3 Week Millionaire System – Clever SCAM or Honest

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Online Millionaire System – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of the Online Millionaire System?

I’m sharing my honest review and opinion of this new system called the Online Millionaire System, so if you want to learn the real truth about it and find out whether it’s just another scam keep reading as I share all the details below.

Before I start…

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Online Millionaire System Review

I’ve been researching this new website known as Online Millionaire System to understand what it is, how it works and whether it’s something I could recommend. After taking a closer look it didn’t take me long to see that this website actually promotes a high ticket business opportunity known as MOBE. The website is very similar to others I have reviewed in the past like my millionaire mentor and borderless income system which also both promote the MOBE opportunity.

I’ll get into the details about MOBE soon but I want to talk a little bit more about the website and the kind of claims that are made. The video states that you can earn huge commissions and that they essentially do all the work for you. The website even says that you can make up to $20,050 per day with virtually zero effort on your part. The first thing I want to mention is that this is completely unrealistic and it’s sales videos like this that give this industry a bad name.

Talk to someone about making money online, network marketing, MLM and people immediately think scam and part of the reason why is thanks to videos like what you find on the Online Millionaire System website that promote this “get rich quick” mentality and make the industry look extremely scammy. To be honest I am surprised that these kind of sales videos are still converting well because I thought people would be tired of them by now but I guess not.

How Does Online Millionaire System Work?

The first thing you should know is that the Online Millionaire System website is listed on a bunch of affiliate networks. That means people can sign up and get approved to promote the Online Millionaire System website as an affiliate and if they get people to sign up as a member they will get paid. Usually what happens is people promote websites like this who have large email lists of people who are looking to make money online. They will send out email promotions about this company in order to refer people.

Chances are that you probably opened up an email from someone and clicked on the link before looking for a review, right? Maybe not everyone will be referred through email but a lot of people will.

The owner of the website is actually an affiliate for MOBE which is a high ticket business opportunity I mentioned earlier in the review. The owner (affiliate of MOBE) will pay people to refer sales through his website that sign up to MOBE. This is basically a form of advanced affiliate marketing because it’s creating an offer that actually promotes a high ticket business opportunity.

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If you sign up on the Online Millionaire System website it will cost you $50 to $100 (the price varies depending on which version you visit) and the owner of the website will pay the person that referred the sale around $100. This is because he knows that on average each sale is worth for example $300. So he can pay people $100 per referral because he knows that he will make $300 back so he will make $200 profit.

If this confuses you don’t worry…. it’s not that important.

The point I am trying to make is that the real business being promoted here is MOBE (my online business empire) and the “Online Millionaire System” doesn’t really exist it’s just a website that was created by an affiliate of MOBE who is using the website to drive signups (referrals) of MOBE.

Hopefully that makes sense, now let’s take a look at MOBE.

What Is MOBE?

I’m not going to get into all the details because I have already put together a full review of MOBE here but essentially it’s a high ticket business opportunity that could cost you 5-figures. The initial joining cost is between $50 and $100 depending on which website you join through and once you do that you will be given a series of 21 training steps and assigned a coach. The coach will help you move through the 21 steps that aim to teach you about how to make money online with a digital business.

The coaches job is also to up-sell you into the more expensive products that MOBE offers. The whole business model is very similar to others like Aspire Today.

Is Online Millionaire System A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam however that doesn’t mean I would recommend it. In my honest opinion I think the website is unethical and misleading. It talks about how much money you can make but ultimately very few people who join will ever make that kind of money. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of people are lazy and will never take action on the right information even when it’s laid out for them step-by-step but even still the huge claims that Online Millionaire System makes are highly realistic.

Also I think the claims made give off an unrealistic expectation of results. The truth is you CAN make a lot of money online, I am living proof having generated over $1 million in sales online BUT it does take hard work, and you need to put time and effort in to actually see results. It’s not going to happen overnight like this website suggests.

Online Millionaire System Conclusion

As I’ve already mentioned I’m not going to be recommending this system because I don’t believe it will generate the claimed results.

If you are interested in seeing what I do recommend then check out my no.1 recommendation below.

Before you leave

If you’re tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online check out my no.1 recommendation.

It’s personally helped me earn over $150k in the last 6 months alone:

(This is a 100% free training)

Millionaire Society Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on April 2020


Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire? Who hasn’t spent hours and hours trying to figure out what the best way to earn money was? Who hasn’t dreamed of having a great business? Well, times have changed and what was efficient 10 years ago is no longer useful. The world keeps moving forward and nowadays the e-business and e-marketing are the most promising business…

But if you are reading my Millionaire Society review is because you probably are already familiar with these concepts, and you want to know more. You are probably doubting whether to invest your money in this program or not, if it is worth it or not, and if it is going to give you all the information you need. Well, easy, you came to the right place. Keep reading my Millionaire Society review and you will learn everything about this revolutionary program: pros, cons, content, advantages and disadvantages, we will go through every part of the program so that when you finish reading my Millionaire Society review, you can have a clear idea about this guide.

Millionaire Society program

Earning money on the internet, that is the dream! Well, at least millennial kids dream. But great news: you don’t need to be a millennial to learn how to win money on the internet, you can do it no matter your age or your internet knowledge. Learn about this 15-minute system and start enjoying it as soon as possible!

This program has been created by 15 minutes automated internet business system. This system does not claim that you are going to become a millionaire, or that you are going to be able to buy a yacht and a mansion in The Hamptons. No, it just promises a great income which will help you to pay your mortgage, your kid’s university and other kind of really expensive stuffs that you probably can’t afford right now.

Millionaire Society pdf will help you to know the most difficult things when it comes to run a business: what to sell and who to sell it you. This system will provide you all the information you need to succeed in the internet. You are going to be able to skip all the undesirable steps of any e-business, such as establishing contacts and building relationships, spending months researching your industry and what that industry needs, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, creating a revolutionary new product, and other difficult steps you will avoid once you buy Millionaire Society.

Millionaire Society pdf has a clear message: if you have a wrong product and you add a wrong message, you won’t get a penny out of your e-business. You need to make sure you have a right e-marketing in order to pursue the business you desire.

Is Millionaire Society for everybody?

The best part of this system is that it is good for everybody. This means that it doesn’t matter if you are old or young, if you are rich or if you don’t have a penny, if you are an internet person or even if you have no idea of how you need to do to turn a PC on. Yes, this program is super easy, and if you follow the instructions step-by-step, your success will be guaranteed. The only thing you need to have before getting Millionaire Society downloaded is: 15 minutes. That is the only thing you need to become and e-business and e-marketing expert. You can start whenever you want, the decision is completely up to you.

Thanks to this course you are going to learn how to optimize your website using word-press, how to create quality website content that gets ranked, you are going to discover the process of earning revenue online, you are going to gain instant access to more than 590,000 niches, and you can build your own niche website. You will also acquire a full understanding of the keyword research process.
Once you start using this system, you won’t believe the differences that you are going to see in your business.

Millionaire Society reviews

Before doing any online (or not!) purchase, I like to be sure that what I am buying is not a fraud. It is completely normal to have doubts before buying anything, since there are many frauds online. That’s why I decided to google Millionaire Society reviews before buying this system, just to be sure that my little investment was worth it. After having read several reviews, I realized why this program is so renowned: all the testimonies I read were super positive, and all the people were super grateful with this amazing opportunity. This information is available online, so if you are still thinking that Millionaire Society is a scam, I encourage you to look up the Millionaire Society reviews and see the results for yourself. You will be very surprised!

Is Millionaire Society free?

No, this system is not free, since as most good things, they have a price. Think that thanks to this program you are going to earn tons of money, so you can imagine that the research needed to make you win that money is really valuable, so an initial investment is definitely required. The system has a cost of $97 per month. However, you can have a 7-day test drive for only $4,95. If you are not happy with the system, you can have your money back. This means that your investment is protected; and I think is a great option in case you have doubts about spending that amount of money. You can have the possibility to give it a try and then, once you see how the program works (if you are happy with it) you can access to the membership anytime you want.

So, is it Millionaire Society free? Well no, but you can have the certainty that your investment is fully protected, and you can even do a really small investment ($4,95) and have a trial.

Millionaire Society Bonuses

Once you download Millionaire Society pdf and get the membership, you are going to have access to different free bonuses that come with the system:

  • Access to 12 classrooms covering the following topics: keyword, niche and market research, everything word-press, authoring and writing content.
  • Weekly live video training classes: You will have access to a live video training that will teach you all the tips, tricks, techniques and strategies to conquer the e-world.
  • Host unlimited domains: Your premium membership will take care of the prices of the web-hosting.
  • Unlimited used of keyword tool: It gives you a great insight on the articles you are about to write or the videos you are about to create.
  • 1 on 1 mentoring: You can choose between different experts and successful marketers, so one of them can guide you through this journey and give you the best pieces of advice.

Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life

Why Not Join the Biggest Affiliate Marketing Group Online to Learn to Earn for Life.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Clever Scam.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review shows affiliate marketing opportunities around since 2005 and also goes by Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate ranks highest due to its results. Read my WA Review and judge for yourself. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Affiliate Marketing.

New comers to this opportunity always ask is WA legit, and quite rightly so. Firstly I want to commend you for taking the time to take a look at WA and hope my review in 2020 will help you decide for your self about them. This is prudent as one can never be too careful when dealing with potential online affiliate scams. I will be detailing a full Wealthy Affiliate Review Break Down to find out if it is legit or not!

