Binary options – Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a binary options signal?

A binary options signal is a trade alert which has been derived by our expert team after the thorough analysis of underlying assets to be traded which include currencies, commodities, stocks or indices.

What does The Binary signals service offer?

We provide signals for binary options traders by sending the information directly via e-mail & SMS. Soon we will provide signals by push notification using cellphone application.

Are your signals based on automated tools?

No, all our signals are tracked manually by our binary options experts and are not computer generated or automated.

How do I sign up for The Binary service?

Simply pick the best subscription plan suitable for you, sign-up and start receiving the signals.

What does a binary signal look like?

Each binary options signal clearly states the conditions of the signal. The signal message is precise and clear and it contains the information.

Who creates the trading signals for The Binary

The binary options signals are created by our in-house trading experts who have years of experience trading in the financial markets.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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Are your signals 100% correct and accurate?

NO. Like all financial trading, it is impossible to be right all the time. Our goal is to provide signals that will expire “in-the-money” over 70% of the time to ensure that the overall signal results will be profitable to our binary options traders.

Binary options – Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

You can check a list of frequently asked questions and the answers below

What are binary options?

Is an option with a fixed profit, where payout is determined at the onset of the contract. It pays a fixed amount of cash if the option expires in-the-money, independent of themagnitude by which the price of the underlying asset moves.

What is a “Call” option?

An option that provides the holder with a profit when the underlying asset increases in price compared with the level it was purchased at.

What is a put options?

An option that provides the holder with a profit when the underlying asset depreciates relative to the purchase level.

What return will I get for a successful investment?

A successful investment will result in a guaranteed return indicated on the site for the underlying asset that you selected..

How long does the deal last?

The deal lasts untill expiration time, that has being chosen before

Could i finish the deal before expiration time?

After confirming the deal, expiration time couldn`t be changed.

What return will I get in the event that the option expires out-of-the-money?

In the event that the option expires out-of-the-money, you`ll recieve a refund, depending of selected profit/refund level (Available in options builder only). For example: investment with a 60/20% profit means, that you will recieve your investment and the 60% of investment if you`ll win, otherway you will get a 20% refund of investment. However refund in lost options are not available in “60 seconds” and “Classic binary options” because of high profit level.

What is expiry time?

The expiry time is the time and date at which an option expires.

What is the time zone of this trading platform?

The GMT is a time on this platform. You may see the current GMT time in the top of the site.

Do I have to download software in order to trade with 24BOpt – Binary options?

There is absolutely no need for you to download anything before you can start trading with 24BOpt – Binary options. All you need to do is register and deposit funds into your account and you`ll be ready to start trading binary options for yourself.

How do the company recieves quotes?

Stock provides binary options with current price of different assets regularly.

How many time needed to transfer funds to my account?

As rule less than one minute.

How many time needed for withdrawal operation?

As rule from one to three days.

What does an Underlying Asset means?

It means the option you create using a commodity, index, stock, currency pair or any other financial asset.

Investment is easy: choose your asset to trade and choose “call” or a “put” option by clicking on it. Clicking on the call/put button will open a quick investment window where you need to type in the amount you wish to invest and approve execution. Keep in mind that rates keep updating in the investment sheet.

How could i cancel the deal if i did not push a “Submit” button?

The deal will not apply until you push a “Submit” button. So You can choose another asset or just select another trading tool.

What is the expiry level?

The expiry level is the level of the underlying asset at the time of expiry of the asset according to Stock.

What happens if the expiry level of a given underlying asset is identical to the level at which the transaction was made?

In the event of expiry at an identical level to the transaction level, the amount of the investment is returned to the customer.

Why can`t I make an investment?

Investments in all assets can be made during market trading hours, Outside market trading hours, the asset will not be displayed. Further reason might be a lack of funds in your account for the requested investment. In any other case please contact our support team at [email protected] – Binary

How can I access my transaction history?

Just click on your “Account” section and view all of your deposits, withdrawals and history.

Why do assets are not displayed sometimes?

To make an investment, available only active assets that are open to trade with

Do i have to make a deposit to register?

Registration does not require deposit and absolutely free

What is the difference between stock and binary options?

Classic “vanilla” stock options has a much bigger expire time and uknown profit. Binary options may last even one minute and has a fixed profit level.

When could i make a deal?

In a 60-second options you can make a deal in a minute before the option will expire. Other binary options investments could be made not less than 5 minutes before expire time.

How can I deposit money?

Please refer to “Deposit” page in Your account profile. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.), Maestro debit cards, wire transfers and Moneybookers e-wallet

How fast i can start trading?

You should register and make a deposit. Than you will be able to make an investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a list of frequently asked questions about nonbinary people.


I’m a journalist. What do I need to know? [ править | править код ]

Please take a look at this Guide for journalists!

But how do you know you’re not just a man/woman? [ править | править код ]

How do you know what your gender is?

Most people respond by saying something like, “I just do.” The same is true for us; we can cite as many clues in childhood and stylistic tendencies and desires to transition as binary gender folks, but at the end of the day, we just feel it in our bones.

So what are your genitals like? How do you have sex? [ править | править код ]

For questions like this, you have to ask yourself whether it would be appropriate to ask a binary person this question. It would be fair to say that there is a lot of variation.

What’s your real/birth name? [ править | править код ]

Some trans and nonbinary people who’ve changed their name don’t like to share this information. Often the names we were given at birth have gender connotations that we don’t want people to know about, or we want to be known as our current name and leave the old identity behind. This question can be quite an uncomfortable one.

Of course, some people don’t mind sharing, and plenty of us haven’t even changed our names. Tread carefully, just in case.

What does it say on your passport? [ править | править код ]

This is a tricky business. Why do you want to know?

There are only a handful of countries that recognise that there are more than two sexes or genders. The UK and the US are not currently on the list, and do not issue passports with X on them as an alternative to M or F. For this reason, a passport issued in the vast majority of countries cannot represent our genders or sexes correctly. It’s hard enough to change the sex marker on your passport when you’re binary, but we don’t even have legal recognition most of the time.

Is this just a step along the way to a binary sex change? [ править | править код ]

For some people, identifying as outside the binary is stage of self-discovery that ends in a binary transition (or not). Some people assume that they’re binary trans before realising they’re nonbinary so it’s not always linear. But for many of us it’s not, and we’ll be genderqueer our whole lives.

It’s important to respect people’s identities regardless of whether or not you think it’s permanent.

Should I call you he or she? [ править | править код ]

He and she are pronouns. Some nonbinary people are happy with the pronouns they’ve been called since birth. Some prefer the opposite to the one they have been called since birth.

Some people dislike being assigned gender in their pronouns, and ask people to use the more common gender-inclusive pronouns like singular they, or ze/hir. Some like the less common ones, or have invented new pronouns.

It varies a lot from person to person. If you’re unsure it’s totally okay to politely ask, “what are your pronouns?” But if for some reason you can’t it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with singular they, like the Rose City Rollers.

How about titles, like Mr or Ms? [ править | править код ]

As with the pronouns, it depends on the person. Some like Mr or Ms/Miss/Mrs, some like the gender-inclusive titles like Mx or Pr, some are Drs or Revs, and some prefer no title at all. It’s good to ask. And remember: titles are not legally binding. Asking for evidence when you wouldn’t ask it from a woman who’s just got married, for example, is discrimination.

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