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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Top Rated Binary Brokers – 2020

Although they were only introduced in 2009, binary options brokers have taken Forex world by force. But with the fleet of binary options trading brokers expanding regularly, traders may need help determining which ones are the best. We’ve tested dozens of brokers and have compiled our findings into these comprehensive binary options reviews.

Our binary options reviews are based upon our in-house testing of each broker. We recorded our experiences with the trading platform, customer service and ease of use each broker, and we listed the minimum deposit, languages available and other critical information to help you make an informed decision. Find the right binary options broker now!

US-based traders can take advantage of our top US Binary Options brokers list.

Broker’s Name Minimum Deposit Deposit Bonus Maximum Gain Minimum Position Regulation More Info
$250 50% 85% $20 CySEC Visit site $5 30% None None None Visit site $200 None 81-85% $5 CySEC Visit site
4 $250 100% 85% None None Visit site
5 $1000 Up to 100% 86% $250 None

Binary Options Brokers Reviews

For those looking to trade something familiar and exciting from the comfort of their home, Stockpair may be the perfect broker. Stockpair was founded in 2020 and is regulated by IFSC out of Cyprus. Much like Forex trading which pits one currency against another, Stockpair allows traders to trade binary options or stock pairs against each other on straightforward, technologically advanced binary and stock option platforms. There are some generous bonuses at Stockpair that are worth checking out.

Ayrex is a binary option broker established in 2020 and operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Its main office is located in St. Kitts and Nevis. Ayrex believes that simplicity is the way to go and they have built their website to make it as easy to navigate as possible. This simplicity is extended to the trading platform which has a user-friendly interface with simple Call and Put buttons, ultra-fast trade execution, flexible trading, and a wide variety of trading tools.

10Trade is a binary options brokerage owned by Holiway Investments Limited. Holiway was one of the first companies to offer its clients a fully licensed and registered binary options program with regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Its customer support is responsive 24/7 via Chat, email or toll free phone numbers and representative are around to provide personal guidance for every trader. Both support and the platform are available in 11 languages.

Option500 is a binary option broker domiciled in London, U.K. offering traders the opportunity to trade currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and pairs. Option500 has offices in several locations and offers customer service 24/7. It opened its doors in 2020 and has already received several awards for outstanding service. The layout of Option500 is clean, informative and easy to understand. The tools, resources, charts and asset listings are of good quality and high standard and are conveniently located on the site. There is quite a lot of educational material with a wide variety of videos and a Trading Academy for holders of the Pro account.

Boss Capital is a relative newcomer to the binary options market but it has already become a leader in a very short time. Domiciled in the United Kingdom, Boss Capital maintains satellite offices in close to thirty different countries across the globe. They offer over 200 assets for trading including binary options on commodity futures such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Corn, Coffee and sugar and is one of the few binary options brokers that offer boundary options which are great for trading economic releases.

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7 Binary Options

We have received emails from people asking us to review HB Swiss. The most common question is if HB Swiss is legit or just another scam. So, before you decide to invest make sure to read the complete review as we dissect every aspect of it. HB Swiss claims to be a Forex Trading Solution that can help people make millions trading forex.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sing-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Only For Experienced Traders!

We will examine how the system works, its unique features and the type of investment you’ll need. You’ll find out what HB Swiss is really about and if it actually works. Also, how it works? And is it a scam?

What is HB Swiss about?

HB Swiss is being touted as a new Forex trading solution which is meant for everyone. It is a trading robot developed by an investor named Hans Berger who resides in Europe. He along with his friend Bastian Hermann, headed a team of developers to create this so called awesome trading software. They claim is that HB Swiss is one of the best auto trading software out there with the highest success rate.

HB Swiss claims to have an 87% average success rate which is excellent by any measure. It’s also equally unbelievable. It has allegedly amassed a large number of positive reviews over the years. But despite the creators claiming that it is the best Forex trading solution out there for any day trader we were not sure if it was really legit or just another scam with tall claims. Knowing for sure required a deeper examination of the system.