Kyle and Carson. Owners of www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Lets start at the beginning shall we…

Name:- Wealthy Affiliate .

Website of Wealthy Affiliate:- www.wealthyaffiliate.com.

Owners:- Kyle and Carson .

Free Life Time Starter Account:- $0 . (Sign Up Here!)

Yearly/$359 (Reduced Rate – Join Here!).

Other Joining Offers:- Two Free Websites with SiteRubixGet Yours Now!

Overall Ranking:- 98/100.

Support:- 95/100.

Website Builder:- 96/100.

Tools:- 97/100.

Community Live Chat:- 98/100.

Tutorials:- 98/100.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate/Affiliate Marketing + How to Earn with Possible Programs to join.

Hello, and you are very welcome indeed to this article all things Affiliate Marketing and how you could be Your Own Boss by the end of it �� .

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is:-

When an online merchant, retailer, store pays a website commissions for sales made through that site. For instance, do draw your attention to the ads to your right of this article. Visitors that click on any of those ad banners, buy something, then the sellers of that product or service will pay a predetermined amount in commissions to this site. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do this in a relatively short amount of time .

That’s it! That is all Affiliate Marketing is.

Anyone possessing a Laptop and a Stable Internet Connection can do this as well.

The resources you will need to get started are listed in this article that comes with a $0 Free Start Up, so don’t worry, it is NOT expensive to get Started OR to Continue. Actually, it is Free to Continue however you will lose out on too many Premium Features that one needs for online success.

Countless Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join!

There really are countless Affiliate Marketing Programs to join to help anyone earn a full time income online. Below you will see only a few that you could be making, just from one, a very handsome profit from:-

1). Google Adsense – a bloggers true mile stone of achievement once approved.

2). Amazon Associates Affiliate Program – Countless Products to sell for every imaginable website. Must make some sales in 3 months or application rescinded. Though, you can apply and be accepted anytime.

3). Shopify – Comes with your own merchant store and products, though, a little hard to get approval.

4). ShareaSale Find a sponsor for your web site . Get paid for your great content . shareasale.com. – you will see my own banner to the right. 2500 Products to leverage for online sales!

5). WP ENGINE – Make $7500 per 1 referral sale .

6). Wealthy Affiliate – $0 Investment Opportunity to Earn Referral Commissions on Lifetime Free Starter Member Accounts – Comes with a no-competition commission plan, where even free members, are able to earn through this program. Paid Options are available .


1). These Affiliate Marketing Programs, once approved, will begin to earn you commissions even as you sleep.

2). Approval for many are quite easy to get.

3). Many of these Affiliate Programs have very high commissions to website owners for sales.

4). You can do this from home and earn a full time income.

5). They are Free to Join as well!


1). You NEED Your Own Website !

Don’t worry, this article is giving you Two Free Websites , Training, Help and Support as Your Launch Pad to Get Started!

*Ultimately, Wealthy Affiliate Affords Newcomers all the Resources they Need to Start and Succeed Online in a Relatively Short Amount of time, per time and effort.

We will now take an in-depth look into what Wealthy Affiliate is offering exactly and how you can be starting your own online business in no time today.

Should you have any questions please do ask us in the comments section below. However, if you don’t want to read the whole lot, just skip down to the bottom of this article to sign up!

Cutting to the Chase, What Is Wealthy Affiliate and How Do You Make Money Online With Them?

Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005 and boosts over 1.3 Million MembersHighest Affiliate Marketing Program Online .

They teach newbies how to build a website and make a full time income from it. Thus, they are an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform that has produced Millionaires in Many Niches over time. That is the initial spec and the proposal.

Do you need experience or prior training?

Absolutely not. All training is delivered in such a manner that every minute step is accounted for and shown in easy to understand and to follow detail.

Is It Expensive ?

This was one of my first questions – so I inquired! There is a Free Starter Account that comes with many Free Perks that would be an up sell every where else. Impressively, this Starter Account automatically qualifies all Free Members to Affiliate Commissions! I was looking for that and so relieved to find it.

Premium Accounts are just $49 a month and comes Training, Support, Class Rooms etc that would DEFINITELY be an UP-SELL everywhere else. I researched, and found out, just for website hosting you are looking – comparably – about $250 a Month!! WA – for short – offers you the full package for pennies a day. Impressive.

Paying Monthly you are paying $588 across the year .

They do offer a hefty Yearly Discount at just $359!

Affiliate Commissions – when you are Premium – are Doubled.

How Long does it take to Earn a Full Time Income Online?

If I got a Dollar every time I heard this question – I’d a very rich man lol. It is the most common and one I also asked.Earning can happen in about four months. In most cases, you are looking at 6 to 12 months for a Full Time Stable Income. This appears to be a long term goal, however, depending on time and effort you get to earn Six Figure Monthly Pay! With continued dedication you get to decide how much you would like to earn.

This is one of the main premises and freedoms of having your own website –


You have full control over that, and with the tools inside Wealthy Affiliate and my Personal Assistance, there is no excuse not to be making a full time income in no time.

But, how Exactly do we Get Started to Earn Money?

1. Choose a Hobby/Interest .

This is more commonly referred to as a ‘ Niche ‘ – just an area of interest .

For Example. Self Help is a ‘Niche’ i.e. an area of interest people are looking up. However, ‘Self Help’ is far too broad and so we must narrow down our niche. After much thought, you may narrow it down to ‘Self Hypnosis’ – better, but, still too broad. ‘Self Hypnosis for Anxiety’ – very specific! The video below will explain, in far greater detail, to help anyone learn how to pick their area of interest BEFORE building their free website.

2. Lets Begin with Step 2 – Building a Website.

This is easier than you think. No coding is required and no special knowledge, or prior experience is needed, to learn how to do this. All members have access to Free Videos that will Show everyone, by thorough and easy to understand walk through videos, how to set up your own unique website. So, that is that problem solved.

Building Your Own Website is Easier Than You Think. No CODING REQUIRED as all that Techy stuff is taken care of by Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Attract Visitors – Free Traffic!

Anyone can learn how to get free traffic. It is the same way you found THIS site!

Why pay for traffic to your site when you can learn to get that for free?

The Training, and my assistance along with the help of the members at WA, will assist you to understand the power and application of SEO . In short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – you probably already knew that. What most newbies don’t know is – how easy it is to apply !

Can one apply SEO to YouTube Videos for Free Traffic?

I can show you how to achieve this and Wealthy Affiliate also has you covered there as well. Currently revamping an old YouTube Channel that is beginning to kill it with traffic in less than a week. It is easier than you think.

4.Earn Revenue!

Stay At Home Mums and Dads are Doing this ALL THE TIME.

While all sites must serve a human friendly purpose, there has to be some intent, on pay for time and efforts. You will be shown, after you have worked to get traffic, how to monetize that traffic.

One such example is to Adsense. You know those Google Ads you see on sites – well that is one way.

Incidentally, there are countless online bloggers who are Earning a Full Time Income Adsense Ads alone.

How And When Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay Me?

Of course, you have to work to generate your own income, and any sales made to Wealthy Affiliate,will determine your levels of commission. But remember:- there is more than one way to skin a cat! I can show you multiple ways to monetize your site, so, WA is NOT the only way to earn online with this $0 Free Start Up Work From Home Offer! You will have my undivided Expert Help and Assistance.

You can set the Minimum Pay Out to $10 but no lower:-

Payments are made on the 1st of every month and is paid straight into your PayPal Account.


Yes! They are legit and do not rob their members, so don’t worry about that. See below for one such payment into my PayPal:-

Not bad for only a few hours work a week �� . Imagine if you were at this full time! Like anything else in life, the time and effort you put in, will determine your own payments. Wealthy Affiliate Members, who are at this full time, are earning figures you would not believe.

So now you KNOW this is REAL and Legit!!


YES! For Yearly Subscribers you receive $175 – that is your take home pay for one yearly referral – RECURRING! Imagine making five, 10 or even 100 of those commissions a day – well, many are.

Monthly Referral gets you $23.50 and both are recurring. First Month Special Offer is $19 and so, in such instances, you receive $8. That is the Premium Commission Rate.

Free Members Rates Get Half – but still – Most Places Need Their Members to be Premium before ANY Commission is Attributed to them. So now we see, Wealthy Affiliate runs an excellent Affiliate Program.

What Kind Of Work Will You Be Doing At Wealthy Affiliate?

When you were a kid, what were the compliments of what you were good at, did you receive? Have a good think about this and make a list of what you can remember? Did adults say you were good a sport? Good imagination (for writing perhaps?). Good at board games (a chess website anyone?).

Do you see what I am driving at yet? Whatever the compliments you received is ALWAYS where YOUR NATURAL ABILITIES LAY! Look to your list and see how you could throw up an entire skyscraper of a website to earn money from online from home. If your not PASSIONATE about your topic, you won’t persevere with it.

