Algo Trading Robot – 88.7% Winning Ratio

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Algo Trading Robot Review, SCAM Exposed With Proof!

October 26, 2020 by Patrick Jones

The Algo Trading Robot software is another BLACKLISTED SCAM and we will prove this in our in-depth and revealing review. Here’s a new addition to our scam bucket which is sure to wipe out your bank account and leave you with a hefty dose of frustration and grief. It seems this nameless cheater and actor has slipped under the radar for quite a while, and using the fake name of Stanley Nash facilitated this purpose. In fact, he was such a professional con artist that even after day traders were getting fleeced, they still went on believing it was something they did wrong and not the greedy affiliate marketers pulling the strings behind the SCAM. So when the complaints started mounting, it was like a volcano erupting since grievances were suppressed by a crafty combination of aggressive sales tactics and emotional manipulations used to divert attention from the sub-par performance of the fake app, to the emotions of traders in a crude attempt to deflect their anger and pin the blame on the day traders. In an act of defiance, one of our members spilled the beans on this dirty little operation and explained how he received a SPAM Email invitation that offered him free access to an automated trading system that would make money for him on auto-pilot. We immediately smelled a rat and our fears were confirmed as we started to peel the layers of lies and deception until we reached the foretelling conclusion that we are dealing with a new confirmed financial SCAM.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Below is a screenshot of the nameless actor peddling this sub-par auto-trader. On the left side you see him saying its “absolutely free”, and on the right he is saying you need to “deposit some funds”. This kind of double talk and inconsistencies are running rampant and serve as an immediate red flag which indicate to us we are dealing with fraudulent software.

Additionally, what we see here is the use of fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, stolen image bank photos, and aggressive false advertising tactics which will not be tolerated anymore. Below we see an image that was scraped off the internet and used in an older scam dubiously named “cash camp” which is directly responsible for ruining the lives of hundreds of households across the world. And the most obvious tell is the hyped up claim of actually making “$22,005 every day”, something which is not only fallacious, its simply an outrageous lie designed to mesmerize and lure you into a dark web of lies and deception.

Algo Trading Robot software Review
The sales video starts off by saying “what if you had a Chrystal ball that could predict the future? But nobody has that right?” And then he explains how his software uses predictive analysis to identify and execute the best possible trades on auto-pilot. They are saying you can make thousands of dollars daily trading “on the global financial markets starting as early as the next few minutes, but you need to act fast” because only a handful of free licenses are available to the public. The presenter claims the app was developed by an Oxford professor of applied mathematics (Stanley Nash) and is powered by a “sophisticated algorithm which produced an unprecedented win ratio of 88.7%”. Then he continues to say the algorithmic trading robot was “profitable 1041 out of 1042 trading days”. The sales pitch says the robot predicts price movements and executes trades automatically and has pulled in 157 Million Dollars for its creator.

At this point we have to stop regurgitating the trashy promotional video and point out some very obvious inconsistencies. Firstly, an 88.7% ITM ratio will not get you 1041 out of 1042 successful trading days. There is an inherent logical conflict, and if this were true then the numbers would be closer to 920/1042 (feel free to do the math yourself, it’s quite simple). Furthermore, we searched for Professor Nash at Oxford University and guess what, we came up with a big fat blank.

In reality we are being asked to invest money in a fraudulent software. The narrative is riddled with holes and conflicting information, and the spokesperson is most likely a paid actor and cheater performing at the behest of the charlatans pulling the strings behind this fake app.

This thing is definitely not free and will cost you at least $250 to get started. This money will be charged to your credit card or e-wallet by the rogue and unlicensed brokers recommended by this band of crooks.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Fake Reviews
If you have seen a positive review promoting this fraudulent software you can be sure this person is getting paid to write a favorable review. This is an undisputed fact.

Similar Viral SCAMS
The ones you must avoid are Orion Code, Gemini 2, and Drexel Code.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
We have seen our share of shabby systems dressed up to look like “the next big thing”. In reality most of the software today is worthless and not trustworthy. The few systems that have been consistent performers are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Software Review Summary and Conclusions
The Algo Trading Robot is a SCAM, and we had no hesitations about BLACKLISTING it in our fair and impartial review. We truly attempted to find a legit and genuine trading app, and gave this auto-trader a fair chance but it miserably failed the most basic elements of our credibility tests. We checked transparency, accuracy levels, and reasonable response times from their support staff. The system received a resounding FAIL across all key parameters and when we funded a trading account using this app the balance was blown in a matter of minutes, and the broker would not respond unless we were willing to reinvest. In light of all this evidence our investigation uncovered, we are forced once more to advise our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues and stay away from this latest financial scam. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

The ABC’s Of Algo-Trading (Robots)

Wednesday, December 14, 2020

  • Forex
  • CFD
  • Algo Trading
  • Beginners

There are many approaches to building an automated trading system. In this class, we will review several of the major ones. In future classes, we will start building a robo system together. There are literally 1000’s of robotic trading systems already available for Meta4 & 5 platforms or downloadable fitting every need and trader. We will review these as well as consider building your own or adapting one to fit your own trading system. Most robotic or Algo systems on the market are easily customizable so that you are not trading from a blackbox.