The system is available on many different platforms

What features does HB Swiss have to offer?

  1. The HB Swiss software has been designed to generate profits for traders. It can be used by both beginner and professionals who don’t have any knowledge of trading. That said it’s been touted to ensure trading success.
  2. You no longer need to analyze complex charts and diagrams to place trades. The software has been designed to meet any person’s trading needs while being easy to use.
  3. According to the creators, the system has been created with Swiss traditions in mind which assumingly prides itself on openness and high quality.
  4. Traders can supposedly start benefitting from it within just 3 minutes and start to see a significant profit in just an hour something which is ”Guaranteed,” by the creators.
  5. The claim is that the system is 100% free of fees and taxes just as it is in Switzerland!

Can HB Swiss really make winning trades?

Yes, it can…HB Swiss belongs to HB Swiss Investments Ltd and happens to be one of the most popular software developed capable of executing automated trades in a fraction of a second half-way across the world. Stats show that the software has only lost twice in four years. Also, the software is very easy to use. It has eliminated all the complexity and hard work associated with trading forex.

The platform can be accessed using any laptop, Mac, PC or a smart device. The software is completely web based which means that it does not require installing anything other than a web browser. Plus, it can work on autopilot without any input from the user. There is no need to have any skill or knowledge of the trading and currency industry to make it work.

How does HB Swiss Work?

HB Swiss is absolutely free! Just follow these three simple steps to becoming a pro:

  1. Start by opening a trading account with HB Swiss. You are not required to purchase anything. There is no fee and no extra cost. So, you can enjoy an excellent trading experience without paying a dime.
  2. The second step is to activate your account. Choose a binary options broker from the presented list of brokers and go through the required steps.
  3. Start enjoying your profits generated by HB Swiss.

HB Swiss Trading Results

By now, the system has earned a lot of many people money

We tested HB Swiss for a total of 2 weeks or 14 days and can happily state that it worked as promised. The review has been written based on my personal experience with this app.

We saw excellent results from using this software. In the previous 22 sessions, the software traded based on a total of 143 signals with 116 being strictly In The Money. It works out to be an attractive 87% or there about win rate.

HB Swiss Software – Is it a scam?

We can say with commitment that it is not a scam. Though at first, it did appear to be similar to other scams in the market. But now that we’ve seen it in action there is no doubt left in our mind.

After testing it for 14 days, we can safely say it is not a scam. We withdrew over $11,540 dollars successfully into our bank account. Plus, we found absolutely no red flags that were raised against the software during our testing and evaluation.

Customer Care

We found the customer support provided by the company is professional timely and good. They can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also, support is available in many languages. All questions are answered in a very detailed manner, and they work to assist you the best they can.

The Operational Process and its various advantages

Hans Berger is one of the creators of the system

One of the best things about HB Swiss is its fast, profitable and highly accurate. It has been developed using various successful trading models and codes by some of the leading names in the industry.

The quantum computing models used are based on Shor’s and Gover’s codes. The company’s financial expertise is strictly rooted in the Black Sholes Merton equations which are applied by some of the most successful financial processes implemented online.

It allows for a good rooting in excellence when it comes to trading which is delivered by HB Swiss’ trading bot. Plus, the software boasts of various features which will work to enhance your trading portfolio and success rate. The factors include risk control settings and even profit optimization.

How you can start making money with HB Swiss?

After you have filled in the form with the required details on the official HB Swiss website and set a password the system will create a trading account for you with one of the brokers. Here is a breakdown of the steps:

  • Register – The system uses an encryption algorithm to ensure that all your account and personal information, in addition to trading history is secure and safe.
  • Fund the Account – you will also need to fund the account so that HB Swiss is able to use those funds to start trading automatically. The minimum initial deposit is €250.
  • Hit Start – You get the opportunity to customize an array of various settings which will help you enhance the profitability of the HB Swiss bot. After you are satisfied with the settings, you can then start trading on autopilot.