So, to answer the question, what kind of work will you be doing at Wealthy Affiliate, simply, you will:-

  1. Create your own free website (x2 for free members) for zero dollars. Yours for life .
  2. Learn how to BUILD out your website’s structure (menu’s like mine).
  3. The ‘ART‘ of CONTENT CREATION!Content truly is KING! BUT, Quality Content trumps ‘Ace’s’ every time !
  4. Bread and Butter skills like SEO (this can be a real stick in the mud for newbies). YOU will learn this trade very well in a short amount of time – with effort!.
  5. Plugins to your website (your ‘Social Media Tentacles‘).
  6. Learn to get ‘ping-backs‘ to your site. I will give you the ‘ping-back-list‘ personally, after, you sign up. My Bonus to You ! Just ASK ME!
  7. Learn to submit a ‘Site-Map‘ to Search Console (another headache for newbies) with ease.
  8. SWITCH-ON‘ the ‘fabled’ Google Analytics ! This will allow you to see the traffic on your site 24/7 in Real Time and so much more!
  9. You will write properly SEO’ed posts until Google sits up and takes notice, after which, combined with your expert training, you will get a ton of traffic for sales.

Five minutes from now you could have all of the above and more. A day from now You could have the ‘foundation’ to your website laid. 6-12 Months from now – well – look at my site!! AT THAT, I was unable to write for four of those weeks and I still managed, with Wealthy Affiliate, have an ever expanding website.

Bu, I am not a Writer – I can’t do this!

I am not a writer either. I started out and as time went by I got better at it. If you can sit down with a friend over coffee, and have a chat about things that you are passionate about, then – YOU CAN DEFINITELY LEARN TO WRITE!

Think of all the times we have left comments on Facebook, YouTube etc – I am sure we all left long comments at times. If you can do that – You CAN ad content to your own website!!


Whats Vegas Got To Do With Anything?!

AS Part of Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program – Members Get an All Expenses Paid Trip To Las Vegas – IF – they make 300 Sales in 12 Months!! We like to call it the ‘Las Vegas Challenge’ and is a great incentive to work hard on your own business.

There, you will meet both Founders and the Absolutely Best In Their Niches – Super Affiliates !!

Think You Can Make 300 Sales in 12 Months? Here is your chance

Still Not Convinced?

Below you will have all details to answer any question you may still have.

The following is presented for Starter and Premium Accounts.

Starter Membership for Wealthy Affiliate.com.

For Newbies To Get Started Quickly I found Wealthy Affiliate gave a way a lot and enthusiastically eager to show you how, even with the free tools, you can STILL Make Money Online. WOW! Ok, lets examine.



The Live Help consists of an 1.3 Million strong community of newbies and experts. Whenever you are stuck, even if it is 2 am, you can go into your Live Community Chat and just put a question out there. Free Members have this for 7 Days.

I was always touched by how quickly people got back to me. Even if they had to boil it down fit enough for a five year to understand it, I got the question answered. There is no abuse, no being talked down to as a newbie and just very friendly and kind responses that are, most importantly, helpful.


Yes, two free websites! So if you already have a product/niche you can get straight into setting up your websites and selling!

This is ideal if your already signed with the likes of Click Bank, Amazon, Ebay etc the list is endless.

What if you don’t have a product to sell online with Wealthy Affiliate?

That’s alright, Wealthy Affiliate will help you with that also through the Affiliate Boot-Camp Training Course (FREE) for PHASE 1!! Additionally you get FREE Website Back-Up.


For the sake of brevity I will just tell you that if you know nothing of affiliate marketing, this course answers and shows and walks you through all the theory and setting up. All for signing up for a free account! It’s priceless knowledge and you would have to pay a hansom fee for it usually.


Ok, this is where I started to get REALLY IMPRESSED! This is what I wanted to see and hoped for. How to make money online without any sign up fee! SO, by signing up you are apart of an affiliate program for entrepreneurs from the outset – sounds enticing, but where’s the catch?


This refers to a part of the course that talks about Jaaxy. You know Google Keywords Planner Tool? This is what JAAXY does but better! It breaks down keywords you, as a beginner, can get all the low hanging SEO keywords out there to get your site indexed on Google faster! And for the Advanced Affiliates Jaaxy has a ton of advanced keyword tools for your online campaigns.

Welcome to Jaaxy – The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool. ——>

If you need keywords right now for your posts or pages/websites – go ahead and get 30 of them for FREE! Just TYPE IN ABOVE your keywords and find the best ones! Don’t use Google Keyword Tools because they give out the SAME KEYWORDS to your competitors! HOW is that an advantage to you? Jaxxy has many more tools to help you find the BILLIONS of UNTAPPED Keywords for your website.


Free to sign up by clicking link above.

Personal Affiliate Blog:-

It does exactly what it says on the tin! A free blog to go with everything else just for signing up that you can use to put your other affiliate links to products.


This is a ten week course and phase 1 is completely free for all those who follow the affiliate boot camp training route. There is just too much description required to explain to you what you will get from this course, lets just say, you will be earning by the end of it! You can’t not be earning as it is expertly designed and is it’s natural out come of correct training, practice and step by step application. Should you do this course, It is profoundly important you never ever miss a step , in which case, you will never go wrong. Web hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliates equates, comparable to others, $250 A Month! As you can see, Wealthy Affiliates charges a whole lot less.

Video Walk Through’s:-

All the videos you will be trained with walk you through it all so you can look over the should of industry professionals and do as they do. If don’t have to do it exactly if you have other ideas but the knowledge will allow you to have a choice.


As you are being trained you can still take steps to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Taking steps every day in your training and applying it to your business will ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing love you thus leading to more sales.

Get Started Now For $00.00 Instantly – No CC Required for this Option!

So I realize that is a fair amount of information to absorb especially when it comes to getting all the above for just signing for a free account.

What You Get For Premium Account Sign Up.

Much of the chart above is pretty self explanatory, however, there are a few key differences between the Free Start Up Membership and the Premium Account Membership .

Premium Account With Wealthy Affiliate.

The Premium Account Has Life Time:-

1. Community Help from Industry Professionals and Leaders in their fields. These people don’t just make money in affiliate marketing, THEY DOMINATE THEIR NICHES!! These people are here for you 24/7 for all your questions.

2. Website Security also comes with the Premium Membership affording you peace of mind, around the clock, Online Security.

3. As a Free Account Member you can still make money but when you sign up to the Premium Account YOUR COMMISSIONS ARE DOUBLED!

4. You have Professional around the clock One to One Coaching. This is amazing!! Professional coaches at your beck and call for all of your questions day or night!

5. With this package, incredibly, you have Personal Access to the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, who will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have and be happy to help you with any problems you may encounter.

24/7/365 Website Support, Website Feed Back Platform, Website Comment Platform along with Website Analysis. PHEWWWW!! I think you get the idea, these guys seem to be very serious about getting you earning online as quick as possible.

You can have a FREE MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT for Life! No Pressure to Up Grade!

Wealthy Affiliate Pro’s.

  • Live Community Help From Industry Leaders and Professionals.
  • 24/7/365 Website Support.
  • 34/7/365 Website Security.
  • Website Feed Back Platform.
  • Website Comment Platform.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Personal Access to Site Owners for Help.
  • Affiliate Marketing Beginner Course.
  • Free Life Time Account Membership.
  • Free Life Time Account Membership Comes with the Affiliate Program.
  • Earning While You Are Learning.
  • Doubled Commissions When You Up Grade.
  • 7 Day Premium Access to Try Before You Buy.
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training Free For Phase 1!

I am going to stop here now, I am tired from typing. I could easily carry on but you get the idea I am sure.

What you get with your Two Free Websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Con’s .

Has anyone here ever read a bad review on Wealthy Affiliate? If so, I would really like to see it.

OK, their are a few things.

  • I could not find the ‘catch’. This is good news but I spent a lot of time trying to find major flaws!
  • I would of liked the free 7 day premium access to have been at least 14 day trial.
  • Once, no one got back to me in the Community Live Chat. One out of 100 times.

I can’t think of anything.

I have to conclude Wealthy Affiliate is NOT A SCAM!

Overall Rating For Wealthy Affiliate: 98/100!


My Recommendations for Joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Home of Affiliate Marketing and Successful Online Entrepreneurs.

I believe Wealthy Affiliate is genuine and does seek to help all newbies and advanced affiliates to attain online success within their market niches.

I KNOW $49/month is nothing for all the tools and training that you receive.

If you are interested in working from home and want to make money please click here for a Premium Account $49/month.



Join Up Now and Receive a Special Discount Bonus Offer.


The above Bonus Offer is valid for Seven Days after signing up with WA. *No longer valid after this period. Those who go Premium Sooner Earner Sooner – the choice is yours.

NOTE: Further Bonus’s will be given you AFTER you sign up through my Special Bonus Offer from Me to You! These are ‘Action Taker Bonus’s! There are many inside WA’s Premium Account.


Click To Start Today. No Credit Card to Begin for Free Life Time Account. Comes with Optional Premium Account that is not free but very affordable to anyone.

Should you have any questions regarding sign up to Wealthy Affiliate please comment below and I will be very happy to help you to do so. If you know anyone that is looking to work from home then I’d appreciate you showing/sharing this post. Thank you kindly.

About Scam Witness

Hello, my name is Philip and I expose online scams to help others avoid those pitfalls. There are 1000’s of online scams being made daily it is of course impossible to find them all. Here is where YOU come in! Report all online scams to me and I will do my best to expose them for all to know. I also show people from all over the world how to make money online as well. If this is something you are interested in then you are welcome to ask me below in the comments where I will do my best to help.

108 thoughts on “ Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life ”

I love that you were so thorough in this! I too, am a WA user and love it! It’s hard to get started, unfortunately, since there are so many scams out there….you never know what you can trust. I think there are probably a lot of people who turn away from WA because they don’t think they can trust it. But I love that you are trying to change that. WA has the best community, tools, resources & help!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you kindly Abby for taking the time here today to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. Should you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Excellent post about Wealthy Affiliate! It’s comprehensive, honest, and detailed. Your posts are always complete when it comes to relevant information. There are no questions left unanswered.