The first approach and the most popular– buying a ready-made trading system in the form of a trading robot. In this case, a trader acts as an operator or a tuner. This approach saves much time no need to learn many new things and allows traders to quickly enter the world of the automated trading. Most of these are customizable and adjustable.

The second approach is based on studying the market laws. No attempts are made to understand why the price goes up or down when various technical analysis figures appear on a chart. The advantage of this approach is that it requires no special knowledge of mathematics and makes no assumptions about the market driving force.

The third approach is based on the attempt to create a «black box» based on neural networks with the use of the ready-made tools widely available in special software and math packages. Creation of an automated trading system with the elements of the artificial intelligence is an exciting and challenging task even for newcomers, as it requires neither deep mathematical background, nor programming experience – everything is done using visual aids.

The last approach rests on math. A developer tries to create a sort of an equation that can consider many factors.
A trader should know the basics of technical indicators, possess an ability to prepare necessary price data and experience in some definite package for working with neural networks. The main drawback of this approach is that a trading robot obtained using such specialized tools for working with neural networks is actually a “black box”. Traders do not know it’s working principles and, generally, it is impossible to predict what market phase will be the most problematic for the robot.

What we will learn in this class
Ø The different approaches to Algo trading
Ø Which indicators and oscillators work best for automatic trading
Ø How to customize your robot
Ø How to back test in a safe environment before letting your system lose.

Barry Norman
is the Director of Investors Trading Academy as well as a published author and educator. Barry brings with him over 35 years of financial market knowledge and experience. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics from UCLA and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. Barry was award the title of “Best Education in Europe” by Global Banking & Finance. Barry is also a presenter for the MoneyShow and many well-known news sources.


Traders and programmers of Kalinka Capital OU company, worked hard developing the Intersection EA forex robot, starting from the year 2020. Initially, this strategy was used by our traders as semi-automated signal system in trading with Kalinka Capital OU accounts. With the years, it became less and lesser dependant on trader’s control. In 2020, we’ve fully automated this system and made it available in our shop. Then it was named as Intersection EA, and it is now available for everyone! As for professional traders and investors, and beginners, as a fully automated trading system. You need only to choose the trading settings that suite your needs and install the Intersection EA in your trading terminal MetaTrader 4.

We consider Intersection EA trading system to be a top of the line and a safe to use forex robot. Using the Intersection EA in your trading, you don’t need to get any “trend” or “reverse” based forex robots. 30(!) options of market analysis are implemented in this advisor. We’ve used maximal and sane combinations of trend indicators and oscillators in all 30 of market analysis options. So, there are basically 30(!) forex robots trading by the market «divergence» and «convergence» search strategies.

  • In the store, select the number of months
  • Enter the number of the real account
  • Pay and wait for confirmation
  • Download advisor and install in terminal
  • In the store, select 24 months
  • Enter the number of the real account
  • Pay and wait for confirmation
  • Download advisor and install in terminal

Free version of advisor

Open an account by referral link

Activate a referral account

Intersection EA is a fully automated software (trading robot), executing trading orders on the currency market in accordance with the algorithm and unique trading settings for each currency pair.
Intersection EA is perfectly suitable for beginner traders as well as for professionals who got solid experience in trading on financial markets.

Trader can chose from 30(!) strategies/classes for divergence and convergence search with different timeframes, from technical to fundamental analysis, allowing to enter the market and fix profits inside the trading day, or hold the trades on fundamental basics from few days to few weeks, moving along the trend collecting all long term activity the market can offer.

We’ve created few strategies and a range of the trading settings, specially for the PAMM managers and personal account managers, managing their own personal capital.


Market entry – search for formed divergence or convergence on specified instrument and time frame. Algorithm of the advisor allows to chose one of 30(!) strategies and classes of market analysis.

Trading options – scalping, intraday trading, long term trading – fundamental movements with older timeframes analysis.


  • М5, М15 – scalping, technical analysis.
  • Н1 – intraday trading, technical analysis.
  • Н4, D1 – long term trading, fundamental analysis.

Profit support – profit is supported by trail by the ParabolicSAR indicator or by the time of position’s life span.

Profit fixing – by the physical takeprofit, set by specified minimum, if there are no clear projections on volatility statistics for the last 50-120 completed candles. Also, in most cases physical takeprofit will be set in accordance with maximum or minimum of ended instrument movement wave for the last 50-120 candles.

