes me skeptical I did try calling that number as well and it does not work I have found them on instagram and on thier website there is the facebook other links on the bottom u can try contacting them well see if they even email back..

Seadasun’s Comment

Written on: 11/11/2020

I really want to order from their site but this makes me skeptical I did try calling that number as well and it does not work I have found them on instagram and on thier website there is the facebook other links on the bottom u can try contacting them well see if they even email back..

“Bad transaction ”

Written on: 15/12/2020 by TerrenceHenderson (1 review written)

The glasses are too strong. The Rx should be modified as to use but there is nowhere to tell them. They are not interested. First they hook you with a price then tell you that price does not apply to your Rx! So I paid double the advertised price then. However the biggest bummer is a few weeks later you get stiffed for Duty by Fedex. So for a $85 pair of glasses then lenses were another $85 then $33 duty. AND THEY DON’T WORK!!… Read Full Review

Otticanet’s Comment

Written on: 30/12/2020

Dear TerrenceHenderson.
I am sorry that you find the prescription sunglasses to strong but I assure you that the lenses were made in the Carl Zeiss laboratory to suit your prescription.
Regarding import taxes, as stated on our website we do refund our U.S customers for that.
Kind Regards
Otticanet Staff

Written on: 28/11/2020 by Cobboc486 (1 review written)

I ordered a prada glasses from them and it came in 7 days and i took it to nordstrom and it was real. The only thing i believe they sell things less costly for example because a screw may be silver when all others are gold. or a minor defect may be on the product. But follow your mind and heart… Read Full Review

Otticanet’s Comment

Written on: 30/12/2020

Dear Cobboc486,
thank you for your review.
I just want to point out that we do not sell defected or second choice goods. We buy them directly from the official manufacturers that are almost all located here in Italy. Furthermore we do not have the costs of big chains such as Nordstrom or regular brick and mortar stores as we only deal online.
Kind Regards
Otticanet Staff

“Buyer Beware. Read the reviews before ordering. ”

Written on: 30/08/2020 by SeamusWhitaker360 (1 review written)

FAKE. Came in a completely different shade of blue than in the pics. Oakley doesn’t even offer this shade of blue. Please learn from my mistake and pay a little extra and order from a reputable seller. … Read Full Review

“Fake sunglasses, never responding, really disappointed”

Written on: 07/08/2020 by Javon279 (1 review written)

I advice to never buy from this company, they send me fake sunglasses and when I ask for return they respond after three days saying that I should return the sunglasses with my own money and the ask me to send it by fedex wich will cost 60Euro and when I said that it’s very expensive to me to send it by FedEx they never answer. … Read Full Review

“Would never do business with them again”

Written on: 24/07/2020 by meCoughlin1989 (1 review written)

Placed order for 2 Prada optical frames on 07-02-15. No communication unless I initiated contact. Email response received within 24 hours, so that part was okay. They hedged on a shipment date, saying they were awaiting notification from Prada. A reputable retailer should keep the customer informed of stock availability, delays, etc. I quickly grew disenchanted and canceled my order. Otticanet did a credit card credit quickly, but this is the only thing they did right. What I didn’t know… Read Full Review

“Very bad experience ”

Written on: 17/07/2020 by Pearsonhl492 (1 review written)

This company is very fake, most of the items on their website are not available After placing the order they charge you for full amount then keep sending emails about delay and unavailability and offer old models that can be shipped immediately Don’t ever trust them and fall in their trap And they don’t care about customers satisfaction all they care about is money… Read Full Review


Written on: 07/06/2020 by Cadencei43 (1 review written)

I ordered Ermenegildo Zegna eyeglasses from and after one month I received the Eyeglasses broken and they tried to fix, and sent in that condition.Also Fedex sent to me a bill for $30.00. never recommended… Read Full Review

“Satisfied ”

Written on: 03/06/2020 by Slavia (1 review written)

I also was a little skeptical ordering from this company due to bad reviews. I receive e-mail from them next day stating that they do not have one of the glasses I ordered in that particular color, but they will have it in a few weeks. And as they mentioned in e-mail, I received both glasses exactly on the dates that were specified in e-mail. The sunglasses were made in Italy and cost a lot less than in the US. That is true that the site indicates free shipping, but I too received a bill… Read Full Review

“ Do not buy. Been waiting for more than a month for. ”

Written on: 04/05/2020 by Jamarcusg124 (1 review written)

Do not buy. Been waiting for more than a month for shipment and would not allow you to cancel. Avoid at all cost, not worth the trouble… Read Full Review

“Not responding to email.”

Written on: 29/04/2020 by 281Saunders (1 review written)

It takes them about 4 days to replay to any email. i ordered some sunglasses that where marked as in stock. two weeks later the sunglasses has not been shipped, they have not informed me why there is a delay. I am now trying to cancel the whole thing but of course there not answering… Read Full Review

Eyeglassesmania’s Comment

Written on: 27/05/2020

I should have read these reviews before plunging in!
I’m having the same issue. It’s been more than month now and I still haven’t received my order.
Did your order eventually came?
They won’t answer my emails.


Written on: 29/04/2020 by christinee (1 review written)

The item arrived very quickly, I was sent a tracking number so that I could track. Time from ordering was about 13 days. The item was well packaged and came with a case. Definitely genuine ray bans and I saved about £14 from ordering at other shops online… Read Full Review

“Do Not Buy From Them!”

Written on: 28/04/2020 by dgArnold1969 (1 review written)

i wish I had found this review site before ordering from Otticanet. I just read most of the reviews here and my experience has been similar. I ordered a pair of Porsche Design sunglasses from them. Otticanets site states they were made in Italy. The ones I received were made in Japan. I contacted them and asked to send them back. It cost me $18.50 to do so. A few days after I had mailed them I received a bill from FEDEX for taxes and duty for $32.50. I contacted Otticanet and they say they will… Read Full Review

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