I truly hope that your readers click any of the buttons, join our WA family, and see for themselves the truth in your report.

I would like to take this opportunity to let your readers know how wonderful and helpful you are as a mentor:
I didn’t join Wealthy Affiliate through this website, but I just met Philip through “Live Chat.” He became one of my mentors since then. Philip didn’t ask or pay me to do this testimonial, but I find it necessary to share my thoughts and experience with his readers here. Philip is a helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and kind mentor. You will never go wrong when you join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on any of the links here. He will surely help you along the way.

To the readers who will join Wealthy Affiliate, you can complain if any of the things I mentioned is untrue. You can find me there.

(P.S. I’m not bothered because everything I said is true!)

Thank you for your kind words and I know 2020 is going to bring you much progress in your own online journey. Much appreciated Pastella ��

Thanks for the encouragement! May you and your family have a blessed new year!

Thank You Kindly Pastella and also to you and your own �� .

A little funny since we are both avid WA users and we know it is absolutely not a scam but others may not be aware of this so thanks for the great article.

Also, I have been a consistent and daily WA user for almost a year now and there was still some information here such as affiliate programs that I didn’t know about, and will indeed be checking out.

The one thing people need to know about Wealthy Affiliate is that the only limit is themselves. One thing I see on LiveChat almost every day is people asking when they will be paid.

Affiliate programs require traffic to work and getting traffic takes quite some time and I think that is the thing that sets WA apart from others; it’s not a “get rich quick scheme”, rather WA is a platform for launching a steady, stable and long term website, implementing techniques that will possibly pay you for the rest of your life, but we all know that Rome wasn;t built in one day now was it?

Rome took about 276 years to build and so thankfully it takes a tiny pinch of that time to be successful online. This is indeed a very real way to make full time income online and does require work. Once the work and hours have been put in then people will great returns.

Thank you kindly Michael for taking the time here today to leave a comment on my #1 Recommendation. It is much appreciated.

pls admin i am confused, i just want to know if owemoney.bid is scam or let this is very important as am stock pls need rely asap

  1. Scam Witness Post author November 18, 2020

Yes, its a scam. You strayed far away from that topic �� . You can’t earn with that site because they are fake and they have made 1000’s of them since 2020. So stay away from the.

Alternatively you can learn to work for yourself. I worked for others since I was 13 years old and I can honestly say – most jobs treated me like absolute dirt. Now working for myself I make sure I treat myself very very very well indeed �� . Let me know if you want to earn for yourself online Godwin, or, you can carry on and hope there is free money floating around online somewhere for work that a five year old could do.

hi admin
a am hamid aslan foram iran
The manager can help me to have a real online business that can make the dollar. Our currency is very worthless against US sanctions.

I understand, I hear it a lot. You have asked me at the right time.

I have just today finished reviewing a New Social Network that is good enough to Rival Facebook!

You can’t just go to their site – You Have to Be Invited –>>> WebTalk Invite

Hi again Philip,
I have done my homework and watched all your suggestions, but of course, I still have maaaaany doubts. That is why I am thinking I should just jump in and then while riding sort out all my concerns. But firstly a couple more questions:
1. If I start right now I should build my website, but if I am not yet sure about the niche, should I anyway continue to build it?
2. When I am set, my comissions will only count when I make a real sell? For example, if I choose to promote WA I will only collect from someone that actually registers or will I earn something if the person enters email and site out of curiosity?
Well I guess this is all for now but surely will not be the last.

Great to hear from you again Maite,

Questions and Concerns are what I answer with new people who sign up through me every day. So, list them out and I will address them all. Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005 and so they have answered them many many times. And since I have been fortunate to find them and be trained I am sure I can be of use to you in this matter Maite.

So, regarding your niche or going straight to building a site, I would say follow the training in Wealthy Affiliate. There are tons of resources to help on any topic for clarity.

However, there is something you can do NOW that will help narrow down what you would like to make a site about.

Make a list, as long as you like, of all the things you are interested in. Once done. Take from that list all the things you are PASSIONATE ABOUT. Subtle difference but a difference that will help you weed out what is important to you regarding your favorite topics.

Another way, to help hone in on your natural abilities in this area, is to recall all the complements you received as a child and in your life on the things you are good at. Which one(s) were the most common compliments?

Unknown at times to ourselves, this is where our natural abilities lie. Ultimately, your treasure is where you heart lies, is how I like to think on it.

Those are two useful ideas to help narrow down and isolate that ONE topic you feel strongly you could build a site on.

However, if you have a general idea, you could go straight and build a site loosely around it, because in time, you can always change your site name and narrow in on that niche. This is possible because Wealthy Affiliate gives you two free websites. In time, you will be shown how to make those free websites (siterubix.com’s) into (yourwebsitename.com’s) and here you will have a clearer idea as to your own direction.

So yes, you can go straight to building a website and begin that way. When I started off first I created scamdetector.siterubix. com and now it is scamwitness.com – that later sounds much better and is legally owned by myself. This anyone can achieve if they so wish and will be helped all the way by myself and the whole community of WA consisting of over 1.4 million other members.


Should you wish to promote WA (which is what I do, ergo, I will show you from experience for swifter results – because its my niche) here is how you earn commissions:-

Someone reads your content. They click on your recommendation (do understand, that in time, you will be shown how to promote other platforms and earn commissions from those as well. These other platforms are many fold in number) and land inside your recommendation after giving email.

With Wealthy Affiliate, should someone sign up and do nothing – then there is no commissions. That is normal.

Those that sign up and upload a pic and bio – then Wealthy Affiliate says thank you and gives you one dollar – 50c for upload of pic and 50c for filling out bio. But, don’t worry, that is only a thank gesture and NOT the only way to earn with WA.

Should some one go Premium then they pay $19 and you get $8 – that is the first month special discount. Second month,should they pay again, then you receive $23.50 commissions from their $49 monthly fee. Those that go Yearly then you get $175 commissions, held for 30 days for refunds as part of a 30 refund guarantee, before given out to you.

However, if you remain a free member for life then all those commissions are halved but it is still a way to earn online for free.

SO! We begin by seeing the potential. Should you make 5 sales a day, 10, 100+ – then you see how much money you can earn simply by promoting WA (Wealthy Affiliate). It does take time. However, and as said, since this is my niche I can personally show you how to get traffic QUICKLY to your site for potential sales. In essence, straight forward step by step guide from my training and also experience.

Here should you need more info Maite and it is a pleasure to help.

Always here to help �� – Philip.

I found your review very interesting and it has made me think. Unlike others I had heard about WA but since my experiences were quite like many I have seen in the comments and yours I was very skeptical about it. Now I am giving it another thought. My doubts differ from the majority because in the first place I am not a very young person… I am 68! but to make a long story short I came from Cuba to Spain 4 years ago to reunite with my family, therefore I have no income whatsoever. And ever since I have been trying to find how to make money online.
On the other hand I am very dubious as to the niche I could choose. Cannot think about anything, truly.
I like baking but…. am no expert on the subject.
I would also like to know if WA has the possibilty of working in Spanish, not for me but maybe to engage people who do not speak English.
Is there something like a “list” of niches”? It may be a very naive question but have nothing to loose. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your attention.

Welcome and thank you very much for your questions here today.

Nearly ALL who enter into online blogging struggle with picking a niche – you are not a lone there. There are whole sections in any training dealing directly with choosing one’s niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders know this all too well and so they created a video to help those with this part of their own online start up.

In this short video WA training talks about how to choose your own niche:-

Choose a Niche https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/animachiara/blog/how-to-build-a-bilingual-or-multilingual-website that is a link to someone elses training inside of WA. And yes it does involve a plugin and seems it is a paid option. However, I will try to find you a free version if there is one, should you wish to proceed in this direction.

Regarding a list of niches, well this is a very long list for sure, and I found it on a website via Google. It lists 1879 niches you could choose from:-

WOW! First time ever I get a real answer to my questions regarding these subjects. Thank you soooo much. I have made up my mind to register for free but before I will take a look at the links you have sent.
I am looking forward to start and share my WA experience.

I found your review very interesting and it has made me think. Unlike others I had heard about WA but since my experiences were quite like many I have seen in the comments and yours I was very skeptical about it. Now I am giving it another thought. My doubts differ from the majority because in the first place I am not a very young person… I am 68! but to make a long story short I came from Cuba to Spain 4 years ago to reunite with my family, therefore I have no income whatsoever. And ever since I have been trying to find how to make money online.
On the other hand I am very dubious as to the niche I could choose. Cannot think about anything, truly.
I like baking but…. am no expert on the subject.
I would also like to know if WA has the possibilty of working in Spanish, not for me but maybe to engage people who do not speak English.
Is there something like a “list” of niches”? It may be a very naive question but have nothing to loose. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your attention.

Great to see you again Maite,

I am very happy your questions were answered. There is nothing worse than a glib answer when someone is sincere in their search for them.

Certainly take your time in your own research and I will be here when you return.

Upon signing up it is most advisable to add a small description of yourself and a pic. The pic ideally should be of yourself but any pic will do for now if that is better for you. You may take these actions on your WA profile page. Once those actions are taken I will be notified by WA system and I will be on hand to assist.

Anytime you need help just shoot me a message and I usually reply under five minutes if I am online.

