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97 Partners is so named because of the way the creators make their profit through the system; the user will keep 97% of the profits and they will take 3% as commission. How very generous of them.

97 Partners was created by Simon, an alleged professor at a Swedish university. He was approached by a large unnamed investment fund to develop the binary options software which he did, taking advantage of his access to their entire R&D department. After five years, he finally completed the software in 2009, however, the investment fund maintained its intellectual license over it for 5 years, which is why the software is only available to the public now.

Is 97 Partners yet another bogus scam? Keep reading for our answer!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • It is free
  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is 97 Partners Robot?

As you may have well guessed by now, 97 Partners is nothing but a low-effort, recycled scam. The first thing is that they promise risk-free profits of over $4,000 a day, which as anyone who has even the most basic knowledge about trading knows, is simply not possible. And the reason we called it a recycled scam? Simple, the promotional video for 97 Partners is simply just an edited version from another older scam robot known as 30 Day Change. Watch their promotional video on their official site here and see how they’re basically the same video. Of course, because the video is just recycled from another scam, the profit claims in the video also do not match the claims on the website.

This explains why the dates on the screenshots shown in the video are all dated in 2020, because that’s when the 30 Days Change scam site was registered. The 97 Partners site, however, was only registered in 2020. Needless to say, all those screenshots of bank accounts showing ‘proof’ of profits are just simple Photoshop jobs.

In this particular case, the scammers did not bother to hire an actor to play ‘Professor Simon’ however they did have quite a few Fiverr actors give bogus video testimonials. Another common tactic used by scammers is the use of stock photographs for fake written testimonials. This is of course clearly used in said video.


How Does It Work?

The way all these robot scams work is by promising you no upfront costs (a common line they like to say in their videos is ‘put your credit card away’) to lure you in and then redirecting you to their partner broker. When you fund your trading account with the broker, which in the vast majority of cases is unregulated and in many cases totally untrustworthy, the scammers will receive an affiliate commission. By doing this, the performance of the ‘robot’, which is just a generic white label auto-trading software, is irrelevant. Also, they will keep your email and phone number for future scams, spam, and other unwanted solicitations.

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In our case, when we tried to sign up with 97 Partners, we found that the site was not functioning properly and was unable to redirect us to a broker at all. Nevertheless, given the proof we have shown above, our readers should be aware by now that this is a pure scam robot.

Final Conclusion: Is 97 Partners a Scam?

97 Partners will not make you over $4,000 a day as it is just a lazy, low-effort, and recycled scam. We would not be surprised if the scammers behind 30 Day Change are also the same scammers behind 97 Partners although there is also a possibility that is just one scammer stealing from another scammer. Either way, give this poor scam robot a definite pass.

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Finn Partners Reviews

Updated Mar 2, 2020

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“Turn and Run”

I worked at Finn Partners full-time for more than a year

Genuinely nice people. The best hours and work/life balance imaginable.

– There is zero office culture across the board. Each office (with the exclusion of NY) might have its own bit of culture but that’s fully dependent on the agency it was BEFORE being acquired by FP. – There is zero integration on newly (or previously) acquired agencies. They all just keep action as they did prior to the merger – There is no accountability for profitability, meaning that over service runs rampant. It is a completely top line driven agency, meaning that there is constant pressure on new biz wins and no focus on being a better partner to the client. Just say yes, no matter what the best approach would be – The CEO has no idea how to run an agency. He only knows how to quickly and effectively make money for the founders of Finn Partners. – Sitting in a meeting with the Founding Managing Partners is like being at another family’s holiday dinner. Moments of interesting conversation but mostly just sitting there feeling awkward, watching them bicker amongst themselves without coming to any conclusions and thanking your lucky stars that they aren’t YOUR family.

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Finn Partners Response

June 25, 2020 – Human Resources

Response from Peter Finn – Out of respect for people’s feelings and their right to express a point-of-view, we rarely respond to postings on Glassdoor. This case is an exception. Given its content, I know the writer is a former senior administrative employee who was terminated. This review is filled with untruths and diminishes FINN employees, and therefore I must respond. 1) Finn Partners has been named a “Best Place to Work” by the Holmes Report based on feedback received in its survey of our employees, and the results of our annual employee surveys and low employee turnover rates speak to a vibrant and healthy office culture. As the employee who wrote this review never visited most of our offices, it is hard to see how he can offer an informed opinion. And in fact, seven of our offices didn’t even originate from an acquisition. 2) Acquisitions are one important part of our strategy to grow and strengthen our practices areas and build market share where we have offices, and also to enter new geographies. It also has been a vital source of new talent for our agency – talent that has thrived in our collaborative culture. 3) We sometimes over service accounts when we believe it is in the agency’s long-term interest or if we want to invest in the client’s objectives. As a result of placing clients first, our client retention rates are high, as are our levels of client satisfaction. 4) Our rapid growth, the team we have assembled, the many clients we serve, and the many awards we have won since our launch all speak to our management’s ability to build a successful agency. Financially, we have a demonstrated, ongoing commitment to treating our employees fairly. 5) I assure Glassdoor readers that our Founding Managing Partner group is very united. Actions speak louder than words – on average the Founding Managing Partners have worked together for more than 20 years, and no Founding Managing Partner has left the company since inception. Together, we have guided the growth of Finn Partners to be among the top five independent agencies and among the top 25 PR agencies globally. The author of the Glassdoor post was not a Founding Managing Partner, but in the spirit of transparency was invited to sit in on our meetings because of the individual’s senior role in administration. This employee knows that making Finn Partners a best place to work and building an environment in which careers are nurtured and advanced is important to me and is a core agency value. We take Glassdoor feedback to heart. I care very deeply about colleagues’ feedback. It is always welcome and is heard with an open heart. Unfortunately, it is clear from the response that this employee did not share our priorities and our values. Peter Finn

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