Final Verdict

We have done our due diligence when it comes to HB Swiss like we do for every other trading bot we have reviewed over the years. The system in our personal opinion and based on experience holds potential and a lot of promise for traders in general. The verified high profitability and accuracy is the very reason to consider the software as your go-to online investment tool.

We were extremely satisfied and impressed by the results. The results are what has allowed us to state that it is not a scam service. It is also free to use and will continue to be free even after the company expands as planned by the owner.

BDSwiss отзывы

Брокер бинарных опционов BDSwiss – зеркальное отражение огромного количества других площадок SpotOption. Он даже не пытается привнести что-то новое в отрасль. Конечно, он разбрасывается обычными громкими фразами, как «самый профессиональный и объективный …», которые присутствуют почти на всех платформах SpotOption. Воображение должно быть очень дорого стоит, потому что в последнее время брокеры его вообще не используют.

Компании-владелец – BD Swiss Holding Plc. регулируется CySEC под номером лицензии 199/13, что дает пользователям уверенность в том, что дело мы имеем с надежным сервисом.

Тем не менее, если уж брокер удосужился пройти процесс регулирования, странно, что он особо не вкладывался в то, чтобы сделать работу со своим официальным сайтом BD Swiss действительно приятной. Даже недавние обновления, вызванные, очевидно, многочисленными негативными отзывами в сети, не сделали его намного лучше.

Итак, Keplero Holdings Ltd, называемая сейчас BDSwiss Holdings Ltd, получила лицензию CySec в 2020 году. Немного непонятно, как компания после смены названия сохранила за собой тот же номер лицензии.

В последнее время появляется все больше брокеров бинарных опционов из рейтинга, осуществляющих переход к регулированию. Это, конечно, на руку трейдерам, но регулирование это не все.

Несмотря на то, что BDS wiss недавно обновил свой сайт, он по-прежнему выглядит копией других площадок SpotOption, но по крайней мере они не избавились от позорного лозунгом «Мы ориентируемся на который действительно имеет значение». Образовательных материалов практически нет, как нет и какого-либо анализа рынка.

Большинство компаний, предоставляющих анализ рынка, конечно, не утруждаются его постоянной актуализацией, что делает его бесполезным. Но не давать трейдерам вообще никакой аналитической информации по крайней мере не профессионально.

Впрочем, с недавнего времени БДСвисс добавил раздел «новости рынка», представляющий собой не его собственную ленту новостей, а перенаправление на . Сайт FXStreet не принадлежит Банк Де Свисс. И это просто смешно.

Banc de Swiss можно перевести как «Банк Швейцарии», но причин, почему компания выбрала для себя такое название вообще нет. Его офис зарегистрирован на Кипре, и нигде на сайте не указан ни один швейцарский адрес. Так почему же именно такое название?

Потому что швейцарские банки обладают самой лучшей в мире репутацией? Так почему бы в таком случае не назваться «Банком Уоррена Баффета»?… Ладно, на самом деле это не недостаток, но определенно вводит в заблуждение.

Проведя некоторое время на сайте BancDeSwiss, мы не можем искренне рекомендовать этого брокера. Конечно, тут мы имеем дело с регулируемой компанией, и это автоматически значит, что доверять деньги сервису куда безопасней чем тому, который даже не раскрывает свой адрес. Но одно только регулирование не делает компанию хорошей.

Banc de Swiss это обман

На данный момент нет никаких оснований полагать, что BDSwiss отзывы это афера и попытка украсть у трейдеров их деньги. Компания регулируется CySec, а это означает, что он является прозрачным. Конечно, название немного вводит в заблуждение, но обманом это считать нельзя.


В сети нет жалоб на компанию. Это может значить либо то, что жаловаться не на что, либо то, что с этим брокером никто не торгует.