Looking forward to working with you Maite �� and see you inside Wealthy Affiliate when you are ready.

Great answer, thanks again.
Then I guess I am deciding to promote WA. Today at some time I will enter with your link and get in touch with you afterwards should I need your help. Which is what most probably will happen…
I feel confident knowing that someone will be besides me in the process.

Yes, that is my job as one whom is referring you to Wealthy Affiliate. I am very passionate about helping people so just contact anytime. When I am online then I will help to resolve any issues and yes even just for a chat.

Just online myself and I will see if you are there needing assistance.

Looking forward to working with you Maite and I know you are going to love Wealthy Affiliate! :-).

Hola Maité:
yo también soy de Cuba y relamente me gustaría saber si se puede hacer dinero con WA a ver si logro que le entre el agua al coco porque nuestra isla bella está cada día más mala. Espero que leas esto y puedas responderme.

  1. Scam Witness Post author November 8, 2020

Sí, realmente puedes ganar dinero con Wealthy Affiliate. El entrenamiento te muestra cómo y también te ayudaré.

Simplemente cree un sitio web y aprenda cómo agregarle contenido en un área de su pasión.

Es un objetivo a largo plazo, pero las recompensas financieras también son a largo plazo. No hay tarjeta de crédito para inscribirse, pero hay opciones premium, ya que no todo puede ser gratis. Sin embargo, es muy asequible y una decisión que no tiene que tomar de inmediato.

Aquí tienes preguntas.

Hello Maite,
Thank you so much for the informative review about WA.This is really a big help for a new member like me.So much information i learn from you.Keep up the good work.

Thank you kindly Bella and I will certainly strive to attain greater and greater success going forward.

Great review! I must say, to confirm everything you wrote in your review, Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training course for affiliate marketing.

All the best,

Very much appreciate your input regarding Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly is an amazing platform for very reasonable price a month. Anywhere else you are looking at money that simply is not affordable to most. I appreciate this platform and for all it has allowed me to achieve in only 1 Year as a website owner. Thanks again.

I joined WA 2 months ago and I am very proud of what I have achieved so far. I was in another program and was paying out $400.00 a month to promote “their top money making programs” and was not making a dime. I am not going to “dish” this program as the CEO was very helpful and even called me several times. My one complaint was that the websites all looked the same. Here at WA I am free to design and have a website that really is my own and I can focus on my “niche”. I had difficulty writing articles for my previous website but now I have found writing content is so much easier when you are writing about things that you love and have interest in. ( and I thought I wasn’t a writer either). The $49.00 a month is a drop in the bucket for all the help from the community that you get and all the training. Well worth it in my opinion. I would much rather pay $49.00 a month and get the help and training than $400.00 a month promoting products I don’t even use. (these promotion/products were not mandatory but I was advised that they would make me money). I am not making money yet but I am enjoying every minute here at WA and have no doubt the I will be successful in the future. Hard work and preservation is key! Money doesn’t grow on trees otherwise we all would be rich!

Yikes, $400 monthly – I could not have afforded that back 12 months ago when I started at Wealthy Affiliate. That is a lot of money and yet they don’t teach you anything else but to promote their product- shessh – they should bee paying you. I had a similar experience some years ago and wasted some time promoting others products. Did not pay off at all. Was not happy and so deflated. That is too many people give up when it truly is possible with WA.

Thank you kindly for your comment.

I think the Wealthy Affiliate community is great. I think you rated them a bit higher than I would. I probably would have given the community support a 85 instead of a 97, but that’s my opinion. I think the best part of being in the wealthy affiliate community is that you have some skin in the game and accountability when you are creating your website and learning affiliate marketing. For the most part, all of the information is somewhere online free. However, paying a monthly fee keeps you focused on your goal. Having all the tools in one place and other people to consult with is definitely worth the monthly fee. In the past, I would start and stop affiliate marketing before I really made enough progress to make money with it. Being with wealthy affiliate helped me to stick with it long enough to see progress and make money from it.

I really appreciate your suggestion on Live Chat and will have a good think on it. For me, it has always been amazing so I guess I will stick with it for now.

I am glad to hear you are making money with Wealthy Affiliate and may it continue far into the long term. I to have started to see excellent returns and it has just spurred me on to work even harder to maximize my sites potential.

Thank you again for your comment Melinda and hope to hear from you soon.

great article here I found it most enjoyable to read been apart of wealthy affiliate myself ii totally agree the site has everything you need to make it online

There is everything to help all new comers to affiliate marketing to make it online relatively quickly. I really appreciate your input here and your kind endorsement as well.

This is a really good and informative article. It really goes over everything about Wealthy Affiliate and how amazing it is here. I have learned so much and i still continue to learn as i go on. I now have 2 websites and still am trying to get my traffic up so i can keep pushing to grow my brand. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit and i am glad i found it.

Thank you so much for your lovey comment on my Wealthy Affiliate Review. There is no limit to the free traffic you can get so just keep on pushing yourself and you will be amazed how fast your site will grow. I have full faith in you.

If I wasn’t already part of the WA family, after visiting your site, I most likely would become a member. With all the scams that you encounter on the internet telling you how easy it is to get rich quick. It is a very nice to see a website that showcases a truly upstanding and trustworthy online platform on how people can build a lifelong business online. It would be nice to connect with you to share experiences here at WA. I truly enjoyed visiting you website. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

That is a lovely comment to get and also very encouraging feed back as well. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is extremely legit and with over 1.3 million members, the community just keeps on growing.

Looking forward to seeing you around the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Work Hard – Build Your Future – Enjoy Your Success!

I think this was the most thorough WA review I have ever read! You’ve put in so much valiu in it and it means you are.passionate about what you promote. That is enough proof that WA is a great platform! I am also a WA member and I has really changed my life. The income I earn online thanks to wa has allowed me to dream even bigger and next year I already have a set date to quit my 9-5 race and enjoy the laptop lifestyle somewhere in Asia. I can also asure everyone WA is mot a scam but an excellent place to.build lucrative websites.

Thank you ever so kindly for your overview of your inspiring experience with Wealthy Affiliate so far. I am so happy to hear you are close to leaving your day job and soon to be retiring comfortably to Asia to do what you love to do – Earn Money From Home. Well done man, nice work.

Thank you kindly as well for your kind words on my review and yes I am very passionate about WA indeed – it is my full time work now and I am starting to do well indeed.

Really nice post. I just started with WA and I love it! It is just like you explain here in detail. I can only recommend people to try! You will love it!
Keep up the nice posts and work my friend!

Thank you very much for your lovely comment and I have no doubt you are going to be do very well as with this amazing platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

This sounds really interesting but I am worried to get trapped by a scam. So, Wealthy Affiliate tells me how to create a website that leads to sales of basically any product available online?

That means it involves a good amount of work, right? Because I am sick of these “free money” promises. I believe in internet marketing but not if someone is offering me money for very little of my time – because that doesn’t exist!

Thanks for your feedback

I hear you. LOL. I really do. I have trodden the path of the 90% of website bloggers who have nor ever will earn a single cent from their sites. This website, I am grateful to say, is part of the 10% who earn from what is now a 5 Billion Dollar Industry Online.

Yes, it does take time. You must expect to work to six months to a year! That is the truth. And at that you must understand it is also down to time, effort and correct application of your training – but this holds true for anything life.

Even after about 4 months most people will at least some money and begin to see the seeds of their efforts start to generate online interest. Those who give one year to their dream of earning a full time income will surely absolutely make it!! That is my opinion and my belief.

Once you begin seeing some financial success online then you work and work to build on that. Here is truly the exciting part as you work your monthly earnings take off! First you will something – $100 or more! Then it will be more, perhaps another month not so much, but then you earn a little more and it just continues to snow ball.

Ultimately, you decide your own level of income. WHY?! Because there are nearly 4 BILLION INTERNET USERS ACTIVE on a regular basis. There are only 440 million blog sites online. ONLY TEN PERCENT OF THOSE BLOGS ARE CAPABLE OF EARNING ANYTHING – you do the math.

I hope that FULLY answers you question and I do appreciate your time here today.

Great review of Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, they are legit. Their system works because it is based on people working and nothing about getting rich quick. They teach how to make a lasting income using proven methods in whatever area you want to use it in. It is fabulous. I hope all the other readers realize that are looking at a great opportunity here.

Thank you for taking the time to read and and further validate my research into Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, it is my #1 Choice for excellent reasons as detailed. Furthermore, from combined years of effort trying to make EVEN A SINGLE DOLLAR ONLINE Wealthy Affiliate helped me earn good money in a relatively short period of time. For that I am very grateful to them.

This is a great post, you really went into detail, thank you for all the information. I am busy with training at Wealth Affiliate and I learned a lot so far. I must just be patient. How many affiliate websites do you have and do you outsource some services?

I have only one site for now – its enough. I advise anyone, starting out, to make 1 Website financially successful FIRST! – Before starting up a new one. I have observed overwhelm occurring to some website owners who bought FOUR DOMAINS starting out and it becomes too much for them.

I don’t out source. I do all the work myself including of course responding to all comments. I really do appreciate your lovely comment and hope to hear from you again.

I was actually looking at something else when I found WA. Then I started reading multiple reviews and literally like you say, I couldn’t find anyone writing bad reviews about it. That’s when I decided to join, just to try out what it is like from the 7 days trial. I ended up really liking it and went for premium instead and never regretted it.