(!) When the trail is activated, physical takeprofit will be deleted and the position will be support by trail.


  • The use of trading settings for the H2, H4, H6 timeframes is possible only in the version for the Meta Trader5 trading terminal.

Available only for registered users who have paid for the license or activated TRIAL.

You can download all current trading settings. To access the settings download buttons, log in to the site using your login (this is your e-mail address). If you are entering your personal account on for the first time, create your password through the password recovery function.

In your account on the site you can change the numbers of the accounts of the license binding on which the Forex Advisor you purchased will trade.

Current instructions on using and configuring a forex advisor can be found on the advisor description page on our website.

To view the test results and download the trading settings, in the table below, in the results cell, click on the symbol in the form of “eyes” – the report with the test results will be loaded. In the report, under the schedule, there are two buttons “DOWNLOAD MT4 SET” and “DOWNLOAD MT5 SET”, for downloading the trading setting for the corresponding Meta Trader4 or Meta Trader5 trading terminal.

In the table, in green cells, the results with a safe risk / reward ratio are recommended for safe trading. In yellow cells, results with increased risks. And require control of the load on the account balance when using.

Profitability – from 17% monthly, or up to 150-950% annual with reinvestment of gained profits and minimal use of free funds.

Risks – recommended volume of the opened trades – 0.01 lot per 300$ of the deposit for each used currency pair.

Advisor automatically tracks the trading account’s deposit load and opens the following trades taking into account the trades that were already opened on the instrument. Also, trader can fix the volume of opened positions by setting the required amount in the trading settings.

When calculating the breakeven level, advisor takes into account the volume regulation method set in the trading settings – from the account’s balance or from the last position on the instrument.

For loss limitation on fixed distance in points, there are trading settings with StopLoss available.

For risks hedging, hedge module is used (can be disabled), that partially closes the loss making positions on account of profits gained by any instruments used in trading account (see the module description section).

Targeted profit form set date

best solution for the main objective of the account managers!

Traders of our other company the Forex Invest Group OU created multi-task module of targeted profit. Which can perform its calculations form set date and take into account profit and losses on closed positions, market positions and the amount of used currency pairs for the set period. This module is implemented in Intersection EA. To create this advisor we’ve used all the experience with account managing, from us and our other company Forex Invest Group OU.

Properties of module and its actions.

  • Account of profits from start date set in the settings.
  • Total account on all opened and closed positions on the trading account, trades that were opened or closed by the Intersection EA itself and all the other advisors, scripts or manually.
  • Constant account of the balance, profits and losses and the amount of used and in use currency pairs in set period.
  • Profit fixing by closing all trades on account when set cap of the targeted profit is reached.
  • By using this module, account’s deposit can be changed in any way, increase or decrease. Intersection EA will reach to any changes and will adjust its calculations in accordance with the changes. Which in turn takes a load off the manages and PAMM account traders.

Loss hedging module.

Algorithm of actions was missed by the traders using averaging. Now there is no need to worry about possible drawdowns with a long term loss making position and its total profit withdrawal on the same trading instrument. In case if there will be a problematic loss making position or drawdown of the account is went to 10% and more, module will be activated. Trading strategy by the divergence and convergence, is one of the most profitable strategies, but loss making positions still occur, but rarely.

Now, with the help of loss hedging module, loss positions are fixed on account of profits made on other instruments. And in most cases, before the averaging module is activated. Possible drawdowns are two limes less likely to happen, along with increased profit factor and mathematical expectation values, thanks to this module.

Trade time limitation. For each currency pair, start and end time of entry point search is set, during the period of the most activity and maximal probability of analysis accuracy. Resulting in maximal decrease in periods of unstable trading on the currency pair and other unrelated influence from the instruments on the currency pair’s activity.

Indicators and calculation levels. Each of 30 strategies/classes a certain amount of indicators and levels calculations are used. All used indicators – Accelerator, Accumulation/Distribution, Average Directional, Movement Index, Average True Range, Awesome oscillator, Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index, DeMarker, Force Index, Momentum, Money Flow Index, Moving Averages Convergence/Divergence, Moving Average of Oscillator, On Balance Volume, Relative Vigor Index, Standard Deviation, Stochastic Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Larry Williams’ Percent Range. Additionally, indicators data is recalculated with set volumes of opening price/closure/maximum/minimum by set formula, developed by the traders and programmers of our company.

EURAUD, EURCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF – few trading settings options are supplied with the advisor. From this trading settings you chose few trading styles – scalping, intraday trading and fundamental trading with entries on the older timeframes, and profits from 100 and more points.

For all currency pairs, trading settings with the use of StopLoss and averaging are supplied. The use of “hedging module” is supported in all trading settings options. Recommended leverage 1:100 and above.

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