Сумма бонуса оговаривается индивидуально и зависит от суммы вклада. Требуемый для вывода бонусных средств оборот должен в 15-20 раз превышать сумму бонуса. Стоит сказать, что этой информации нет в Условиях пользования, и получена она была от представителя компании.

Минимальная сумма для вывода составляет 100 евро или долларов. Вывод средств доступен с помощью таких стандартных методов как кредитные карты, банковский перевод и электронные кошельки. Со списком допустимых электронных кошельков можно ознакомиться на сайте. Все выплаты должны осуществляться на те же карту/счет/электронный кошелек, с которых средства были внесены на счет.

Регулирование это единственная отличительная особенность, которой может похвастаться брокер. Отсутствуют инновационные или необычные черты.

Удобство пользования — 4/10

Официальный сайт БДСвисс удобен в навигации, благодаря своей простоте. Платформа SpotOption доступна и предлагает достаточно возможностей. Сайт переведен на 20 языков. Однако, существуют некоторые проблемы с русским языком, точнее заявляется, что он присутствует, но по факту, кроме кнопки «русский», других материалов и переводов не нашлось.

Количество активов и время окончания — 5/10

Корзина торговых активов брокера BD Swiss содержит 26 акций, 14 валютных пар, 7 товаров и 20 индексов – в общей сложности 67 базовых активов. Самое быстрое время окончания – 60 секунд. Также доступны 90 и 120 секунд, и ряд других, например, 15 минут, каждый час, конец дня, конец недели и долгосрочные (конец года или даже в следующего года).

Комиссия, поддержка и возвраты — 6/10

За открытие счета комиссия не взимается. Также не взимается комиссия за транзакции с помощью кредитных карт, но банковские переводы обойдутся в 25 долларов. Поддержка быстро откликается, но зачастую не помогает должным образом. Показатель возврата колеблется между 68% и 75%, нет возврата для сделок «без денег».

Пополнение, вывод средств и бонусы — 6/10

Пополнить счет можно с помощью Maestro, Visa, ряда электронных кошельков и оффлайн банковского перевода (например, Western Union). Для вывода средств необходимо использовать ту же карту или электронный кошелек, с помощью которого осуществлялось пополнение счета. Вывод средств занимает от 1 до 7 рабочих дней. Бонусы оговариваются в индивидуальном порядке, однако доступны также различные специальные предложения, ограниченные во времени.

Отличительные черты — 4/10

Регулирование это, конечно, важная отличительная черта брокера, но помимо этого в его работе множество недостатков, указанных выше.

Binary Options

Best binary options Brokers for beginners: Binary trading Requires a good and regulated binary option broker and as well a good trading strategies.

However the more your trading career grow, the more you will need a good trading robot. Above all, bnary options trading is at this moment very popular.

The majority of brokers operating at this moment on the financial market accept clients registration based on regulatory compliance. However, many traders are still not sure if financial betting actually pays or not.

Unfortunately it’s not very easy to find the best binary options brokers easily. This is because after it’s introduced publicly as a tradable asset. Which was on the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), in 2008. There’s uncountable binary options brokers out there. However, the number of brokers available has affected traders choice. As they are confused on which is the best binary options brokers.

Above all, we have carefully done the research for you. And we have listed the best binary options brokers for beginners. They are regulated by security and exchange commission (SEC).

What to consider before trading

Supported trading platform

Above all, It’s very much important to know some basics of the trade. Therefore let us consider this guide from Nadex important. Nadex, a U.S.-based regulated exchange for binary options, identified the top four traded forex pairs you must know before starting trading:

USD and CHF (Swiss franc)

Best binary Option brokers for beginners.

1: IQ option: overall for beginners.

IQ option was founded in 2020 and operated via IQ option Ltd and primarily based in Cyprus. IQ alternative is one of the fastest growing online trading platform. With actual time marketplace whatch. Iq option have increased their brand to encompass CFDs on stocks and ETFs, foreign exchange trading, and the exceptional IQOption product known as digital options.