I can say that what you wrote in this post are all true ��

Sounds like you were doing some research to validate something else and found WA instead �� . I am glad to hear this. I found it very hard to find anything online that was affordable or was not a scam.

WA is affordable to anyone and they are giving this training away for pennies day. Excellent value with potential to earn $$$$$$’s a month!

Thank you so much for leaving your experience with Wealthy Affiliate so far and forward to seeing you around inside the community.

The training seems legit and looks really comprehensive. However I have a question about hosting.
My current provider does not protect the site from spams and I have honestly a hard time to figure out what is going on. My site got also hacked a couple of times. How is this platform about these?

You can be secured by Wealthy Affiliate has something called Site Protect. You are covered there as WA takes very seriously their members sites integrity.

Thank you so much for your question and I happy to hear from you.

I’m so glad that you have written down this lengthy document on Wealthy Affiliate, it answers a lot of the questions I had. I can see that it has countless benefits as well as huge tones of opportunities. One thing I like most is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam but an opportunity!

Well, am just wondering, how can this program benefit me if I don’t have any computer and business training? My background is counselling ie, I’ve been working as a counselor the rest of my life, for free, how can Wealthy Affiliate help me make money?

Much appreciations that I was able to find this page.

Wishing you the best

Honestly, I think that is very kind of you and you must find it rewarding to help people in this manner. You don’t need ANY training in Bussiness to do this. It helps if one can type quite well and has a general knowledge of computers – as most do.

You could make a site on how to be a counsellor etc Then attract free traffic and then monetize site via Google Adsense Ads and other of many thousands of Affiliate Programs out there. All this will be shown to anyone interested in achieving online success.

The beautiful moment you receive your very first payment to PayPal – that will be the moment you realize this is very real indeed:-) .

I hope this answers your question Paul?

I am now into my 7th month at Wealthy Affiliate and I am now begining to see little tiny fruits of my labor starting to grow. Its amazing that months ago I was clueless and lost as to where to go to get quality information and guidance to making a website and a means of living that will free me from the cubicle and retail life. YUCK! I HATE CLOCKING IN! I hate reporting to someone else ! Its not that hard to invest a year of your life and only $50 a month ( really its not that much considering what you are getting! ) I see so many success stories and I get so juiced up and excited for my future. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you def have to put in work to get results. But in Wealthy Affiliate, it teaches you to WANT to work for something, you know your work and you know what you are doing is GOING somewhere, its accomplishing something, you GET iT you understand it, it brings meaning and therefore work is easy and not a “job” because ultimately, you understand how you are working *for yourself* and that is what makes you want to work harder. If you want it, of course ��

Thank you for your experience with Wealthy Affiliate as a member. I too ahbore working for others because effort and individual talent is only ever used and never recognized, certainly, not rewarded in our world. That has been my experience and have observed others being treated as camels for rubbish pay – NEVER AGAIN!!

I am delighted you are seeing fruits for you efforts and really do appreciate you sharing that here with us.

Wow, Philip. You nailed WA on the head with this one. I have been with WA for over 6 months and I couldn’t agree more with you on this. The community, the resources, and the training are incredible. I love the pricing and I find it super affordable as well.

Thank you very much for your valued appreciation on this article. One of the strongest traits of Wealthy Affiliate is that they have made it affordable to everyone! What was once only there for those with considerable means to get this kind of training, is now there for the price of a take for two people,on a monthly basis.

The yearly discount is also tremendous value saving so much money for this option.

I really appreciate your input on this article and I wish you the most success with your time at Wealthy Affiliate going forward.

What a great detailed article! I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing this seems like where you need to be to get the right training… I too made sure that when I was interested in joining I tried the free version for a couple weeks then found myself upgrading once I couldn’t go any farther because the training just made sense.
Good luck and keep writing ��

I was the same. I soaked up all the free stuff Wealthy Affiliate gives to us and then suddenly balked in my progress. Despite all of my efforts I decided it was time to make a little financial investment in my own future. I am glad and very proud that I did.

Thank you for your best wishes and hope to hear from you again on my site and surely I will see you around within WA.

Hi there, I was excited to find your post about wealthy affiliate but unfortunately, it appears that the program is not available Nigerian — my country.

There are about 25 countries that are not eligible for the Free Trial Account because of copious levels of scams many people brought with them in to Wealthy Affiliate. However, you can still avail of the first month special offer of just $19. Sorry for the inconvenience Richard.

I tried signing up with wealthy affiliate buh was denied because of my country Nigeria and why is Nigeria not supported ?

I regret to inform you of this. Wealthy Affiliate has restricted at least 25 countries from availing of the free trial period due to the high volumes of scammers and spammer from those regions.

This was the only solution to stop WA from being invested such activity and scamming WA members. You can still avail of the $19 Special Discount for your first month.

I tried to create an account with wealthy affiliate buh was denied because of my country Nigeria and why is Nigeria not supported?

Hey Chinyere – Just replied there. Hope it helps Chinyere.

Hi Philip. I’m with Wealthy affiliate 2 half years now and my experience with them since I joined is nothing short of amazement. since I joined I have been going through the training, this is a step by step 5 level Online Entrepreneur Certification course. this is the building blocks from level 1 which is finding a niche and keyword search right up to level 5 on your finished site and setting new goals for your new business. The people are ever so supportive and always there for assistance if you’re ever stuck. my business is going from strength to strength all because of wealthy affiliate and truly recommend them even to try them out on a 7-day free day.

Thank you for your input regarding Wealthy Affiliate! Yes, it is the best online opportunity I have ever come across after years of getting my time and money wasted online. I could not believe my luck when I truly realized these guys were not messing around and straight up honest. Great thing I like as well is they do really care about your online success and believe you can do it �� . That is very empowering to say the least!! �� .

Cheers Philip. I stumbled on Wealthy affiliate by accident. I was a victim of been scammed from other sites before that. all good things come to those who wait, Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing and I’ve been with them 2 half years and I haven’t looked back, great community spirit in there and always helpful and motivate you to make a success of your business which is very rare in the online world

I was the same as yourself Michael. I joined up with the 4 Percent Group and got suspicious after about four or five hours watching him (founder of 4 Percent Group) get shifty every time he spoke of ‘MONEY‘ :- palms facing inwards instead of his usual outwards, standing slightly side on as if he could not wait to face his board but his usual stance was face forward, clearing of throat, head tilted slightly down = all scam signs of deception in body language. I listened to my Gut and Googled him – turns out – he was done for fiddling some of his higher earning affiliates links and claiming their commission. IT’s amazing I have not thought of reviewing them yet – OH I WILL THOUGH �� .

I looked for a review on this guy just to make sure and, yep! There we go – someone blogged him and shared and confirmed what I had found. It only turned out to be a WA Member – it was pure chance. If I had never found the 4 Percent – I would never have found WA!

2 and half years is a truly dedicated amount of time and one can only imagine the kind of successes you have made for yourself Michael �� .

That is inspiring and Wealthy Affiliate truly cater for all levels from beginner (lucky for me) to expert levels!

Great going Michael and thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

Anytime Philip. Cheers for everything and chat to you soon. you take care

Was that yourself that sent me that email? Just making sure, if so, I will get on it as soon as possible Michael and keep you informed.

Hi Phillip, what an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. I too was looking for quite a while online for some training that wasn’t either a scam or charging the earth and it was very elusive. I kept wasting hours of my time listening to sales spiel and then being asked for ridiculous amounts of money. When I stumbled across WA I though ‘here we go again’, but I realised almost instantly that it was different to everything else out there. And it REALLY is! Joining Wealthy Affiliate literally changed my life over night as I felt so at home and the training was easy to follow. I came further with my website plans in my first couple of weeks here than I had in my life, so I really cannot recommend it highly enough to anybody looking to build their own online business from scratch. And best of all, you can join for free and have a cruise about to see if it is right for you…which it will be, trust me.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate was definitely a very nice find for me and I can not recommend it highly enough myself. I am glad you enjoyed my review and I want to thank you for stopping by.

Phillip thank you for your intense review. I am always getting offers in my emails and my 1st response is to sign up then I stop myself and go do a little research. Not to my surprise their always scams. So needless to say im leery of everything. and have yet tried anything.
I’m 52 years old and when I was younger we didnt have computers, cellphones and etc..and even now its all still new to me. But listen I do have a few questions for you and would like to ask them in private if possible. If so could you please email me at the email below…..Thank You….Beth

I am sorry you found the review intense. It was one of my first ever articles and I may have been OTT passionate – which – I still am!!

I don’t do email correspondence right now as the team on my website (me) simply does not have time to create content daily, answer all the comments this site gets daily and do my social media interaction as well.

However, I do have a suggestion that may be better! You may wish to join my group on facebook for online entrepreneurs. YOU will see my pinned post and from there you can PM. I hope this helps. Let me know when you ask to join the group so I approve you straight away. Thanks Beth.

Hi Philip
I read your article and I am interested in joining WA… now my question is, what exactly does one need to do? If it is selling, what are you supposed to sell? And how do I earn in the end. I am a final medical student…a very broke one.

Please share some lights..

Thank you very much for your comment and your interest in Wealthy Affiliate.

I, like so many other people online, tend to query things like why is my left should joint paining me? Why is there pain in my right ankle? Why is there pain in my etc etc etc – see what I am driving at?

As a medical student you could use all of that highly sought after knowledge to write articles that people are looking for. As your website grows in traffic you can join affiliate programs. Such programs may include training courses in your area. When people join up you earn commissions. You can do endless reviews in to various medical supplies (which there are infinite products) to recommend and earn commissions for that product – so long as you are an affiliate of course of them. You will learn to turn on ‘Adsense’ as well. These Google Ads. When people click on these ads and buy you earn commissions.

There 10,000s of affiliate programs to join. Given your knowledge, you would have a lot to write about.

However, the other route is to promote Wealthy Affiliate, like I do.

Personally, I expose scam sites. Then I show people a better way to earn money by promoting WA. You get double commissions once you are premium as well.

Does this answer your question. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

You can make a website in whatever area of interest you are passionate about and still learn to earn money online. The training, the assistance of over 800,000 other Affiliate Marketing Specialists, Live Chat, the Founders – Kyle and Carson – and of course my personal expert advice and help will help you to win at being financially successful online. You can Sign Up Here with no pressure to upgrade and set your own hours.

Hi Philip,
I came across you as I was told about MLC247 by a friend, so I was searching to find out if it’s a scam or not, I greatful for liberating me because I have actually signed up with them and tried to make a dream though it kept failing. I have checked out WA and it sounds interesting though I’m not really if it’s for everyone and weather uou can do it, forme, I’m just a student and do not have constant pocket money, will I be able to keep up with the monthly fee.? and if I dont have any business what do I do.? I need help, you can send me an email if possible: [email protected]
From Namibia.

First off, I want to thank you for your kind honesty and for your comment.

I am glad I helped to save someone from the ‘MLC’ers’ as I CALL them. It is pure untruth and does not care for their fellow mans well being!

I was the same and struggled to pay for any online opportunity and I got scammed more times than not!

The training people receive at Wealthy Affiliate equates to thousands and thousands! If I had to pay that then I could not afford it!

Given that is very cheap and only $49 per month it is within reach!!

This dream of building a website and making money from it is within the grasp of everyone as Wealthy Affiliate has over 800,000 members from all parts of the world!

All I can say further is it is very affordable and the knowledge you will receive will empower you to MAKE your dreams come true.

It takes time and it takes a lot of heart to build your own site and stick with it until it is successful!

I am here if you have any more questions.

You can SIGN UP HERE to have a look around and I will meet you on the other side to advise you further Claudia.

If you are serious I will make it my mission to help you succeed online.

What a great website Philip! I am glad that I came acrossit, really by accident while browsing. There is so much extremely useful information to go through. I hope that you continue posting your articles and I can’t wait to read the next one. In fact, I have registered for your newsletter.

I wish you an awesome ‘wealth building’ day!
John ツ

Thank you kindly for your time and your comment. I am delighted you like my website and I do to post once to twice a day!!

I am terribly and complimented by you John for subscribing to my newsletter. I certainly they are of great value to yourself online, as a lot of research certainly does go into them.

Should you come across anything online that looks suspicious you can always let me know. Thank you for popping again and all the best.

I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member a few years back, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made online. ��

Not only have I built my own website, but I’ve learned new skills that have enabled me to earn an income from multiple affiliate programs.

Plus I couldn’t have been successful without the community either because receiving support around the clock 7 days a week really does help to make a huge difference.

Wealthy Affiliate gives anyone the opportunity to make money online by providing all the necessary resources under one roof for success.

I recommend WA to any newbie who has a passion they would love to earn from!

Thank so kindly for your comment. Yes WA is brilliant for teaching and the seemingly unending resources is insane when you consider the Premium Price is so cheap!

I myself knew absolutely nothing about starting my own website and earning from. Now! I have a site I am so happy with and currently monetizing it after only 3/4 months.

Wealthy Affiliate, bar none, is the best opportunity I have found online ever.

Thanks again Neil and all the best for now!

Hey Philip just wanna say this is an excellent review of the wealthy affiliate program, being in the car business the income is so up and down so I’m constantly searching up new ways to make money online.
When I found your site, I thought it was a scam being as though most affiliate programs that sound too good to be true are, however, this one doesn’t just promise you riches, you have to work hard at it. Great review

Thank you for your comment and the time you took to make it, I really do appreciate it.

I use to sell furniture myself, and yes, sales do go up and down. Far cry from cars, but, that’s selling for you!!

I am delighted you enjoyed my review and liked my honesty. Yes, it is hard work, but, once the website is built (that is the hard part) Google steps in (providing you have done your best in applying the training) and will really help send traffic your way!

If you are interested, just let me know in the comments section and remember, it is completely free to sign up with all the stated benefits with no Credit Card Details required for a Free Account for Life.

All the very best Gabe.

Thank you for the detailed review. Wealthy Affiliate seems as an online business option worth trying out, especially as you say it can be checked out for free without giving any credit card details. This sounds pretty safe and trustworthy to me so I think I will give it a try.

You mostly definitely have made the right decision here! If looking for a Free Sign Up to make money from home there is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate out there. Looking forward to working with you Arta and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

Very in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate for 2020 Mr Scam Detector!

It is wise to run a cautious eye over programs such as this, as your experience with the jailed fraudster can attest too!

It is good to hear however that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program to help build their business online!

I do agree that premium access should be raised to 14 days, but when I put my details in, I noticed that you can remain a free member forever, so it is good to see a program not pressuring you to upgrade!

Thank you kindly for the comment. I do try to be in depth as possible.

Yeah, the free account is for life without pressure to upgrade. Though, it should be noted, online success will take longer without upgrading due to the training available to make it happen quicker!

Hi Philip,
You are absolutely correct, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Like you I researched a number of ways to start an online business only to find lots of hype with no solid backup. Lots of “free” training but the actual total cost of all the “must have” extras to start a website adds up to a small fortune.
After signing up to WA and within days having 2 free websites up and running, I realized what an awesome community I had joined. It only took 3 days to realize that the benefits of becoming Premium were more than worth the monthly payments.
This is the most helpful, information sharing group of people I’ve ever run into. Everyone wants you to succeed and offers so many tutorials that you can’t view them all. If there is any drawback it is the overwhelming amount of helpful information available.
Thanks for telling everyone about this fantastic resource.

Thank you for your comment. Anyone who does join Wealthy Affiliate, very soon, has nothing butt good things say about it. It definitely is worth the time and effort considering what you get out of it.

Even to join for free, you still get training on how to start up your business with plenty of tips and tricks to get a head of the curve.

There are countless of websites out there that have good content, no doubt, but will never do well due to lack of training. Wealthy Affiliate prides itself in training all it’s members to in every aspect of online affiliate marketing so anyone can be successfful

Very informative article. I am looking for a part time job online, thanks to your review I think I have made up my mind. I have fallen for to many “how to make money online” scams, this looks like the real deal, specially if I can see what is it all about for free.
Thank you

Yeah, have a good look around and let me know if you have any questions regarding sign up or how to get rolling with your own online business. I am always here should you need me and congratulations, you really have taken a giant step towards your own online financial success story!

Great review of wealthy affiliate, I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for just over a month now and have learned so much through the training. I would also highly recommend joining wealthy affiliate. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It gives you the tools and support to build a lasting online income.

I agree with you that it is NOT a get rich scheme and is the best way to move forward with any online aspirations one may have for financial success.

It does require learning and correct application, and with the community support sharing their exquisite knowledge, it does give you the best chance to succeed!

Best of luck John and thank you for you comment.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate a while back due to them offering a genuine try before you buy package. This provides a full insight into what’s involved and more to the point how legitimate they are. The web is simply littered with scams however this isn’t one of them plus you can cancel at any time which is a huge positive as your are not tied to any contracts.

I built my website and became engrossed with the training, joined premium and purchased my own domain website to which they host, transferring from the freebie took about a minute, highly impressed.

My ambition is to make regular income affiliate marketing my niche. I understand that determination to write regular is key yet would like to know how long it usually takes to make a consistent online income this way. How long would you estimate on average this takes.
Thanks for your honest review,

Yes, I was impressed with trying out all Wealthy Affiliates Premium Features, the free training and – of course – two beautiful free websites just for an email sign up.Not even credit card details. WA really does to every effort to help you succeed!

Every site I go to answer you question on how long it takes to start earning always has the same answer:- It depends.

It depends on a good number of variables. Is your website being updated regularly? Is it jacked-up with affiliate links or not? = affiliate links damage rankings =. Are you receiving comments and responding to them? Is your content helpful and relevant? Is your website SEO well (high keyword density posts/pages/websites get heavily penalized by Google) The list continues.

Another variable is also how much time, effort and resources you have to achieve your dream of earning 10K a month online. This is a reality for many at Wealthy Affiliates and is my own personal goal.

I always try to keep in mind that online success is not a race, but, a journey.

In conclusion, the answer to your question is it depends and is subjective.

Thank Simon for your comment and I wish you all the success in the world with your own online endeavors. Should you have further questions, of course, I am always here to assist you in what ever way I canto help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for such a comprehensive review! I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate before but I thought it was a scam! It’s awesome to know that it’s completely free to sign up. That means if I don’t like it, I don’t have to pay a dime. I think one of the most important aspects is to have the support, which Wealthy Affiliate seems to offer.

You are very welcome and I am very glad you got the correct information about Wealthy Affiliate for you to make an informed decision.

I too thought it was a scam also. I read a review on it and thought I’d give it a go, especially, when I seen there was no credit card details for a free account and you get two free websites AND free training etc.

After joining I waited for a number of weeks just to see if I got a nasty surprise. I didn’t, so I went Premium.