2: BDswiss: To platform,

BD Swiss founded in 2020, as one of Europe’s leading financial institutions. They specializes in FOREX and CFDs, and BINARY OPTION.
Above all, BD Swiss has it’s holding in Zug, Switzerland. However, the broker is also good for beginners. More-so, prides itself in providing best trading conditions and arm plartform.
As a matter of fact, it has over one million registered accounts with a trading volume of over €10 billion per month. BD Swiss is regulated by CySEC. Therefore the security of your fund is assured.
BDswiss trading platforms are web-based and MT4.
The minimum deposit is just $10 and the minimum trade amount is $5.

3: Top 10 binary options brokers for MT5 and best online stock brokers is a UK based binary option broker that was founded in 1999. The broker is regulated in British Isles, Malta, UK and Ireland. They have over 300 staffs and contractors with its offices in Malaysia, Malta, Paraguay and the UAE.

4: eToro : best brokers with copy trading

eToro is one the best UK binary options brokers with the best social online trading plartform founded in 2006. However, managed by two brothers Ronen and Yoni Assia and partner David Ring. More-so they are based is Tel Aviv in Israel.
Above all, the Minimum deposit: Although this depends on your contary; It ranges from $200- $1000.

eToro fees

Fees: etoro has low straight forward trading fees.
But their non- trading fee is high. For instance, etoro charges $25 for each withdrawal. Minimum Withdrawal Amount $50 25$

Best binary options brokers with low minimum deposit of $1, 5 -10


Minimum Deposit: $5
Maximum Deposit: $100000
Minimum Trade Size: 0.01 lots
Trading Platform: MetaTrader 5, SmartTrader, WebTrader

2: IQ Option

Minimum deposit: $10
For VIP account, the minimum deposit is $3,000

3: 24option

Minimum deposit: $10. Minimum withdrawal amount is $50 (or equivalents in other currencies, see 24option website) and it is a bit high in our opinion.

Fees for 24option withdrawal after the first one are
credit cards: 3.5%
Skrill: 2%
Neteller: 3.5%
Bank Wire: $30, €25, 20GBP or 3000Yen

4: BDswiss

Minimum deposit: $10 and the minimum trade amount is $5. You can open your account in USD, GBP, or EUR.

5: eToro

Minimum first-time deposit varies from $200 to $10,000. To view your required minimum click here

6: Binarycent

Minimum deposit: $250 for the bronze trading account. For the Silver trading account, the minimum deposit requirement is $1000.

Share your thoughts in our top10, binary options brokers forum And see other peoples response.

What should I do as a trader to win

Finally we believe that we have carefully done your homework on best online stock brokers to choose. Therefore we will equally give you tips on how to trade profitably.

However as a trader there are some things to do and some to avoid.

First of all before you start trading consider this steps important.

However, To be a successful binary options trader; you need to use more than one broker. Above all, choose one or more from the above mentioned.

Consider your trading styles on any of our recommended brokers. And know if the broker will suit you.

Register with your chosen trading platform and verify your account. Check our best binary options brokers for beginners. However, you will have to deposit money to start trading.

Select the asset to trade. Trading platforms have assets such as currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks. You can choose to trade in currencies, the popular one being EUR/USD.

More-so, decide on the amount to invest. However then investing in an asset, you will see the payout or the returns for the asset, which can go up to 91%. Make your prediction on the movement of the price of the asset. If you predict the price of the asset to rise, select Call (up). If your prediction is that the price will fall, select Put (Down).

When the trading closes after the given time, for example after 60 seconds, if it is a 60 seconds investment and you have made the correct prediction, then you win. An investment of $ 100 with a 90% payout means that you will have made 90 dollars in a few minutes.


finally, you should Note that binary options and online stock trading involve high-risk. Please consider if you can afford to take such risk before trading. doesn’t determine your income nor your lose. However, we give information based on our knowledge.

Finally if you wish to know More about best online stock brokers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sing-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Only For Experienced Traders!

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