Thank you kindly Derek for your comment and I am always here if you need further assistance in any way.

I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program in fact the best. With its support system alone, you’ve all the opportunities to be successful online. That being said, not everyone can have the free membership. Some countries in Asia and Africa are blocked by WA to join as a free member as part of their security measures. Except for Nigerians, WA allows members from all other countries to join as a premium member.
And again WA provides tons of knowledge and support. But the success depends on the efforts that we put in.

Anyone who has joined Wealthy Affiliate always boasts about the support and and all the training opportunities, even for non Premium members, the training you get you can actually put to work right now to start earning online!

You make an excellent point regarding some of the banned countries. I most certainly must update this review to be fair to people of the people of those countries. Thank you kindly for the reminder on this.

Success does not come of it’s own accord, that’s for sure. However, it does come from the training and it’s application and hard work. It is a perfect formula!

Thank you for your comment and advice Sethu and I wish you all the success in the world online.

I have to say that I totally agree with you. I too joined Wealthy Affiliate after I checked through their credentials to find out what kind of scam these guys were playing. Sorry. Couldn’t find anything! Not one solid piece of evidence that it was a scam. Kyle and Carson are the real thing. Trust me. They are. There is not other program around that’s close to what is described here. 24/7 support. Someone always there to help no matter what it is or when it is. You looking for success? You found it. Wealthy Affiliate is it.

Thank you kindly for the comment. You certainly were wise to look into Wealthy Affiliate before joining because one can never be too careful online. The support and training is second to none and I have never seen anything like it. I am glad you found WA and I wish you all the success I KNOW you are going to have.

Hey there! I’m a college student and looking for a way to earn extra money online. I think wealthy affiliate is a pretty good online job to try and experience. I found your article very interesting and informative. I learned a lot of things about wealthy affiliate and I think that this is a perfect part time job for me. I hope that I’ll be successful with it. I really appreciate your time and effort sharing this.

Your very welcome! Steady consistent daily actions is the road to success with WA. If you ever need assistance just remember that I am here to help you in what ever way I can. There is also over 80K other members, both newbies and professionals, who will be willing to help you also.

All the best for now.

I joined mlc247 I was supposed to have been paid in Dec×2,Jan, March and April.
The 1st one I withdraw it and paid in the 30% so that I can be paid but did not get paid

So they took back 30% of your first profit? Minus initial investment you may not have earned much?

You are welcome to further complain as much as you in my review of MYMLC247 (same owners as MLC247!) to help alert others to their un-humanitarian ways. THE LINK IS here http://scamdetector.siterubix.com/what-is-mymlc247-com-a-call-to-all-mlc-members .

I have never heard the likes of this kind of psychological abuse before and the level of cold fraud being perpetrated!!

Just know, if you ever decided to Join Wealthy Affiliate I am here to help you 100% of the way to your online success!

Thank you for your comment Susan.

Wealthy affiliate sounds like a very good opportunity to learn how to start and succeed with an online business, there are many similar programs online which are scams but this does sound like the real thing to me.

Starting out free to check the program out is a good sign this is not a scam, the membership price is very reasonable for all you are receiving.

Yeah, your totally correct. If you can not try the services out FIRST then it is a bit of a gamble. That’s why I felt safe with Wealthy Affiliates because I could see, use and apply the full power of WA before going Premium.

If you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to let me know Jeffrey, all the best.

Cannabis Millionaire – Scam or Legit System? My Review Uncovers The Real Truth

The biggest & most profitable revolution in decades has arrived according to the newly launched Cannabis Millionaire system which promises to provide you with an easy way to cash in on the legalisation of Cannabis across North America…

The system claims that it has been built on a “profitable algorithm” & leads you towards believing that you can simply sign up, deposit some money & find yourself cashing in regular paychecks from cannabis stock trades made on your behalf all on complete autopilot…

But could it really be true? Could a system generate you so much money so easily? Or will Cannabis Millionaire scam you instead?

Well I’m glad that you came here to this review first before diving in & signing up because I can tell you right from the off that the Cannabis Millionaire system is certainly NOT what it seems & it’s not really set out to help you make money…

I’ll explain more about that in a moment (as well as how it all really works) but first I’ll point out that if you just want to go straight to something legitimate instead that’s proven to work then you can check out my number 1 recommendation below:

Or keep reading for my full Cannabis Millionaire review…

What Exactly Is The Cannabis Millionaire System?

The Cannabis Millionaire is basically an automated trading system that portrays the idea that it’s going to make you rich all on complete autopilot by trading stocks on your behalf which are allegedly “guaranteed” to increase due to legalisation of cannabis in North America.

The creator (who remains anonymous) claims that you’ll be able to basically just sign up, deposit some money & then “activate” the system to have it generating you a regular income of thousands of dollars all on complete autopilot.

And there’s no denying that cannabis stocks are a hot topic at the moment due to all of the legalisations (and potential legalisations), but could a system like the Cannabis Millionaire system really see you generating an automated income so easily?

I mean if it could then why isn’t everybody using it? Why are people still working at jobs they dislike if they could just “activate” the Cannabis Millionaire system & earn even more money without actually having to do anything?

Well the reason is because unfortunately the Cannabis Millionaire system is actually just a big fat scam.

The reason I can say that so confidently is because I’ve actually seen this exact same scam several times before. The creator just keeps changing its name & appearance in an attempt to escape the negative reviews & trick more people into signing up.

Some of its previous names include the following:

The name may change but the scam remains exactly the same… And you don’t have to just “take my word for it” when I say it’s a scam, instead keep on reading & I’ll explain exactly how it all works below…

How Does The Cannabis Millionaire System Work?

So like I mentioned above the “idea” in theory is that you’ll basically be able to just sign up to the Cannabis Millionaire system, deposit some money with their recommended broker & then activate the system to begin seeing profits…

Or at least that’s what they want you to believe anyway…

However there’s one important thing which the creator of the Cannabis Millionaire system fails to mention & that’s the fact that he’s affiliated with the broker that he recommends.

This means that when you sign up with the broker & make a deposit, he gets paid a commission – as outlined in small hard to read font in the Cannabis Millionaire disclaimer at the very bottom of their website as shown below:

On top of that though he also fails to mention that the broker he “recommends” is an unlicensed rogue. This means that they’re not regulated & it means that in most countries the broker is operating illegally.

It also means that if you run into any problems (which you will) you’ll struggle to get any of your money back.

And the reason I say that you WILL run into problems is because the whole thing is designed to make you lose money, and lose as much of it as possible. The Cannabis Millionaire system isn’t real, everything you’re told is just lies.

The truth is that the whole thing is just a ploy to trick you into making a deposit with the broker so that the person behind it can earn a commission at your expense. It’s not really built to help you make money.

However you may be thinking that after depositing your money you’ll just be left to find out the hard way that the whole thing doesn’t work as promised but unfortunately that’s not the case… The scam is actually much more cunning than that.

You see the Cannabis Millionaire trading system isn’t actually connected to any real markets, it’s essentially just a “video game” that imitates the markets & the creator has set it up to make you think that you’re actually profiting.

He knows that if he can make you think that you’re profiting you’ll be more likely to deposit even more money… So basically he’s just trying to trick you once again to earn even more commissions at your expense.

You’ll only be left to find out that it’s a scam when you eventually try to make a withdrawal, and that’s when your withdrawal request will either be ignored or just point blank refused. You’ll realize that the broker is in on it too…

Which brings me onto…

The PROOF It Doesn’t Really Work

There is one thing alone which hands-down proves that the Cannabis Millionaire system & that’s the fact that creator of it is getting paid commissions by the broker that he “recommends” to you…

You see binary options brokers like IQ Option (which is what you’re recommended) don’t add fees to their trades – instead they make their money when you LOSE money… Which means if you win then they actually lose money.

So ask yourself this, why would a binary options broker (a broker that only makes money when you LOSE) pay commissions to the creator of a system which could supposedly generate you guaranteed profits?

It wouldn’t make sense right? Well the real reason they’re paying the person behind the Cannabis Millionaire system commissions is because they’re in on the scam too & they know that if you sign up via it you’re going to LOSE money, not make it.

And with that being said I think it’s time for…

My Verdict – Is The Cannabis Millionaire System a Scam?

Yes, I can say with 100% certainty that the Cannabis Millionaire system is a scam. Like I mentioned at the start of this review I’ve actually seen the exact same thing several times before launched under various different names.

The person behind it is just set out to part as many people as possible with their cash whilst earning commissions at their expense by referring them to an unlicensed, rogue broker that is just going to scam them.

It therefore comes without saying that the Cannabis Millionaire system should be 100% avoided, but don’t worry because if you’re still looking to make good money online then there are indeed legitimate ways you can do it.

What you must understand though is that the good money is not going to come without work. Anything promising it can make you rich or make you lots of money without having to do much is likely just a get-rich-quick scam.

The good news though is that if you are prepared to put in some work in order to make money then there are legitimate places that will show you exactly how you can do it like Wealthy Affiliate for example.

It’s at Wealthy Affiliate that you’ll learn about affiliate marketing which in my opinion is one of the best ways for making money online & it’s actually the same way I personally make most of my own income online.

Whatever you decide to do though, whether it be affiliate marketing or one of these other methods I just hope that my honest review of the Cannabis Millionaire system here has given you a good insight into how it actually works & helped you to save some money.

If you still have any further questions or comments though then of course don’t hesitate to leave them below. ��

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